FAQ/Walkthrough by Leonresd2

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  @@@@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@@     @@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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@@          @@@  @@@           @@     @@@         
@@          @@@  @@@           @@     @@@         
  @@@@@@@@@@        @@@@@@@@@@@       @@@     EVERYTHING OR NOTHING
                                              For the Microsoft Xbox
                                              Full FAQ/Walkthrough
                                              By: Leonresd2 (Anthony Paturzo)
                                              Version 0.3

                            -=Table of Contents=-
         1.0 - Introduction
         2.0 - Legal Stuff
         3.0 - FAQ/Walkthrough Version History
         4.0 - Controls 
         5.0 - Walkthrough
                 5.1 - Ground Zero
                 5.2 - A Long Way Down
                 5.3 - Train Chase
                 5.4 - An Old Friend
                 5.5 - Sand Storm
                 5.6 - Serena St. Germaine
         6.0 - Game Basics
         7.0 - Weapons and Gadgets
         8.0 - Unlockables and Codes
         9.0 - FAQ
        10.0 - Contact and Personal Info
        11.0 - Credits

                            -=1.0 - Introduction=-

Welcome to my first FAQ/Walkthrough, this for the game 007 Everything or 
Nothing. Hopefully this is the first of many FAQS that I will write, I plan to
write one for Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow as well. I decided to write a FAQ
for the latest Bond game because of how cool it is. Some may argue this is the
best Bond game ever made, and I would agree with them.

An original story, Everything or Nothing looks and feels like a multi-million
dollar Hollywood Bond movie. In fact, it is written by the same guy who wrote
the last 4 Bond films. All the voice talents reprise their own role in the game
including Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Everything you expect from a great Bond
film is in the game, helping to make Everything or Nothing great.

My Walkthrough will get you by all the missions, as well as provide strategies
on obtaining Gold and Platinumís. I appreciate any help you wish to give me or 
correct any errors I might have. Scroll down to the contact section for more 
info. I hope this FAQ will provide you with all the help you need in 
completing this great game. Enjoy.

                            -=2.0 - Legal Stuff=-
Let's get this out of the way quick. 

This FAQ/Walkthrough is only for use at Gamefaqs.com. It should not appear on
any other web site or be reproduced in any other way without written permission 
from the copyright owner.

Copyright 2004 Anthony Paturzo
All Rights Reserved

                   -=3.0 - FAQ/Walkthrough Version History=-
- 0.1: February 23, 2004 - Started the outline and filled in the basic 
information for the game.

- 0.2: February 28, 2004 - Finished first 3 missions and all section outlines.
Will submit tomorrow.

- 0.3: March 03, 2004 - Finished 3 more Missions

                             -=4.0 - Controls-=
Here is a list of controls for the Xbox version of Everything or Nothing. I
took this straight from the manual that came with the game.

Game Controls

Left Stick          Move
A Button            Action
R Trigger           Fire Weapon
L Trigger           Lock on Target/Next Target/Sniper Scope
Right Stick         Look/Aim Adjust
D-Pad right-left    Inventory/Bond Sense
Y/X Buttons         Punch Left/Right
B Button            Dive
D-Pad Up            Next Gadget
D-Pad Down          Next Weapon
Black Button        Wall Cover
White Button        Crouch
D-Pad Up-Down       Sniper Zoom (When Looking Through Sniper Scope)
Black Button        Turn Around (While Rappelling)
Start Button        Pause Game
Back Button         Activate Thermo vision

Driving Controls

R Trigger           Forward
L Trigger           Brake/Reverse
B Button            Handbrake
Left Stick          Steer Left/Right
A Button            Fire Weapon
D-Pad Left-right    Next Weapon
or Black Button
X Button            Activate Gadget
Y Button            Enter/Exit Vehicle (Only in Designated Areas)
Right Stick Down    Look Back
Left Stick          Move Bond (When Outside Vehicle)
Y Button            Context Sensitive Action Button (When Outside Vehicle)
Left Stick          Altitude (Helicopter Only)
R Trigger + B       Burnout (Motorcycle Only)
R Trigger + L Stick Down     Wheelie (Motorcycle Only)
B Button            180-Degree Spin (Rail Mission Only)
R Stick (click)     Center Turret (Non-Rail Tank Only)
R Stick Up-Down     Raise/Lower Cannon (Tank Only)
R Stick Left-Right  Rotate Cannon (Tank Only)
X Button            Self Destruct (RC Car Only)
D-Pad Up            Change Camera
White Button        Toggle HUD Map
Start Button        Pause Game

                             -=5.0 Walkthrough=-
In this Walkthrough I will first break down the mission, telling you how to
go about completing all your objectives and leading you to bond moments. Then
will come the strategy section on how to obtain Gold and then Platinum on each
stage. If you have your own strategy for a mission, feel free to send it to me
and I will post it here. Check the contact section for more info. 

This Walkthrough is written for the Agent and 00 Agent difficulties only. If
playing on operative, just follow the objectives that need to be completed.
Before each mission is a quick overview of what you need. Ok, that covers it 
all, here we go...

5.1 - Ground Zero

Bond Moments - 2
Difficulty - *
Gold Target - 75,000
Platinum Objective - Take 500 damage or less

Start up Everything or Nothing for the first time and you will be taken 
straight into this mission. Very similar to most Bond movie openings. After the
cut scene, a very brief tutorial will start. Just follow the instructions on
screen and before no time you will gain full control of Bond.

Once you have control you must wait for the hover craft to lift off. Go ahead
and get a feel for the aiming and shoot a couple of guys. There is body armor
to your left if you need it. In just a couple of seconds you will see the 
hover plane fly up and fire a couple of missiles, then your given your first

-Primary Objective: Retrieve nuclear device

You will see the suitcase lying in the middle of the floor, go ahead and exit
to your right and make your way towards the device. Clear the area of enemies,
shouldn't be too difficult, just take them out while running and gunning.
Once you get to the suitcase, press the A button to pick it up. Objective
Complete. You will see another short cut scene and be given another objective.

-Primary Objective: Obtain a rocket launcher

You see a enemy firing a rocket from a balcony. You need to make your way up to
where he was. Once you regain control, go ahead and use your bond sense (left
on the control pad) and get a good aim on the guy with the rocket. Hit the left
trigger to focus on him and give him a few rounds to finish him off. There are
quite a few bad guys in this area, but for the most part, they are not all 
shooting at you, so don't worry about killing everyone.

Go straight and you will see an open door. As you approach a enemy will run out.
Just run and gun and make your way up the stairs. Once you reach the top, on
your left you will find rocket launchers and some body armor. Picking up the
rocket launcher will trigger the next event and open the door in front of you.
Objective Complete and your given a new one.

-Primary Objective: Destroy the hover jet

Alright, we get to take out a jet. You should have your rocket launcher on and
ready to fire away. Take some cover along one of the pillars near the center
glass. Just be careful because your cover won't last too long. Lock onto the
jet and fire a rocket at it. You'll probably get hit from one if its missiles 
and be knocked down, don't panic, it won't do much damage. Just keep firing and
after 4 or 5 hits you will see a cut scene of the jet flying off. Notice that
it made a hole in the wall. Objective Complete.

-Primary Objective: Escape through the wall

1 Jet down, 2 tanks to go. You should still have rockets left in that launcher,
and if you don't, thereís some along the wall and more from the same place you
found it. Go ahead and take out those tanks before going back down. 2 hits 
should do the trick on each. Try not to expose yourself to much, as you'll be
under heavy fire. Use whatever extra rockets you got left and take out as many
guys as you can. It would be good if you can save at least 2 rockets for later. 
Once both tanks are down, don't head down the stairs, instead
just walk off the same balcony you saw the guy shooting the rocket from 
earlier. This will be your first Bond move. Rappel to the ground and make your
way to the left. Watch out for another tank like gunner to appear towards the 
left back wall. Use your last couple of rockets to take it out. 
If you walk all the way to the left wall, 2 enemies will rappel down. Take them 
out before they get to the ground for another Bond move. After that, just run
for the wall while gunning and you'll be finished with the 1st mission.


* Going for Gold

Definitely the easiest mission to get Gold on. You only need 25,000 points.
Be sure to take out a few guys and do the Bond moves for an easy Gold.

* Going for Platinum

Again the easiest mission to get Platinum on. Take 500 damage or less is your
objective. There's a meter on the upper right hand side of the screen telling
you exactly how much damage you have taken. I ran through the mission at 
blinding speed and still only took 250-300 damage. Don't worry about your score
or doing bond moves, just try and finish the mission as quick as possible,
without taking much damage.

5.2 - A Long Way Down

Bond Moments - 5
Difficulty - ***
Gold Target - 90,000
Platinum Objective - Complete mission in 3:30

After doing the training tutorial you will come upon the 2nd mission of 
Everything or Nothing, A Long Way Down. You will be doing quite a lot of
rappelling in this mission. Watch the opening scene and you will take control
of bond on his way down the 1st part of the building. Rappel down the building,
move left and right to avoid any flames. When you land you will see the camera
zoom through a vent shaft and some guards.

-Primary Objective: Drop explosive into vent

Alright, let me explain my problem here. From what I hear, you can go through
this part without being seen, yet the guards always see me when I hit the 
ground. Either way, there are 2 Bond Moments in this one section.
Once you land, if you use your Bond sense and look to your left, you will see
a rappel spot, going up their will get you a Bond Move and a sniper.
The other Bond Move is activating the steam vents. Once you rappel down from 
the previous Bond move, look to your left, there is a machine against the wall
that you can press to raise the steam. Use your Bond sense if you can't find 
it. Just make sure you get a guard on the vents, or you won't receive the Bond

There is body armor behind a barrel on the right side, near where you first
rappelled down from. Finish off the guards and go towards the vent. Press the A
Button and you will see a short scene of part of the building exploding.

-Primary Objective: Rappel off building edge
Once you gain control of Bond again, a ton of guards are coming after you. 
Ignore them and jump off the newly made hole on the ledge and start rappelling 
down again. You will see two raised platforms and one in the middle thatís
further down. Make your way to the right raised platform, as soon as you land,
put on your Bond sense and look back up towards the building. You should see
2 guards rappelling down, waste them with ease.

Go ahead and start rappelling down again, jump to the left and head towards the
middle platform. Once there, jump straight off and make for the little ledge
you see in front of you. You will see a little explosion before reaching it.
Upon touchdown there will be a guard right there waiting for you, waste him and
continue on inside. There will be one other guard to your right. Before you 
make your way to the right side window, head left and pick up the rocket 
As you make your way to the window, you should see a table on your left side.
Walk up to it and press the A Button to use it as cover for another Bond move.
2 guards will rappel down to the window, shoot them and continue down from the
window. On this next ledge, to your right will be 2 more guards, after 
finishing them, jump off again to the next part of the building. There you will
find some body armor. Continue on to the next platform.

-Primary Objective: Shut off flame vents

Upon arrival, 3 guards will appear. 2 break to the other side and 1 hides 
behind cover. 
There is another one of those switches that you hit earlier before, on your 
left side. Press it again for the steam to come up and for your 4th Bond move.
Now take out those 3 guys and press the button to shut off the vents.

After the flames are gone, some new guards will appear, including one with a
rocket launcher. Use your Bond sense and you will see 2 guards coming down from
the walls. Make your way to the opening in the wall after disposing of them, 
and hug the wall to your left. 
Look up and you should be able to target something on the ceiling. There will
be 2 targets to shoot. Move around a little if your having trouble finding it.
There should be one on your right and one to the left. Doing so will cause the
ceiling to crumble down for your last Bond move. Finish off anyone who gets in
your way, and just run off the building to your left side. Mission Complete.


* Going for Gold

Fairly easy to get gold here. Doing all the Bond moves gets you 50,000. Be sure
to kill some enemies and you should be fine.

* Going for Platinum

3:30 seems a little hard at first, but really it isn't. Just make sure you stay
alive, thatís the biggest key. I was able to finish this with a good minute and
half left. Remember that score and bond moves do not matter. Your just trying
to finish the mission before time runs out. Stay alive and donít remain idle 
and you'll have this one with no problem.

5.3 - Train Chase

Bond Moments - 3
Difficulty - *
Gold Target - 150,000
Platinum Objective - Get to the train in under 3:30

This is the first driving mission in Everything or Nothing. After the cut scene 
you gain control of Bond and you have a choice either to go to the right or to
the left. Going to the left will allow you to use the Porsche Cheyenne for the 
mission, going to the right will give you the motorcycle. Either way, the 
mission is pretty simple, and since your not trying for platinum yet, choice
which ever you prefer.

-Primary Objective: Catch up to the train

The only part that varies in this mission, depending on which vehicle you 
choose, is the very beginning. So I'll try to brake that up so it doesnít get


Hop on and take the road straight, you pretty much have one way to go at the 
start. After breaking through some glass you'll come upon a dirt road. Follow 
the train on the tracks and you'll fall from the tracks back onto the dirt 
road again. You are already in the right spot for all 3 Bond Moves. Continue 
on your path, and you'll see a helicopter, fire a few missiles but ignore it for
the most part. Make a jump and you'll be on the same road as the Porsche,
continue reading from after the Porsche section.


Hop in to the styling SUV and head straight through the flames. Keep going 
straight and bust through the first double door glass. As soon as you come out
of that, there will be a gate closing, fire a missile to take care of it and
continue driving. The bridge will break from the dam, just hop over it and keep
going. Some jeeps will come after you, take them out with missiles and your 
machine guns. Soon enough you'll be in a tunnel. Stay on your left side, as
soon as the tunnel ends, there will be a small path on the left side of the    
road. Take this path and your at the same spot as the motorcycle.

Now you pass through a small air field, or so it looks like. Take out any 
enemies along the way. You'll soon come to a cave like area.
As you continue, you will see a hill, and a helicopter will appear from bellow.
Fire everything you got at it, and be sure to shoot it down before you make the
jump for a Bond Move.

Continue on the path through some pillars. You will see some explosions and a
pillar coming down.
Once the pillar comes down, there is a ramp on your left side, take this ramp
at full speed for another Bond Move. If your on the bike, be sure to take the
ramp from left to right to avoid crashing into the wall.

-Primary Objective: Get underneath the train

Continue on and you'll see the train on the right side, firing at your ass like
crazy. Just keep driving until you see a hill on the right which will bring you
onto the tracks. Make the jump for the last Bond Move.

Follow the tracks and fire some missiles at the train to knock out the gunners.
Now just accelerate behind the train and wait for it to reach the bridge.
Mission Complete.


* Going for Gold

If you are having problems getting gold here, just try and finish the mission
quicker and be sure to knock out a few enemies on the way, as well as doing the
the Bond moves. 

* Going for Platinum

I recommend the Porsche when going for platinum. Know the map well and try not
to hit any corners or to crash. Pretty straight forward, shouldn't be too

5.4 - An Old Friend

Bond Moments - 4
Difficulty - **
Gold Target - 125,000
Platinum Objective - Take no damage

This mission is mostly stealth, with a boss fight at the end of it. There are
a few slight changes depending if your playing on Agent or 00 Agent, I will 
bring them out as I go along.

- Primary Objective: Destroy 6 missile launch computers

You'll start this mission behind a crate and with 3 enemies in front of you.
Make sure you don't have a gun equipped and wait for the guard on the right to
turn around so that his back is towards you. While crouched, sneak up behind
the first guard on the left who is playing around on the computer, and hit the
X or Y button to dispose of him. 

Immediately make your way to the 2nd guard who
is in the middle, also playing around with a computer, and dispose of him the
same as the previous guard. Remain crouched over the 2nd guard. At this point
the 3rd guard on the right should turn around and see a dead body, he will 
begin to walk over to see what has happened. When he sees you, he will make his
way to the alarm, knock him out before he does this.
Knock out all 3 guys before they sound the alarm to receive the Bond Move.

Once all 3 guards are taken care of, take out a gun and take out the 6 
computers that are in this 1st room. There are also some computers in the 2nd
room, but you can complete this objective right in the first train cart. Once
this is done, head out towards the 2nd room.

This room varies depending on the difficulty. On Agent there will only be 2
guards in this room, and on 00 Agent there is 3. No body armor is present while
playing on 00 Agent, but you will find some on opposite sides of the 2 desks 
when you first walk in if your playing on Agent.

The 1st guard to the right is the easiest to take out, he has his back turned 
to you. 00 Agent people, wait for the other guard in front of you to turn the
corner before taking out this 1st guard. When the guard closest to you (00
Agent) sees that his fellow guard is dead, he will make his way towards the
dead body. Play a little hide and go seek with him. When he comes towards the
body, go crouched to the other side of the desk so he can't see you. Basically
you want to keep the desk between you and him. After investigating, he will
draw out his weapon and move slowly, this is the perfect opportunity to sneak
up behind him and take care of it.

There is one other guard walking around the back of the room who can be taken
out with stealth pretty easily. Do this and continue on to the next room.
Take out all the guards without them seeing you to get the Bond Move in the 2nd

As soon as you walk into the 3rd room (remaining crouched), walk straight up to
the guy who is walking away from you. Take him out before he reaches the corner
of the crates. Now wait and hide behind the double stacked crates, there is a
little hole in between crates, and you should see the next guard patrolling the
area. Wait for him to reach the corner and turn around, then do that thing you
do and snap his neck. Onto the 4th room
Take out both guards without being spotted to receive this Bond Move.

Again, as soon as you enter the 4th room, break immediately to the left and take
care of the guard walking away from you. You will see another guard right in 
front of you, playing on his computer. Take care of him easily. Now take care
of the 3rd guard, who is on the opposite side of the machinery, any way you 
want, just don't make him sound the alarm. And make your way into the final
Kill all guards before the alarm is sounded to get the Bond Move.

This next room is pitch black and you don't have to worry about stealth. Press
the back button to turn on your thermals and take out the biggest gun you got.
There is roughly 4 or 5 guards in this room, take them out the usual way and
make your way into the boss fight area.

Once you make it into the fight with Jaws, the game will automatically continue
from here, should you die.


When this fight starts, Jaws will rip one of the 4 pillars and throw it at you.
Your best bet is to hid behind one of the 2 in the back row where you stand. He
will do this twice, revealing electricity where the pillars used to be. Go out
and punch him a couple of times. He will lose his balance and start falling
backwards. Do this until he gets electrocuted. If your on 00 Agent, do it again
and punch him into the electricity the same way.

For his last life, Jaws will charge at you every time. Just keep the electricity
in front of and you and Jaws, and when he tries to charge at you, he will go
right into the electricity and finish himself off. Mission Complete.


* Going for Gold

Getting Gold should be really simple. Do the Bond moves and go through the lvl
with stealth. Your weapon accuracy and efficiency should be really high which
allows Gold to be a walk in the park.

* Going for Platinum

This can get difficult. The first 4 rooms shouldn't be a problem. Stealth
through them like you normally would. The major problem is the 5th room, the
dark one where you are forced to fight with a gun. Some luck is required here,
try to take your time and use as much cover as you can. Keep in mind, taking
damage during the boss fight is OK, it doesn't count against you.

5.5 - Sand Storm

Bond Moments - 3
Difficulty - ***
Gold Target - 160,000
Platinum Objective - Destroy General's base in less than 0:45

Get to do a little flying now. This mission isn't to bad on Agent, but you 
really get pounded good when on 00 Agent.

-Primary Objective: Catch up to the General's helicopter

This mission is pretty linear, meaning you have 1 straight path to take. Stay
near the water and take out the first boat that you see, make sure it is 
completely destroyed. Continue on and watch out for any tanks on the cliffs 
A little further you will see a wooden bridge with some tanks on them, fire a 
missile at one of the tanks for a Bond Move.

Be careful as a helicopter will start shooting at you, press the X button to
release some flare to avoid on coming missiles. Be sure to shoot down any boats
if you see them. You'll now come to a open area, where you will see another
helicopter firing missiles at you and at the pillars. Be careful of the 
falling pillars, make sure not to get hit, as you'll take some hefty damage.
Take out the 3rd and last boat in the water to finish this Bond Moment.

Another helicopter will be in front of you, firing missiles at the arc of 
rocks, be sure to fly high to avoid any falling rocks. Follow the path till you
get an open shot at him, and take him down. Continue on a little further and
you will see a short scene of the general's helicopter flying away.

- Primary Objective: Eliminate the General

Follow the General's helicopter and be sure to use flares. Don't fire missiles,
as he will release his own flares and block your missiles. It is better to save
them for latter. 
Continue following the General's helicopter and avoid all the fire that comes
out from the walls to get the last Bond Move.

- Primary Objective: Destroy General's secret base

After coming out of the pyramid type structure, the General will flee to his
hideout. You must now take it out. Fire flares from time to time to avoid the
missiles. Fire at the three shield like structures and knock them all down.
Once that is done, fire bombs or missiles at the top of the structure until it
is completely destroyed. Mission Complete.


* Going for Gold

Getting gold here shouldn't be a problem. Don't squander away missiles and keep
your accuracy high.

* Going for Platinum

The timer will appear as soon as the cut scene is over. Just save missiles
early on in the mission and pound away at the structure while locked on. This
becomes a little more difficult if you are forced to use bombs. Try to find a 
good position and just keep nailing it.

5.6 - Serena St. Germaine

Bond Moments - 2
Difficulty - ***
Gold Target - 150,000
Platinum Objective - Get to Diavolos fortress in less than 1:50

Another driving mission. This one starts with a little chase.

- Primary Objective: Intercept the patrol jeep before it reaches the village

If your on Agent, just follow and wait to lock on and fire away with missiles.
On 00 Agent, the car will use flares, so your best bet is to use the machine
gun. At this point it should be upgraded. Don't worry if you lose a lot of life
here, you won't be fighting anymore until you reach a checkpoint.

- Primary Objective: Locate and enter 003'sk hideout

Once the car is destroyed, bring up your map (white button) and follow the blue
dot. Once you approach, a mechanical entrance will appear. Follow the on screen
instructions and receive the telephone call.

- Primary Objective: Get to the Hotel Americano

Once you get in the Cheyenne a timer will appear. You will have 3 minutes on 
Agent and 2:10 on 00 Agent, to reach the hotel that Serena is at. Once you exit
the mechanical bridge, make a right, as there is a blockade to your left. Use
your map if necessary. Once you reach the town, there are patrol vehicles that
are driving around. Pay attention to your map, it is similar to the Metal Gear
Solid radar, where the jeeps can only see in there yellow cone. Use the Q-Cloak
by pressing the X button. But try to save the energy, only use it when you know
a patrol vehicle is in your view.

Make your way towards the street that leads to the blue dot on your map, and 
you will see a short scene. You need to make a distraction by using fireworks.
Make your way to the opposite side of the village your in, stay hidden from
patrols, and make your way to the blue marker, which is across the street from
the fire work store. 

Press the Y button to release the RC Car. Control the car across the street and
up the ramp on your right. Make a right turn and follow the ledge. You'll 
eventually come upon a vent on the left side of the wall. Press the A button to
use your laser to cut through.
Once inside the fire work place, the RC Car will lock onto a opening in a crate
of fire works. Press the A button to use your laser to set it off. You will
cause a distraction and get a Bond Move.

Now make your way back to the street that was blocked and pass through. Go 
around 3 or 4 U turns and you'll come to another small village. The hotel is 
not far off from here. Follow your map and stay away from any patrols. Use the 
cloak when necessary.

Once you get to the hotel, you have reached a check-point. If you should die,
you will restart here with full health.

- Primary Objective: Reach the base of mountain fortress

Now you can fire away at anything if you wish. But I recommend using the Q 
cloak and avoiding any fire fights. Turn it on and off as you see them coming.
Just follow your map or listen to what Serena tells you. Eventually you will
come to a S turn in a small shopping district.
You will come across a small blockade of 2 jeeps in your way. Drive straight to
the left side to avoid them and get a Bond Move.

Follow this path until you see a tank. Where to go from here is quite obvious.
Go off the road to the left and make the jump back across the road. As you
approach the front door, you'll hear M tell you to find another way. You will
see a blockade to the left as your driving. Just go through this to reach the
end of the mission.


* Going for Gold

Know the board well and cut your time short if your having trouble with Gold.
Try not to waste ammo and do all the Bond moves.

* Going for Platinum

This time is brutal. Keep in mind the time keeps ticking even during the cut
scenes, so be sure to skip those. I made this while the clock was ticking from
00:00 to failed, thatís how close it was. My only suggestions is that you avoid
fighting at all costs. Know where the patrols are and Cloak right before you
come to them, and uncloak when your in the clear. Once you reach the little 
village before the Bond move, your cloak is going to be finished, but don't 
worry about it, you won't need it, just keep driving. Try this a few times and
you should get it.

3 more mission coming soon (if I can get away from Ninja Gaiden)

                              -=6.0 - Game Basics=-

This section will explain some basics from Everything or Nothing that will help
you while playing.


To lock onto a target, pull and hold the L trigger. You see the target 
indicator. Pull R trigger to fire. To use manual aim, pull and hold the L 
trigger, adjust the target location with the Right stick. You can change 
targets by moving the manual aim crosshairs in the direction of the target you
want to select. Fire in short burst for better accuracy.


Crouching behind crates, furniture, or other items in your environment is an
excellent way to remain undetected. To crouch, press the White button. 
Crouching behind objects in your environment can help you avoid being hit during
a fire fight. You can shoot over cover while crouching.

Wall Hug

To avoid detection, sometimes it is best to closely strafe a wall instead of
walking out in the open. To wall hug, approach a wall and press the black
button. To strafe, move the Left stick left and right while in a wall hug, To
shoot from a corner, lock onto your target by pulling and holding the L trigger
and fire by pulling the R trigger. Engaging in a wall hug and peering around 
corners is an excellent way of determining if there are enemies in the vicinity
while still remaining undetected.

Hand-To-Hand Combat

Sometimes the best weapon for the job is your own hands. To engage in hand-to-
hand combat, press Y and/or X. To throw an opponent, press Y and X at the same
time. To counter an enemy hand-to-hand attack, press Y and A at the same time
just before he attacks. To subdue an enemy with stealth, sneak up on him and
use a hand attack from behind.

Bond Sense

Use Bond Sense to take a quick reading of your surroundings and obtain useful
information about objects in the world around you. To enter Bond Sense, press
left or right on the D-pad. The action around you slows and your inventory list
appears. While using Bond Sense, move the right stick to move the camera view.
When the interest indicator appears, pull and hold the R trigger to zoom in.


To rappel, run directly at the ledge. The rappel gadget automatically attaches
itself to the ledge and allows you to descend. Pull and hold L trigger to lock
onto the ledge you want to attach to. Pull R trigger to fire rappel. Run 
directly towards the wall and automatically begin to scale it.


To accelerate, pull and hold the R trigger. To steer left or right move the L
stick left and right. To brake and reverse, pull and hold the L trigger. To 
fire the currently selected weapon, press A. To switch weapons, move the D-pad
left or right or press the Black button. To strafe in a helicopter, press and 
hold the B button and move left and right.

                        -=7.0 - Weapons and Gadgets=-

This section covers a description of all weapons and gadgets in Everything or


This wall climbing gadget comes in handy when a swift exit is required. See
Rappel in Game Basics section for more information on how to use the Rappel.

Q Spider

The Q Spider is not only an excellent remote reconnaissance gadget; it also
handily doubles as a deadly weapon. To use the Q Spider, select if from the 
inventory, press A button to activate. Move the Left stick to control the Q
Spider. You can now penetrate hostile territory remotely. When available, to
detonate the Q Spider, putt the R trigger. Be mindful of how you control the
Q Spider. It is only silent when moving slowly.

Nano Suit

Remaining undetected during covert operations is essential. Use this Nano Suit 
to become invisible. But be careful, if you move to quickly to effect is 

Sleeper Dart

One shot from this standard-issue MI6 sleeper dart gun puts an enemy to sleep 
for hours.

Coin Grenades

These seemingly normal-looking coins carry a dangerous payload. Choose between
three types:
Explosive - Damages enemies caught in the explosion.
Strobe - Creates a blinding flash that stuns enemies for a time.
EMP - Disables electronic equipment in the blast area.


These contact lenses allow you to see the heat signatures of enemies, even in 
the dark. Press the back button to turn thermos on.

RC Car

The RC Car is perfect for getting into places where going through the front 
door is not an option, To deploy the RC Car, press Y when prompted. To fire
the RC Car's laser, press A, to detonate, press X. Keep your eye on the battery
meter. The vehicle self-destructs when it runs out of power.

This is not a complete list, more coming soon.

                         -=8.0 - Unlockables and Codes=-

Here will be a list of everything you can unlock as well as the cheat codes 
that you get for completing platinumís.

I'm currently working on this section, I will fill it in as I go along in the

                                -=9.0 - FAQ=-
Q: How do I target objects that can't be targeted by pressing the L Trigger?

A: You have to enter into Bond Sense. Press Left on the directional pad, and 
look around until you find the target you want. Now press the L Trigger to lock
onto it and exit Bond Sense.

Ask a question and I will try to answer it. I will fill this in as I receive

                      -=10.0 - Contact and Personal Info=-

I'm accepting all e-mails as of now. Any comments, questions, concerns, your 
own walkthrough's, strategies, idea's, correct my mistakes, anything. Send all
e-mails to M4HLeon@optonline.com.

A little about myself - I live in Nutley, NJ and I've been a gamer since age
3. I'm currently 18 and in my last year of high school. One of the most 
inspiring moments in my life was on February the 27th, when I met Penny-Arcade
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of Gabe, me, and Tycho in that order. 


The most influential games in my life, in no particular order:
Mortal Kombat - My first PSX game.
Twisted Metal Black - Brought me back into gaming after a good while off.
Metal Gear Solid - This and RE2 converted me into a true gamer.
Resident Evil 2 - This and MGS converted me into a true gamer.
Final Fantasy 7 - First RPG.

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