Akiko's Frying Pan Card FAQ by Bendilin

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     ,S227.       .X22S. .i222Sr:. ,.    :22S.    S227  irr7: rrr7, irr7,
     ,2227.       .X22S.  .i288888Z7.    7BBZ.    SBB2. i777: r777, i777,
     ,ZZ8X.       7ZZ87   . .,7SBBBBZ    rBB8.    XBB2  i77X: r77X, i77X,
   ,.,8BBS   ..,rZBBBX.   7:    ,XBBB,   ,BBBi    2BBr  iXXX: rXXX, iXXX,
 .:7X2BBB8ZZZZ88Z2Sr,    .Z8r.   .2B8.   .iBBZ,  ,BBX.  iXXX: rXXX, iXXX,
  ...,8BBS.......       .iX28ZX7X2ZX,      ,XZZXX8Zr    iXSX: rSSX, iSSS,
     ,8BBS.     ,rrrr:i:riirr2iSXirrri.,riri:,iXS7,S.,irX2SS: rSSS, iSSS,
     ,8BBS.    7i:ri:S7.7Sr:SS,78i:r:SS:XSX:SX:X2r 2S:ir:i2S: rSSS, iSSS,
  . .,8BB2,    iiiXS722 7S7:S2:r2i77:7X:7SX:77:7S7,XS:rXS722r:X22Sr:722Sr.
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              Earning The Akiko's Frying Pan Card FAQ Ver 2.0
                     Created By Bendilin Spurr 2004

--Version History--
Ver 1.0 March 7th, 2004- Created FAQ
Ver 2.0 March 8th, 2004- Added Strategy, Added Glitches/Fun Stuff

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         |                     CONTENTS                     |
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         |  1.00 Introduction                               |
         |  2.00 Obtaining The Akiko's Frying Pan Card      |
         |  3.00 Card's Stats                               |
         |  4.00 Stategy                                    |
         |  5.00 Glitches/Fun Stuff                         |
         |  6.00 Legal                                      |
         |                                                  |

-1.00 Introduction

Welcome! This is my very first FAQ to GameFAQs, and possibly the very first FAQ
for Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution! I hope people use
it, even though it may seem short, it took me a LOT of time and effort to put
together. ^_^

-2.00 Obtaining The Akiko's Frying Pan Card

Step 1 - Start an Offline Game, then Free Battle. It doesn't matter if you use
a character you already have, or a character you already created. NOTE: You can
only get the card ONCE per character.

Step 2 - From your starting position, go forward then to your left, to see a
man wearing orange and blue ( Possibly the only person who looks like he's from
Episode I & II. Well, that's because he IS... ). Start a conversation with him,
and you'll learn it's Ratts ( Many of you might remember him from the Episode I
& II's "The Value of Money" Guild Quest. Well, he's still after his "toys", but
now has a new fetish for cider. ). He tells you if you bring him some Real
Cider, he'll tell you about cards.

Step 3 - Turn around and head forward, talking to the second man ( Behind the
central...thing ) with the orange clear hat. He'll tell you he's been trying to
make some cider, and gives you Homemade Cider.

Step 4 - Head back to Ratts with the cider, who'll spit it out and yell at you.
And he thinks YOU need a lesson in manners...

Step 5 - Run up to Karen ( The Cheif's assistant ) and she'll tell you about
how the Cheif received too many cakes from an admirer, and will give you, well,
fifty Delicious Cakes.

Step 6 - Run back to Ratts, who'll eat one of the cakes ( And for some reason,
confused it with cider... ). He'll get upset again, then take all of the cakes,
and yells at you to find him the Real Cider.

Step 7 - Run forward again, and up to the man in the orange and white uniform
beside the man you got the Homemade Cider from. After telling you about cards,
he'll offer you some Vintage Cider he's been drinking.

Step 8 - Ratts will be incredibly pleased with the cider you bring him this
time, but will get upset again when he discovers it's not THE cider he wanted.
That, and the bottle was pratically empty.

Step 9 - Running off again, this time to the first clear orange hatted man you
see next to the central machine ( Beside the man walking around ). He'll
suddenly go off topic about how robotic characters can't use techniques
normally, then call you a "Cider Nut".

Step 10 - Run back to Ratts, again, who'll be a bit displeased that you were
giving the name "Cider Nut." He'll hand over his Precious Cider,  then threaten
if the man thinks you're the Cider Nut around here afting tasting his cider,
he'll kill him! O.o;;

Step 11 - Return to the man who called you a Cider Nut and let him drink the
Precious Cider. He'll love it, and then tell you his "deepest secret" about
card battles. AFterwards, he'll give you his Treasured Cider.

Step 12 - Return to Ratts, who will overly enjoy the cider, then thank you.
He'll then tell you his secrets about card battles, then send you off to meet
with his apprentices for more of his secrets.

Step 13 - Now to meet all three of his apprentices. Turn around and head right,
and talk to the man in the orange and white uniform by the door for the first
secret. Turn left and head through the card room, go down, and talk to the man
on the right with the clear orange hat for the second secret. Lastly, head back
to the central machine and turn right, and talk to the man in the orange and
white uniform who is by himself ( Just outside the Cheif's room ) for the final

Step 14 - Head back to Ratts for your final time, and he'll make you one of his
apprentices. He'd give you what you've been longing for the entire time, The
Akiko's Frying Pan Card, but...he's lost it. So for now, he'll just give you
Ratts' Autograph.

Step 15 - Quit and save your game to go back to the main menu. Select Offline
Game, then Story. Select either the Hunters or Arkz, it doesn't matter at all.

Step 16 - Run back to Ratts, who'll now be beside the door instead of infront
of it, and he'll recognise his autograph. He'll then hand over The Akiko's
Frying Pan Card. He'll lecture you on how to always do your best so you don't
embarrass him, then let you go do whatever you were originally doing.

-3.00 Card's Stats

Name - Akiko's Frying Pan
Type - E
Pts Needed - 2/7
Colour Bars - (Right) Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green
HP - 1
AP - +?
TP - +?
MV - -
Attack Area - []SS[]
              []  []
GUIDE - Akiko's Frying Pan
        Sword-type item
        -Tech OK
        During attack or defense, your AP & TP changes temporarily to half the
amount that the opponent has.

-4.00 Strategy

Seeing how the card only has HP, it's best to only equip it the same turn
you're going to use it, otherwise it's an easy target for your opponent to
knock off one more HP from you. So, just make sure you have a high enough ATK
to equip it and use it ( Meaning you need to roll atleast a 3 ).

Since this card has all five resist colours ( refer to your manual, page 21 ),
it can also be blocked with any defense card the opponent might have. Just keep
this in mind ( If you can, use The Akiko's Frying Pan Card last, since most
people will use up their defense cards on earlier attacks! ). However, this
also means you can use any Action card as well!

This card is best used when your opponent has a very high AP ( Or TP if you
equip the Akiko's Frying Pan Card with a technique, such as Foie ). Do not even
bother equiping this card if you know your opponent has an AP/TP below four (
Unless you only want to do 1 HP damage, for some reason ).

-5.00 Glitches/Fun Stuff

Even though you received the Akiko's Frying Pan Card from one story ( Either
Hero or Dark ), if you go to the other story and talk to Ratts, and he'll
recognise the autograph a second time and say he gives you the card again.
However, you will not get the card a second time.

If you go online before doing the quest, Ratts will be ranting about how he
wants cider, though you can't do the quest online. If you go online after doing
the quest, he and his apprentices will tell you their secrets again.

-6.00 Legal

This guide was created by Bendilin Spurr on March 7th, 2004.
Game created by Sonic Team 2003-2004
Only GameFAQs has permission to use this guide.
None of the information from this guide is allowed to be copied into other
guides, or the guide itself to be posted on any other site than GameFAQs.
Thanks to Sonic Team and Sega for creating the Phantasy Star series, and the
great PSO series, and thanks to GameFAQs for posting this guide.