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Asked: 3 years ago

Uhh? Uhh! Help! I've got a glitchy crystal!

Ok, yeah, I guess I asked for it. I use my main save for the 20th force glitch. Sue me. But seriously, i was trying the color change glitch, it wasnt working anymore, on borgs i knew it should work on. I looked for something I may have done wrong, and my game kept freezing when I went to crystals. So I began to delete. And delete. and delete. Then, my game froze when an odd crystal showed up. All I saw was the ID number, and, I figured out, it was a crystal, for a normal Ninja! THOS DONT COME IN CRYSTALS! HALP! WHAT DO I DO? I CANT TRADE ANYTHING, when I try, my game freezes. HALP!

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I think your file might be permenently bricked, only thing you can do in that instance is start over.

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