Arcade Games FAQ by Kilroy84

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                              | Latest Version: 1.04       |
                              | Date: 11.22.08             |
                              | Written by: Kilroy84       |
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    I'm using a Version 1.09 NTSC Action Replay device,
    if you are using an AR that outdates mine;
    the AR codes may not work!

 ({[Directions to the Arcades]})

    For those of you who do not know how to get to the hanger
    carrying the three Arcade games, just follow these simple steps: 

     From the Main Menu, go to Options.
     From Options, go to Special Features.
     From Special Features, go to Arcade.

    Now you are now inside the Imperial Original Trilogy Arcade Games Hanger.
    The Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back consoles can already be seen,
    however, if you entered in the Return of the Jedi Arcade passcode, then
    it's respective console can also be spotted.

 [Search Function Explanation]

    An easy, convenient way to find something in the FAQ is to use
    the Search Function. Just press Ctrl + F to open it.
    Type in whatever word(s) you need to find, then hit Enter.
    Press Enter again to cycle through the different locations the
    word may be in in the FAQ. An easy way to find each section in
    the FAQ is to press Ctrl + F and type in 'Section'.
    Just cycle through them to find
    each and every section in the FAQ.

*** Table of Contents ***

   Section I - Introduction

   Section II - Latest Version Details

   Section III - Trials of a Jedi -- The Essentials Needed to Master
                                       each Arcade

   Section IV - Star Wars Arcade
           IV.a - General Info 
           IV.b - Area 1 -- TIE Fighter Dogfight
           IV.c - Area 2 -- Death Star Surface Lasers
           IV.d - Area 3 -- Deflection Towers
           IV.e - Area 4 -- The Trench Run

   Section V - Empire Strikes Back Arcade
           V.a - General Info
           V.b - Area 1 -- Probots [Probe Droids] (Snow Speeder)
           V.c - Area 2 -- Battle of Hoth (Snow Speeder)
           V.d - Area 3 -- TIE Fighter Dogfight (Falcon)
           V.e - Area 4 -- The Asteroid Field (Falcon)

   Section VI - Return of the Jedi Arcade
           VI.a - General Info
           VI.b - Area 1 -- Speeder Bike Pursuit (Leia)
           VI.c - Area 2 -- Triumph of the Rebellion [AT-ST] (Chewie)
           VI.d - Area 3 -- Battle of Endor [Falcon w/ X-Wing Wingmen] (Lando)
           VI.e - Area 4 -- Strike at the Core [Falcon] (Lando)

   Section VII - Action Replay Codes
           VII.a - NTSC Codes (United States)
           VII.b - PAL Codes (International)

   Section VIII - Old Version History

   Section IX - Special Thanks, Email, and Whatnot

|                          |
| Section I - Introduction |

This is my first of three FAQs, with the other two just below.
Not much of an intro, but as the years passed, I deducted that there
was no need for the outdated bit anymore.

My other two FAQ's.

Star Fox: Assault -  Game Script

Geometry Wars: Galaxies - Drone Guide

|                                     |
| Section II - Latest Version Details |

Version 1.04:

- Made small but numerous aesthetic changes
  so the guide is more pleasing.

|                                                                        |
| Section III - Trials of a Jedi -- The Essentials to Master each Arcade |

This is where you will learn the basics of the Arcades and
go through a bit a "Jedi" training that's actually quite useful.

The controls for each Arcade can be seen below.

 - Star Wars

Control Stick: Move targeting reticule and craft,
flight controls are inverted.

A/B/X/Y/L/R/Z: Fire Lasers and Proton Torpedoes.
Start: Pause the game.

 - Empire Strikes Back

Control Stick: Move targeting reticule and craft,
flight controls are inverted.

A/X/Y/L/R/Z: Fire Lasers.
B: Fire Tow Cable.
Start: Pause the game.

 - Return of the Jedi

Control Stick: Steer craft.
A/B/X/Y/L/R/Z: Fire Laser.
Start: Pause the game.

In SW and ESB, the Imperials will shoot flashing fireballs, or lasers, at you.
You can destroy these by simply shooting them. It can be hard to hit other
craft with the way the targeting system is set up, however. Where you shoot
is where you'll hit, plain and simple.
There is no Auto-Targeting feature to aid you;
This is purely skill.

For example, in the X-Wing you have four laser cannons,
but they all converge on one exact point. Also, your lasers do not travel;
meaning, they will hit their target at the exact moment those
lasers are fired. The easiest and safest method I've discovered to
dogfighting may sound like common sense,
but it should still be explained, nonetheless. 

Your first priority should always be laser fire, unless you know for a
fact that you'll have enough time to take out the TIE first, then it's lasers.
The most efficient way to shoot down TIEs while keeping your shields intact
is to begin firing at the closest fireball and
slowly close in on the TIE Fighter.

If there is more than one TIE shooting at you, then move a bit more
quickly and worry about all of the TIE Fighters as a whole, not as
separate threats. The same basically
goes for the Probe Droids in ESB, as well. 

Also, in the first two Arcades, your flight path is determined by which TIE
you are currently chasing. If there's only one TIE Fighter onscreen,
then you destroy it, your ship will automatically steer itself towards
the next closest TIE Fighter. Depending on your situation,
it can be easier to just focus on the TIEs
around the one that you're actually following.

For example, the TIE that you are chasing is relatively close to you,
but there's another TIE above and behind it.
The TIE that you're chasing after is moving in one direction while
the other TIE is moving the opposite way. With some proper planning,
you can lure, for lack of a better term, the further TIE into your
line of fire, then swiftly take out the other.


Now it's time to head for Dagobah to learn the ways of the Force.
This might sound a bit confusing and ludicrous at first, but it does work.
It's a real life technique, so listen up!

The ability to use the Force can help greatly in the Arcades, as well as in
nearly all other videogames and real life, for that matter.
All that you must do is clear your head of all conscious thought,
worry and assumption. Let your subconscious play the game for you.
Focus your train of thought only on the game
itself and nothing else without letting your mind tell you,
"If I miss that tower, 1st place is out of reach."
If you can allow your mind to go blank (Yes, that IS possible),
then you should be able to use the Force and react to
what is ahead of you before the time it would normally
take your brain to respond to it.

|                               |
| Section IV - Star Wars Arcade |

           / First  - R T J P F C ! G 
 Passcode -
           \ Second - T I M E W A R P

 *Conventional Method: Beat Death Star Rescue*

                     / First:  4 R W R - B Y Z X - 1 4 1 J W
 Action Replay code - 
 (NTSC)              \ Second: 1 M 0 X - E V Y M - 8 0 M R 2

                     / First:  F B B 5 - Q D A F - 8 Y 1 N Q
 Action Replay code -
 (PAL)               \ Second: 1 M 0 X - E V Y M - 8 0 M R 2

 === Section IV.a - General Info ===

Ah, the Battle of Yavin; one of the greatest movie scenes in history.
This Arcade was originally released in 1983, this game in my opinion
(and many others) is the best of the three. It is also the hardest of the
three. It sports Vector graphics, or 3D Wireframe models.
The TIE Fighters look like they were cut and pasted
from their wireframe model in Rebel Strike. 

You start out as Luke in his X-Wing and come to a group of TIE Fighters.
You will then see yourself flying across the surface of the Death Star
shooting laser turrets and Deflection Towers.
Finally, you'll be speeding through the Death Star's trench
while attempting to evade the jutted out walls and bridge tunnels.

The Arcade's scoring system is as follows:

Fireballs (Laser fire) -------------------------- 33 Points
Green Square Hull Plating in the Trench --------- 50 Points
Red Square Gun Turrets in the Trench ------------ 100 Points
Red Square Gun Turrets on the Surface ----------- 200 Points
Deflection Towers ------------------------------- 200 Points*
TIE Fighters ------------------------------------ 1000 Points
Shoot Vader's TIE ------------------------------- 2000 Points
Destroy the Death Star -------------------------- 25000 Points
Destroy All Deflection Towers ------------------- 50000 Points

 * Times the number of Towers destroyed, twenty Towers in all.

There's also a starting wave bonus that you can earn by starting on and
completing that wave.

 Wave 1: 0 Points
 Wave 3: 400,000 Points
 Wave 5: 800,000 Points

 === Section IV.b - Area 1 -- TIE Fighter Dogfight ===

Your Shield strength starts out at nine. You'll also be allowed one extra hit
when they're gone. You'll start out by flying towards a group of TIE Fighters.

In Waves 1-3, three TIEs will appear from the top of the screen with
two of them on either side of you and the third directly infront.
I've found it easier to take out the center TIE first,
then go for the TIE on my right.

In the 2nd and 3rd Waves,
Vader's TIE can also be seen in the background. He acts exactly like
normal TIEs, only his ship can't be destroyed and when you shoot him,
he'll go into a roll for a few seconds.

In Waves 4 and on, your X-Wing will start off veering to the right
into two TIEs. Move your reticule to the far right and then
aim it a few hairs above the cursor and start shooting before the
TIEs become visible. Two more TIEs, plus Vader's TIE will come at you
from above, as well. If aimed properly, you should get one of them and
if you're quick enough, you can get both
before the other TIE Fighters become any threat.

 === Section IV.c - Area 2 -- Death Star Surface Lasers ===

This area can only be flown on Wave 2.
Pretty simple here, more or less.

All you must do is shoot the red turrets on the surface and their laser fire.
Be careful, though, since you must hit the red line of the turret.
You can't just shoot inside it's box and expect it to blow up.
Also, there's an infinite number of turrets for you to shoot at.

 === Section IV.d - Area 3 -- Deflection Towers ===

You'll begin this area on Wave 3.
If there was ever a frustrating part of the SW Arcade, this is it.

The Deflection Towers should be your main concern, but that
doesn't mean you should ignore the guns on the surface.
The Towers usually shoot two or three fireballs at you in a spread-shot
fashion. The surface turrets will sometimes shoot two round bursts directly
at you. What you want to do when attempting to knock out all twenty Towers
is to kind of wrap around the entire playing field.

The Towers are split up into three different sections:
center, leftside and rightside.

Get all of the Towers in the center first, then move either
left or right and wrap around back to the center section.
When you get to the "end" of the playing field, you start back
at the beginning.

Once you've gone around six times, you'll proceed to the trench.
Using the Force, getting all twenty shouldn't be too difficult.

 === Section IV.e - Area 4 -- The Trench Run ===

On Wave 1, the trench is free of obstructions.
All that is there are green panels and red gun turrets.
Shoot at whatever you can, but make the turrets your primary targets
because they give you more points and they are somewhat of a threat.
Try to stay on one side and learn how far away the other wall's
laser fire is -- If a turret is close enough when it fires, it'll miss
you via you not moving a muscle.

On all other waves,
you will have bridges and laser fire to worry about.
You can't shoot through obstacles, so don't even try it. If you can't
shoot the fireballs down, then outmaneuver them. Just as the fireball
is nearing you, jink hard up or down. If you can time it right, it
should miss your ship. The only other advice I can give is to memorize
each trench run and use the Force... which is undoubtedly your most
important ally. When you get to the Exhaust Port, there will be several
turrets on each side of it. Ignore them and their fireballs.

The port looks like a small red square inside a larger green
square. Just aim, fire there and you'll launch your Protons torpedoes.

Now sit back and watch the Death Star blow up in magnificent Vector graphics.

|                                        |
| Section V - Empire Strikes Back Arcade |

           / First  - ! H ! F ? H X S
 Passcode -
           \ Second - K O O L S T U F

 *Conventional Method: Beat All Standard missions*

                     / First:  R U 3 E - 5 5 F D - J 9 7 8 D 
 Action Replay code -
 (NTSC)              \ Second: G 5 9 G - T R Z J - G 8 Q T P

                      / First:  K G U 1 - K W T J - 8 8 U 6 9
 AR PAL Version code -
 (PAL)                \ Second: G 5 9 G - T R Z J - G 8 Q T P

 === Section V.a - General Info ===

The legendary Battle of Hoth. Released in 1985, you begin flying Luke's
Snow Speeder into a mass of Probe Droids. Then, you're attacking the Empire's
All-Terrain ground forces. You are then thrown into the cockpit of the Falcon
against a group of TIE Fighters. Finally, you are in the asteroid field
attempting to evade, well, asteroids. This Arcade also sports Vector graphics.

Fireballs (Laser fire) -------------------------- 3 Points
Probots (Probe Droids) -------------------------- 25 Points*
Transmissions ----------------------------------- 7 Points
Walker Fireballs -------------------------------- 7 Points
AT-STs ------------------------------------------ 50 Points*
AT-ATs ------------------------------------------ 75 Points*
Fly Between an AT-AT's Legs --------------------- 5,000 Points (stacked)
TIE Fighters ------------------------------------ 100 Points*
Wave Completed ---------------------------------- 2,500 Points
Jedi Letter Earned ------------------------------ 5,000 Points**
Earn All Jedi Letters --------------------------- 20,000 Points
Continue from Last Wave ------------------------- ???***

        * Once you spell the word JEDI, 
          the point factor for each kill will be multiplied by ten.

        ** There's a certain number of Imps that you must take out
           to earn a letter.

           Wave 1: 6
           Wave 2: 8
           Wave 3: 10
           Wave 4: 12
           Wave 5: 13
           Waves 6 and on: ???

        *** By completing any wave past 3 with a JEDI rank,
            you have the option to restart on the wave that you died on.
            Your score is reset to zero however, if you beat that wave
            after restarting, you earn a bonus that matches your previous
            score when you originally started that wave.
            Also, unless you spell JEDI after passing that wave,
            you will restart on the same wave as you did before.
            One more thing, if you die before completing that wave,
            it is game over.

If you couldn't understand that, then how's this?
You completed Wave 3 while spelling JEDI with a score of 305,305.
You die on Wave 5, you can restart on Wave 4.
If you beat Wave 4, your bonus will be 305,305 since that's
what you had originally started Wave 4 with.

There's also a starting wave bonus that you can earn by
starting on and completing that wave.

 Wave 1: 0 Points
 Wave 2: 100,000 Points
 Wave 3: 250,000 Points

 === Section V.b - Area 1 -- Probots [Probe Droids] (Snowspeeder) ===

You will begin the game with five Shields,
plus one more hit once they're gone.
After a few seconds, you'll see a couple Probe Droids off in the distance.
After a few more seconds, you'll see tons more Probe Droids surrounding you.
They will send out transmissions that you can shoot, which look like several
progressively larger right-curved bracket, or ')' shapes.


... If you want a higher score.
As transmissions are being sent to the Empire, the Alliance's
Shield Generator is being built. You can see it progress onscreen and
when the four half spheres of the generator appear, that means the Empire
is on its way and you'll proceed to the next area. All you really need to
do when there are a lot of droids around is strafe the cursor horizontally
across the screen. You should be able to take out them and their
laser fire with not too many problems.

The Probe Droids seem to stay in one particular area, so if you steer
your Snowspeeder in the wrong direct, the droids will flash on and off
of the screen. Just fly straight for a bit then turn around and you
should be fine. The Probe Droids can be hard to hit, so be careful.

In the waves following 4, the Probe Droids
shoot a massive onslaught of fireballs at you,
so be ready to use the Force. 

 === Section V.c - Area 2 -- AT-AT & AT-ST Walkers (Snowspeeder) ===

AT-ST and AT-AT Walkers is what you'll encounter here. Most of the time,
you'll begin this area flying head-on towards multiple Walkers.
If you want to survive, rather than get a high score, the best thing to do
is avoid the Walkers. There's a bar that slowly fills as you're fighting.
For each Walker that you take down, the bar stops temporarily.
Like with the Probe Droids, you won't move on until that bar fills up.

You can only shoot the Walkers in their cockpits when they
are flashing, so your aim has to be precise.
Be sure to attack them head-on when doing this or you won't be able
to destroy them. If you press B as you approach the AT-AT's, you will
fire your Tow Cable ahead of you. Where ever the cursor is, that's where
the cable will fire. When firing your Tow Cable, be sure to fly away from
the AT-AT because if you're flying towards it as you fire, you may not
have any time to move out of the way as it's falling towards the ground.

 === Section V.d - Area 3 -- TIE Fighter Dogfight (Falcon) ===

Imagine the dogfight in SW, only you're piloting the Falcon and Vader's TIE
is nowhere to be found. Just use the dogfighting method explained earlier
and you should be fine.

 === Section V.e - Area 4 -- The Asteroid Field (Falcon) ===

Just making it out of the asteroid field alive will earn you a JEDI letter.

In the Asteroid Field, always fly towards
one of the four corners of the screen.

Most of the asteroids will miss you, but one or two will still hit you unless
you change directions quickly. The ones that might hit do not seem as if
they're going off-screen. They stay in the same position, more or less,
only they get bigger. You'll know when you're just about out when you see
a Star Destroyer coming onscreen, as well as hearing a relieved C-3PO
quoting, "Oh, thank goodness we're coming out of the asteroid field." 

That's it, you beat ESB. That wasn't too hard was it?

|                                        |
| Section VI - Return of the Jedi Arcade |

           / First  - ! ? A T H ! R D
 Passcode -
           \ Second - G A M E ? Y E S

 *Possible* conventional method has yet to be discovered   

                     / First:  U 5 C Z - E N 2 9 - 4 J N 6 N
 Action Replay code -
 (NTSC)              \ Second: 0 K A U - F U W Z - 8 2 X 0 E

                     / First:  5 8 Y V - D 8 N 6 - 2 9 1 P T
 Action Replay code -
 (PAL)               \ Second: 0 K A U - F U W Z - 8 2 X 0 E 

 === Section VI.a - General Info ===

The fabled Return of the Jedi Arcade.

This game throws you right in the middle of the immense Battle of Endor;
starting you out on a Speeder Bike in the Endor forest.

You then move on to the captured AT-ST.

Then into the Falcon you go against the countless number of
Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters.

Finally, you must pilot the Falcon through the Second Death Star's
superstructure and back.

This installment was released in 1984 and has graphics that
are very similar to the old, immortal Nintendo Entertainment System,
or NES.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The scoring system is as follows:

Speeder Bike ------------------ 1,000 Points
AT-ST ------------------------- 2,000 Points
Trigger an Ewok Trap ---------- 2,000 Points
Hollow Log -------------------- 5,000 Points
Rolling Log ------------------- 500 Points (I believe...)
TIE Fighter ------------------- 1,000 Points
SD Gun Turrets ---------------- 500 Points (I believe...)
Area Cleared ------------------ 10,000 Points
Main Reactor Destroyed -------- 10,000 Points
Second Death Star Destroyed --- 10,000 Points

Your score also continues to increase just as you play the game.
This is based on your speed, but generally you earn about
150 or so points for every second you're alive.
It may not seem like much, but every point you earn adds up.

Also, once you attain a certain number of points, you earn an extra life.

There's also a starting wave bonus that you can earn by
starting on and completing that wave.

Wave 3: 300,000
Wave 5: 600,000

 *NOTE* TotR and BoE will switch back and forth, so look for [SWITCH] to
        properly follow the guide.

 === Section VI.b - Speeder Bike Pursuit (Leia) ===

You start out with four lives, but no shields.
If you collide with a tree or get hit, you'll die.
There's zero room for error.

You'll begin seeing two Storm Troopers bolt ahead, along with
Luke jumping on a different Speeder Bike and being left behind by Leia.
Think of this part as the Speeder Bike Pursuit in Rebel Strike,
only NES style. Here, you'll have to deal with Speeder Bike patrols,
tons of trees, and Ewok traps that can either work
with you or against you.

There's also some hollow logs that you can pass through.
The Storm Troopers usually stay behind you, but sometimes
come alongside you. When they do, ram your Speeder Bike into their's
to knock them into a tree.

Starting on Wave 3, Para-Ewoks (they are the ones with giant
'Ewok-made' wings) will drop several rocks in your path.
These rocks are an extreme nuisance.

Speeding up (Push up on the control stick) and staying to the left
side of the screen is the best method to avoid these surprises,
since they come in from your right.

To trigger an Ewok trap, just run through it.
Be careful, though, because other Speeder Bikes can trigger the traps,
as well.

To crash into a tree, you must hit it's trunk.
There are usually a lot of trees around, but worrying about them
alone is easy. It's when you have to deal the other
Speeder Bikes and Ewoks that makes this
part so hard sometimes.

 === Section VI.c - Triumph of the Rebellion [AT-ST] (Chewie) ===

- Piled up logs
- Rolling logs
- Other AT-STs
- And more lovely Ewok traps

These are what you will find here.

You'll soon find that the AT-ST is extremely nimble and
quick, this is more or less good or bad depending on the pilot (i.e. you).
Every once in a while, you'll see an Ewok throw several rocks at you
from trees on either side of you.
These are easy to avoid if you're not careless.

Right after Leia says, "Han, hurry! The fleet will be here at any moment!",
you will switch to the Falcon. [SWITCH]

When Han says, "I have a really bad feeling
about this... ", [SWITCH].

(Wave 2) After you switch back, you'll encounter your first AT-ST.
It only takes one hit, but so do you; so be careful.
Not much later afterwards, you'll find two more AT-STs
standing side-by-side and behind them is the Shield Generator Bunker.
When you pass the AT-STs, you'll see Han go into the bunker, you'll hear
an Imperial officer say, "You Rebel scum.", then the bunker will
explode after Han runs out. [SWITCH]

 === Section VI.d - Battle of Endor [Falcon with X-Wing Wingmen] (Lando) ===

After the Rebel fleet has engaged the massive Imperial fleet,
Lando finds himself in the middle of several Star Destroyers.
There are groups of TIEs that come in three, but so do you.

You have two X-Wings by your side that follow your moves exactly.
When you shoot, they shoot.

The SD's gun turrets will also fire at you, but you can destroy them.
You may also see Lambda Shuttles dropping mines.
Unfortunately, you can't destroy the shuttles or the mines.
After Lando says, "Come on, Han old buddy... Don't let me down!",
you'll move back down to the surface. [SWITCH]

When you hear Lando say, "Han will have that
Shield down! We've gotta give him more time!" [SWITCH]

(By the way, even the muffled voice clip from the movie sounds better than, 
...... ::Clears throat.:: Anyway, back to the game.)

Ackbar will say,
"The Shield is down! Commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor!"
When he says that, your X-Wing wingmen will break off and the Falcon
will fly towards the DS alone and eventually find the Access Tunnel
where you will begin the final run through and back.
Epic? You decide.

 === Section VI.e - Strike at the Core [Falcon] (Lando) ===

Here, you must avoid walls, TIE Fighters, and falling scaffolding...
which can be very frustrating at times.
The main things that you must worry about are the red walls
that are scattered throughout the tunnel.

After Wave 1, scaffolding between these walls will fall as you
attempt to pass through them -- obviously killing you.
There are TIEs that'll always come up from behind you, as well.
For each TIE that you destroy, another will immediately appear.
You can either shoot them or ram them like with the Speeder Bikes.
There's also yellow pipes that take the relative shape of a '['
                                             (left square bracket)

As you fly further into the DSII, the bracket pipes will slowly
close in on you, giving you less room to maneuver.
You can, however, fly between these and speed through the tunnel
flying outside of the main pathway --
Making for a relatively easier run.

When you get to the main reactor, just shoot at the bolts
of electricity to destroy it.

Here comes one of the most infamous and hardest challenges of the
Battle of Endor: Flying through the tunnel backwards and escaping
the DSII's chain reaction explosion, which like in all other tunnel runs,
the explosion slowly creeps up behind you.

To make matters more challenging, your flight controls are reversed.
Also, you only have one chance to make it out alive, so
if you don't you'll start on the next wave.
May the Force be with you.

If you can manage to escape the blast, you'll see the
Second Death Star explode in classic 8-Bit graphics.

|                                   |
| Section VII - Action Replay Codes |

You can find all of the Action Replay codes here.
Of course, I can't post these
without giving thanks to Rune,
as well as all of the other hackers
who cracked Rebel Strike.

 === Section VII - NTSC Codes (United States) ===

 ***Star Wars Arcade***

[Always Play 'Star Wars Arcade' in Arcade]

4 R W R - B Y Z X - 1 4 1 J W
1 M 0 X - E V Y M - 8 0 M R 2

 ***Star Wars Arcade (Rebel Strike Demo Disc Version)***

(M) This Must Be On

2 N A 2 - D 4 3 7 - 0 P P M 6
6 F P M - 7 4 4 7 - T 0 U 5 2
N 9 A P - Q E M G - J 2 X 8 A
W 0 3 J - A 7 N 3 - Z 4 1 D N
H 6 4 X - 9 B 3 8 - G N R D M
0 9 M U - 8 K Y V - M 1 K M E
7 V F G - Q E 5 Q - T 4 V Y W

Infinite Shields

T W 0 6 - 2 K K M - E J Y D 2
C W R 4 - C X T Y - M U M Q J

Max Score

9 R H G - C 5 D 6 - 4 T Q U 8
2 D F D - K 4 2 K - F 2 Q G 1

 ***Empire Strikes Back Arcade***

[Always Play 'Empire Strike Back' in Arcade]

R U 3 E - 5 5 F D - J 9 7 8 D 
G 5 9 G - T R Z J - G 8 Q T P

 ***Return of the Jedi Arcade***

[Always Play 'Return of the Jedi' in Arcade]

U 5 C Z - E N 2 9 - 4 J N 6 N
0 K A U - F U W Z - 8 2 X 0 E

 === Section VII - PAL Codes (International) ===

 ***Star Wars Arcade***

[Pick Any Console To Play SW Arcade]

F B B 5 - Q D A F - 8 Y 1 N Q
1 M 0 X - E V Y M - 8 0 M R 2

Infinite Shields (Works for Empire Strikes Back Arcade, as well)

E Z 6 2 - 2 U P C - 7 A C M 2
3 6 A Y - W W 2 K - 1 E R 6 C

Max Score (Works for Empire Strikes Back Arcade, as well)

Y A N T - G Y E U - X 5 2 B Z
9 F 9 B - 3 7 D Q - N K J 1 J

 ***Empire Strikes Back***

[Pick Any Console To Play ESB Arcade]

K G U 1 - K W T J - 8 8 U 6 9
G 5 9 G - T R Z J - G 8 Q T P

Infinite Shields (Works for Star Wars Arcade, as well)

E Z 6 2 - 2 U P C - 7 A C M 2
3 6 A Y - W W 2 K - 1 E R 6 C

Max Score (Works for Star Wars Arcade, as well)

Y A N T - G Y E U - X 5 2 B Z
9 F 9 B - 3 7 D Q - N K J 1 J

 ***Return of the Jedi Arcade***

[Pick Any Console To Play RotJ Arcade]

5 8 Y V - D 8 N 6 - 2 9 1 P T
0 K A U - F U W Z - 8 2 X 0 E 

Unlock Everything (Necessary to permanently unlock the RotJ Arcade)

3 D 8 7 - 2 J 2 0 - Y U 6 3 Q
T K X P - A Q M D - H E 8 N 1

Infinite Lives

V 6 3 5 - J 3 9 J - P W U 9 W
0 K A U - F U W Z - 8 2 X 0 E
C P F K - R H D M - B G Q Y T

|                                      |
| Section VIII - Old Version History   |

This is where you will find the old, now mostly useless
version updates; moved for simplicity.


Version 1.03 - 12.10.07 -- Got nothing on a conventional means
to unlock the RotJ Arcade. Pretty much the only noticable additions are the
links to my other two FAQs here on GameFAQs.

Also did a very subtle cleanup job in grammar.


Version 1.02 - 10.16.04 -- This will most likely be the final update, unless
some form of conventional means is found to unlock the RotJ Arcade or other
passcodes are unveiled.


- Added new section for all of the AR codes; for convenience.
- Also added AR codes for the RS Demo Disc version of SW Arcade,
which can be located in the new AR section.
- Added Starting Wave bonuses for SW Arcade.
- Added the ({[Directions to the Arcades]}).
- Added [Search Function Explanation] (Ctrl+F function).
- Typos fixed, hopefully all of them this time
- And whatever else have you.


Version 1.01 - 05.27.04:

- Added the Action Replay codes for the PAL version.
- Added the {{{IMPORTANT NOTE}}}.
- A couple of other things added/changed as well.

Still waiting on the RotJ Arcade passcode...

Also, I haven't even played any of the Arcades since I made this FAQ, so I
may or may not get to revising the walkthroughs.


Version 1.0 - 04.28.04 -- Grand unveiling.

|                                                 |
| Section IX - Special Thanks, Email, and Whatnot |

- Special Thanks to:

      - For allowing the distribution of this FAQ.

      - CJayC: For creating and maintaining this great site called; GameFAQs.

      - Rune: For his exceptional hacking skills, uncovering many Rebel Strike
        AR codes, including the three Arcades; most importantly, RotJ Arcade.

      - zuluchris: For being the only known person to attain 1st Place in both
        SW and ESB Arcades -- Disproving my theory that that would unlock the
        RotJ Arcade.

      - obishawn: For his immense support and for bringing us every passcode
        that Lucas Arts has revealed ON TIME and for being his usual 
        helpful, knowledgeable, descriptive self.

      - GurraJG: For reminding me to put in the Action Replay PAL codes.
      - jektezak: For spotting the RotJ Arcade passcode at

A VERY special thanks must go out to the many board members
of the RSGB (Rebel Strike General Board);
they encouraged me to write this FAQ. If it weren't for all of
the impatient people who so badly want the RotJ Arcade,
as well as everyone who has played the game and helped
calm the restless, unfortunate folk by assuring them that RotJ
is the worst of the three Arcades. It is, more or less.

However, it is set up completely different from the other two,
so if you enjoy playing the old NES games, you'll enjoy the
Return of the Jedi Arcade.

In my book, it goes (1st to 3rd):
Star Wars > Return of the Jedi > Empire Strikes Back.

- Email:

Subject Heading: Rebel Strike FAQ   *or*
                 Arcade Games FAQ

Just be sure to include either of those and your email should be read.
If you DID include either of those headings, but I never replied to you,
chances are it's because your email went into my Spam folder
and I missed it while sifting through it all to look for
anything that was wrongly placed there.

So, if that happens, send it again.

- Copyright Info

Currently, only has the rights to distribute this FAQ.
If you wish to post my FAQ on your website, please email me first.
You cannot directly post my FAQ on your website. You can however,
post the link to the "FAQs & Guides" page on GameFAQs.
You cannot alter this FAQ or take credit for it in any way, whatsoever.
I've worked hard on this FAQ and at the very least
deserve a little credit for it.

Thank you much and may the Force be with you.