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       Star Wars Rogue Leader III: Rebel Strike FAQ/Walkthrough v. 1.0
                Copyright Martin Dale-Hench and Vic Rome 2004

    Factor 5 and Lucas Arts presents....

                 the next chapter of the famed 'Rogue Squadron' series...

          S T A R   W A R S    R O G U E   S Q U A D R O N   I I I :
              .______       _______ .______    _______  __      
              |   _  \     |   ____||   _  \  |   ____||  |     
              |  |_)  |    |  |__   |  |_)  | |  |__   |  |     
              |      /     |   __|  |   _  <  |   __|  |  |     
              |  |\  \----.|  |____ |  |_)  | |  |____ |  `----.
              | _| `._____||_______||______/  |_______||_______|
              _______.__________..______       __   __  ___  _______ 
             /       |          ||   _  \     |  | |  |/  / |   ____|
            |   (----`---|  |---`|  |_)  |    |  | |  '  /  |  |__   
             \   \       |  |    |      /     |  | |    <   |   __|  
         .----)   |      |  |    |  |\  \----.|  | |  .  \  |  |____ 
         |_______/       |__|    | _| `._____||__| |__|\__\ |_______|

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |             T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S             |   (----
|      /                                                             \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

1.00 Introduction

2.00 Controls
      2.01 Flying Controls
      2.02 On-Foot Controls
      2.03 Other Controls

3.00 Basics
      3.01 Game Screen
      3.02 Power-Ups
      3.03 Medal Points

4.00 Mission Map

5.00 Walkthrough
      5.01 Tatooine Training
   Luke's Campaign
      5.02 Revenge of the Empire
      5.03 Defiance on Dantooine
      5.04 Defenders of Ralltiir
      5.05 Extraction from Ralltiir
      5.06 Battlefield Hoth
      5.07 Trials of a Jedi
      5.08 Sarlacc Pit
   Wedge's Campaign
      5.09 Raid at Bakura
      5.10 Relics of Geonosis
      5.11 Deception at Destrillion
      5.12 Guns of Dubrillion
      5.13 Fondor Shipyard Assault
   Endor Campaign
      5.14 Speeder Bike Pursuit
      5.15 Triumph of the Rebellion
   Bonus Missions
      5.16 Death Star Rescue
      5.17 Escape from Hoth
      5.18 Flight from Bespin
      5.19 Attack on the Executor
      5.20 Rebel Endurance

6.00 Co-Op Walkthrough
      6.01 Death Star Attack
      6.02 Ison Corridor Ambush
      6.03 Battle of Hoth
      6.04 Prisons of the Maw
      6.05 Razor Rendezvous
      6.06 Vengeance on Kothlis
      6.07 Imperial Academy Heist
      6.08 Raid On Bespin
      6.09 Battle of Endor
      6.10 Strike at the Core
   Bonus Missions
      6.11 Death Star Escape
      6.12 Asteroid Field
      6.13 Endurance

7.00 Versus

8.00 Ships & Vehicles

9.00 Secrets

10.00 Fin

Just cut and paste the boxed string above and use the find system to get there
QUICKLY. For example, the string should be like 6.02 


1. highlight the string

2. Ctrl + C

3. Ctrl + F

4. Ctrl + V

5. Press "Find Next".

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                  I N T R O D U C T I O N                  |   (----
|      /                            1.00                             \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

Vic's Introduction
Hiya folks. Now much to say, really. I was a big fan of Factor 5 back in
their N64 days, when Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo were the ultimate
in flight-action games. Battle for Naboo holds a special place in my heart
because of the plat hunt from way back when, even if they gave me infinite
grief when I was first getting them. :)

So, here we are. Martin wrote the majority of the guide, and I pitched in
to tie up the loose ends. Enjoy!

winnie the poop's Introduction
I loved the original Gamecube Star Wars, Rogue Leader, to death, and when
I found out about this game, my heart leapt! More missions! More gold medals!
Co-op! Versus! What could go wrong! Sadly, I was disappointed because of the
lack of difficulty and freedom. The action here was very limited, and also
too easy, especially the 'on-foot' portions of the game. However, I still
enjoyed the game overall, especially those levels with Speeder Bike. Yet,
I wrote this guide.... just because! ;)

Thanks to Vic Rome to help share the burden and he did a great work!

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                      C O N T R O L S                      |   (----
|      /                             2.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

No manual or common sense? I'm here to save your sorry ass. :)

2.01 FLYING CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

Control Stick - Steer Ship
Just the standard motion feature. Tilt the stick up to lead the ship's nose
forward, making it dip down. Moving the stick down will cause the aircraft
to ascend. Turning (left/right) is accessible here, too.

A Button - Fire Primary Weapon
For the most part, your primary weapon will be lasers. (Only one exception to
that rule, I believe - TIE Bomber) Holding down A will release a steady stream
of lasers, but it can be deceiving. It can easily mess your accuracy up if
you're not careful enough AND it isn't as powerful if you TAP it continuously,
resulting in a 'linked' laser combination. If you do this instead, your lasers
will be a tad more powerful.

B Button - Lock-On/Fire Secondary Weapon
Your secondary weapon are varied, but all of them are more powerful than the
primary weapon. To use it, just tap B once to fire. If you have attained the
'homing' upgrade for the secondary weapon you're using right now, pressing B
will turn your cross-hairs into a diamond instead. If you catch an enemy ship
WITHIN the diamond, it will be locked-on. Fire B again to let 'er rip!
(Exceptions: Proton Bombs, Sonic Mines and Tow Cables)

B Button (Hold) - Ion Cannon
Ion Cannon is used to disable certain enemy objects. You WILL use it through-
out the game several times if you want to complete the game. Just HOLD the
button until the cross-hairs turn BLUE and release to fire. You can hold,
hold, and hold until you want to fire it.
(ONLY available on Y-Wing, B-Wing, and TIE Hunter)

X Button - Switch Camera Modes
Just tap once to switch between the Cockpit View Mode and the Chase View Mode.
In the Cockpit View Mode, use the C-Stick to look around.

Y Button - Turn Targeting Computer On/Off
With this, you can see where your friendlies and enemies and targets much
easier. The allies are marked green, enemies marked purple, and objectives/
dangerous enemies yellow. ***If you don't have the targeting computer UP-
GRADE, you have to HOLD the button down to let it stay up. Once you get
the upgrade, you can just tap and leave it up there.***

R Trigger - Speed the Craft Up (Turbo)
Just press the R all of the way to give your craft a boost. There will be some
time before it can fully re-charge its boosters before you can do it again,

L Trigger - Slow the Craft Down (Brake)
'Nuff said.

D-Pad - Commands
From time to time, you will see a D-Pad figure on the top right of your screen.
On the buttons, there are specific commands. Press the button accordingly to
give the command.

C-Stick - Move Camera in the Cockpit View Mode
Yea, that's pretty much it. However, if you're using the Millennium Falcon,
you can use this to fire the rear laser turret. Pretty cool, no?

Z Button - Roll the Craft
WTF? Who cares? Yea, I know. Just HOLD the button down and press left/right on
the Control Stick and there ya go. I never really needed it, anyway.

Start Button - Pause

2.02 ON-FOOT CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

Unlike the controls for flying, I'm not going to give you a detailed
explanation for every command. I'm sure you can decipher the controls.

Control Stick -------- Move Character
     A Button -------- Fire Gun
     B Button -------- Throw Grenade/Use the Force
     X Button -------- Jump
     Y Button -------- Use Binoculars
    R Trigger -------- Crouch
    L Trigger -------- Lock Target
     Z Button -------- Roll (while moving)
      C Stick -------- Action Button (Open door)
        Start -------- Pause (duh!)

2.03 OTHER CONTROLS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

Control Stick -------- Steer Landspeeder
     A Button -------- None
     B Button -------- None
     X Button -------- Switch Camera Modes (FPV/Chase View)
     Y Button -------- Targeting Computer
    R Trigger -------- Turbo
    L Trigger -------- Brake
     Z Button -------- None
      C Stick -------- None
        Start -------- Pause Game

AT-ST Walker
Control Stick -------- Steer AT-ST/Move crosshairs around
     A Button -------- Fire laser blasters
     B Button -------- Fire a homing reticule. Hold to lock on, let go to fire
     X Button -------- Switch Camera Modes (Cockpit View/Chase View)
     Y Button -------- Targeting Computer
    R Trigger -------- Walk
    L Trigger -------- Lock Head in its current position
     Z Button -------- None
      C Stick -------- Move Camera in the Cockpit View
        Start -------- Pause Game
        D-Pad -------- Commands

Speeder Bike
Control Stick -------- Steer Bike
     A Button -------- Fire lasers
     B Button -------- Side Slide (bump the opponent out of the way)
     X Button -------- Switch Camera Modes (FPV/Chase View)
     Y Button -------- Targeting Computer
    R Trigger -------- Turbo
    L Trigger -------- Brake
     Z Button -------- None
      C Stick -------- Move Camera in the First-Person View
        Start -------- Pause Game

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                        B A S I C S                        |   (----
|      /                             3.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

First of all, make sure you know the controls... if not, read the previous
section for the controls.

3.01 GAME SCREEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

  |  |                -   |  Top Left: Command Function. Here, you can see
  | - -             /   \ |     the commands you can order your wingmen.
  |  |              \ _ / |     Use the D-Pad to order.
  |                       |
  |                       |  Top Right: Radar display. The orange dot in
  |                       |     the middle is you, and the objects in your
  |                       |     view will be north of your dot in the radar.
  |  |                  A |     The orange cones that come up occasionally
  | | |              B    |     points you to the next objective. Red icons =
   -----------------------      enemies. Green = allies. Blue = item/craft.

Bottom Left: Damage indicator. As you take damage, the craft in the circle
  will shake up and change color. If it's green, it's at full health.
  Yellow is caution, and red is in the danger zone. The ship also has a
  meter for your boosters. When the ship's filled up, you can use the R
  button to boost.

Bottom Right: Your weapons. A is the primary weapon, and B is the secondary
  weapon. As for the secondary weapons, there usually will be a number next
  to it indicating the remaining number of the missiles (or whatever) you have

3.02 POWER-UPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

There are power-ups scattered throughout the game, but I won't tell you what
they will do. Instead, I will lead you where they are and you will find
extensive and detailed information on how to obtain those.


   Advanced Cluster Missiles --- Battle of Hoth
Advanced Concussion Missiles --- Guns of Dubrillion
            Advanced Lasers --- Defiance on Dantooine
      Advanced Proton Bombs --- Raid at Bakura
   Advanced Proton Torpedoes --- Relics at Geonosis
           Advanced Shields --- Revenge of the Empire
Advanced Targeting Computer --- Defenders of Ralltiir
  Homing Concussion Missiles --- Speeder Bike Pursuit
     Homing Proton Torpedoes --- Extraction from Ralltiir
     Seeker Cluster Missiles --- Triumph of the Rebellion
               Spread Bombs --- Deception at Destrillion


Advanced Blasters --- Battle of Hoth
Advanced Cluster Missiles --- Prisons of the Maw
Advanced Proton Bombs --- Razor Rendezvous
Advanced Proton Torpedoes --- Ison Corridor Ambush
Advanced Shield --- Death Star Attack
Advanced Targeting Computer --- Strike at the Core
Homing Cluster Missiles --- Battle of Endor
Homing Concussion Missiles --- Raid on Bespin
Homing Proton Torpedoes --- Vengeance on Kothlis
Spread Proton Bombs --- Imperial Academy Heist

3.03 MEDAL POINTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

Each mission, you have an opportunity to earn a medal and get medal points.
Those points can be used to unlock bonus levels. The points for each medal:

  Bronze Medal --- 3 Points
  Silver Medal --- 6 Points
Gold/Ace Medal --- 10 Points

Now, each medal has its required stats of their own. Those stats are listed
in every mission in my Walkthrough, so look them up when you need them.

The levels you can unlock with the points:

Attack on the Executor --- 40 Points
Death Star Rescue --- 10 Points
Escape From Hoth --- 30 Points
Flight From Bespin --- 20 Points
Rebel Endurance --- 20 Points

Asteroid Field --- 35 Points
Death Star Escape --- 15 Points
Endurance --- 50 Points

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                   M I S S I O N   M A P                   |   (----
|      /                             4.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

              SKYWALKER      -Rebel Endurance-
                MISSIONS            |   |
      -----------------             |   |                         -Flight from-
     | ............... |            |   |             WEDGE          -Bespin-
     | The Sarlacc Pit-|----Attack on to Executor-      ANTILLES            |
     | ............... |            |   |                 MISSIONS          |
     |       |  |      |--------------------------------------------------  |
     |  .............. |                             |   ```````````````  | |
     |  Trails of Jedi-|---Triumph of the Rebellion--|---Fondor Shipyard  | |
     |  .............. |            |   |            |   ````Assault````  | |
     |       |  |      |     [ENDOR |   | MISSIONS]  |        |   |       | |
     |................ |            |   |            |  ``````````````````| |
  ===|Battlefield Hoth-|-----Speeder Bike Pursuit----|--Guns of Dubrillion| |
 |   |................ |                             |  ``````````````````| |
 |   |       |  |      |_____________________________|        |   |       | |
 |   | ........................ |              |          `````````````   | |
 |   | Extraction from Ralltiir |              |          Deception  at===|=
 |   | ........................ |              |           Destrillion    |
 |   |           |  |       ____|              |          `````````````   |
 |   |           |  |      |                    ----          |   |       |
 |   |           |  |      |_                       |         |   |       |
 |   |...................... |                      |  `````````````````` |
 |   |Defenders of Ralltiir--|--Death Star Rescue---|--Relics of Geonosis |
 |   |...................... |                      |  `````````````````` |
 |   |           |  |        |                      |        |  |         |
 |   | ..................... |..................... |   ``````````````    |
 |   | Defiance on Dantooine-|Revenge of the Empire-|---Raid at Bakura    |
 |   | ..................... |..................... |   ``````````````    |
 |    -----------------------                        ---------------------
 |                             -Tatooine Training-
  -Battle of Hoth-

Now, I do realize this might look sloppy but it's not easy to make a map such
as this. the '...' indicates Luke's Missions while '```' symbolizes Wedge's.

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |           N O R M A L    W A L K T H R O U G H            |   (----
|      /                             5.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

5.01 TATOOINE TRAINING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

P.S. Yes, like the second installment of the series, Rogue Leader, you have
to complete the Tatooine Training in all four times of the day to receive a
worthy prize. Naboo Starfighter once again? Of course.

Here are the stats for the various training missions:

                       Time - Must be under 40 minutes

Number of Lessons Completed - including On Foot, T-16, Landspeeder, AT-ST,
                              Swoop Bike, Battle [Sandcrawler] tutorials -
                              29 in all

Number of Bonus Items Found - 7, all while on T-16

       Beggar's Canyon Race - Must complete and win 3 times, up to Hard 

                 Droid Hunt - The AT-ST lesson, complete it thrice, up to 
                              Hard difficulty

             Craft unlocked - Landspeeder, AT-ST, Swoop Bike, T-16 Skyhopper

Character: Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: None
Possible Alternates: T-16 Skyhopper, Swoop Bike, Landspeeder, AT-ST
Upgrade: None
Difficulty: 1/5

Homestead Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.
- Find your way to the top of the homestead.
- Use the available craft to access other areas of Tatooine.

T-16 Skyhopper Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.
- Win the EASY Beggar's Canyon race.
- Win the MEDIUM Beggar's Canyon race.
- Win the HARD Beggar's Canyon race.
- Win the dogfight against Fixer.
- Find all bonus items.

Landspeeder Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.
- Race to Tocshe station.

Tocshe Station Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.
- Win the EASY droid hunt.
- Win the MEDIUM droid hunt.
- Win the HARD droid hunt.

Return to Homestead Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.
- Clear all jump symbols.
- Race to the Sandcrawler.

Sandcrawler Objectives
- Complete all tutorial lessons.


You start off as Luke in the homestead. Run towards the first orange marker
to reveal another four markers. Go through each one to learn about rolling,
jumping, ducking, and viewing objectives. Once that's done move on to the
marker near the door and use the C-stick to open the door.

Once on top, choose either the landspeeder or T-16 Skyhopper to go into
another set of objectives.

T-16 Skyhopper
If you chose the T-16 Skyhopper you'll get to fly around Tatooine and
complete objectives. Follow the orange wedge from marker to marker until
you've completed all of the objectives in the area. Once you're done,
you'll be pulled into a race through Beggar's Canyon.

These Beggar's Canyon races are simple. Just stay to the left the entire
time, and take the high shortcuts. You'll lose if you fly too high, but
all you need is enough height to clear the shortcuts over the canyon walls.
There are three difficulties for this race, but all three are mad easy.
Find the start point on the left side of the area.

Fixer will be pretty pissed off if you beat him in the first race; so mad
that he'll challenge you to a dogfight! But hey, no worries. He's as bad
at shooting as he is at racing, so fly away a short distance and line
your ship with his. Unleash a couple of streams of fire to take him out.

Well, you're just about done. All that remains is to find all of the bonus
items. Just follow the orange wedge to each item to easily complete the
objective. Oh, and when you find the sandcrawler make sure to destroy it
with linked lasers (tap the A button every half a second) to find R2-D2.

If you chose to do the landspeeder, this is where you'll end up. It's not
too difficult to navigate, so just follow the instructions and get to
Tocshe Station at the other end.

Tocshe Station
Hey there, don't just dream about joining the evil Empire. LIVE IT!!!

Here you get to actually try out one of those two-legged bad boys known
as AT-STs. Your goal is to beat the easy, medium, and hard droid hunts
by destroying the required number of droids per time limit.

Hold R to walk, though you really don't need to move at all. Just stay put
in the middle of the pit and keep your eyes on the screen for any droids
that may appear. Accuracy doesn't factor into winning, so go nuts with the
blaster and keep shooting until the droids are gone.

Return to Homestead
So, you're done with Tocshe Station and ready to go back home. Give the 
swoop bike a whirl if you want to complete the next objectives as easily
as possible.

So, now you're mission is to clear the 7 jump symbols on the trip back
to homestead. All the jumps will have some sort of ramp just before
them, and some even require you to take the side paths to reach them.

The orange markers will show you the way, but if you get lost I've
marked all the jumps with an X.

Once you've completed all of the jumps you can go on to do practice
some on-foot action at the sandcrawler. It's all pretty basic stuff,
so just listen to the instructions and complete all the lessons near
the sandcrawler to move on.
                              __________ ____________
                             / ________ /X           \____
                            / /     ___/                  \
                           / /     /X __             ___   \
                          / /     /  /  \___X_______/   \   |
 X = Jump symbols         | |    |  /       | |          / /
 SC = Sandcrawler         | |    |X |      / /          / /
                          | |____|  |     / /    ______/ /
                          |_____    |    / /    / SC____/
                                \   \___/ /    / /
                                 \   ____/     | |
                                  \X \         | |
                                   \  \     HOMESTEAD
                                    \  \ _
                                   /   /  \__
                                 / X  / _    \
                                /    /  /    /
                                /   /  /    / 
                      ______    /  /  /  __/
                   __/      \__/   \_/  /
    TOCSHE STATION __                  /

5.02 REVENGE OF THE EMPIRE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold      Best Ever   |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          5:30       4:45       4:00       3:55     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        45         52         60         64       |
    | Shot Accuracy            38%        45%        65%        67%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               2          1          0          0        |
    | TCE                      80%        90%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: X-Wing
Possible Alternates: Y-Wing
Upgrade: Advanced Shields
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Destroy the Imperial Transports
2. Destroy the Imperial Loader Shuttles
3. Defend the Rebel Transport
4. Find the General
5. Escape with the General


The opening mission is a fairly simple one, being hosted by the infallible
Luke Skywalker. Here you have to shoot down several sitting ducks (Imperial
transports and Loaders) then mow down hordes of idiots clad in white. How fun.

First, you got yourself a nice, classy X-Wing. All you got to do: find all 7
Imperial Transports that are landing on the surface of Yavin 4. Yeah, just
come, see and conquer. The TIEs that are flying all around are not mandatory.
If you do the first objective fairly quickly, they won't be able to SCRATCH

*~*COMPLETED: Objective 1. Destroy the Imperial Transports*~*

The second one is ridiculously easy as well. The first three Loader Shuttles
are just in the horizon ahead of you, just keep going straight ahead and you
should find them soon enough. Just shoot the defenseless shells down. Turn
180 degrees and head to the island (right on the heart of the lake below).
Around the coast of the island (the island has a Aztec-like Temple on it,
FYI), there's several mini-islands with a cargo hold and AT-ST on it (if
there's nothing there, then you're probably in the wrong place or you came
too fast-use the orange arrow on your radar to ensure the location). Go ahead
and blow the AT-STs (and the holds if you want more kills and better acc. %)
to hell.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Destroy the Imperial Loader Shuttles*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Defend the Rebel Transport*~*

Now time for your first actual on-foot trek! Does it get any harder? You bet!
NOT! Bah. Just let the game target the Imperials by itself as you go and fire
them away. 3 to 5 hits will take an enemy down. Take your time and bring down
each enemy. I can't really help you a lot in this portion of the mission
because it's basically the same throughout. When you reach a fairly large
hall (after you unlock a door with the C stick), you will face a rather large
number of white heads. Just follow the standard procedure and you shall
prevail, they're too dumb to kill you. Once you've killed all of them, you've
rescued the General!

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Find the General*~*

Let the General follow you through a newly-opened door, all of the way to the
next major hall. Again, take down every stormtrooper one by one. What now?
Nothing, you're done. Enjoy the cinema!

*~*COMPLETED: 5. Escape with the General*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
First, I want to say that the Advanced Lasers upgrade is vital to your success
for the Gold Medal run. It makes destroying the Transports, Loaders AND the
stormtroopers much less time-consuming. It can be attained pretty easily on
Luke's second mission, Defiance on Dantooine. Now, onto the actual thing...

The first objective... you should know what to do, which is to blow the trans-
ports away as fast as possible. Actually, that's what you're supposed to do so
do that! Don't forget the fourth transport (it never moves, it was on ground
already when the session began), I usually forget that... silly me. As for the
second and the third objective... there's some tricks of the trade. The first
three carriers doesn't require any trickery except destroying them ASAP.
Quickly turn around for the Shuttles with the Chutes and the AT-STs. Ignore
and bypass all of the TIEs, and try to find one of the Shuttles BEFORE it
even drops the box! It's not that hard to find since it's the only thing that
moves like a turtle out there. If you cause the plane to explode, it will take
the box AND the AT-ST down with it, rewarding you with a 'triple' kill! Sweet-
ness! Do try to do the same thing for one more Shuttle. If not... destroying
the chute while it's on the ground is fine as well.

Time for the running portion... Tell Wedge to stay right away, he will steal
some of your kills if you don't. Now, just kill EVERY stormtrooper as you go.
Don't over-shoot, 67% is a HIGH number (the requirement for accuracy). A brief
occasional stop here and there is fine, too. Just make you kill everyone with-
out any foolish mistakes. As for the main room #1, the one with the General
and his right-hand man, I used a quite useful strategy to my success here and
the final room: use the radar to find the stormtrooper that's off-screen,
somewhere left/right or behind you. I often found myself flustered because I
usually left one or two guys behind, thus wasting some precious time going
back and re-targeting and shooting. So, just kill the lowest troopers first
and move on up. When you score your final kill of the room, you should be ON
or BY the stairs on the end! Yeah! Continue to the next major room and repeat
the previous strategy. Nothing new this time.

If you did everything fairly flawlessly, you should get a time of 3:50 or so.
Accuracy is actually the biggest challenge here, so shoot conservatively while
being confident (don't get too worried/over-anxious about it). Try your best
to NOT miss a shot in the first three objectives (in the air). As for the
kills... you should be able to have enough if you tell your wingmen and Wedge
to stay away (Flee) ASAP. That's it! Good luck.

                          Upgrade: Advanced Shields
Thank god. One of the best upgrades ever to grace this series is in the very
first mission and it's simple to find! Just explode the first three Imperial
Transports (the first objective) and leave the fourth (on the ground)
standing. Instead, fly through its open belly to find the upgrade. Sweet. :)
Don't forget to complete the mission to attain it properly.

5.03 DEFIANCE ON DANTOOINE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold       Best Ever  |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          5:10       4:20       4:10       4:05     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        18         29         38         40       |
    | Shot Accuracy            20%        30%        42%        56%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               2          1          0          0        |
    | TCE                      60%        90%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: Speeder Bike
Possible Alternates: None
Upgrade: Advanced Lasers
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Reach the Imperial Landing Zone before the Transports Lift Off
2. Stop the Ground Transport that's carrying Tycho
3. Follow Tycho back to the Rebel Landing Point

A rather compressing one to play around because of the Speeder Bike parts of
the journey. The main mission is to get Tycho out and leave with him. So it's
like a rescue mission (like 1/2 of the missions -_-)... You might be over-
whelmed at first, but your instincts should eventually cope with the speed of
the Bike. Practice makes prefect.

We're going to start with Objective one, of course... This only consists you
zig-zagging through countless pillars of limestone-like towers while shooting
the brains of probe droids out. This portion WILL make you look like you're a
HARDCORE gamer but it's actually pretty simple. The controls for the bike is
smooth and fluid, so you shouldn't have any problems. Just don't hurry up too
much, except if you're going for a certain medal, and take your time to shoot
and dodge. You may tilt the stick down to propel the bike upwards to avoid
some low rocks. Good luck, young Jedi.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Reach the Imperial Landing Zone before the Transports 
              Lift Off*~*

The wedge between the double speeder bike encounters: some pointless prodding
through the grasses of Dantooine. Actually, it's not pointless, but whatever.
You have to chase down the Transport and shoot down by firing the Blasters
scattered around the hills. However, there are a stormtrooper stationed on
each Blaster so you have to gun down the gunner before you can use it. So
go ahead and take over the forest Blaster up front (kill the oncoming soldiers
first, of course) and press any direction on your C-Stick. Fire away! When the
Transport has flew off-screen, get off and move on to the next one. There are
some Bacta Tanks (healing items) near each Blaster guns so if you ever need
some, just look in that area. Just keep firing at the Transport while
countering its sentry of stormtroopers by eliminating them as well. When the
Transport has disappeared, the damsel in distress will have escaped.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Stop the Ground Transport that's carrying Tycho*~*

Now it's time for the great escape. All you have to do is follow the path to
the very end, where you will meet your saving grace. As for the 'jumps', you
just have to press R while you're in the air and press down slightly to pull
the nose up for more air time. If you fail to do this, you may lose a life.
Say good-bye to a medal ranking if this occurs. You may use some turbos if
desired. That's it for now.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Follow Tycho back to the Rebel Landing Point*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
This could be hard if you just charge at the Gold Medal stats blindly, hoping
you'll break in somehow. Chances are... you won't make it. You need to know
which areas you need to improve. The hardest stat to yield would be the
enemies killed. Time, surprisingly, is not a factor as long you are consistent
because the cushion is pretty fair. Onward...

The first Speeder Bike run: you just need to press R (turbo) TWICE. When? As
soon as possible. Then the rest of the way should be based on the kills count.
Anticipate the next probe droid and shoot it down and move on to the next one.
Remember that the lasers from the bike goes out in groups of 5 or 6 so tap
once, which should be more than enough to take down two droids, to save your
accuracy. Time is not a dilemma here, believe me.

Stopping the Ground Transport: More time-oriented this time. You have to
kill EVERY stormtrooper and enemies (try to kill 1 or 2 droids in the air,
too) before you destroy the APC if you want a Gold or an Ace. So, shoot
the pigs once they come out of the mouth of the APC and fire at while it
moves away. Then, move on to the next one, etc. When you reach the fourth
gunner, make sure you DON'T fire at the APC before you kill all three guys
that comes out of it (after its fourth stop). Then you may proceed the

The second and the final Bike run: Meh. Just Turbo all of the way. Your
Final Time stat relies on this the most. Just goooooooooo!

                           Upgrade: Advanced Lasers
Just keep riding the left side of the second portion of the Speeder Bike
trail and you should eventually reach this upgrade at a thin bridge (the left
path of the second fork). Simple.

5.04 DEFENDERS ON RALLTIIR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold       Best Ever  |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          5:00       4:05       3:30       2:55     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        17         20         25         100(!)   |
    | Shot Accuracy            25%        32%        48%        60%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          2          1          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               2          1          0          0        |
    | TCE                      88%        95%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: SNOWSPEEDER
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Destroy Imperials Threatening the Shield Generator

Defenders on Ralltiir has a fun, strategic feel to it. The sole goal here
is to simply destroy any potential threat to the besieged shield generator.
However, I have noticed that the objective (only one!) suddenly ends only
when I have destroyed every AT-AT (the big four-legger). Therefore, I am
going to assume that you only need to destroy all AT-AT to complete this piece
of cake.

There are APCs, AT-ST (a LOT of them!) and several AT-ATs flanking the shield
from three bridges. You will see one once you start the game. You could
manually laborize your thumb and shoot every enemy by your laser fire, or...
just get by the shield, while staying low, and find a bomb laying on the
ground. When the aircraft passes over it, the 'B' icon will come up. Press B
ASAP and you will have captured the bomb. Find a bridge (any. any one with a
lot of baddies is preferred, though) and 'land' on it to allow the contact bet-
ween the bomb and the bridge to occur. The bridge and every enemy will go bye-
bye. KA-BOOM! Muaha. You could repeat this two more for the remaining bridges,
I don't care.

Now, after you have bombed the desired bridges (should be at least two), you
have to destroy the remaining enemies on the mainland. Fortunately, that only
includes the AT-AT because the game only records the wiping out of AT-AT race
as success for Objective One. Yay. Snowspeeder's Tow Cable works fine, but the
alternate method is MUCH more preferred. Take yet another bomb and find an AT-
AT. Slow down and let the bomb hang down. Ensure that the bomb would hit
the head of the behemoth. Down she goes. Repeat until you're king.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Destroy Imperials Threatening the Shield Generator*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Thankfully, the Gold Medal status does not possess the devilish grin on the
Ace Medal... the Kill Count. Therefore, it is essentially an 'upgraded' Silver
Medal. If you got the Silver Medal, consider Gold yours.

First, you have to understand the tricks behind this medal. You have to learn
how to shut the bridges down effectively, which means you have to do it quick
or the enemies will run onto the mainland. To do this, you have to pick up
two bombs, one at a time, and use them on the bridges ASAP. This will rack
your kills up. When you're done with that part, search for some more bombs
and AT-ATs because your only concern right now is to complete the level before
it goes too long. Destroying every AT-AT will sabotage the mission... One last
thing... if you need some bonus kills, just destroy an APC, it yields SEVEN
kills because there are 6 stormtroopers sitting like lame ducks inside. *evil

                     Upgrade: Advanced Targeting Computer
Immediately turn left from the STARTING POINT and keep follow the moat/ravine
until you reach the next suspension bridge. See the Imperial Transport at bay?
Destroy it and the upgrade shall be revealed. It's all yours for your taking.
Like candy from a kid, only it's from a 300-pound one.

5.05 EXTRACTION FROM RALLTIIR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold      Best Ever   |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          4:30       4:20       4:00       3:50     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        88         95         100        105      |
    | Shot Accuracy            32%        38%        45%        55%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          3          1          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               2          1          0          0        |
    | TCE                      90%        98%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  AT-ST
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Clear the way to the Blockade Runner
2.  Regain Control of the Blockade Runner

After Luke's invasion of an AT-ST, you now assume the position of the command-
er-in-chief of an AT-ST. You might be surprised on how agile and mobile this
machine can be. The accuracy isn't perfect, but that shouldn't be a concern.
While on the AT-ST, you should just fire at EVERYTHING that moves because that
is what you're supposed to do. APCs, AT-STs, droids, and even the puny
Imperial soldiers will cross your path and attempt to intercept you and the
irreplaceable scientists. I say just blow everything up. As for the APCs, try
to shoot around the mouth (front) first because there are some gunners on it
and it might shoot at you. If you, somehow, get to an APC before it can even
open its mouth to release some stormtroopers... DO IT! Give them hell! The
soldiers still stranded inside will be in puppy-heaven. :) The final stretch
could pose a few problems for you because of the big number of AT-STs waiting.
The best way to conquer the final marks would be attacking them, one by one,
from afar. Use the right wall (before the square) as your protection...

To complete Objective One, you have to destroy EVERY enemy inside the final
circle, including the stormtroopers behind the gunners.

(No detailed walkthrough for this because it is straight-forward. You should
know that already)

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Clear the way to the Blockade Runner*~*

The on-foot portion is just an another ridiculously retarded 'follow the
radar and win' mission. Just follow the radar and the path, while showing
the troopers who's the boss, until you see a tripod gun. If you're low
on health, backtrack and hang a right (if coming from the tripod gun) to
find a narrow corridor with a Bacta Tank for a free re-fill. Return to the
gun and wait for the last cavalries to come. After shooting all of them
down, the level ends.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Regain Control of the Blockade Runner*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Much like the majority of the gold/ace medals, this one comes down to
practice; replaying the mission over and over until you develop a routine.
The friendlies, lives, and targeting computer efficiency aren't even an
issue, so I'll only go over the first three requirements.

The completion time comes down whether or not you pause when fighting
enemies in the AT-ST. Stopping to kill everything simply does not work.
You can slow down as you approach, but don't be afraid to continue walking
as you pummel the larger enemies such as the APCs and other AT-STs.
The point is to keep moving. The same applies for the segment in the
blockade runner, though I doubt you'll have to slow down at all during
the part.

Make sure to kill the squads by locking on and firing with a missile (that
also helps with accuracy, but more on that later). Also remember that each
one of those APCs comes with it's own squad of troops. Wait for them to
appear and kill them with lasers, then use a missile to quickly take out
the tank and save time. Killing all of the troops should raise the kill
count significantly. Also, after shooting a commander and finding two
stormtroopers in the blockade runner, take the right path. There are two
more lone stormtroopers for you to kill.

The accuracy will likely be the toughest requirement to meet because of
the rather inaccurate AT-ST lasers. This can be helped by killing a troop
of stormtroopers with a single missile. You must have lock-on missiles
to do this, and once you do just lock-on to one of the stormtroopers in
the group and fire. This should take out the group and greatly help out
with the accuracy. And, naturally, it's best to have a good aim. Don't go
spray lasers everywhere; control your shots, and shoot in controlled bursts
of fire. Let go of the A button if you're moving from one target to the next.
That's good to remember when you get to the E-web blaster at the end of the
blockade runner.

                       Upgrade: Homing Proton Torpedoes
Follow and listen here closely... Start off with the AT-ST and head to the
left to take down the first APC. Continue on (a droid and a few troopers will
host a skirmish with you on the way) and take down the next AT-ST. DO NOT
move further. Take your time and look to the right crevasse. The upgrade is
cleverly placed in the alcove.

5.06 BATTLEFIELD HOTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         6:00       5:40       5:30      5:20       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       40         50         60        70         |
    | Shot Accuracy           15%        17%        20%       29%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         2          1          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     70%        85%        90%      100%        |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Take Out the Two Lead AT-ATs
2. Get to the Tauntaun
3. Follow Derlin back to the Echo Base
4. Destroy the three AT-STs
5. Protect the three Rebel Transports
6. Destroy the TIE Bombers

Anyone remember the Battle of Hoth on Star Wars Rogue Leader (part 2)? That
was GOLD! Gold as the best! BoH had you flying around the battlefield, taking
out AT-STs, some AT-ATs with the Tow Cable, and finally a nifty dog fight at
the end. This one has the fairly same ending (dogfight with the Bombers) but
you're going to be on the ground instead of being in the air for the most of
the war.

The first objective requires you to single-handedly take down two monstrous
AT-ATs with your trusty light saber. To do this, get under the AT-AT and
click the 'C' button at any direction. Ride the rope up. When at the top,
the screen will flash with a green 'A'. Tap this button to break open an
opening. Press B to bring out a bomb. Throw the bomb in and KA-BOOM! How
fun... Repeat for the next AT-AT up there. Be aware that you can still die
from the recoil of the fall of AT-AT. Also, it is wise to shoot down the
idiots that's following you on the battlefield. Anyhow...

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Take Out the Two Lead AT-ATs*~*

After your David-vs-Goliath epic battle, continue moving past the AT-ATs to
find a tiny outpost surrounded by some troops. Eliminate-date them. Hop on
the Tauntaun (step into the Rebel icon).

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Get to the Tauntaun*~*

All you have to do is to follow Derlin south. You still may use your blaster
to shoot some troopers on the way. I believe if your Tauntaun successfully
step on a live one, you will be rewarded with a kill. You know what to do.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Follow Derlin back to the Echo Base*~*

After disembarking, you will face several Imperials seeking to stop you
for once and all. Don't let them and get onto the E-Web blaster. A squadron
of TIEs will pass over you (you CAN shoot down one or two, it's possible. I
have done it several during my Gold Medal search, but not important here).
Then, three Imperial Transports will land on the ground RIGHT FRONT of you,
leaving off a crate each. They will yield a few troopers and an AT-ST. Your
only concern would be the AT-ST, as stated on the objective, but taking down
the humans isn't a bad idea either. You also can destroy a crate before it
even opens by anticipating for the Imperial Loader to arrive and fire it at
the air. You will still be rewarded with multiple kills. By the way, if you
want the upgrade, just scoot over to the remains of the first crate to find
the reward. You have to do it before you destroy all three AT-STs, though. More
information below, under the appropriate section.

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy the three AT-STs*~*

Time for the final battle! For the jewels! Objectives 5 and 6 are linked so
think them as one objective instead. You don't really have to worry about your
transports because you have to destroy its main threat, the TIE Bombers, which
are GLUED to them. If you're looking for them, they're always by the 
Transports. Regular TIEs are not mandatory for your success. Just seek the
TIEs and shoot all of them down. The cloud that vapors around may provide you
with a problem, but just bypass it by going through it. The Transports will 
be on the upper side. Attaining the Advanced Lasers and Homing Proton Torps
isn't a bad idea.

*~*COMPLETED: 5. Protect the three Rebel Transports*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 6. Destroy the TIE Bombers*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Well then, good ol' Hoth. This mission has been in every one of Factor 5's
Rogue Squadron games, and each version of this classic battle has been put
together pretty well.

For the first part across the snow field, NEVER stop running. Hold Up the
entire time to preserve speed. Get to each AT-AT and immediately tap C-stick,
then immediately start tapping A to bust open the hatch, then quickly adjust
the aim and tap B to launch the thermal detonator. I also recommend killing
all ground troops along the way by tapping the A button every half second,
and only when there are troops present. DO NOT shoot if there is nothing to

Run towards the tauntaun after destroying the second AT-AT and kill all of
the snowtroopers, as well as the probe droids. Don't waste time by stopping
to make sure every one of them is dead. Simply start shooting as you
approach the tauntaun. Once again, watch where you shoot! If you shoot too
quickly you may lose accuracy.

Start running forward once you have the tauntaun and shoot as many
snowtroopers as you can. They die with only one or two bolts each, so tap
the A button steadily and not TOO quickly, to save accuracy.

Shoot all of the snowtroopers at the end (again, save accuracy!) and hop
behind the mounted laser. Aim for the right and start shooting the crates
as soon as they land. Those shots will help immensely with the accuracy.
Start shooting the AT-STs when they walk out but make sure not to miss
any shots, or as few as possible.

The final segment with the three transports will also be the toughest. Fly
forward and immediately search for a group of TIE bombers. Ignore all other
TIEs for now and use your lock-on proton torpedoes to take out the first
squadron you meet. Keep using your proton torps on the bombers until you're
out, then start flying back and forth between the three transports. You
can't lose a single transport, so try not to spend too much time destroying
one squadron of bombers. However, you also don't want to lose accuracy by
holding down the A button until you hit something. Line up your shots by
flying from behind, and control your bursts. Once you have a few bombers to
go you can kill any TIEs that cross your path, but don't waste time hunting
them. Also, hunting TIEs in the clouds is futile. Fly straight up until
you're over the clouds.

                      Upgrade: Advanced Cluster Missiles
Can only be found during the fourth objective (Destroy the three AT-STs). Use
your gunner to get rid of the first CRATE. Not the AT-ST. The CRATE, the first
to the right. Underneath its ruins lies the upgrade. You have to get this
before you kill all THREE AT-STs. You can get it with one or two AT-ST
destroyed, making your venture easier.

5.07 TRIALS OF A JEDI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         6:40       6:00       4:30      4:00       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       15         18         22        31         |
    | Shot Accuracy           100%       100%       100%      100%       |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     70%        85%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE! SORRY!
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Find your Way to the Strange Creature's Home
2. Complete Yoda's Lightsaber Blocking Tutorial
3. Complete Yoda's Double-Jump Tutorial
4. Follow Yoda back to the X-Wing
5. Use the Force to Raise your X-Wing from the Swamp

After the recommendation of Yoda from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke travels to Dagobah.
Unfortunately, he is reckless enough to get his X-Wing stranded in a mushy
swamp. It is your job to find Yoda and raise your X-Wing to salvation.

I will not hand your silly ass along the level like a baby-sitter. Chances are
that you won't be able to follow my directions clearly. 'Walk to the left,
jump twice, then kill some, and jump some more'. Makes any sense? Nah. So,
I'm going to give you some tips and stuff to LEND you a hand. That's all.

Now, Yoda will escort you to his home on the other side of the bog. Follow
the orange cones to the next obstacle. You will have to jump over several 
streams, some stones, and kill revolting spiders. Ack. Just be calm and make
the jumps solidly. I know, I know... the controls here are HORRIBLE, but bear
with it. This level has one of the EASIEST golds and aces in the game anyway.
As for the spiders, they reproduce from its den/hill, where they come out. So
kill the existing spiders and use your saber to destroy its homes to prevent
the species' continuous growth. 

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Find your Way to the Strange Creature's Home*~*

When you have to execute Yoda's tutorials, just follow the directions. Hold
down B to use the Force, which will deflect blaster lasers (will provide
VERY useful in the following level, the Sarlacc Pit). The double jump is
frightening simple and it's worth an objective! o_O Just tap X twice.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Complete Yoda's Lightsaber Blocking Tutorial*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Complete Yoda's Double-Jump Tutorial*~*

(Reminder: you got 8 minutes between the tutorials and the end)

After the tutorials, follow the path (use the orange cones as your guide) back
to the X-Wing. The obstacles will provide you some harder challenges, but it
shouldn't cost you too much lives. Every time you fall into a pit or river,
it cost you a fragment of health so don't worry. However, if a moving slab of
rock hits you in the valley, it WILL kill you. Double-Jump over them to avoid 
death. The infamous river with two floating creatures is your last leg before
confronting Yoda for the final time. Wait for the first one to appear and jump
over to it. Jump to the next one ASAP. Then you know what to do.

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Follow Yoda back to the X-Wing*~*

The fifth objective will see you attempting to revive your sorry, cheap
X-Wing. Just tap B as FAST as you can. You will have 20 seconds, which is a
PLENTY of time. Enjoy the cinema afterwards! Come back for an easy Gold/Ace!

*~*COMPLETED: 5. Use the Force to Raise your X-Wing from the Swamp*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Shouldn't be hard. Just be swift and take a FEW seconds per spider den to rack
up kills (let the spiders spawn and kill them and the den). Once you've got
the jumps mastered, everything's going to be a breeze. Good luck.

                                Upgrade: None
You read me right. Nothing for you. Bad boy!

5.08 SARLACC PIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         1:45       1:20       1:12      1:07       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       12         14         16        19         |
    | Shot Accuracy           100%       100%       100%      100%       |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     95%        98%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE! SUCKER!
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Get to Jabba's Sail Barge
2. Protect Leia until she gets to the Deck Gun

A rather enjoyable conclusion to Luke's Campaign missions of the Trilogy. Here
you will witness several famous cutscenes from the Sarlacc Pit rescue.

You will only use your Lightsaber, mastered by you back at Dagobah, throughout
the escape/rescue pattern. Automatic 100% accuracy. Anyway, you just decimate
the lone guy next to you. The snipers on Jabba's ships will begin to fire at
you without mercy. Face them and hold down B to use the FORCE. <3 The lasers
will deflect to a safer place, yay. Wait for the next 'airboat' to come around
and jump over to it. Kill two more and repeat your 1337 deflecting skillz. Yet
again, you have to wait for the next ship to come around and repeat. However,
the next ship isn't as nice as you might think because it won't stop for you.
:((( Oh well. Time your jump and land on the next ship. Conquer the foes and
jump to the final one. All you have to do is to hold up your sword like a Jedi
until you are within a jump's distance from the ship of Jabba. Kill everyone
there and you're done!

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Meh. Just be quick as you can. You shouldn't miss ANY ships as they come
around. Once you get to the cruise ship, just rip them all to shreds. :)

                                Upgrade: None
:((((((((( Damn you, Factor 5.

5.09 RAID AT BAKURA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         15:00      13:20      8:30      8:20       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       30         45         97        115        |
    | Shot Accuracy           1%         3%         28%       32%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         1          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost IN ORBIT     2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     1%         3%         100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: B-WING
Possible Alternates: Y-WING
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Disable any fleeing Imperial Transports
2. Provide Cover for the Rebel Recovery Crews
**3. Locate and Rescue Hobbie

**Must obtain the silver-medal statistics for the first two objective to
access the third objective.

Looks like the game developers and some players are quite frustrated on this
level somehow... because the time allowed for the medals are outrageously
tall for my tastes. But I guess you'll see what you can do first. This one
has a mere mini-dogfight with some TIE fighters and several Imperial 
Transports. If you succeed in taking home a Silver Medal for the first two
objectives, you are rewarded with the third objective and a possible gold/
ace opportunity AND a chance to get the only upgrade here.

First, you have to be lazy and wait for the Imperials to strike first, meaning
that you have to wait for them to reveal THEIR weakness. That is, their Trans-
ports. They will appear out of the Space Station, which should be obvious to
you. However, they (two of those) will not take off for a while, so take some
time searching and eliminating some TIEs while the Rebel Transports will seek
a disabled Imperial Transport to prey upon. The TIEs here are incredibly
predictable because they will go around in circles and go DIRECTLY at YOU,
like a joust battle. Just go around in a slow circle and you should see
a steady stream of TIEs coming. Just line them up and fire them down. Thus
the easy reception of the Kills counter. 

After the second cutscene, you will see an orange marker directing you to the
OTHER side of the Station. What is over there? Your first Imperial Transport,
of course! Zoom over there and hold down B to activate the Ion Cannon. Fire
THREE (yes, THREE) Ions at the body of the Transport to successfully disable
it. Now the Rebel Recovery Crew will come over and seize the control. Return
to your TIE-happy-hunting, but it won't be long. The second and the final
Imperial Transport will appear (no cutscene, just pay attention to the orange
marker on the top) and it's your job to make it into fodder for Rebels.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Disable any fleeing Imperial Transports*~*

With the main concern solved, the Rebels will take their time to leave the
Station. Fortunately, there aren't a much threat to its destruction. Just
seek for remaining TIEs (use homing proton torps for far-away TIEs) and
take out some cannons on the Space Station for easy kills. Just take a
glance towards the Rebel Crew to make sure everything's alright.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Provide Cover for the Rebel Recovery Crews*~*

If you had, indeed, attained the Silver Medal numbers on the original 
objectives, you will be given an extra objective to play around. Do not
grieve because if you lose ANY lives here, you won't see it being tallied
up on the final ranking! Also, the TIE bomber, your new aircraft, has the
BEST firing mechanics in the entire game! It has replenishing HOMING missiles
as its PRIMARY weapon! Just hold down A to show up the crosshairs. Slide the
crosshairs over the targets and they will be locked-on. You can lock-on
MULTIPLE targets at once. Release the button to watch them perish! Fun as
hell. Anyway, just follow the lone canyon until you find a Rebel icon
engraved on the valley's end. Remember, just fire like crazy because the
ammo will come back with time! Yay!

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Locate and Rescue Hobbie*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
The stats for the Bronze and Silver Medals are quite steep in your favor, but
the Gold/Ace stats aren't. They're actually pretty tight. The Completion Time
and Enemies Destroyed might be your main problems, but the Accuracy could be
a pain in the ass, too, if you're not being careful.

The first part, just hit it off by hunting down easy TIEs ASAP. DO NOT waste
time on those dumb-ass far-away TIEs that requires TIME to locate. Just pick
off the closest TIEs you can find. Once the first Imperial Transport comes
out, disable it quickly (same goes with the second). Now with the disabling
portion done, you have to rack up more kills. The cannons provide to be 
great accuracy boosters (use your torps) and easy kills. Use that as the
alternative when the TIEs stop coming. One more thing for this part: complete
the objectives (disabling) QUICKLY, because the more time you take, the longer
this part will be because the Rebels would have to wait for you to disable.

At the second portion (rescuing Hobbie), fly as straight as you can. You'd
be surprised how much time swerving in your path takes up. However, you HAVE
to kill AS MANY turrets and blasters as you possibly can. Don't kill them 
one by one, just lock them on by groups and release the missiles at once.
The Kills counter relies on this greatly because you CANNOT get at least 97
on the first objectives alone.

                        Upgrade: Advanced Proton Bombs
Might require a run before you can finally find it. It's in the LAST dome
tower before Hobbit. You won't know which one is the last tower until it's
too late on your first run so you would probably get it on your second run.
Just dip down to the tower and execute a surgery on it, blowing the dome wide
open (with BOMBS). Dip down further, into the body, for the upgrade.

5.10 RELICS OF GEONOSIS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         8:50       7:25       6:40      6:15       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       115        126        135       165        |
    | Shot Accuracy           42%        53%        60%       70%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         1          1          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     86%        92%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: X-WING
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Find the Escort Carrier
2. Destroy the Escort Carrier
3. Protect R5
4. Destroy the Old Republic Gunship
5. Destroy both Escort Carriers
6. Protect the Rebel Frigate
7. Find the Jedi Starfighter's Hyperdrive Booster Ring

A moderately lengthy trip forth and back for Wedge, partly because he had to
recover R5 back at Geonosis. X-Wing is a solid choice (the starting choice)
for this one but that doesn't mean that it's the favored one. Slave 1 and
Naboo Starfighter is... but we won't worry about that right now.

You need to find the solo escort and avert the dangers that it could pose.
It's not that hard, actually... Just follow the orange marker up and you
should see it after 5 seconds or something, it's like the biggest thing out
there. Tons of TIEs are marching right behind it so if you want some kills
or security, it's the time to do it. If you have the Homing Proton Torps, you
would find it useful to shoot down several TIEs with those fabulous Torps.
Either way, you can just escape narrowly by just firing at the Escort from
behind (blasters are afoot all around the sides). A cut-scene will appear
RIGHT AWAY once you destroy it. And I mean RIGHT AWAY. Therefore, if you're
low on health, you can just escape by firing Torps at it to destroy it.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Find the Escort Carrier*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 2. Destroy the Escort Carrier*~*

Alas, we are on the surface of the dusty, misty Geonosis. You have to follow
the U-shaped path (alongside the droid, R5), eliminating any foes on the way,
to find and dig the sunken Jedi Starfighter. So let's begin.

The enemies here comes in rather large groups so it would be pretty wise if
you used some grenades... saves time, ups accuracy, and even kills more.
Otherwise, just run, run, run and shoot, shoot, shoot. There are several
Bacta Tanks on the turn first turn and the final vector (with the E-Web
Blasters) so use them well. Another hint: kill them all from afar, they
might not notice you, allowing you to fire at them one-directional. You
could use the E-Web Blasters themselves, they're quite handy if you need
harmless destruction. The final stretch (after you find the Old Republic
Ship) might be the hardest because you will, frequently, find yourself with
low health. My suggestion: jump/hop all of the way to the E-Web Blasters
at the end, where there's a lot of Bacta Tanks waiting patiently for you.
Take them all and turn around and continue your melee! :)

Finally at the final corner? Good. Hop onto the seat of the E-Web Blaster,
facing north, and gun down the fleeting Old Republic Ship. You won't be able
to SEE it crash (I don't know why...) so pay attention to the far wall/corner,
you could see the debris and explosion from the crash if you fired at the
Ship long enough.

Scoot over to the Jedi Starfighter (rebel icon) and out to complete the third
objective. Onto the final ones!

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Protect R5*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy the Old Republic Gunship*~*

Remember the first objective... you had to destroy an escort? Now you have to
destroy TWO of those! Just proceed as normally, BUT NEVER approach the Escorts
from the side or front. The Starfighter's shields is quite weak and I won't be
surprised if your ship gets shot down within seconds of approach. Just be
patient and shoot at their backside. You can even use the uber-powerful Sonic
Mines to make the process faster. Again, there are a ton of TIEs countering
your every move. You have time after the destruction of the escorts to fool
around for some more kills if you wish.

*~*COMPLETED: 5. Destroy both Escort Carriers*~*

Follow the orange marker to the Jedi Booster Ring to finish the level!

*~*COMPLETED: 6. Protect the Rebel Frigate*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 7. Find the Jedi Starfighter's Hyperdrive Booster Ring*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
After much struggle and futile attempts at the Gold Medal for RoG, I referred
to the boards (OMG, kill me!) and found a rather simple method at this. You
can simply equip yourself with Slave 1 or the incomparable Naboo Starfighter
and hold down 'Z' (who've guessed! Even *I* never used this in RL2!) to turn
around 360 degrees. During this time, fire several rounds of Sonic Mines at
the squads of TIEs. Make sure you fire at the oncoming charges of TIEs, of
course. It should kill a LOT, if not most, of TIEs for your coveted 135 (or
165, if you're gunning for the Ace) kills. I find the rest of the game to be
relatively unchanged, strategy-wise. Just make sure you do everything quick,
including the submission of the troops on Geonosis (use bombs).

*Naboo Starfighter is preferred for obvious reasons: better shields and speed. 

**As for the Ace Medal, time is problematic so don't spend too long using
those Mines.

                  Upgrade: Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes
Found in the fallen escape pod ON Geonosis. You know the second turn, just
before the stretch with Old Republic Gunship? Look to the left to find a
pod with smoke coming out. Go over to the opening and you should obtain
the upgrade.

5.11 DECEPTION AT DESTRILLION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         5:25       4:30       4:00      3:30       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       18         25         27        32         |
    | Shot Accuracy           10%        22%        36%       50%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         1          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     86%        95%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: A-WING
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Fly through the Energy Tunnels
2. Destroy the TIE Hunters inside the Energy Field
3. Locate the Imperial Research Facility
4. Destroy the Targeting Relays

With the speedy A-Wing, this level's pretty simple. Start off by speeding
through the energy beams (why are they there ANYWAY!), you can brake if you
don't feel comfortable going through. There's no set time so don't worry.
After a while, you will find yourself in a big oval with a station in the 

You have to take out EVERY TIE that resides right here. Strangely enough,
some TIEs will commit useless kamikaze suicide, crashing into the wall of
the field. There are about 35 TIEs here, but you will probably get to kill
about 25~30. If you have the Homing Concussion Missiles, you're in luck!
With those, destroying TIEs is a clinch (and Concussion Missiles regenerates,
too!). If not... just dog-fight, but you're going to die (a VERY good chance-
A-Wing's shields aren't exceptional). Take your time and try to catch them
from behind, because they have a fairly good aim and can damage you frequently
if they see you up front. After destroying every single one, follow the 
direction to the open energy gap for another energy-bar-dodging sequence.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Destroy the TIE Hunters inside the Energy Field*~*

the second energy-bar sequence is much more together because you have to
deal with MORE bars with tight turns. I'd HIGHLY recommend to you that you
should SLOW DOWN unless you're going for a certain time (medal). If you
run out of lives here, just try again, it won't take long. You need practice
anyway, because you have to literally speed through the entire thing if you
want a Gold Medal here.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Fly through the Energy Tunnels*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Locate the Imperial Research Facility*~*

Yep, you've found the Research Facility, your desired rendezvous point. The
facility itself is ubiquitous, spanning the entire island. However, you have
to destroy the dishes (targeting relays) to disable the giant 'Super Laser'
in the middle (will destroy the Laser on the following level - Guns of
Dubrillion). The dishes are protected by a shield for each. Follow the
marker over to the first dish and creep over up and down to take a peek at the
dish underneath the shield. Charge your Ion Cannon up and fire one. Do it
again and the shield should be repelled. TAP B to switch to Bombing Mode
and... Bombs Away! Repeat for all three dishes. After you've destroyed all
three, the level ends.

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy the Targeting Relays*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough

Man... This is NEARLY impossible to execute without the N-1! I have tried it
over and over again with the A-Wing and X-Wing, but only the A-Wing, if 
equipped with Advanced Blasters, Advanced Shields, and Homing Concussion
Missiles (from Guns of Dubrillion, get that at once!) seems possible to me.
And it finally did work for me. FINALLY. Seriously, I say... save yourself the
trouble I had and get the N-1, which has the famed homing cluster missiles,
and fire the TIEs down like they're butter in an oven. So get the N-1 by
completing Tatooine Training in all four times of the day, and get the
Gold (and Ace, it's pretty easy too!) that way.

Make sure you don't die or something during the Y-Wing briefing, though.

                  Upgrade: Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes
An easy one. Get to the Research Facility (the one with the dishes and every-
thing) and head up to the main tower in the middle (the Super Laser) and dip
into the bowl. The upgrade is sitting on the base of the saucer.

5.12 GUNS OF DUBRILLION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Beat Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         8:00       7:25       6:50      6:30       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       55         75         80        90         |
    | Shot Accuracy           18%        28%        35%       40%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     88%        92%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  AT-ST
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Reach the Super Laser

I hope you're pretty comfortable and familiar with the controls of an AT-ST,
because you're going to be harnessing that power throughout this battle of the
artilleries. You, basically, just have to follow the path laid up before you
and destroy everything that opposes you. Eventually, you will reach a point
where you have to take over an AT-AT (yes, an AT-AT!) to complete the said

(Press R to walk, A to fire, and B releases a missile)

Pick off the AT-STs that appear from the left, the right and up front. When
a Loader comes down from the sky and drops down a loading crate, shoot at it
ASAP. The recoil of its explosion would knock off the existing AT-ST dead if
you do it soon enough! Saves you time... When you finally reach the end of the
original walkway, hang a right to find two troopers stationing a E-Web Blaster
each. Take those pitiful lives out. :) Now, there will be three 'loading 
crates' coming out. Take the crates first, since it could kill the AT-STs as
well. Continue walking the path and enter the central tunnel.

Three more AT-STs walkers awaits... use missiles, standard machine gun fire,
whatever to take them down. Step on the panel on the end, it will drop down
automatically (elevator). During this recession, several probes will creep
up... you know what to do, I guess.

You you're in a some kind of assembly line mechanism/factory. There are probes
and AT-STs heading for your ass so watch out for both of those. Plus, there
are tanks that chugs down the lines (4 of them) clockwise. If you ever happen
to get in its way, you will perish. Fortunately, they are flammable so it's
possible to cause it (just shoot at it) to explode before it can even touch
your AT-ST. The explosion of the tank hits an opposing AT-ST, it will go down
as well. So, walk between the lines and shoot everything that moves. The
portion will end when you have done enough.

Yes, it is time. The AT-AT OWNING time! The game will control the powerful
and imposing AT-AT's legs by itself so you will just control its lasers.
Shoot down the TIEs and probes that comes around. They're not that important,
just 'busy' work, I guess. After a while, the platform will suddenly drop
down. To where? The Super Laser, of course!

Eliminate the last AT-STs in the building and track down the probes. See the
moving cylinders in the background? That's the 'Super Laser'. During that
period, several probes will pop out, directly in your firing path, so tap
A once (don't move the cross-hairs!) and they will be felled. Back to the
Super Laser: shoot at all three cylinders until they has their tops flaming
and stops revolving. Ta-da.

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Not much to say except 'do NOT STOP at all!' and several other killing tips.
During the first few seconds, a TIE will pass over you, and that TIE is easily
destroyed by your AT-ST. Just look up and fire at its proximity and you should
get it. Also, try to catch the Imperial Loaders EARLY because you might have
time to destroy the Loaders as well as the crates! Nice... One final thing:
destroy as many tanks as you can. That's all. Might take a few tries, though.

If you still have problems concerning with the time and kills, just DO NOT
stop during the factory run and kill as many tanks as you can.

                    Upgrade: Advanced Concussion Missiles
The path that it lies on is on the first left you can possibly take as the
AT-ST. Climb up the opening ramp, destroy some AT-ST and find the first
left turn. Should find this quite easily, wide open for your taking.

5.13 FONDOR SHIPYARD ASSAULT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         5:50       5:00       4:00      5:00       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       28         43         50        63         |
    | Shot Accuracy           45%        50%        56%       45%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         2          1          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     88%        95%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: TIE HUNTER
                     SLAVE 1
Upgrade: NONE!!
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Defend the Rebel Transport
2. Use Ion Cannons to Disable the Hangar Doors
3. Destroy the Shield Generator before Imperial Reinforcements Arrive
4. Destroy all three Cloaking Devices

With the TIE Hunter as your primary wings, you might have a hard time here
because of the low defense mechanisms this machine possesses. However, if
you come back and switch to some other plane, you would have a relatively
trouble-free shoot-through.

You have to roll the red carpet out for the decoy Rebel Transport, but that
damn escort carrier and TIEs are in the way. Close the S-foils and head all
of the way to the distant escort carrier and get behind it. Fire some missiles
and lasers until it goes KA-BOOM! Now, with the main threat dissolved, the
Transport should dock in safely, but you still have to fool around, kill some
more TIEs. You could be rewarded with a medal for this, you know.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Defend the Rebel Transport*~*

When the Rebel Transport have landed, the Rebels wants you to destroy the
Shield Generator so you can seize the chance to get onto Super Star
Destroyer's surface. Immediately after the cut scene (the landing of Rebel
Transport), you are facing the Shield Generator itself, but it is hidden
in a hangar with its doors shutting down and up wildly. You are supposed to
DISABLE it first then go INTO the hangar to fire at it, but I ain't buying
that! Haha! The hangar doors are ALREADY disabled momentarily when you regain
the control of your ship after the cutscene so use that time to fire some
missiles and lasers at the generator. If you failed to do that, you have to
re-charge your Ion Cannon and fire at the hangar door (when it's closed) and
enter... and destroy the generator. *sigh*

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Use Ion Cannons to Disable the Hangar Doors*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Destroy the Shield Generator before Imperial Reinforcements

You have to destroy the remaining cloaking devices on the Super Star Destroyer
before you can take off for the Endor missions. Like the trench run of Death
Star Attack in RL2, you cannot fly too high up or the ship will be auto-
matically relished into mustard. So, just dodge the obstacles and the turrets
until you find a well-sized gap with a giant tower in the middle. That's a
cloaking device. Shoot a few torps/missiles at it, coupled with some lasers
to turn it into debris. Continue traveling the trenches to the next two.
During this time, you should keep it slow and easy, firing at turrets (great
accuracy helpers and kills counter). Good luck!

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy all three Cloaking Devices*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
A X-Wing is HIGHLY recommended, although a Y-Wing isn't too bad. ANY craft
that has a high defense is actually useful for this one. I used X-Wing. Any-
way, just complete the first objective normally (Transport will land in set
time), but tell your wingmen to FLEE because they can die here quite easy,
causing you to miss your Friendlies Lost status requirement. Destroy the
Escort first and some TIEs afterwards.

Destroy the generator ASAP, you shouldn't have to Ionize the doors or any-
thing, just fire through the doors.

As for the trenches... yep, you got to kill a LOT of turrets. If you're having
problems surviving this part... just stay LOW while you're firing at the
cloaking devices. Most turrets won't be able to see you. Otherwise, just take
your time to kill turrets, you have plenty of time.

Remember to dispatch your wingmen away, though.

minute to kill 13 more turrets for your Ace Medal! Good luck!

                                Upgrade: None

5.14 SPEEDER BIKE PURSUIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         4:40       4:20       4:00      3:20       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       5          7          9         10         |
    | Shot Accuracy           5%         7%         9%        16%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     90%        98%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: SPEEDER BIKE
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Destroy All Biker Scouts
2. Defeat the Last Biker Scout

I will say this right now. Speeder Bike Pursuit will be the most famous and
revered configuration out of this game, by far. You shall dodge through
countless Endor redwoods, while straining steel with the Imperials. Just like
the movie! :) 

You do NOT have to press the turbo button at all if you want to just beat
this painstaking level (for some). Just focus on the path and dodge the trees.
As for the oncoming Imperials, just shoot those that passes you with your
charged-up blaster lasers, which will shoot several powerful lasers at once.
If an Imperial maneuvers his way to your side, DO NOT press B (the game will
say so) because it will cause the opponent to smash at you, countering your
own smash attack. To make things smoother and easier, just ease the Imperial
out to the side by leaning into him. Now you know the tricks of the trade...
just repeat those steps for a while...

When you reach the 'last scout' (can be identified by seeing if his front
end locks with your own), DO NOT attempt to push him off. He WILL not die,
even if you die at the barks of the forest. Just concentrate on the path,
and a short while, a cutscene will occur. Take down the scout with your
lightsaber (tap A when he comes by you). Taking him down will end the head-

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Just be fast and kill enemies AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Killing Imperials will
bring up MORE Imperials for your Kills Count. Try to boost at straight-ways,
but not on turns. Just practice, practice and you should eventually get the
Gold and the Ace. (Getting the Ace requires a LOT of boosting!)

                     Upgrade: Homing Concussion Missiles
Hard to say exactly where, but I can say this: Just look for an obvious fork
and hang left. The upgrade is threading the needle between the trees somewhere
past the fork. Keep an eye peeled for the glowing thing.

5.15 TRIUMPH OF THE REBELLION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         7:00       6:00       5:20      4:40       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       52         65         80        95         |
    | Shot Accuracy           15%        19%        28%       40%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     90%        98%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  AT-ST
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Fight your way to the Bunker before Han and Leia are Overwhelmed
2. Fight your way to the Bunker's Control Room
3. Plant the Explosive Charges
4. Fight your way out of the Bunker before it explodes

A level where you get to prod through woods like snail in snow. Meh. The
forest is like a maze, so I won't give you a step-by-step commentary this
time.  I felt that a map is a much better layout for this sort of walk-
through. I would think you'd agree.

                                   / "   \
                                  -  .    \ ____
                           -------  / \"   -  " \
                          |     "  /   \_"_  ||  \
                        ./ "  ____/_____   \  "   |        S --- START
             ._________/  ___/ ___|    "|   .__   |        " --- AT-ST
            / G    "" ___/____. "   -.  |      \  |        G --- Blasters
           / G   """"       "  ___./ |  |___    |  |      UP --- Upgrade!
          | G     __ \________/      | "    \___|" |  BUNKER --- Duh.
          |G    "   \                 -----.        \
           |     __  \___                   \ """    \
           |    |  \_    \                   ----.    \
           |    |    |GGGG\                      .     \
           |    |     |    |              .------.      |
           |GGGG|      |"" |             /      """"    |
           |    "|    |   /             / " __         |
           | "   |   |   /             /   /  \    UP  |
           |      | |   /             / " /    \       |
            |  "  | |  |             / " /      ._____.
            |      |    \           / " /
             \  GGGGGG   |         / " /
              \__BUNKER_/         /   /
                                 / S /

Clear enough? Your main enemies will be the AT-ST so they are marked as '"'.
Take them down with your regular firepower or with an occasional Ewok-booby-
trap such as Log Swing, Catapults, or Log Rolls. I can't really help with the
timing of those traps, but I would say... just release the traps as soon as
possible (the D-Pad - top left - will show up when the trap is available).
it's not too hard, overall, but it can be pretty boring after a while. Don't
forget the upgrade...

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Fight your way to the Bunker before Han and Leia are 

Now you take over the brain of the handsome Han Solo. All you got to do is to
fight your way to the depths of the bunker, set three bombs, and leave. Just
perform hit and run on the idiot Imperials here, until you find the first
Rebel icon in the control room. Use the C stick to place a bomb here. Go into
the next room for a few more Imperials and the final bomb placements. After
placing all three bombs, a bounty hunter will show up and try to shoot at
you (I dunno WHY?!?! I HATE THAT! STOP THAT!) as you're leaving. Make note
that there are several Bacta Tanks nearby (lower part of the Control Room,
and near the crates on the stairs) in case you ‘em. Just ignore the
hunter and open the door to salvation.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Fight your way to the Bunker's Control Room*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Plant the Explosive Charges*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 4. Fight your way out of the Bunker before it explodes*~*

*P.S. It only happens to me SOMTIMES, but the door might not open up as
I approach it, en route to the exit... Might be a glitch or something, I
dunno. Just letting you know. It's a bitch to have to start over because of
a lousy glitch, right?

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Practice makes perfect in this mission. The main problem with the first part
in the forest is getting killed by the AT-STs, so the more you play through
the mission the easier it will be to destroy them before they destroy you.
Remember that you can bust out the missile power with the B button.

On a related and unfortunate note, you can't slow down. At all. Ever.

Taking your time at the beginning will also cost you dearly in the end. You
definitely don't want to allow any AT-STs to live because they'll finish
you off as you pass by, but if the AT-ST is out of the way and hasn't
noticed you, you can slip by. It's tough to pull off sneaky maneuvers in a
walking tank, but it may save precious seconds.

Another good speed tip is to take the inside track. Take a gander at the map
above and note that there are two points where the road splits. Take the
left path at the first branch and the right path at the second branch. That
right path is the most direct way to get to the bunker.

Although you should NEVER turn back to shoot at Stormtroopers, it is very
important that you shoot any you see along the ground. They count very
heavily towards your overall kills.

The second part with Han Solo is pretty simple. Run down into the bunker and
shoot down any guards that get in the way. Plant your charges quickly and do
not waste time shooting the Stormtroopers near the Explosive Charge points.

Don't stop running during the fight with Sarkli and keep blasting him along
the way. He'll likely die right before the final set of stairs to the surface.

                       Upgrade: Homing Cluster Missiles
Somewhere in the forest in the deep crevasse hugging the first corner (use the
map to find its approximate location). Just look around... If you hear a
beep or something, that means you've gotten it. You got to complete the
level first, though. A truly great weapon with N-1!

5.16 DEATH STAR RESCUE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         4:20       3:40       3:20      3:15       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       25         48         55        59         |
    | Shot Accuracy           19%        33%        45%       50%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     92%        98%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Access the Security Elevator
2. Defeat the Enemies in the Detention Center
3. Locate Princess Leia
4. Escape the Detention Area
5. Find the Millennium Falcon and Escape

You have to make your way down to the Detention Center, where the enslaved
princess (Leia) is imprisoned, take her out. You start off with an cover-
up (Imperial suit) and use Wookie as the slave. If you attempt and show your
aggression toward the other Imperials, they will react and counter. Therefore,
DO NOT shoot at them unless you want some kills for a medal. If you're just
passing through, DO NOT do it. Follow the path to the elevator platform. Wait
for the elevator open and enter.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Access the Security Elevator*~*

Down at the Detention Center, your cover is busted, and the Imperial storm-
troopers are heading for you. Just wait for them to pop out of the doorways
and shoot them down. Enter the cell way and shoot down enemies here. There
are FIVE cells that you can open and Leia is cuddling in one of them. However,
there are Bacta Tanks (healing) in two of those cells so it might be wise to
open AND enter those cells. When you've found Leia, return to Han Solo in the
Detention Center (yes, you have to kill the enemies that come after your ass
while leaving). Blow the lower crate by the stairs open to complete the fourth

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Defeat the Enemies in the Detention Center*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Locate Princess Leia*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 4. Escape the Detention Area*~*

Continue prodding your way in the search of an exit until you find yourself
front of a ton of clueless Imperials. Han Solo, in a heroic yet foolish act,
baits them out, allowing for Leia's rescue to be realized. Follow the detour
(yes, more enemies!) left. If you're wondering where's the door that leads
to the next area... it's to the right, you have to use the C-Stick to open.
Anyway, continue fighting your way... when you're in the gap with two broken
bridges, just wait and let the Imperials to come out. After killing all nine
Imperials, the C-Stick icon will come out. Flick the C-Stick to activate the
rope swing and look up, target the bar just above (press A) and jump!

Continue fighting your way (and watch Obi-Wan die! :((( ) until you have
destroyed every single enemy. Then you shall hop into Millennium Falcon for
the escapade.

*~*COMPLETED: 5. Find the Millennium Falcon and Escape*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Just do it quick, that's all. A few tips:

-Do kill the enemies in the first area, with the Imperial get-up on. Don't
forget those two guys that is locked in the room RIGHT next to the original
room, they need a few seconds to come out. They will be useful to your kill

-Don't waste any time in the elevator grounds, just pop them out once the
elevator doors open and enter the correct elevator (with the Rebel icon)
once you're done.

-For one or two extra kills, shoot at the camera/machine/whateveryouwantto-
callit that surrounds the entrance to the cell hall. (Detention Center)

-For some healing, open the first cell for a Bacta Tank.

-Know the enemies' positions in the final stretch to keep the time down. You
still have to kill them all, though.

-If you can get the Gold, the Ace is nothing for you. You only need to
shave off 5 seconds and get 4 more kills (remember, the objects around
the entrance to the cells!).

                                Upgrade: None

5.17 ESCAPE FROM HOTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         7:00       6:20       5:19      4:45       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       49         56         69        75         |
    | Shot Accuracy           18%        25%        30%       40%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     85%        95%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: HAN SOLO
Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Escort Princess Leia to her Command Ship
2. Reach the Millennium Falcon
3. Protect the Millennium Falcon
4. Disable the Damaged Star Destroyer and Escape

This is, overall, a simple, hurry-up mission. Not a lot of exploration to go
around, sadly. In the midst of the Battle of Hoth, Han Solo is leading his
heart-throb, Princess Leia, to Millennium Falcon for their escape. After the
succession, you will have a brief stop at a neighboring Star Destroyer to
finish an unfinished objective.

In the bunkers of Hoth, you have to shoot down oncoming troopers while 
shielding Leia. It's not a big deal, it's just horribly simplistic as always.
I'm sure you can handle all of this by yourself. After the first cut-scene,
you will see a sliding door that you have to pass through to make progress.
There is a Bacta Tank on both sides of that door, don't miss them. Also, when
you reach a E-Web Blaster, TAKE IT. Several Imperial troopers will come forth
once you reach that point. Exploit the advantage with the Blaster!

As you keep moving forward, you'll see a sabotaged chasm without connected
bridges. Use the jump button to get across the platforms to the right side,
where you will continue your melee. Never mind the other troopers on the
opposing side. When you reach the fork, hang a right (if you go left, you
will see Darth Vader, pretty cool!) and you finally reach your entrusted
ship, Millennium Falcon.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Reach the Millennium Falcon*~*

Chewbacca is going to power up the ship, but that takes time. The troopers
have gathered for this particular alarm to disrupt your take-off. Take all
of them down with the turret you're controlling right now. The controls are
monogamous, just move with control stick and fire with A button. (What's there
not to understand?) The idiots will keep coming and coming... if one or two
does pass, don't worry, just keep firing, you might get lucky and survive.
If you're gunning for a victory, not a medal, then fire like crazy because
accuracy does not matter to you. :) The objective will end after a set amount
of time, not your number of kills.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Protect the Millennium Falcon*~*

Now on to the flying portion... See the damaged Star Destroyer (its right
sphere is blown off) over there? You got to finish it off by eliminating its
remaining shield generators and strike the finishing blow. One of the shield
generators is located on the bottom, portrayed as the only thing that's
curvy and smooth down there (use your TCE to find it if you don't know what
it is). Use your Concussion and Lasers to break it open (might take more than
one run). The other generator is the upper left sphere on the Destroyer.
Again, just use your Missiles and such to finish it off. With those two away,
head for the command deck (directly on the middle of the front deck) and
shoot a few lasers to complete the final objective.

*Note: you can use your Falcon's rear turret to shoot down chasing TIEs (flick
the C-Stick at any direction to shoot).

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Disable the Damaged Star Destroyer and Escape*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Errr... Not a lot to say since it's pretty linear. Just run everyone down
(if you don't miss anyone, you should get enough kills for a Gold, and even
an Ace) and don't stop running. Try to use the Blaster for the least amount
of time. Don't waste any time on the jumping portion. As for the Falcon
turret part, just kill everyone as they come, but be considerate about your
accuracy. The troopers here should provide plenty of kills for your total.

The time is a major factor, especially for an Ace. I feel that the time is
impacted by the final objective than any other part of the mission so you
have to be flawless on that part. DO NOT take more than ONE run per generator!
Start with the bottom and take a good distance from the Destroyer, and turn
around. Destroy the left Sphere, and turn around for one final time. Position
yourself toward the command deck and finish it off. Es facile. Remember to
watch for the 'Repair' command if your health lingers. Do use your rear
turret for one or two more kills IF the TIEs comes around. IF.

                                Upgrade: None

5.18 FLIGHT FROM BESPIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         8:00       6:45       5:45      5:30       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       38         45         48        52         |
    | Shot Accuracy           4%         6%         8%        9%         |
    | Friendlies Lost         0          0          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     90%        98%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft:  ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Intercept Boba Fett before he can leave the city
2. Locate the Millennium Falcon, and escape
3. Eliminate the TIE fighter Patrols
4. Locate and rescue Luke Skywalker
5. Fly to the Escape Point

Guess who you're going to manipulate? Leia! Yea, the female side of Skywalker
twins! You have to chase Boba Fett (and fail, no less...) and escape via Han
Solo's Millennium Falcon. On the way to Boba Fett, you will encounter several
locked doors... to open those, step on the icon and press up on the D-Pad and
R2 will come over and help you out.

Let's begin. Have R2 open the primary door to hit it off. Two Imperial
troopers await your senseless mercy. Boba Fett will elude you once again, so
follow him (use the map and orange arrows). [there is a Bacta Tank in the room
north of the second Imperial squad you encounter, grab it if you need.]
Continue paving your way until you reach Boba Fett's ship, where you will watch
him fly away. How pathetic. Oh well. Go back into the Bespin fortress and head
to the right to find a locked door guarded by three Imperials. Kill them all
and have R2 open it. Hop into the Falcon and take a hike!

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Intercept Boba Fett before he can leave the city*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 2. Locate the Millennium Falcon, and escape*~*

Before you can rescue the limbless Luke Skywalker, you got to destroy ALL
TIE fighter patrols, and there are a LOT of them! Luckily, the Falcon has
a guided turret that will lock on a target if it is in the proximity of its
range (think auto-target). So just get a TIE in the general direction in the
front of you and let the turret do the rest. For faraway targets, use the
Homing Concussion Missiles, if you have them. And yes, you got to kill every
one of them to attain the completion of the objective. If a TIE is behind
your ass, just use the C-Stick to fire from behind. Yay.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Eliminate the TIE fighter Patrols*~*

Where's Luke? See the shiny thing on the upper rim of the platform? Yeah,
he's there. Just fly into the icon.

*~*COMPLETED: 4. Locate and rescue Luke Skywalker*~*

Leave the platform in the midst of the incoming TIE fighters to complete
the bonus mission. No, you do not have to kill any of them. Just leave
Bespin's air boundary.

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
One of the easiest Golds and Aces you will ever get in this game. Just plow
your way as Leia (shouldn't have ANY problems, too simple to have any
problems) and hop into the Falcon immediately. When killing the TIEs, make
sure you don't over-shoot because the 8% (or %9) accuracy is stingier that
you think. On my Gold Medal run, I got 49 kills (3 off Ace) with a MINUTE to
spare! As long you can single-handedly destroy every TIE by yourself quick
enough (if not, learn how to do it! Remember, the Falcon has auto-target so
don't 'aim' too much). After rescuing Luke, make sure you kill 3~5 more TIEs
before leaving. Es facile.

*Remember to preserve your accuracy!*

                                Upgrade: None

5.19 ATTACK ON THE EXECUTOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         6:20       5:30       4:50      4:20       |
    | Enemies Destroyed       33         46         55        60         |
    | Shot Accuracy           19%        24%        35%       37%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         2          1          0         0          |
    | Lives Lost              2          1          0         0          |
    | TCE                     88%        95%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: VRAD DODONNA?
Starting Aircraft: A-WING
Possible Alternates: ALL!! EXCEPT THE SPEEDER
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Destroy the ION Cannons Threatening the Calamari Cruiser
2. Destroy the Executor's Command Deck

Well then, the final battle. The Calamari Cruiser needs to get through the
blockade of Star Destroyers, and to do that you'll need to take out the
ION Cannons on the side of the ships. I'll tell you right now not to worry
about TIEs or the turbolasers from the Star Destroyers. Just boost to the
first SD on the right and start laying some lasers into the cannons. Feel
free to use a missile or two to get the job done quicker.

Fly off to the next SD on the left as soon as you blow all four ION cannons.
Repeat the same process with the four ION Cannons on the right side of the
ship, then move on to the final SD in the distance.

This one looks like it's the same four ION Cannon deal, but shortly after
you arrive it will start to turn. That means you also have to take out the
ION Cannons on the other side. I say bust a few missiles into them to make
it quicker.

Once all the ION Cannons have been destroyed you'll be good to go.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Destroy the ION Cannons threatening the Calamari Cruiser.

The next part will be the maze that is the surface of the Executioner. Truth
is this place is a copy of the ever-so-popular trench run. Especially the
trench run in Rogue Squadron on the N64...

Anyway, it ain't tough. Your only troubles here are the Turbolaser turrets
along the ground, and even they can be taken out with a few hits. Make your
way through the paths and simply follow your radar to eventually reach the
Command Deck. Boost towards the protruding window in the center of the
structure to sacrifice yourself for the good of the Rebellion.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Destroy the Executor's Command Deck*~*

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
N-1 Starfighter. Now. Once that is set, prepare for an easy Gold/Best Ever.

First of all, don't complain about losing lives here. You can easily get
through the first part by relying on your Turbo boosts to go from one target
to the next. The attack run towards the Command Deck is a joke as long as you
remain between the buildings, since your only targets will be the Turbolaser
towers along the ground.

Now for the first part of the mission. You'll need to turbo boost from one
target to the next to reach the three Star Destroyers. The Calamari Cruiser
must NOT get stopped at any point. If you can manage to destroy all the ION
cannons before the Cruiser arrives, you're good to go. The easy way to do it
is to line up the four ION cannons in a row by approaching from the front or
rear of the Star Destroyer, then pumping them full of turbolaser. The N-1
Starfighter also has the handy dandy Homing Cluster Missiles. These things
should handle the ION Cannons with the greatest of ease.

You're going to have a good chunk of time after destroying the ION Cannons,
so go out and pop off the TIEs! This is where you can get the large majority
of the kills required for Gold/Best Ever. And don't go blast-happy; use
controlled bursts to take out TIEs and preserve some accuracy.

The Calamari Cruiser will eventually make it past the Star Destroyers and
you'll reach the surface of the Executioner. The N-1 has excellent speed
and maneuverability, so getting through is no problem. What you should be
concentrating on is blowing the Turbolaser Turrets that are on the ground
along the way. Blast as many as possible, and when you see the Command Deck
boost straight to it.

                                Upgrade: None

5.20 REBEL ENDURANCE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold     Best Ever    |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time         30:00      30:00      30:00     16:00      |
    | Enemies Destroyed       100        200        390       460        |
    | Shot Accuracy           10%        20%        30%       55%        |
    | Friendlies Lost         12         23         45        52         |
    | Lives Lost              7          7          7         0          |
    | TCE                     80%        90%        100%      100%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: ON FOOT
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 2/5

1.  Destroy ALL Imperials


Holy crap... can you say carpal tunnel syndrome?! I don't know if the guys
over at Factor 5 made this mission even more sadistic than the original
Endurance, or my old wrist has just given out, but this one was one of the
most agonizing missions in the game. I mean it's easy enough to beat, but
I had to pause every 10 waves to keep my wrist from breaking.

So yea, it's quite easy. The first thing you need to do is NOT stay in the
center of the room. Waves often appear in every corner of the room, and if
you're in the middle you'll be caught in a massive cross-fire.

The next step, and what makes this mission so easy, is you have jump and
shoot the entire time. That means continually tapping the A and X button,
which are right next to each other. So that means you'll be jumping around
the entire time and shooting guys. You'll obviously still get shot while you
jump around, but not as much as if you were on the ground.

Also remember to pick up the blaster and health power ups that appear when
you kill troops. If you find yourself low on health, run away and gather
a few.

Well, that's it. The jump/shoot method will get you through without a

                          Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough

The gold medal is easy to get if you follow the walkthrough. Stay tuned for
a Best Ever walkthrough.

                                Upgrade: None

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |              C O - O P  W A L K T H R O U G H             |   (----
|      /                             6.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

We'll do our best to update this as much as possible, and anybody
out there who does have good co-op strategies can just e-mail Vic at

6.01 DEATH STAR ATTACK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          8:45       7:11       6:05       5:15     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        55         70         90         115      |
    | Shot Accuracy            23%        32%        45%        60%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          1          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    10%        40%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: X-Wing
Possible Alternates: Y-Wing
Upgrade: Advanced Shields
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Destroy all Deflection Towers.
2. Destroy all TIE Fighters.
3. Shoot Proton Torpedoes into the Exhaust Port.

What a way to start a Star Wars game. I mean, the friggin' Battle of Yavin!
It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

The first objective is fairly simple to complete. First of all, don't even
consider splitting up. The towers take a good deal of damage, and if both
players team up on each tower it will be a quick and painless process.
Continue on through the group of towers (the radar is best for moving from
one to the next) until they're all destroyed.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Destroy all Deflection Towers.*~*

Ah, now it's on to the TIE hunting. For those who don't know, TIE squadrons
move like a pack of wolves. There's the alpha TIE and the followers. The
leader will usually be at the front of the V-formation that the TIE fighters
use to attack.

Normally you'd be tempted to take out the leader, but in this case it's best
to leave the lead TIE alone. Shoot the following TIEs first to keep them
from splitting up and wasting your precious time. I know we're just looking
to beat the level here, but a little bit of strategy can't hurt.

So, each player can simply hunt down each group of TIEs until they're all
gone. It's a sickeningly easy process.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Destroy all TIE Fighters.*~*

The final stretch is the trench run. This one is pretty much a one-ship
operation, so the second player can just hang back and shoot at the
turbolaser turrets on the surface.

The first section will be a treacherous obstacle course of horizontal beams.
Speed isn't required to simply beat the mission, so hold L to slow down and
navigate. After the criss-cross of beams will be an empty stretch full of
turbolaser towers and TIE fighters. The TIEs will attack from the rear, but
holding L to brake will shoot them out in front. Blast them to pieces. The
second player can also come up from behind and blast them while the first
player continues.

Eventually you'll have to face Vader himself... and his ship. Go through
the same braking routine and shoot him as much as possible before he flies
off. The Millennium Falcon will appear towards the end of the trench to
send Vader into a space spin.

Now nothing flies between you and the exhaust port. Wait until you see the
wall at the end and start firing missiles (B button) at the point where the
wall meets the ground. The targeting computer makes things much easier if
you want to go that way.

Use the force to hit the hole-in-one and the mission will be completed.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Shoot Proton Torpedoes into the Exhaust Port.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: X-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes


1. Always close your S-foils if you're not shooting
2. Don't brake at the first objective for the turrets
3. Shoot wisely, don't shoot when your target is FAR AWAY
4. Be calm at the trench run. Open your S-foils if you're not confident
5. Just shoot enough at Darth Vader's TIEs to get rid of him, not
   all of the way for the Millennium Falcon
6. Use your missiles, but don't use ALL of them. (for the exhaust port)
7. Send your wingmen to the TIEs to save time

Upgrade: Advanced Shields
The advanced shields upgrade is located in the fight with the TIE squadrons.
Drop down from the starting point and fly low along the surface. The upgrade
will be slightly to the left and will be blue. It stands out pretty well.

Mission Map
Objective 1: No map needed

Objective 2: Map needed for the Advanced Shields

A-----Area of the Advanced Shields upgrade
T-----Turret (help you find the Advanced Shields better)
S-----Starting point (of Objective 2, not the level)

|                                              | 
|                                              | 
|                                              |
|         T      T                T            |
|  T    T      T                               |
|                                      T       |
|    T    T                 T                  |
|              AA                         T    |
|              AA                              |
|               ^ T                            |
|             T /                              |
|              /                               |
|      T      /     T            T             |
|            /                                 |
|           /                                T |
|          /    T        T          T          |
|         /                                    |
|      T /                 T               T   |
|       /                                      |
| T    /  T                                    |
|   SS                    T                    |
|   SS                         T               |
|                                        T     |
|                                              |

Objective 3: No map needed

6.02 ISON CORRIDOR AMBUSH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          9:30       5:17       4:30       4:27     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        32         40         60         70       |
    | Shot Accuracy            8%         15%        24%        42%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          5          3          2          1        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      10%        27%        72%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: X-WING
                     TIE FIGHTER; SLAVE 1
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Defend the transport against any remaining Imperial forces
2. At least one transport must survive
3. The frigate Redemption must survive


This level is very straightforward... you just kill all enemies as 
soon as possible. No attached strings, or anything like 'errands'
to do. Just protect the big and bulky transporters from the TIEs. 
The TIEs will come in squadrons.

Immediately send your wingmen to the TIEs and press Y for the Targeting
Computer, which will help you a lot. Kill the followers first, then 
finish off by killing the leader. If you don't like the X-wing or is
low on health, one player can go to the blue circle (seen on the map) to
switch to an A-wing. It's faster, which can be useful.

After you've (and your wingmen) killed all of the TIEs in the first 
wave, another one will come... Just do the same thing as before. Just
make sure you stay level with the Rebel ships, don't wander down or up.
Kill all of the TIEs of the second wave.

The third wave will come.... with FOG. Targeting Computer is essential 
here. So is the radar, use it wisely. Using it will almost automatically 
locate a squadron of TIEs. There are only 4 squadrons but they are the 
tough TIE Interceptors. If you're gunning for a medal, then try to use 
it (Targeting Computer) to the minimum. Since this level is pretty 
much the same throughout, you shouldn't have any trouble.

Remember to shoot and kill fast so the ships won't go down. You have to
protect them all.

Good luck.

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Slave 1
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Cluster Missiles
                      Homing Cluster Missiles
                      Advanced Targeting Computer

Get Slave 1. Get Homing Cluster Missiles. Beat the level. Get the Gold

You wish it was that simple? Your wish is granted! Yes, it's that simple.
With Slave 1, you can just look at the general direction of the TIE squadron
and fire away and let the cluster lock on them and destroy them! 

In the first and second areas, be careful of the TIEs and come from behind,
your Slave 1 is too slow and weak to escape from them. Try to kill all of
the TIEs head-on and quickly. In the third area, there will be some fog
but you can use your Targeting Computer a BIT to look for some TIEs.

Upgrade: Advanced Proton Torpedoes

Meh. The upgrade only grants you stronger Torpedoes. IMO, the missiles
are useless until you get the seeker upgrade. But get it since it's
so easy to find it. Just go under the Frigate and you should see a
broken fragment of a ship. the fragment forms a tunnel and guess what's
inside? Yeah, the upgrade! Go through the tunnel to find the upgrade.

Mission Map

The map is for all three objectives.

S---Starting point
R---Rebel Transport
F---Frigate Redemption (must protect this ship)
A---'checkpoint' for the A-wing/X-wing transfer
U---sunken ship, where the Upgrade is
1---Approximation of the 1st wave battle
2---Approximation of the 2nd wave battle
~---The area above this symbol contains fog and the third wave

|                                               |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|            --                                 |
|           |RR|                                |
|           |RR|             --                 |
|           |RR|            |RR|                |
|            --             |RR|                |
|                           |RR|                |
|                            --                 |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|           |RR|                                |
|           |RR|             --                 |
|           |RR|            |RR|                |
|            --             |RR|                |
|                           |RR|                |
|                            --                 |
|                         UU                    |
|                       --UU                    |
|                      |FF|                     |
|                      |FF|                     |
|                      |FF|                     |
|                   AA \ff/                     |
|                   AA /ff\                     |
|                      |FF|                     |
|            --        |FF|                     |
|           |RR|        --                      |
|           |RR|                                |
|            --                                 |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|                                               |
|                   --                          |
|                  |RR|                         |
|                  |RR|      S                  |
|                  |RR|                         |
|                   --                          |
|                                               |
|                                               |

6.03 BATTLE OF HOTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          9:55       7:10       5:00       4:45     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        18         30         43         47       |
    | Shot Accuracy            14%        23%        30%        34%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          32         27         22         18       |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    10%        55%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: Speeder (switch to X-wing)
Possible Alternates: none
Upgrade: Advanced Blasters
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Defend the Rebel forces at Outpost Beta.
2. Slow the advancing Imperial Walkers (AT-ATs).
3. Defend the fleeing Rebel Transporters.

You will start with a Speeder and you have to because it's the only 
aircraft that can take the mammoths, AT-ATs, down. Fly between the 
mountains, down the valley. You will see some 'probe' droids near the
surface of the valley. You can get up close and kill some of them.
It's not required to do so, but it's an easy addition to your counter
for the Enemies Destroyed column.

After you've gotten out of the valley, you will see a lot of people 
shooting madly at some AT-ST. It's your job to defend them since those
people are your allies. Brake and shoot the AT-STs from afar (shoot at
the pack of AT-ST to the left). Remember, brake to increase your 
firing time. After you've destroyed them all.

If you went left, destroy the next AT-STs and shoot at the boxes some 
Shuttles dropped. AT-STs will emerge from them. Kill them. Then go back
to the Outpost Beta. Shoot the final AT-STs. Skip the next paragraph.

If you went right, kill the AT-STs that are shooting at the people
of the Outpost. After that, go left and do the same thing to the pack
of AT-STs. Kill the final AT-STs that emerged from the boxes. Return to
the Outpost Beta.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Defend the Rebel forces at Outpost Beta.*~*

Fly all of the way south, to the final AT-ATs. Ignore the other AT-ATs
because it's not required to make them fall down. Now, this part
is a bit tricky... You have to go to the legs and press B twice when 
you're just passing the legs. The screen will change and your hook
has been attached to a leg. Now you have to go around the AT-AT 2 and 
a half times before it falls. This may take some practice... Make sure
you go slowly. Haste makes waste. Just be safe. Do the same thing for 
the other AT-ATs nearby. You should have taken down three of them 
before a cutscene occurs. I wasn't very clear, was I?

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Slow the advancing Imperial Walkers (AT-ATs).*~*

The location you will be at after the cutscene is at another valley
just past the Power Generator that just got destroyed. Just continue on,
shooting some lasers at the probe droid squads for more kills.
After that, you will see a 'warp' point. Go to it and you will get 
off the Speeder to a X-wing! Yay!

With the powerful X-wing, you have to destroy all of the incoming TIEs
before they destroy all of the transports. After transferring to the
X-wing, do a 180 degree turn and look up. There's some TIEs coming. 
Order your wingmen to go to the TIEs. Try to find the TIE Bombers 
first, since they do the most damage to the Transports. They look 
somehow like Darth Vader's ship... and they go in squads of 2 
(some 3). Just kill them normally, nothing big. Use the missiles if 
you have the homing upgrade. Remember, kill them swiftly (use 
Targeting Computer if you like). After you've killed them all, the
Transports will go away to peace...

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Defend the fleeing Rebel Transporters.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Speeder
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes

1. Brake when shooting at the AT-STs
2. Practice shooting at the droids from afar. You need to kill the
   majority of them
3. Shoot at the passing AT-ATs en route to the marked AT-ATs
4. Be accurate (duh)
5. Kill 3 or 4 TIE Fighters before killing the final Bomber
6. At the dogfight, command your wingmen to flee, don't want them to 
   'steal' your kills
7. Be quick or you're dead!

Upgrade: Advanced Blasters
This upgrade is a must-get since every ship have access to the upgrade
when you get it. It just ups your lasers' attack power but it's pretty
useful in the future battles such as BoE.

To get it, just do the mission normally until after you tip over the
AT-ATs (second objective done). From your NEW starting point (2S), turn
around 180 degrees and go to the remains of the Power Generator. Therein
lies the upgrade. Simple enough.

Mission Map
Map is for all 3 objectives.

S---Starting Point #1
2S--Starting Point #2 (after Objective 2- AT-ATs taken down)

P---Probe Droid Squad (~6 droids per squad)
#---(4, 3, 1) Number of AT-ST in the area that you must destroy
A---AT-AT that you don't have to destroy
N---AT-ST that you don't have to destroy
3A--The three AT-ATs that you have to tip over
X---The warp point for the X-wing
R---Rebel Transport

OB--Outpost Beta
PG--Power Generator
EB--Echo Base

U---Upgrade (Advanced Blasters)
^---Mountain or rocky area

|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/                 \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/         A         \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\    1         A     \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\                A   \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\    3               \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\               A    \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|    4               \_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|           3      A   \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|  ____ OB      __   N  \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^\_______/^^\      \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\      \^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/P/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^\  3A  \^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/       \^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/2S/\     \^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  /^^\     \^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/ /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  /^^^^\     \^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/P /^^^^^^|PG   \^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/   /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  /^^^^^^/ U     \^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/   /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/P /^^^^^^/________/^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^^/   /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^| S |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/  /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^|---|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/   |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^^^^|   |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^/    |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^^___|   |_______________/P    |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^^/         R    R             /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^/     R              X    ___/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^|                       EB/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|^^^^^^^\   R    R     R        /^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|

I want to classify that you're going north from the starting point,
towards the AT-ST (marked as numbers). Take out all of the AT-ST that
I marked as a number ONLY. Then go southeast to 3A, and take out the 
AT-ATs. You will have another starting point after that. Just follow
the valley to the final area with the TIEs.

6.04 PRISONS OF THE MAW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          12:15      10:45      9:20       7:30     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        30         46         63         75       |
    | Shot Accuracy            6%         4%         2%         80%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          6          4          2          1        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      10%        38%        75%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: Y-WING
Possible Alternates: NONE
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Disable three shield projectors
2. Destroy all objectives marked by the prisoners
3. Escort the train to the platform
4. Escort the Imperial Loader out

You will be using the Y-wing for the entire mission and don't whine 
about it. It is required to use the Y-wing because it has the only
weapon that can destroy the objectives marked by the prisoners. And
this aircraft kicks ass in this level anyway! 

You will see your aircraft in a vast space with some rocks moving around...
Just go straight until you see some TIEs coming. When you see the TIEs,
press the Flee Command (D-pad down) and confirm it. Your wingmen will
go away and some of the TIEs will follow it, decreasing the pressure on you.
Nevertheless, there will still be some TIEs following you. There will be
some large tank ships along the way, and you can kill a few just for the
hell of it.

Continue on (zig-zag to avoid some of the fire from the TIEs), still going
straight. The TIEs will back off when you get closer to the shield
projectors. The shield itself is two BIG black 'holes' combined. There are
10 projectors in all but you only need to destroy 3 of them. To destroy a
shield projector, hold down B until your crossfire target turns blue. Get
CLOSE to a projector and shoot the new weapon (Ion Cannon) at the projector.
It will go off... do the same thing for 2 other projectors and fly away from
the shield because some 'guards' will fire at you. 

*~*Completed Objective 1: Disable three shield projectors*~*

After a short cutscene you will find yourself in a barren wasteland
with a few buildings. This piece of land is the Prisons of the Maw.
Some prisoners are trapped here but they have fled to a train and they
marked several targets for you to destroy so they can flee to a Shuttle.

Follow the radar (follow the orange direction) to the north, where some
guard towers are firing at you. It is your duty to destroy them all.
Just press B to switch to the bombing mode and aim at those guard
towers and press B again to bomb them. It's better to fly high because
it's easier to bomb more towers in a run that way. There are 6 of 
them in this area. After that, follow the radar to the northeast. 

Another six guard towers stops you. Just do the same thing, and 
remember, if you run out of proton bombs, just fly around and wait 
for the proton bombs to recharge. It takes about 10 seconds for a proton 
bomb to recharge. When the prisoners have gotten the weapons, follow 
the radar to the northeast again.

*Note: you may or may not bomb the AT-PTs on the way... it isn't
required. It's just a bonus for your kill total. Just letting you know.

Now you have to destroy the communications towers, not the guard towers.
You may destroy the guard towers, but I advise you not to because it 
wastes proton bombs. Aim at the top of the dishes or at the bases for
the maximum damage. 2~3 bombs should take out a dish. Destroy all 
seven dishes and go all of the way south.

*~*Completed Objective 2: Destroy all objectives marked by the prisoners*~*

Follow the radar to the platform where the Shuttle is. Kill any AT-PTs
on the way if you want to. Again you will see some guard towers 
surrounding the landing platform. Your job is get the train into the 
Shuttle safely by killing all of the towers. This time isn't any 
different so you should know what to do. One, two, three, four, five,
and six. Six towers await you. 

*~*Completed Objective 3: Escort the train to the platform*~*

Watch out for the Shuttle because when it takes off you can forget everything
that's on ground and stay at the Shuttle's tail. The shuttle goes along
very slowly but it doesn't need long before it takes off. Shoot down
the TIEs hovering around if you want. When the shuttle goes to the
light speed mode, your level is done! Wheee!

*~*Completed Objective 4: Escort the Imperial loader out*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Y-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Bombs
                      Spread Proton Bombs

1. Zig-Zag to avoid the TIE's fire
2. Immediately tell your wingmen to flee
3. Disable the bottom 3 force fields, since they are the farthest away from
   the mine fields (they will try to fire at you)
4. Aim at the center of the squads to destroy all 3 AT-PTs
5. Fly high while bombing the guard towers, you have more time to bomb
   them all this way.
6. Don't wander off, this will waste some precious time

Upgrade: Advanced Cluster Missiles

I think the upgrade is useless until you get the homing cluster missiles,
the best upgrade for the gold-hunting. If you want it NOW, okay... here's

If you look at my miserable map, you can find the U just north of the
center. It is actually IN the platform, not next to it. You have to
destroy the platform to reveal it. You can bomb or shoot at it. When 
the right platform's destroyed, just scoop down to the upgrade to
pick it up. 

Best accessible: after you destroy the first 12 guard towers and going
to the communications towers.

Mission Map

No need for a map on Objective 1

This map is for Objectives 2, 3, and 4

S---Starting point
X---Guard Towers (make sure you know the ones you HAVE to destroy)
P---a squad of AT-PTs (3 AT-PTs each, marked so you know where
    you can find them for your kill total)
*---communications dish

PB--Prison Building
CR--Communications Relays

The outline is the train's path, and I'm sure you knew that.

|                                           P         |
|                         O  ____     ______ X CR  X  |
|                         O_/    \___/     O\  **   X |
|                         /O               X/  *** X  |
|                       P/P               X|   **     |
|                X _____/                  |  X  X    |
|   required     O/X     P                 |          |
|   towers->    O/OX    P      OO          |          |
|       |     X /O              U          |          |
|       \/  P X/O  X                       |P         |
|             /   P                         \         | 
|         X  |O           OO                 \        |
|      X    P|O           OOO                 \       |
|      OOX___|O                               |P      |
|     X / OOO X                               |       |
|     PB\   X                                /        | 
|        \                  OO              /         |
|         \                OOOO            |          |
|          \                OO              \   P     |
|        P  \______                          \X       |
|            P     \                        X \       |
|                   \                    X     \X     |
|                    \                    P _X_/  X   |
|           S         \   O  X          X__/  X  X    |
|                      \X | P  X ______/    X         |
|      required       X \_|_____/ <--shuttle          |
|        towers-->       X  X                         |

I know, I know... this is sloppy, but this is a text format so it had
to be sloppy. Damn limited characters. You start in the south-western
corner and you go north to the Prison Building (PB) and kill the towers
there and continue to the next patch of towers. After you've killed two
patches of six towers each, go northeast to CR and destroy all the
dishes (*) and go all of the way south to the shuttle and destroy another
group of towers. Not bad. If you want some extra kills, use my map to
find the squads of AT-PTs or just look yourself for them.

MAKE SURE you know where the required guard towers are!

6.05 RAZOR RENDEZVOUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          4:30       3:00       1:15       0:52     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        10         11         12         20       |
    | Shot Accuracy            15%        22%        25%        50%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          5          2          1          0        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    10%        40%        80%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Wedge Antilles
Starting Aircraft: B-Wing
Possible Alternates: X-wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter,
                     Slave 1
Upgrade: Advanced Proton Bombs
Difficulty: 2/5

1. Protect the blockade Runner.
2. Protect the frigate Redemption.
3. Destroy the Imperial Shield Generators.
4. Destroy the Imperial Command Deck.

Although there are four objectives, you can only do two of those IF
you're fast enough. This level can take you less than 1 minute if you
speed through (I did!). You just have to destroy the generators and 
crash into the command deck.

With your B-wing, just fly all of the way to the Star Destroyer (the 
big-ass pointy ship) and employ your wingmen to the TIEs to lure
some of the enemies away. Do NOT go to the Star Destroyer head on, just
go left and go to the Star Destroyer's back. From there, little to none
lasers will come after you. Now, look up and you should see two spheres
on the top... That’s two of the power generators.

Press and hold B (like you did in PotW) to turn your weapon to an ion
cannon. Shoot an ion at one of the spheres and IMMEDIATELY fire 3~4
missiles at that sphere. Do not WASTE any time. The ion will only
stay on the sphere for a few seconds. The sphere should break if 
you've inflicted enough damage. Do the same thing for the other sphere.
Make sure you're coming from the behind so you won't get severe damage.

After you've destroyed the spheres, go all of the way to the bottom of
the Star Destroyer. Again, power up your ion cannon and shoot at the
little round half-circle sticking out of the bottom. Fire about 5 
missiles at it when it's blue from the ion. When it's broken, go up to
the main deck. 

All you have to do now is crash into the main command deck. It's in
the middle of the deck, it's the only thing that's 'round' or 'smooth'.
Instead of explaining to you by word, I'll make a map.
               OOO                                   OOO
              OOOOO       <---  spheres --->        OOOOO
               OOO                                   OOO   
             |                                           |
             |                                           |
             |                    (==)                   |
             |                command deck               |
             |                                           |
             |                                           |

Yeah, you CRASH your B-wing at this deck. If you crashed at the target,
you won't lose ANY lives! Why? The level's already over before you die!
That's all for this level. 

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Protect the blockade Runner.*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 2. Protect the frigate Redemption.*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 3. Destroy the Imperial Shield Generators.*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy the Imperial Command Deck.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: B-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes

1. Don't try to shoot at the TIEs for the kill count
2. Just use the turrets, they won't move! ;-)
3. Try your best to avoid the lasers from the turrets (duh)
4. Use 2 missiles per generator
5. Use your turbo when going to the command deck

Upgrade: Advanced Proton Bombs
This upgrade is pretty weak since it only affects the Y-wing's bombs.
Oh well.

At the beginning, go straight to the far side of the Star Destroyer and
look for a white ship. That ship is an Imperial Shuttle and it's trying
to escape. Don't let it escape or you will be infected with rabies! No,
I'm just kidding. Just shoot at it and destroy it and it'll yield the

Remember, use the turbo and go past the Star Destroyer and look around.
It's not far from the Destroyer.

6.06 VENEGEANCE ON KOTHLIS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          11:00      9:00       8:25       7:55     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        75         100        135        150      |
    | Shot Accuracy            7%         14%        27%        44%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          4          3          2          2        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      12%        42%        85%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: X-WING
                     TIE FIGHTER, SLAVE 1
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Protect the transport from the TIEs (28)
2. Destroy all AT-ATs (3)
3. Defend the commandos as they recapture the data
4. Destroy all AT-PTs (2 waves)
5. Bomb a hole in the Star Destroyer for the commandos


The first part contains some dogfights with some TIE Interceptors and
Fighters, but you have to stick close to the white transport or it may
explode, thus failing the mission. Mind the TIEs that come from the flank...
There are A LOT of TIEs so send your wingmen to the TIEs or you'll 
have a butt-load of TIEs to kill. I believe there are about 25~30
of them... Yeah, there's a lot. If you're good enough, you and your
wingmen should have destroyed all of them before the transport goes right.

Still, stay close to the transport in case some TIEs come in late. If 
you want, you can shoot some lasers at the turrets on the Star Destroyer
but I highly advise you to stay away from the Star Destroyer because
the turrets can pick you apart if you go close. When the transport
lands safely, a cutscene will occur...

*~*Completed Objective 1: Protect the transport from the TIEs*~*

Go to the blue icon and switch to the Speeder. Go to the CLOSEST AT-AT
since you have more leg room to move around and use the cable to befall
it. Also, while you're circling the AT-AT, the other AT-ATs will 
move closer to the shore, therefore gaining more leg room for you!
Destroy all three AT-ATs and another icon will appear.

*~*Completed Objective 2: Destroy all AT-ATs*~*

Now you're in your final ship: the Y-wing. The commandos are out of 
the transport and it is your duty to make sure they are still alive 
when they reach the Star Destroyer. In your Y-wing, go straight to 
where the Star Destroyer crashed (the front part). Drop a few bombs 
(3~5) down to the sand and the sides of the front part to kill some
turrets that will hunt the commandos down. After that, fly to the
elevated part of the front part of the Star Destroyer. That's the weak
point where you have to bomb to make a hole. Make sure you drop
directly at the middle of the elevated platform. It may take you 7-9
bombs to make a good hole, depending on where you dropped your bombs.
You'll know if you have opened the hole if there's a check next to
objective 5 in the pause screen.
(You can see where the hole is supposed to be by looking through
the Targeting Computer... it's the yellow block on the ship)

*~*Completed Objective 5: Bomb a hole in the Star Destroyer for the 

Now with an objective OUT of your way, QUICKLY return to the place 
where the befallen AT-ATs are. Now there are AT-PTs swarming all 
over the place! Most of them are probably underwater, but you can use
your bombs to destroy them underwater! The bomb pierces through the
water and destroys the AT-PTs with ease. Try to take out as many AT-PTs
you can in one run and turn around and make an another run at it.
Remember, the bombs can recharge so be patient and wait for the bombs
to return if your bomb supply is low. Don't let the AT-PTs on or near
the beach any further because they can really damage the number of 
the commandos. 

There are TWO waves of AT-PTs so when it seems that you've killed 
all of the AT-PTs, just go around the hole and kill some turrets to
help the commandos out. But don't wander around too long. Make sure,
you go back for the second wave of AT-PTs. Again, just bomb through
the water to destroy them. Some TIEs may chase after you... just ignore
them (you may command your wingmen to go after them). 

*~*Completed Objective 4: Destroy all AT-PTs*~*

After you've destroyed all of the AT-PTs (will hear someone telling
you that you have), go back to the commandos and give them some help
if they need it. Don't kill THE commandos, though! Friendly fire is a bad,
bad thing! Just protect the commandos until they get into the hole.
By the way, if you haven't bombed a hole in the Destroyer, do so
immediately. After that, the level's pretty much done.

*~*Completed Objective 3: Defend the Commandos as they recapture the 

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Slave 1 or X-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes (for X-Wing, if you use it)
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes (for X-Wing)
                      Advanced Proton Bombs
                      Spread Proton Bombs
                      Advanced Cluster Missiles (for Slave 1)
                      Homing Cluster Missiles (for Slave 1)

1. Don't let the TIEs get behind you
2. Be smart with your clusters
3. Stick with your transport while going to the landing spot
4. Don't worry about the turrets on the beach or the hull TOO much... you
   have to destroy the AT-PTs, you know!
5. Fly high to take the AT-PTs easier
6. Don't be afraid to use your rechargeable bombs up!
7. Try to take out as many turrets as you can, the kill count is really
8. Don't get too close to the Destroyer, the turrets will greatly damage
9. Try, try again!

Upgrade: Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes

One of the best upgrades all around. When you pick this up, the missiles
FINALLY becomes useful! To get it, kill all of the TIEs quickly and go to
the back side of the Star Destroyer. Don't go to the side, you'll be 
maimed by the lasers, just go to the back side. The command deck is 
destroyed and has a hole through it. You can fly through that hole...
and guess what's inside? Yeah, the homing upgrade. 

You can still get it as a Y-wing if you missed it as the original ship.
I've heard that it is possible as a Speeder but I'd recommend getting
it as a X-wing or Y-wing.

Mission Map
Objective 1 is too straight-forward and too easy to need one.

The map is for Objectives 2, 3, 4 and 5.

D---outline of the Star Destroyer
T---location where the transport landed
S---Speeder icon
Y---Y-wing icon
#---The water enclosed by the # is where the AT-PTs will emerge
*---path of the commandos
()--the location on the Destroyer where you must make a hole

U---Upgrade (Advanced Homing Proton Torpedoes)
^---the hilly areas

|                                                           |
|                              ___________                  |
|                         ____/           \                 |
|                        /                 \                |
|                       |_             ^    \_______________|
|                        DD********     ^^^^                |
|                     DD  D\       ********^^^^^            |
|                  DD(())D  \______________***^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|               DD      D     #  A         \  * ^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|            DD        D      #       A     \  *  ^^^^^^^^^^|
|          D          D        #         A   \ *    ^^^^^^^^|
|          DD  UU    D          ###          | T  S ^^^^^^^^|
|            DD     D              ##        | T    ^^^^^^^^|
|              DD  D                 ########/ T  Y ^^^^^^^^|
|                DD                        _/      ^^^^^^^^^|
|                                         /        ^^^^^^^^^|
|                                        /        ^^^^^^^^^^|
|                                       /        ^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                                 _____/         ^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                                /            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                               /            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                              /            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                             /           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
|                            /            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|

Alright, you start coming from south-west corner and you go to the
'S' (when the transport lands) and destroy the AT-ATs... Then go back
to 'Y' and clear the path for the commandos. The bomb the hole (())
and go to the area in the #### for the AT-PTs.

6.07 IMPERIAL ACADEMY HEIST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          7:20       6:05       4:30       3:50     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        15         29         50         68       |
    | Shot Accuracy            7%         25%        49%        75%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    15%        45%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Wedge Antilles
Starting Aircraft: Speeder (night), Y-Wing (day)
Possible Alternates: none
Upgrade: Advanced Concussion Missiles / Spread Proton Bombs
Difficulty: ?/5

1. (Day) Disable the Imperial sensors in the canyons.
1. (Night) Evade the Imperial sensors in the canyons.
2. Steal an Imperial Shuttle.
3. Meet at the rendezvous point.


As a Y-wing, you have the power to disable the sensors that will try 
to detect their enemies. You, for one, are one of them. You don't
use the bombs to destroy them. They would find you by the time you 
destroy them all. You just use your trusty Ion Cannon to DISABLE!
DISABLE! Not destroy! Just press and hold B until the cross fires are
blue. Then aim at the base of a sensor and let go. You can disable
it by hitting the head but it's easier if you aim at the base.

There are eight sensors in all and some of them are 'behind' a wall so
be careful and proceed slowly. You will come upon a fork. I recommend
you to go to the left since it's easier (at least for me). If you go to
the left, you go straight to the Academy. If you go to the right,
you will see some parked TIEs on some platforms. I recommend you use
the bombs to destroy the defenseless TIEs. Continue following the path 
to the Academy.

Note: you can steal the TIE fighter by going to a small valley with a lone
TIE and ION-CANNONIZE the fighter. (Thanks to skram and Matt McKinney)

*~*COMPLETED 1. Disable the Imperial Sensors in the Canyons*~*

Skip to the Academy portion of the Walkthrough.


In your speedy Speeder, STAY LOW! The speeder has little to no chance of 
crashing to the floor so don't worry. Stay low throughout the canyon 
portion and stay away from the sensors! Simple enough... if you
stay low! 

If you took the right fork, you will see some AT-ATs and TIEs around.
Ignore them, don't tie them up. Just go straight to the Academy. If you
took the left side, be on lookout because you have to find a TIE fighter
but don't destroy it! DO NOT destroy it! Just look for a pilot... If
you find him, kill him (yea, the SMALL human) and an icon will come up.
Touch it to transfer to the TIE fighter. Fly to the Academy.

*~*COMPLETED 1. Evade the Imperial Sensors in the Canyons*~*


From either fork and either time, you have the same objective: steal
the Imperial Shuttle. Before that, go to the turrets that surround the
Shuttle and the icon (in the back end of the Academy). If you don't
destroy them they will destroy the Shuttle. Take your time killing all
eight turrets (2 at each corner). When you're done with that, touch
the icon to steal the Shuttle.

*~*COMPLETED: 2. Steal an Imperial Shuttle.*~*

All you have to do is go back to the mountains and find the rendezvous
point. Follow the radar to the right. A lot of TIEs will chase you so
zig-zag to avoid some of the fire... Also, you can shoot from the behind
so do that! (Press A) You can fly over the peaks of the mountains or
just go through the valleys to the rendezvous point.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Meet at the rendezvous point.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Y-Wing (Day)
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters

1. Do not slow down at all. 
2. Don't go too far when disabling the sensors. Ignore the ones that you
   know you can avoid
3. Bomb the platforms ASAP, try to bomb them before the TIEs fly off
4. Use both bombs and lasers when taking out the TIEs by the Academy
5. Save some bombs for the turrets
6. Zig-Zag to avoid the TIEs when you're in the Shuttle
7. You can fly over some peaks in the mountains, if you're lucky

Upgrade: Advanced Concussion Missiles / Spread Proton Bombs
Advanced Concussion Missiles= two thumbs down
Advanced Spread Proton Bombs= two thumbs up

The Concussion upgrade only applies to the Millennium Falcon and A-wing,
(thanks to Skram17 for the A-Wing info!) which sucks. The Spread Bombs 
only applies to Y-wing but it ROCKS! The bombs will create another 6 
mini-bombs upon impact! This rules in the gold-hunt for VoK and PotW. 
Enough about the blabber. Time for some explaining.

Both of the upgrades are in the same place, the Academy. Not in the
EXACT same place but pretty much close to it. Go to the Academy and 
go to the tunnel to the right (Day) or left (Night). Fly through
the tunnel and you've got it. Yawn.

Mission Map
Map is for all objectives, day or night.

S---Starting point
.---Imperial sensor
OO--platforms with TIEs
D---satellite dish
I---Imperial Shuttle
X---Rendezvous point

TN--TIE at night
TD--TIE at Day
UN--Upgrade at Night (Advanced Spread Proton Bombs)
UD--Upgrade at Day (Advanced Concussion Missiles)

|~~~~~~~~~~                  I                     ~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~              \\\  |  ///                 ~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~                \\\ | ///                  ~~~~|
|~~~~~~               UN-----|-----UD               ~~~~|
|~~~~~~                  /// | \\\                  ~~~~|
|~~~~~~                 ///  |  \\\                 ~~~~|
|~~~~~~~                                           ~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~                                          ~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~    ~    ~  ~                  ~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~   ~~~  ~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~  ~        ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          ~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ OO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~      OO     ~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~       ~~~~                 ~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~TN  ~~~~~~~~        ~   ~~D OO        ~~~~~~~~~~~~|       
|~~~~    ~~~~~OO      D~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~|  
|~~~~~ X ~~~~~           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~         |
|~~~~~~ ~~~~~          ~                                |
|~~~~~~ ~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           D TD ~~|
|~~~~~~ ~~~~~    OO  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   
|~~~~~  ~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~   ~~~   ~     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~       ~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~      ~~~~~   ~~~~~.   . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~   ~~~  .~~  .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~.     ~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~     ~~~~~~.     .  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| 
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   .   ~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        S |

I'm sure you understand what you need to do... Only thing I want to
explain to you is the rendezvous point. To get there, you may fly over
some mountains but I'd prefer you to go through a narrow valley. It's
just north of X and TN. It is somehow blocked by a large isolated mountain
but you can get around it to the rendezvous point.

6.08 RAID ON BESPIN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          11:00      8:55       6:40       5:10     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        45         75         110        150      |
    | Shot Accuracy            12%        30%        40%        70%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          45         32         29         16       |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      10%        32%        72%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: A-WING
                     TIE FIGHTER, SLAVE 1
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Secure the Tibanna gas platforms
2. Destroy the City's power generators
3. Defend the Tibanna gas platforms from the TIE bombers

You will start off in a A-wing and it's horrible. Weak shields will
kill you! TIEs will come swarming all over you so zig-zag to avoid them.
Employ your wingmen to the TIEs immediately. You don't have to destroy the
TIEs yourself to protect the gas platforms. All you have to do is to 
destroy all turrets in the balloons. If you read my intro up above, you'll
know how to destroy them 'properly'. Use the turbo to go to the first 
balloon, which is to the left of the starting point. Shoot at the burners
until it explodes.

Then go further, past the dirt mist, to find two more balloons. Destroy 
them as usual and look for a lone balloon to the extreme right. After 
that, go a bit left to find the final three balloons. Pretty simple, IF
the TIEs didn't chase you so much! You have some time left so use that
time to kill some TIEs. They deserve it! hahaha! When some time has passed,
a cutscene will be triggered.

*~*Completed Objective 1: Secure the Tibanna gas platforms*~*

You will be in the downtown portion of Tibanna... There's still some 
balloons around but it's not important anymore and they barely ever 
shoot at you. Ignore them, unless you're going for the silver or
gold medal. Anyway, you have to go to the trenches and find the generators
and destroy them. There are three in all and the radar shows you where's
the closest one is so it's not that hard. Fly high up and scope the
trenches below to find the generator and dive down and shoot at it. 

If you're low in health, you can switch to a Cloud Car by going into
one of three icons around Tibanna. It's pretty cool, but I recommend
you switch back to A-wing when you're done with the second objective.

Note: you can use the Targeting computer to locate them.

*~*Completed Objective 2: Destroy the city's power generators*~*

Go to the east side (radar will show you) to the gas platforms. Destroy
the balloons if you like, but that's not your priority nor the objective.
Go higher up and you will see some TIE Fighters and Bombers... Only
the Bombers are required to die. There are five in all... ONLY five!
Ignore the Fighters and kick the Bombers' asses to complete the level.

*~*Completed Objective 3: Defend the Tibanna gas platforms from the TIE

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: X-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes

1. Shoot at the pot to burn down the balloons!
2. Don't shoot at the wiring that holds the balloons, shoot past them!
3. Don't waste your torps
4. MEMORIZE the locations of the balloons and the generators so your
   run will go FLAWLESSLY
5. Don't waste time while shooting down the Bombers

Upgrade: Advanced Homing Missiles

You see the Imperial Loader in the first area? Destroy it with some
lasers and the upgrade should be uncovered. Grab it...

Mission Map

I'll make two maps: one for Objective 1 and one for the other 2.

S---Starting point
B---Balloon Turret
*---Tibanna gas platform
F---Fog or Gas
L---Imperial aircraft
U---Upgrade (Advanced Homing Missiles) 

|                                                               |
|                                                               |
|                                    ***    BB             ***  |   
|                                   *****  B  B           ***** |     
|                                   *****   BB            ***** |     
|                                    ***                   ***  |   
|                                                       BB      |  
|                                   BB                 B  B     |  
|                                  B  B                 BB      |  
|                                   BB          ***             |   
|                     FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF      *****            |     
|                      FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF       *****            |     
|                       FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF         ***             |   
|                        FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF              BB       |  
|                           FFFFFFFFFFFFF             B  B      | 
|                                                      BB       |  
|                                 ***                           |
|                                *****                          | 
|                         BB     *****                          | 
|                        B  B     ***                           | 
|                         BB                                    |  
|                   BB                                          |  
|                  B  B                                         |  
|                   BB                                          |  
|                                ***                            | 
|                               *****                           |
|                            L  *****                           | 
|                             LU ***                            | 
|                              L                                |
|                                                               |
|           FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF                                     |
|          FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF                                  |
|          FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF                                     |
|         FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF                                       |
|         FFFFFFFFFFFFF                                         |
|                                                               |
|                          ***                                  |
|                         *****                                 | 
|         BB              *****                                 |         
|        B  B              ***                                  | 
|         BB                                                    |  
|                                                               |
|                                                               |
|                S                                              |
|                                                               |

You know what to do: kill all B's in the map. 'Nuff said.

S---Starting point
C---Cloud Car
G---Power generator
*---Tibanna gas platform
B---Balloon turret

|                                                                     |
|#####################################                                |
|                       ---           #                               |
|                     |    |           #                              |
|                     |    |            #                             |
|                     /-----G----        #                            |
|                    /           |        #                           |
|                   /            |      /  #                          |
|                             ----------    #                         |
|                  |-C--                |    #                        |
|       \ ---------     |               |     #                       |
|        |     |  |     |      \/       |     #        ***            |
|      -----   |  |   --        \             #       *****    BB     |
|     |         --   |           ------- /    #       *****   B  B    |
|     |              |  --              |     #        ***     BB     |
|  ---|         \      |  |           --      #                       |
|     |       |  |   --   |          |        #      BB               |
|     |    |  |--|  |     |        --|        #     B  B              |
|          |  G  |  |   --|       |  |        #      BB        ***    |
|           --    --|             |   -- /    #               *****   |
|  C                |             |     |     #               *****   |
|                   |                   |     #                ***    |
|               ----                    |---  #                       |
|              |  |                     G   | #                       |
| S             --             C        |   | #                       |
|                                             #                       |
|                                            #                        |
|############################################                         |
God it was HARD making this map! Nevertheless, you should go to
RogueLeader2's map in GameFAQs if you're still not clear. I don't
blame you AT ALL! The map must be like Greek to you!

The generators are marked as G and all of them are in the trenches. Also,
the dog-fighting with the bombers are located outside the #, in the area
of the Balloons and gas platforms.

6.09 BATTLE OF ENDOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          13:00      11:20      10:00      7:30     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        31         46         60         80       |
    | Shot Accuracy            8%         20%        31%        50%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          10         9          6          3        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          1        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    10%        40%        100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Wedge Antilles
Starting Aircraft: X-Wing
Possible Alternates: A-wing, Y-wing, B-wing, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter,
                     Slave 1
Upgrade: Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles
Difficulty: ?/5

1. Protect the fleet.
2. Protect the Medical Frigate.
3. Destroy all TIE Bombers (16).
4. Destroy both Star Destroyers.

You will start out heading toward the wrong way. Immediately turn around
(don't worry, the fleet will realize that soon and turn around too) and 
fly until you see a million of tiny specks coming. See that? That's the
sight of a WAR! You will face about 80 TIEs! Do your best to destroy them!

Employ your wingmen to the TIEs, of course. Then just all-out dogfight
the TIEs. Use your missiles if you wish (if you have the seeker missiles)
and just find a good group of TIEs and hunt them down. Don't tap, just
hold down to fire because you don't have the time to waste, your fleet
needs better protection than tapping your lasers. If you're not fast
or aggressive enough, the fleet may go down early. Don't take any sharp
turns or slow down because the TIEs will be coming from everywhere. One
might hit you as you turn, burning a life out of your pocket. 

Eventually, you will hear somebody telling you that the TIE Bombers are 
coming. There are 16 of them and they show up as yellow TIEs on your 
targeting computer. Use your seeker missiles up if you have some. Ignore
all other TIEs except the Bombers. The Bombers can inflict some serious 
damage to your fleet to move quickly. They usually hang around high, above
the fleet. Shoot them from afar or near. They can take some lasers so 
shoot at them until they blow up. Good luck.

*~*COMPLETED: 3. Destroy all TIE Bombers (16).*~*

Yep, you haven't completed Objective 1 or 2. You still have to make sure 
your fleet stays healthy and strong. In this part, you don't have to
dog-fight, but you have to destroy your next targets fast or your fleet
will burn. Your next targets: the Star Destroyers. Remember Razor
Rendezvous? You have to destroy the Destroyers in the similar way. This
time, no ion cannons needed. 

From your starting point after Objective 3, go up a bit and turn on your
turbos and fly left, past the left Star Destroyer, away from the turrets.
Send your wingmen to the Guns and go behind the left Destroyer and use 
1 or 2 missiles and some lasers to destroy each sphere. After that, go
down under and destroy the final generator at the bottom. The fire will
go ALL-OUT on you, so be extremely careful! You WILL die so don't worry.
You need to die anyway to refill your missiles. Make sure you use your
missiles up on the generators. After that, immediately go up to the main
deck and shoot at the command center (remember, RR). If you're low in health,
just crash to the command center (unless you have 1 life left).

Do the pervious explanation on the other Destroyer and you've completed
the level. Tough, indeed... but do not give up! It took me 3 tries to beat
this level for the first time.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Protect the fleet.*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 2. Protect the Medical Frigate.*~*
*~*COMPLETED: 4. Destroy both Star Destroyers.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: X-Wing/Naboo
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes

1. Be smart on your shooting in the dogfight. You need the accuracy
2. Use 2 torps on the Fighters, 2 on Bombers and use the rest on the
   destroyer's generators or turrets
3. Try to have all of your lives intact until you destroy the first
4. Do not turn around sharply, Bobs might crash into you
5. Be as fast as possible
6. if you can, kill more turrets
7. Chase down as many TIEs as you can after you've destroyed the second

Upgrade: Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles
THE best upgrade EVAR! This upgrade ALONE makes Slave 1 useful! You'll
love that snail after you discover its wrath! You can fire the CLUSTER
MISSILES, which contains _6_ missiles, without aiming and let it destroy
an ENTIRE TIE squadron! ******* awesome!

It's in the space, very, very difficult to find it. It's somewhere left
and below the left Star Destroyer. I couldn't find it after a few minutes
of searching but I finally found it by destroying the LEFT Destroyer
ONLY and wait for it to fall down and stop falling. When it stops,
go down to it and look around its bottom. You should see an alcove 
somewhere in there. Dive to the alcove and quickly get out. You should
have gotten the best upgrade in the game! The upgrade is just there, in that

Mission Map
I feel that a map is necessary for the Upgrade, which is very tough to
find. Since the level is straightforward, I'll make this map small.

|    DDDD                                        #                   |
|    D   DDD                                     #                   |
|    D      DDD                                  #                   |
|    D   DDD                                     #      HHHHHHHHHHHHH|
|    DDDD                                        #     H            H|
|                                                #      HHHHHHHHHHHHH|
|                                                #      CCCCCCCCC    |
|    DDDD                                        #     C         CCC |
|    D   DDD                                   S2#      CCCCCCCCC    |
|    D      DDD                                  #                 S1|
|    D   DDD                                     #                   |
|    DDDD                                        #           FFFFF   |
|                                                #                   |
|                   U                            #                   |

S1--Starting point 1
S2--Starting point 2 (after the dogfight)
H---Home One
U---Upgrade (Advanced Homing Cluster Missiles)

6.10 STRIKE AT THE CORE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          7:00       6:15       5:05       4:10     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        29         36         41         50       |
    | Shot Accuracy            10%        21%        32%        40%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               4          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      20%        45%        95%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: X-WING
Possible Alternates: MILLENNIUM FALCON
Difficulty: 3/5

1. Protect the Millennium Falcon
2. Reach the power core entry
3. Destroy the power core

You will have to protect the Falcon from the TIEs that will come from 
behind. Don't worry about the turrets, they won't hurt the Falcon. However,
they will hurt YOU but you don't have the time to destroy them all... You
can avoid their fire by flying way up. In the bird's eye view, you can
see the TIEs that are trying to catch up to the Falcon and destroy it.
When you see some TIEs, fly down and shoot them all down IMMEDATIELY 
and go back up. 

A pointer: DO NOT go too far behind the Falcon or the Falcon will 
automatically burn down. Just stay moderately close to it while staying
up. Continue protecting the Falcon until the Falcon goes into the

*~*Completed Objective 2: Reach the power core entry*~*

Once in the hole to the core, shoot several lasers to destroy the TIEs that
are front of you ALREADY! Then drop down a BIT to let the TIEs behind you
to get ahead of you and shoot them down. Speed up to catch up with the
Falcon, still flying behind it. From now on, whenever the TIEs passes you,
abruptly destroy all of the TIEs. Keep doing this until you and the 
Falcon reaches the end, which is the power core. Once there, turn
on your turbos and get close to the Power Core and turn on your Targeting
Computer. You have to destroy the yellow marking on the Power Core. Just
shoot 2~3 missiles at that location and a cutscene will occur.

*~*Completed Objective 3: Destroy the power core*~*

All you have to do is turn on your turbos and fly past the Falcon as
soon as possible. After that, turn off the turbos for all corners or turns.
Use your turbos on the straightways. If you're too slow, the fire from
the explosion will catch up with you and you will fail the mission. Just
be calm and dodge the bars... When you get to the end, you've completed
the final main mission!

*~*Completed Objective 1: Protect the Millennium Falcon*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: X-Wing
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes

1. Don't forget to destroy the turrets, they are vital!
2. Crash just before the cutscene if you want
3. Again, if you WANT, crash after destroying the first 3 TIEs in the hole
4. Be calm when dodging the pipes
5. Shoot at the core with torps immediately when you get in range
6. Get ahead of Falcon ASAP

Upgrade: Advanced Targeting Computer

Pretty cool upgrade, since you get to have the Targeting Computer up
as long as you want. To get it, go into the entry and proceed all of 
the way to the extreme end. Just BEFORE the power core's room, you
should be able to see 5 pipes in a row. Under those pipes, the 
upgrade! Just dive down under the pipes to get the upgrade.

6.11 DEATH STAR ESCAPE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          3:15       2:55       2:35       2:25     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        65         68         72         73       |
    | Shot Accuracy            1%         2%         3%         4%       |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               0          0          0          0        |
    | Targeting Computer E.    100%       100%       100%       100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Han Solo / Luke Skywalker
Starting Aircraft: Millennium Falcon
Possible Alternates: none
Upgrade: none
Difficulty: ?/5

1. Destroy all TIE Fighters.

Yeah, ONLY ONE objective! I'm not kidding. You just shoot down all of the
TIEs and it's bye, bye Secret Missions #1! However, it is a bit harder to
hit the TIEs this time so getting the Gold Medal will be tough. Anyway,
if you just want to beat this level, just hold down the fire button and
aim at the TIEs until all of them goes down. ::yawn::

The controls for the Falcon's turret are different...
 L trigger---Fire
 R trigger---Fire
  C button---move chair
Analog pad---move turret

Just hold one of the trigger and fire away! It's so easy that you won't
believe it! The Gold Medal, however, will be a harder task.

*~*COMPLETED: 1. Destroy all TIE Fighters.*~*

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: none
Recommended Upgrades: none

How CAN I write a guide for this level? You just shoot TIEs and if you're
fast and good enough, you get a gold medal! Simple as that! The only things
I HAVE to tell you:

~Do the missions over and over and over until you memorize the positions!
~Again, MEMORIZE where the TIEs will come from so you have a head start
~Tap the fire button so you will have a better chance of making the accuracy 
~When the TIEs comes from both sides and cross your screen, just release the
 analog pad and fire. You should kill MOST of the TIEs.
~For the last time, memorize! I had to re-do this mission about 15 times
 before getting the Gold Medal!

6.12 THE ASTEROID FIELD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          6:00       5:25       4:50       4:30     |
    | Enemies Destroyed        25         37         45         50       |
    | Shot Accuracy            2%         5%         10%        50%      |
    | Friendlies Lost          0          0          0          0        |
    | Lives Lost               3          2          1          0        |
    | TCE                      10%        30%        75%        100%     |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Starting Aircraft: MILLENNIUM FALCON
Possible Alternates: NONE
Upgrade: NONE
Difficulty: 1/5

1. Escape the TIE Fighters
2. Secretly land on an Imperial Star Destroyer

Not too tough... Although you have to 'escape' the TIE fighters, you
don't really ESCAPE them... more like DESTROYING them. All of the
TIEs will come from behind but luckily, the Falcon has the turret in the
back so you can shoot the TIEs while they're flying behind you! Just press
A to fire the back turret. The turret will automatically hit the nearest
TIE (although sometimes, it just goes crazy and shoot off-screen). Just
wait until your screen backs out and shoot the TIE out. 

Don't forget about the asteroids! They can completely destroy you so be
careful! Just go STRAIGHT, dodging the asteroids and kicking the TIEs'
asses. Eventually you will see a cutscene. Nothing big, just follows the
storyline. You will come back out and fight off some TIEs again. Do this
until you see a Star Destroyer up ahead. Go a bit to the right and go 
around to the back of the Destroyer. Don't let the turrets see you. Go
up near the spheres at the back to find a blue icon. Enter it to complete
the level.

Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: Millennium Falcon (only choice)
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters

OMG... Another EASY one! Seriously, you just go forward and wait until your
screen backs out and shows a TIE chasing after you. That's when you should
shoot. Just don't shoot randomly. I know the Shot Accuracy is low but you
never know! ^_^ Be safe and don't try to lure a TIE to an asteroid. You
shouldn't have any trouble with the TIEs anyway! Just do the mission and
enter the icon to complete the level. If you're lucky, you get a Gold Medal!

6.13 ENDURANCE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***X==---

     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    |                        Bronze     Silver     Gold         Ace      |
    |                                                                    |
    | Completion Time          6:00:00    6:00:00    6:00:00    6:00:00  |
    | Enemies Destroyed        400        1200       3300       3400     |
    | Shot Accuracy            1%         6%         8%         ?%       |
    | Friendlies Lost          25         50         99         100      |
    | Lives Lost               12         12         12         12       |
    | Targeting Computer E.    0%         0%         0%         0%       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character: Um... generic guy
Starting Aircraft: X-Wing
Possible Alternates: Speeder, Y-wing, B-wing, Millennium Falcon,
                     TIE Fighter, Slave 1
Upgrade: none
Difficulty: ?/5


You just have to destroy ALL 99 waves plus a final boss, Darth Vader himself.
How do you do it with only 3 lives? Meh... You get a free life after every 
10 waves so you get 12 lives. You will face a squad of Imperial Shuttles
which does not hurt you at all at every 10th wave. Anyway, the TIEs will
come in high numbers and they progressively gets harder. 

I recommend you to NOT fight them head-on, or dog-fight, because the
TIEs come in large numbers and they will destroy you, especially in the
late waves. The best way to kill them is to go to the opposite way of
the TIEs and turn around when the TIEs are on the END of your radar
screen. When you've turned around, turn on your Targeting Computer and
kill some of the TIEs while going against them. A successful 'run' should
kill about 3~5 TIEs. Then go all of the way until the TIEs are on the
bottom of the radar again and repeat. Don't worry, you have PLENTY of time 
to kill all 99 TIEs. I used the method above for all 99 waves and I got about
210 minutes at the end.

I recommend you taking a break every 10 waves to clear your head. I didn't
though.... My first break was 50 waves in and second one was after the
75th wave... The third and the final one was after the 90th wave. You should
automatically get the gold medal if you beat all 99 waves anyway. Factor 5
isn't that mean to make you re-do the waves all over again and again!!!!


Gold/Ace Medal Walkthrough
Recommended Aircraft: X-Wing or Naboo
Recommended Upgrades: Advanced Shields
                      Advanced Blasters
                      Advanced Proton Torpedoes
                      Homing Proton Torpedoes

1. Read the Walkthrough.

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                        V E R S U S                        |   (----
|      /                            7.00                             \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

Main Points

Change Pilots: Players can create their own pilot in order to save the
various scores from each mission in Vs. mode.

Power Ups: Some modes have power ups such as shields and wingmates.


Available options:
  Time Limit
  Target Score
  Number of Lives
  Power Ups
  Additional Attackers

Available scenarios:
  Death Star Dogfight
  Geonosis Dogfight
  Bespin Dogfight
  Dogfight Over Hoth
  Ison Corridor Dogfight
  Dogfight Over Endor

Dogfight is your basic kill or be-killed scenario. Players get to choose
from a variety of ships (with some scenarios such as Bespin Dogfight
having exclusive ships like the Cloud Car). Points are based on each
kill that a player gets, and kills only count if the player shoots down
his opponent. No suicide nonsense here.

Some scenarios are more fun than others, and one I'd highly recommend
is the Bespin Dogfight. The huge variety of buildings and sheer size of
the city makes shooting down your opponent quite the challenge.


Available options:
  Time Limit
  Target Score
  Number of Lives
  Power Ups

Available scenarios:
  Gas Platform Rampage
  Death Star Rampage
  Geonosis Asteroid Rampage
  Rampage Over Hoth
  Kothlis Rampage
  Hoth Speeder Rampage

In this scenario two players rush to destroy as much as possible within
a certain time limit, or whatever other parameters were set in the options.
Pretty much anything can be destroyed in the scenarios, from buildings to
ships, and even asteroids!

Each object that is destroyed yields a certain amount of points, and the
player with the most points when the scenario is over wins.

Tag & Defend

Available options:
  Time Limit
  Target Score
  Number of Lives
  Power Ups

Available scenarios:
  Gas Platform Rampage
  Death Star Rampage
  Geonosis Asteroid Rampage
  Rampage Over Hoth
  Kothlis Rampage
  Hoth Speeder Rampage

Tag & Defend is much like capture the flag. The objective is to destroy
a base or outpost in order to capture it, then you must defend it against
the other player who will attempt to destroy the base and capture it for

Points are added up based on the amount of time a base or outpost is held
(5 points every second). The player with the most points at the end of the
scenario wins.


Available options (Walkers):
  Time Limit
  Target Score
  Number of Lives

Available options (Races):
  Number of Lives

Available scenarios:
  Endor Walker Rampage
  Tatooine Walker Rampage
  Death Star Trench Race
  Endor Speeder Bike Race

The walker rampage scenarios are just that: a rampage in a walker. The
objective is to destroy as much as possible within the time limit. The Endor
rampage takes place in the forest of Endor, while the Tatooine rampage is in
the sand pit from the walker objective in the training mission.

The race through the Death Star trench isn't your run of the mill trench run.
This trench has been modified to have twists, turns, tight fits, and barely
any open spaces. The Endor race is like the speeder bike mission, and is
essentially unchanged. Both players must boost through a path of trees and
reach the end before the other player.

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                 S H I P S  &  V E H I C L E S             |   (----
|      /                             8.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

Some ship information is from the Star Wars Ships and Vehicles site
(http://frankg.dgne.com/swsv/index.shtml). Thanks to Frank G. for a
comprehensive and helpful site. Some information was also found at the
official Star Wars web site (http://www.starwars.com).

Name: Incom T-65 X-wing
Type: Starfighter
Length: 12.5 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Proton Torpedo Launchers

The X-wing starfighter is the ship of choice for the Rebel Alliance because
of it's durability and reliability in tough spots. The X-wing has seen action
in every major battle of the Alliance, from the destruction of the first Death
Star to the decisive victory above the moon of Endor.

Name: Koensayr Y-wing
Type: Starfighter
Length: 16 meters
  Laser Cannon
  Ion Cannons
  Proton Torpedo Launchers

The Y-wing is often referred to as the "work horse" of the Rebel Alliance
because of it's powerful engines and the amount of use they were put into
at the beginning of the rebellion. The Y-wing was used quite often until
the introduction of the X-wing.

Name: RZ-1 A-wing
Type: Starfighter
Length: 9.6 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Concussion Missile Launchers

The A-wing starfighter was introduced around the time of the Battle of Endor.
Their compact design and powerful engines made them excellent for hit-and-run
missions, though the exposed cockpit made it dangerous for even the most
skilled pilot.

Name: Slayn & Korpil B-51 B-wing
Type: Starfighter
Length: 16.9 meters
Weapons (Configurations vary)
  Laser Cannon
  Ion Cannons
  Proton Torpedo Launchers

The B-wing is a large craft of average speed, designed by Verpines under
orders from Admiral Ackbar. The unique gyroscopic design of the B-wing
allowed the pilot to switch to from flight mode to combat mode or vice
versa, much like the X-wing.

Name: T-47 Airspeeder
Type: Assault Speeder
Length: 5.3 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Harpoon and Tow Cable

The T-47 airspeeder is a civilian assault speeder, modified by rebel
engineers to be used as an atmospheric combat vessel. The speeders proved
to be quite useful against the Empire's AT-ATs on Hoth, and they were
later used for small strikes against Imperial installations.

Millennium Falcon
Name: Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Light Freighter
Type: Transport
Length: 26.7 meters
  Quad Laser Cannons
  Concussion Missile Tube

The Millennium Falcon is the highly modified YT-1300 owned by smuggler/captain
Han Solo. It was the ship used to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star,
and has since been in nearly every major and minor scuffle of the rebellion
and New Republic.

TIE Fighter
Name: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter
Type: Starfighter
Length: 6.3 meters
  Laser Cannons

If Imperial Star Destroyers were the backbone of the Imperial navy, then the
thousands of TIE fighters inside them were the life blood. These small ships
were weak in defense, but their large numbers could easily overtake any
ship that dared to oppose the Empire.

TIE Bomber
Name: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Bomber
Type: Space Bomber
Length: 10 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Concussion Missile Launchers
  Proton Bombs

The TIE bomber was designed to attack targets with heavy artillery from outer
space. Though they had better shielding and stronger hulls than the TIE
fighters, TIE bombers still required escort ships to ensure that faster enemy
ships did not overwhelm them.

TIE Interceptor
Name: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Hunter
Type: Starfighter
Length: 9.6 meters
  Laser Cannons

The TIE Interceptor was the upgrade to the original TIE Fighter. With better
maneuverability and increased speed, the TIE Interceptor was poised to
replace the TIE Fighter until the battle of Endor. With that loss began the
downfall of the Empire, and Interceptor production dwindled.

TIE Hunter
Name: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Hunter
Type: Starfighter
Length: 6.9 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Proton Torpedo Launcher

TIE hunters were an experimental craft based on the Rebel Alliance's X-wing
starfighter. They sacrificed armor and firepower for speed, and were quite
effective until the Empire arrogantly pulled them from battle, believing
that any ship based on a rebel craft was not worth using.

TIE Advanced X-1
Name: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Advanced X1 (Prototype)
Type: Starfighter
Length: 9.2 meters
  Laser Cannons
  Cluster Missiles

The TIE Advanced X1 was the prototype TIE owned by Darth Vader. Unlike
normal TIEs, the X1 came equipped with a hyperdrive and deflector shields.
However, the ship was never mass-produced. Several elements of this
starfighter were used in the TIE Interceptor.

Slave 1
Name: Kuat Systems Firespray-class Interceptor
Type: Pursuit Vessel
Length: 21.5 meters long, wingspan of 21.3 meters, depth of 7.8 meters
  Twin Blaster Cannons
  Sonic Mines

The Slave 1 was the ship of the renowned bounty hunter, Jango Fett. Boba Fett
claimed ownership of the ship upon the death of Jango, and used it to become
the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. The ship is equipped with
modified weapons and holding cells capable of restraining Fett's bounty.

Cloud Car
Name: Bespin Motors Storm IV
Type: Cloud Car
Length: 7 meters
  Laser cannons

The cloud cars are Bespin's security force in the sky. Though the ships are
small compared to galactic cruisers and starfighters, the pilots in them
would gladly fly into battle for their beloved Cloud City.

T-16 Skyhopper
Name: Incom T-16 Skyhopper
Type: Atmospheric Cruiser
Length: 10.4 meters tall, 6 meters long
  Laser cannons

The Incom T-16 Skyhopper is the citizen's version of the T-65 X-wing. It
does not usually come equipped with weapons, but this pleasure cruiser
can easily be modified to be used for security or planetary escort.

Name: SoroSuub Corp. Landspeeder
Type: Landspeeder
Length: 3.4 meters
  None (can be modified)

The landspeeder is the choice for over-land travel on flat terrain such as
the deserts of Tatooine. Luke Skywalker used his landspeeder to reach the
outlying moisture vaporators, and sometimes to joyride when his uncle
wasn't around to scold him.

Speeder Bike/Swoop
Name: Aratech 74-Z/Mobquet Speeder
Type: Speeder bike
Length: 3.5 - 4.5 meters
  Laser cannons

Speeder bikes and swoops are used in a variety of situations, from racing to
Imperial scouting. Though most speeder bikes come equipped with safety
harnesses and other safety measures, racing swoops are highly modified and
generally nothing more than an engine with a seat.

Naboo Starfighter
Name: Theed Palace N-1 Starfighter
Type: Starfighter
Length: 11 meters
  Twin Blaster Cannons
  Proton Torpedo Launchers

The N-1 starfighter was the premiere starfighter of the Naboo fleet. It's
sleek design and excellent speed created a ship that was designed to excel
not only in combat, but in elegance as well. The N-1 starfighter was limited
to the world of Naboo, and few were ever employed outside the system.

Jedi Starfighter
Name: Kuat Systems Interceptor
Type: Starfighter
Length: 8 meters
  Laser Cannons

The Jedi Starfighter was the ship of choice for Jedis who wished to go about
their business in secret. The ships came equipped with laser cannons and a
slot for an R2 unit, though an external hyperdrive booster was required to
travel to distant parts of the galaxy.

Name: Kuat Scout Transport
Type: Walker
Length: 8.5 meters tall
  Laser Cannons
  Concussion Missiles

The All Terrain Scout Transport was one of the many walkers in the Empire's
arsenal. This two-legged vehicle was equipped with several laser cannons and
concussion missiles, and was used extensively for ground battles on Hoth and

Name: Kuat Personal Transport
Type: Walker
Length: 6.2 meters tall
  Laser Cannons
  Concussion Missiles

The All Terrain Personal Transport was the predecessor to the AT-ST. This
walker could only contain one trooper inside, but was still a formidable
vehicle when first developed during the Old Republic days.

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                       S E C R E T S                       |   (----
|      /                             9.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/


--Unlockable ships in Single Player Missions

T-16 SKYHOPPER - Complete all seven jumps with the landspeeder or swoop bike
in Tatooine Training.

SWOOP BIKE - Complete all three races through Beggar's Canyon in Tatooine

MILLENNIUM FALCON - Get at least a bronze on every mission.

JEDI STARFIGHTER - Get at least a silver on every mission.

NABOO STARFIGHTER - Complete Training on each of 4 times of the day (Morning,
Daytime, Evening, Nighttime) The times are 0:00~5:59; 6:00~11:59; 12:00~17:59;
18:00~23:59. You can change the time settings on your Gamecube options menu,
before you even pop the disc in.

SLAVE 1 - Get at least a bronze on every MAIN mission.

TIE BOMBER - Get silver-medal stats in the Raid of Bakura, and you will be
transferred to the next stage of the level. Here, you will use a TIE Bomber
and take down ground turrets in the canyon. Take down ALL, and I mean ALL,
of the ground turrets before you get to the end and you will receive this

TIE HUNTER - Get all golds.


--Unlockable ships in Co-Op Missions

JEDI STARFIGHTER - Get all golds.

MILLENNIUM FALCON - Get at least a bronze on every mission.

NABOO STARFIGHTER - Get at least a silver on every mission.

TIE ADVANCE X-1 - Get at least a bronze on every mission.

TIE FIGHTER - In Imperial Academy Heist, steal the TIE from both times of
the day (daytime and nighttime) and complete both of them.


--Bonus Missions in Single Player

Attack on the Executor - Needs 30 points to unlock. Above Triumph of the Empire

Death Star Escape - Needs 10 points to unlock. Above Revenge of the Empire.

Escape from Hoth - Needs 20 points to unlock. Left of Battlefield Hoth.

Flight from Bespin - Needs 20 points to unlock. Right of Deception at

Rebel Endurance - Needs 30 points to unlock. Above Attack on the Executor.


--Bonus Missions in Co-Op

Asteroid Field - Needs 35 points to unlock. Above Battle of Hoth

Death Star Escape - Needs 15 points to unlock. Above Death Star Attack.

Endurance - Needs 50 points to unlock. Above Strike at the Core.


--Game Secrets

Ace Mode - Get all Golds in single player and get Naboo Starfighter.

Audio Commentary - Get all bronzes in single player.

Credits - Complete Triumph of Rebellion.

Documentary - Complete Triumph of Rebellion.

Empire Strikes Back Arcade - Complete Triumph of Rebellion.

Star Wars Arcade - Complete Death Star Rescue.


--Codes (thanks to various people who submitted those codes into GameFAQs)

Submit those codes at the Password option of the Options Menu, obviously.
For those codes with 2 passwords, just enter the 1st code and then enter
the 2nd code and you'll be alright.

1st Code     2nd Code     Purpose
HYWSC!WS     NONGAMER     All Single-Player Regular Missions 
RWALPIGC     NOWAYOUT     Asteroid Field 
AXCBPRHK     WHATTHE?     Buick 
WPX?FGC!     EXCERSIZ     Co-Op Endurance 
IIOUAOYE     WIMPIAM!     Gives infinite lives in Co-Op and Single-Player 
VDX?WK!H     ANOKSHIP     TIE Advance 
FRRVBMJK     LOOKOUT!     Tie Hunter 
EEQQ?YPL     CHE!ATER     Unlock all levels (SP) 
LOOKMOM!                  Unlock Credits 
THEDUDES                  Unlock Documentary 
RTWCVBSH     BFNAGAIN     Unlock Naboo Starfighter 
BBGMYWSX     JEDIWHO?     Unlock the Jedi Starfighter 
TGBCWLPN     ZZBOUNTY     Unlock the Slave 1 
YNMSFY?P     YOUDAMAN     Unlocks Ace Mode 
SWGRCQPL     UCHEATED     Unlocks all regular missions in Co-Op 
FRLL!CSF     FARMBOY?     Unlocks Beggars Canyon Race for multiplayer. 
NOCOLOR?                  Unlocks Black and White mode 
YFCEDFRH     DSAGAIN?     Unlocks Death Star Escape in Co-Op 
!H!F?HXS     KOOLSTUF     Unlocks Empire Strikes Back Arcade Game 
RTJPFC!G     TIMEWARP     Unlocks Star Wars Arcade 
!KOOLART                  Unlocks the Art Gallery 
QZCRPTG!     HANSRIDE     Unlocks the Millennium Falcon 
HARKHARK                  Unlocks the Music Hall 
MCKEMAKD     ONESHOT!     Unlocks the TIE fighter in Co-Op
JASDJWFA     !DABOMB!     Unlocks Tie Bomber

 ______                                                               _______
|   _  \=============================================================/       |
|  |_)  |                           F I N                           |   (----
|      /                            10.00                            \   \
|  |\  \----.====================================================.----)   |
| _| `._____|                                                    |_______/

                               Version History

October 3rd: Version 1.0
Well, we finally got this baby out, no thanks to Vic's lagging :). Enjoy!

                                Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Martin, who wrote the majority of the guide. Great work!

2. Once again, thanks to Frank G. for his Star Wars Ships and Vehicles site
(http://frankg.dgne.com/swsv/index.shtml), and the official Star Wars site
(http://www.starwars.com) for their very useful info.

3. CJayC

4. From Martin, to Vic Rome. Thanks a bunch!

5. A shout-out to all the BfN cats, from SubSane.

6. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants' 
guide. It was Vic's major inspiration for writing guides.

                              Contact Information

Martin Dale-Hench (Winnie the poop) did the Single-Mode walkthrough, and
Vic did most of the Co-Op, Versus, Ships and others. Both of us
should be able to answer most of your questions. The emails:

Winnie the poop:
hockeyfox (at) ameritech (dot) net

darksub01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Put 'Star Wars Rebel Strike FAQ' or something similar in the subject line to
ensure the message gets read.

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1. "Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike" is copyright © 2003 LucasArts
Entertainment. All Star Wars trademarks and copyrights are property of
LucasFilm Ltd.

2. This guide copyright © 2004 Vic Rome and Martin Dale-Hench. This
guide may be distributed freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and
UNALTERED form. It is only for private use and may not be reproduced for
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If this guide has been altered in any way and is being displayed publicly,
we reserve the right to have the guide removed from that location.

3. The following sites will always have the latest version:

   GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com
   IGN FAQs: http://faqs.ign.com
   Neoseeker: www.neoseeker.com

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Copyright Martin Dale-Hench and Vic Rome 2004