• Character has a 1000 exp. points.

    While you are playing pause the game, then hold the R and L buttons, then type the code for the character you want to increase.

    AragornUp, B, Y, A
    FaramirB, Y, Up, B
    FrodoDown, Y, Up, Down
    GandalfX, Y, Up, Down
    GimliX, X, Y, A
    LegolasA, Y, Up, A
    PippinY, A, B, A
    SamY, A, Down, A

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

  • Restore Missiles

    Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code for the character you're using.

    AragornY, B, B, Y
    FaramirY, Up, A, A
    FrodoY, Y, Y, X
    GandalfY, X, A, B
    GimliX, X, X, A
    LegolasY, Y, Y, X
    MerryB, X, X, Y
    PippinUp, X, X, B
    SamA, A, X, A

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

  • Secret Codes

    Pause the game, hold L + R and enter the following (some codes can only be activated after completing the game once):

    All four-hit combos for GandalfDown, Y, Up, X
    All three-hit combos for AragornB, Down, X, Up
    All UpgradesD-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, Y, B
    Always DevestatingY, D-Pad Up, Y, D-Pad Down
    Infinite Co-op RespawnsX, B, Up, X
    Infinite MisslesB, B, D-Pad Down, X
    InvulnerableB, X, B, D-Pad Up
    Perfect ModeX, D-pad Down, Y, A
    Replenish Legolas's ArrowsY, Y, Y, Down
    Replenish Sam's Throwing DaggersA, A, X, A
    Restore Gandalf's missilesY, X, A, B
    Restore HealthB, B, X, X
    Share Experience in Co-op modeDown, A, A, A
    Share healthY, Up, B, B
    Targeting Indecator ModeD-Pad Down, X, D-Pad Up, B
    Unlock (Temporary) FaramirA, A, Y, Y
    Unlock all Actor InterviewsA, B, A, Up
    Unlock MerryA, Down, Down, A
    Unlock PippinY, X, B, Down
    Unlocks Frodo right away!YX,X,X
  • Unlock 3-Hit Combo

    Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code for the character you're using

    AragornB, X, X, Up
    FaramirB, Y, Up, Y
    FrodoB, X, Y, B
    GandalfX, A, Y, X
    GimliUp, B, X, B
    LegolasB, Y, Y, X
    MerryY, A, Up, Y
    PippinUp, Up, B, X
    SamB, A, X, B
    Share HealthY, Up, B, B

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

  • Unlock 4-Hit Combo

    Pause the game, then press the R and L buttons. With the buttons still pressed type in the code for the character you're using

    AragornUp, B, Y, X
    FaramirA, B, Up, A
    FrodoX, B, X, X
    GandalfX, Y, Up, X
    GimliY, B, Up, A
    LegolasA, X, Y, B
    MerryB, A, B, B
    PippinA, A, X, X
    SamUp, X, Y, Y

    Contributed By: DarkLink89.

  • Unlock Skills

    While playing pause, hold the R and L buttons on the, then type the code for the character

    Aragorn Level 2X, Y, A, Y
    Aragorn Level 4X, B, X, B
    Aragorn Level 6X, Y, B, B
    Aragorn Level 8Up, B, Y, Up
    Faramir Level 2A, B, A, X
    Faramir Level 4A, A, B, B
    Faramir Level 6Y, A, X, X
    Faramir Level 8X, X, X, X
    Frodo Level 2Y, Up, X, X
    Frodo Level 4Y, Up, X, X
    Frodo Level 6X, X, A, Y
    Frodo Level 8X, X, X, X
    Gandalf Level 2X, Y, A, Y
    Gandalf Level 4Y, Up, B, A
    Gandalf Level 6Y, Y, A, Up
    Gandalf Level 8X, B, X, X
    Gimili Level 8A, X, X, B
    Gimli LevelUp, X, B, B
    Gimli Level 4Y, B, X, Up
    Gimli Level 6X, Y, X, B
    Leglolas Level 8B, Up, Up, X
    Legolas Level 2B, B, X, B
    Legolas Level 4X, X, A, A
    Legolas Level 6X, X, Up, X
    Merry Level 2X, X, B, B
    Merry Level 4B, A, X, X
    Merry Level 6X, X, B, Y
    Merry Level 8X, Y, A, B
    Pippin Level 2X, A, X, Up
    Pippin Level 4A, X, X, X
    Pippin Level 6X, Y, X, Y
    Pippin Level 8B, Up, Up, X
    Sam Level 2X, A, X, Y
    Sam Level 4Up, X, B, A
    Sam Level 6X, X, Up, Up
    Sam Level 8X, X, Y, Y

    Contributed By: XCommander.


  • Both Players earn Experience

    Go to multiplayer with a friend. Have one of you do a bane move on any enemy. Then the other shoot the enemy who's being killed with the long range attack. If the shooter kills the enemy before the bane move is over, both players will gain experience from the kill!

    Contributed By: monkeydance994.

  • Infinite Devastating attacks (Gandalf)

    Reduce your ranged attack meter to 10, and hold Y to charge up a devastating attack right before an in-level cutscene occurs. When it is over, you can use your devastating attack over and over again(if you use a ranged attack, the effect stops).

    Contributed By: zeldaking333.


  • Secret Characters

    Complete the listed objectives to unlock the secret characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    FaramirBeat the Cracks of Doom
    MerryBeat the Cracks of Doom
    PippinBeat the Cracks of Doom

    Contributed By: Elf Of Lothlorien.

  • Unlock Actor Interviews and Concept Art

    You get quick cast interviews and concept art by beating the following levels:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Hobbits On Gaming" (Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd & Domonic Monoghan)Beat Helm's Deep
    Andy Serkis (Gollum) InterviewBeat The Crack of Doom
    Billy Boyd (Pippin) InterviewBeat The Crack of Doom
    Christopher Lee (Saruman) InterviewBeat The Road to Isengard
    Concept ArtBeat Helm's Deep
    David Wenham (Faramir) InterviewBeat The Crack of Doom
    Domonic Monoghan (Merry) InterviewBeat The Crack of Doom
    Elijah Wood (Frodo) InterviewBeat Shelob's Lair
    Film Production StillsComplete The Southern Gate
    More Concept ArtBeat The King of the Dead
    Sean Astin (Sam) InterviewBeat Escape from Osgiliath
    Secret CodesComplete The Crack of Doom
    Sir Ian MacKellen (Gandalf) InterviewBeat Minas Tirith: Top of the Wall

    Contributed By: Deathborn X and lilobaggins.

  • Unlock Secret Levels

    These are just basically small rooms of enemies that you can fight. These are great for getting some quick experience.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Palantir of SarumanBeat the Crack of Doom
    Palantir of SauronGet Gandalf, Sam, and either Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli to level 10

    Contributed By: master c08.

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