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How do I get "The end of death commander Tama?" (yellow)?

I want to try and get some of the alternate colors for demon wing, and i know he always appears in this level, but i only have the replay of it on my first run, but not on #8. I tried to lose some battles to sho and orochi repeatedly, but orochi always joins me and i get the red version of the mission, and i cant seem to access the battle again. Just wanted to know if i have a glitch, or if it's possible. Thanks in advance.


T_Mecha_Sonic answered:

the way I got it was:
battle Tama before Orochi tries to take the death crystal from you.
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Tako_mikazuchi answered:

I'm late, but if I recall right, you have to beat all battles against Tama, and lose the death crystal to Orochi, and not get Orochi or Sho. If a cutscene shows up after the battle with Orochi where she has a big Space Dragon and she gets full on possessed, End of Death Commander Tama should be the yellow version.
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