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X-Men Legends Character Guide:


by noshorterversion
Copyright 2004-2005 Anastasia Ehlers

Please only use this guide for your personal (non-monetary!) benefit.  Do not
reproduce it without my permission.  Reach me by email at
noshorterversion@hotmail.com, but please, be reasonable about it.  I won't
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Table of Contents

   I. A Note On Stat/Ability Points
   II. Levelling Up
   III. Bio
   IV. Abilities
   V. How to Level Up the Abilities
   VI. Strengths/Weaknesses
   VII. How to Use Wolverine
   VIII. Comic Book
   IX. Danger Room

I. A Note On Stat/Ability Points

There are fifteen playable characters in X-Men Legends, the fifteenth is only
available during certain missions and does not gain levels or utilize points
like the rest.  All characters can use the combos described in the Danger
Room's "Moves" excersizes.  Furthermore, their mutant abilities follow a
similar patern, but more on that in a bit.

A total of 45 levels can be gained throughout the game.  For each level gained,
customizable points are awarded.
   Level 1: no usable points, one (or two, if the character can learn "Might")
      ability block has already been filled in.
   Each level that is a multiple of five yields 2 stat points and 2 ability
   Every other level yields 1 stat point and 1 ability point.

===>You can use 54 stat points and 54 ability points to build up your super-
===>hero.  Characters have a total of 63-67 ability blocks, meaning you cannot
===>max out your characters abilities.

The whole point of this guide is to help you use those 54 points wisely.  Only
learn the best skills and how to use them efficiently in battle.

II. Levelling Up

It comes as no surprise that you collect Experience Points (XP) to level up.
Each level, use your points to enhance your stats and learn new abilities.
Adding stats is a no-brainer.  You may want to focus on stats inherent to each
character (ie focus for Storm and strike for Wolverine).  Strike is your
strength, agility is your defense, body is your health, and focus is your
mutant power.  Body is not usually worth putting points into since high
agility raises your defense sufficiently enough that high hit points won't

For ability points, unlocking a new skill often requires 2 points, indicated
by the yellow outline of the block.  One tip: you can see what higher levels
have to offer by adding points and reading the description at the bottom of
the screen.  If you don't like what you see, then use the subtract button
before you hit accept to exit the screen.  All of the abilities are briefly
explained when you highlight them, as long as your are able to unlock them.
Mutant powers are multi-tiered.  For example, there are 5 blocks of Brutal
Slash, 5 blocks of Eviscerate, and 1 Legend Slash; all are progressively
stronger versions of the same animation.

III. Bio

Wolverine has become Marvel's favorite X-man recently through the success of
the movies.  He is a classic character, gruff and abrupt at first glance, but
truly deep-thinking.  He was subject to the horrors of Weapon X, a mutant
experimentation facility in Canada, where the procedure that plated his bones
with adamantium was particularly successful due to his mutant power
regeneration (or healing factor).  The clincher comes in the comics, when
Magneto draws the adamantium off his skeleton and it is revealed that the
claws are actually Wolverine's own, not given to him at Weapon X!

Real Name:      Logan
Mutant Powers:  Regeneration, heightened senses
Level 1 Stats:  Strike-4
Inherent Stat:  Strike
Default AI:     Aggressive
Ability Blocks: 66
Gained:         First playable character

Use 65% of Wolverine's stat points on strike, 20% on agility, 15% on focus.
Wolverine needs no body due to his healing factor.

IV. Abilities

*To the right of each skill name is the level required to unlock blocks.
*If only "0" appears, then all blocks are available immediately.

Brutal Slash        0, 3, 5, 7, 9
 Eviscerate          15, 17, 19, 21, 23
  Legend Slash        30

A physical attack, Wolverine performs a powerful 2-handed claw swipe.  This
attack can hit two or three enemies if they are very close together.  Good
destruction.  Can kill a sentinel in two hits later in the game.

Claw Flurry         5, 7, 9, 11, 13
 Claw Frenzy         20, 22, 24, 26, 28
  Legend Flurry       30

A physical attack, Wolverine rushes forward, swinging the whole time.  Each
individual claw swipe causes damage for multiple hits.  Can hit a few enemies
if they are close.  A bit hard to control.  Number of swipes goes up with
blocks filled.

Feral Rage          5, 7, 9
 Berserker Rage      14, 16, 18
  Unstoppable Rage    23, 25, 27

Increases running and attack speed, strike.  Most useful in large swarms of
enemies when you can attack anywhere and be guaranteed to hit something, a
rage will do the trick nicely.  Hard to control against bosses like Marrow
who moves around a lot, but the attack speed boost could come in handy for
Avalanche when you need to get your attacks in quickly between his.  The major
problem with this skill: it does not affect the rest of your team at higher
levels.  Bummer.

Savage Rampage      15

Wolverine's extreme power.  Attacks one enemy for extreme damage.  Leaves
claw marks on the ground.  Blink and you'll miss it.  Like the rest of the
XTreme powers, save it for boss fights.  Especially since he only attacks one.
Careful: you cannot choose who he attacks, so don't use it if the boss has
minions anywhere.

*** SEPH1ROTH5 says that Wolverine can land multiple hits with this move if
    you mash the punch button (X for ps2).  Thanks to him!  I have not tried
    this out myself, but while it certainly helps this skill, it is still
    fairly random.  Worth having, but still not necessary for an effective

Healing Factor      2, 7, 12, 17, 22

Higher levels increase speed at which his health restores.  Very nice!  Who
needs health packs when you have a healing factor?

Sharpness           3, 8, 13, 18, 20

Increases destruction and eventually adds bleed damage to his attacks.  The
bleed damage is useful against bosses.  Wolvie could use some extra
destruction since he has no elemental component to add to his attacks.

Toughness           10, 12, 14

Increases HP by a percentage.

Mutant Mastery      10, 12, 14

Increases Energy by a percentage.

Critical Strike     0, 7, 12, 17, 22

Increases odds of dealing a critical blow by a percentage.  This is handy, but
not as handy as it is for some of the weaker characters.  Criticals do
serious extra damage in this game.

Expertise           0

Woo-hoo!  This skill kicks Brotherhood Butt!  Each block is an extra stat
point to Wolverine's Strike and Agility.  The description may confuse you
though.  It says, for example, +4 Strike +4 Agility but when you fill in that
block and then ckeck the stat screen, they only went up by one.  That is
because the other three points were added in the previous levels.  The fact
that you don't need to unlock blocks means you can get all of these right at
the beginning!

V. How to Level Up the Abilities

Expertise, Healing Factor, and Sharpness are your first priorities.  When you
have extra points not being used up by these skills, then add to Brutal Slash
and Feral Rage until all those blocks are filled.  Savage Rampage, Toughness,
and Mutant Mastery should be acquired around level 20.  Fill all of Toughness
and Mutant Mastery.  After all that, your remaining 7 points should be divided
between Claw Flurry and Critical Strike at your discretion.  I like to fill up
the first tier of Claw Flurry.  If you like Critical Strike and Claw Flurry,
sacrifice Toughness since the Healing Factor will make up for his health.

Max for sure: Brutal Slash, Healing Factor, Sharpness, and Expertise

VI. Strengths and Weaknesses

All of Wolverine's attacks are physical in nature, meaning he does measly
damage against enemies with physical resistances, which are fairly common.  He
is unstoppable against others, though.  His high body and agility put him on
the front lines in battle.  Healing Factor is great for when you don't want to
waste a health pack.  You can just go chill away from the fight for a bit
until you have enough health for another assault.  His lack of an added
element to his attacks make him weak against environmental objects, a
deficiency which Sharpness doesn't quite make up for.  

VII. How to Use Wolverine


High strike, agility, and body make Wolverine a frontline fighter.  He excels
in the art of the direct assault.  Use Rage to close in fast on enemies that
shoot.  They won't hardly hit you and are defenseless at close range.  In
large groups use a Slash skill at higher levels for good knockback or Flurry
to cut through a line of enemies.  Since Wolverine doesn't rely too heavily
on energy, send him to destroy the energy-draining generators that are often
hard to hit with ranged attacks.  All of Wolverine's regular melee combos are
effective against regular enemies, his three hit and knockback combos can get
you through the game easily.


The focused damage and knockback of Legend Slash is perfect for bosses and
sentinels.  For slow bosses or ones that don't even budge, use Rage to boost
your attack speed and you can pull off even more Slash attacks.  His
increased running speed is hard to control against the quick ones though.  Try
going in for an assault, then retreat for a bit to let the healing factor do
its thing, repeat.  When you move in, press the Call button to make the rest
of your team attack and pull off a few combos.  Savage Rampage is a good idea
for bosses only when it is just the boss on the screen since Wolverine might
waste the attack on a less worthy opponent.


Wolverine has no true support skills, but he is not entirely useless in this
category.  When playing single player, the AI contolled characters don't take
too much damage.  Play as Wolverine to utilize his Healing Factor and reduce
the number of health packs you use.


Unfortunately, Wolverine is nearly useless in puzzles.  All he can do is
destroy things for sabotage objectives, and other X-Men with an elemental
addition to their attack can do that better.  

Danger Room

Wolverine is best suited to Assault or Survival courses in the Danger Room.
Use him to quickly dispatch enemies during Protect or Defend courses.

Best Team

I like to team Wolverine up with Emma, Storm, and Cyclops.  Emma confuses
your assailants, making them docile and harmless while Wolverine takes them
out.  Storm has her shield skill for defense.  Her and Cyclops each have great
ranged attacks (though Storm's is more useful if you ask me) and take care of
most puzzles.  They also add combo damage and experience with their Leadership
skill.  Replace somebody with Jean or Iceman to build bridges.


Wolverine should use equipment that enhances his strike.  Nanofiber is the way
to go for armor.  You can experiment with his backpack according to the
situation, otherwise go for his specialized one.  Hammer of Nimrod comes in
quite useful.  Also try something that gives him extra bleed damage.


Use any character with might to pick up Wolverine and toss him at an enemy
for a flying claw attack!  Hee-hee!

VIII. Comic Book

+2 Strike +2 Agility

A no-brainer to find.  You practically trip over it in the very first mission
on your way to save Alison.

IX. Danger Room


Found: Weapon X flashback.  At the end, once you get past the nuclear core to
   go up to the director, go around the director (give him lots of room so
   you don't end the scenario) into another room that contains the disc.
Reccommended level: 15
Reward: Claws of Rage
Objectives: Defeat 20 enemies and the director in two minutes.
Strategy: Focus on the director first, he goes down without a problem. In
   fact, if you just dive in to the fight, you may not even notice when you
   defeat him.  Use Feral Rage to boost your speed to quickly take out the
   20 soldiers.  TA-DA!


Found: Sentinel Research Facility.  At the end of the Bio Labs Gallery stage
   in the room where you fight the spider sentinel.  On top of a generator-
   looking thing.
Reccommended level: 32
Reward: Shi'ar Mind Gem
Objectives: Defeat Ultimate Predator twice in one minute.
Strategy: Use Magma form for a boost right in the beginning.  Focus on one at
   a time.  There will always be two Predators on the screen at a time (read:
   when you beat one of them, another one shows up).  So if you damage both
   initially, you'll want to avoid the new one after you beat the first one to
   save yourself some time.  Lava Fissure is useful, but a bit slow.  Try a
   Volcano.  The Predators use Savage Rampage against you.  It doesn't do
   terrible damage to you, but can certainly break up your rhythm, leaving you
   open to other attacks.  There are sentries running around, they don't do
   too much except add to the general chaos that defines the battles of the
   game.  They drop health/energy packs, but don't go after them just for
   those.  If a soldier happens to get in your way, he's dead meat, how lucky
   for you.  Be generous with your health pack use.  The two Predators can
   gang up on you--and it isn't pretty.

*You use Magma in this training course, however I have chosen to place this in
 Wolverine's section since it is his nightmare (Ultimate Predator is the evil
 version of Wolverine).


11/11/2004   Finished everything but the Danger Room section and a few levels
             to unlock ability blocks.  Submitted.
11/11/2004   Rejected.
11/13/2004   Changed some formatting.  Major overhaul to sections V-VII.
11/18/2004   Finished the Danger Room section.  Minor changes to method of
             levelling up his stats.
01/05/2005   Added tip from SEPH1ROTH5 about the Xtreme Power.  Extended
             copyright notice into the new year.