Platinum Medal Walkthrough by kafabrith

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                             PLATINUM GUIDE
                              Version 1.4

1.Legal Junk
4.The Guides
 4-1. Ground Zero
 4-2. A Long Way Down
 4-3. Train Chase
 4-4. An Old Friend
 4-5. Sand Storm
 4-6. Serena St. Germaine
 4-7. Vertigo
 4-8. The Ruined Tower
 4-9. Death of an Agent
 4-10. A Show of Force
 4-11. Mardi Gras Mayhem
 4-12. The Kiss Kiss Club
 4-13. Death's Door
 4-14. Battle in the Big Easy
 4-15. Faded Splendor
 4-16. The Machinery of Evil
 4-17. The Pontchartrain Bridge
 4-18. A Simple Exchange
 4-19. Red Line
 4-20. Ambushed
 4-21. The High Road
 4-22. Diavolo's Plan
 4-23. The Platinum War
 4-24. Dangerous Descent
 4-25. Red Underground
 4-26. The Final Card
 4-27. Everything or Nothing
5.Frequently Asked Questions
6.ASCII maps



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Version 1.4
Added new strategies
Added more people that have helped
Added another ascii map
Fixed a couple bugs

Version 1.21
Fixed some minor things.
Placed on

Version 1.2
Added the catacombs map for "Death of an Agent".
Fixed a small bug.

Version 1.0
What you see here. I (probably) have many bugs and errors. I still need to work
on "Death of an Agent".



Hello. This guide just explains tips and walkthroughs on how to get platinums on
the missions NOT how to beat them and go through them. There are other
walkthroughs for that. On some of them it will explain how to get gold, but on
places that are very easy to get gold, I won't even bother explaining. These
walkthroughs make it easier to get platinum/gold but it's not required doing it
the way I explain it. For example you can blaze right through the 9th mission if
you can complete it that way easier than going slower (though I doubt anybody
could get platinum on that level going really fast). Another thing, NEVER expect
to get platinum first try. Especially on levels with 3-5 stars. Also, NEVER
expect all these guides to work for you. Anyways, on to the missions.


Ground Zero
Difficulty: *
Platinum Requirement: Take 500 damage or less

Easy way too easy. But then again, it's the first level so that's what you
should expect.

I would write a walkthrough on it, but it would be just like any regular
walkthrough for this level. The only tip I have is to be more cautious going
through the level. Also don't bother destroying the turret at the end. Just run.


A Long Way Down
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Finish Mission in 3:30

Although the level is a little hard, the platinum requirement isn't too harsh.

Once you're at the bottom of the building, run straight towards your objective
killing the people around the vent. Put the charge in and rappel straight down.
Go down as fast as you can and keep going until you hit the flame vents. Grab
the body armor. Take out a grenade and run towards the area to shut it off. Blow
up the 3 people there and shoot them if they survived. Shut off the vents and
take cover. Take out anybody you see. You should have plenty of time. Once
nobody is in sight run straight towards the end without thinking about other
people in your way. You should have plenty of time left over.


Train Chase
Difficulty: *
Platinum Requirement: Finish Mission in 2:15

Easy. Just easy.

Take the motorcycle as it is much faster, and the route is easier. Once you get
to the airport (or whatever it is), make sure you follow the other motorcycles
and not go right. Get the 1st and 3rd bond moments. That's all the advice you'll


An Old Friend
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Requirement: Take no damage

Very difficult because a little mistake causing you to get shot once will ruin
the objective and you will have to start all over.

At the very beginning you can stealth disable everyone without them noticing,
but I like to just throw a grenade at them to kill them all. It does take a
little time to get the timing right. I would say you should detonate it right
when Bond's arm goes near his hip. Destroy 6 consoles and grab the desert
eagles. Crouch and go to the next room. Do stealth on the guy to the right and
equip the desert eagle while you're doing so. Crouch again and shoot the nearest
guy once or twice thus killing him. The next guy will be shooting at you, but he
won't hit you since you're crouching. After he's dead crouch and go through the
next door.

Do some stealth on the guy to the left and take cover ahead behind the crates.
Wait for a guy to come patrolling and shoot him in the head with a silenced P99
(adjust w/right analog stick). If done correctly, nobody else will come. Go
through the next door while crouching. Take cover and shoot the guy coming at
the left in the head. Run towards him and another guard should be there. Shoot
him and take cover at the long part of the machine (not the short). There should
be another person coming. Shoot him before he gets close to you. Nobody else
should come. Now, take your favorite weapon, turn on thermovision, and go into
the next part. Do not crouch. Once you go through, go right into bond sense and
lock on the guy at the right (locking will take you out of bond sense) and shoot
him once you lock on him. It's very hard to do without getting hit. Now quickly
take cover and shoot anybody that starts to come towards you. If you did it
right, then you get the platinum objective (it's completed before you meet Jaws).


Sand Storm
Difficulty: *
Platinum Requirement: Defeat the general in 0:45

Too easy. But it's an early mission so what's to expect?

Don't bother to attack him before you get to him. You'll only waste your ammo.
Take out the shield generators with the missiles and use bombs once you're out
of missiles. If you use bombs, then stop right above him and don't move.


Serena St. Germaine
Difficulty: ***
Platinum Requirement: Finish mission from the hotel in 1:55

Yes it is a little difficult and it will take a while, but it's not going to be
really frustrating.

Just make sure you go through the level without anybody slowing you down. Taking
the 2nd bond moment will help, but not by that much. It might even slow you down
depending on how well you are at maneuvering. Get to the tank cutscene by 0:44
and you should be good.


Difficulty: ****
Platinum Requirement: Finish mission in 4:00

Very difficult. Mainly because of one part.

At the very beginning, run straight through the dark hallway thing to kill the
first guard. For the next part go relatively quick, but take a little time so
you won't get slaughtered. As you are going up the next wall, take out your
sleeper dart and shoot the guy in front of you with it once you get up. Then
quickly change your weapons (via bond sense) and shoot the guy at the right and
take cover at that little wall. Shoot down 2 of the guards and take the 3rd one
out while you are still going. Once you get up the next wall, be prepared for a
guy rappeling down from above. Once he's dead, get the body armor and rappel up.
Take out the AK74 to kill the rocket guard up ahead because it has a longer
range than your other weapons. Push the cart and go into bond sense after a
little while. Target the building at the right and shoot it completing an
objective and getting a bond moment. The next 3 guys are relatively hard to
kill, but there's no special or secret way to easily kill them. Rappel up and
watch the 3 guards to come out of the room and kill them with a machine gun as
they do. Rappel up to the next part and shoot out the guy ahead of you and kill
the next guy.

Now here's the hard part. You must have at least half of your life in order to
survive. As you're rappelling up, take your sleeper darts and shoot either the
left or right guy. Go into bond sense and grab a strobe grenade. Run around for
a second then go back into bond sense and target the middle guy and throw the
grenade at him. Kill the 2 guys then grab the body armor and the uplink, and
rappel down. Kill the guy in front of you with the MP5K and rappel down (ignore
the rappelers). You should have about 1:00 by now Keep going while killing the
guys with that gun and make sure you don't forget to install the uplink. As you
rappel down, if you have 0:30, then you need to rush this part. If you have any
time higher than that, take cover until it's 0:32. You may however be able to
finish it with 0:25, but it's not too likely, unless you don't get the body
armor. Take out the guys coming at you. Once you are finished, get the body
armor and finish the level ignoring everyone else.


The Ruined Tower
Difficulty: *****
Platinum Requirement: Fire 10 rounds or less

What!? This difficulty this early? Yes. It is very, very difficult. This place
was the last place I got platinum on so don't expect it to be very easy.

At the beginning wait for the 1st person to turn around before you stealth
disable him. If the other person notices, then he runs right up to you, and
turns around ready to be stealth disabled. If he doesn't then just go up and
kill him stealthily. You get a bond moment doing this. Go out of the building
and head to the right while crouching. Stop for a second and wait for the guy to
pass by and do some stealth on him. Now wait behind the ruins as the other guy
notices that one of his guys is dead and disable him while he's checking him.
You should get another bond moment.

Rappel up to the sniper area, grab the sniper rifle, and shoot the rocketeer.
Rappel back down and keep going until you get to the column while going up the
ramp thing. Take cover as some guards will run up to you. Take them out as they
get right next to you. Once there aren't any more guys coming after you, go up
back to the sniper ledge and grab the body armor, even if you don't really need
it. Go back down and pull out your desert eagle. Run straight to the next rappel
point while killing the 1 or 2 guards around the rappel area with the desert
eagle (use 3-4 shots max). Quickly rappel up, duck and take cover from the guys
below. If done correctly, you will take minimum damage.

If you don't see anybody coming after you, then send a Q spider next to the
armor but don't get it. Instead just leave it there until you need it, unless
you need it now. Go and take cover from the guys ahead of you and use a melee
attack on the first person that comes right next to you. Shoot the next guy with
a desert eagle. Run up to the behind cover just as he puts his head back down
when he's looking. Smack him against the wall and run up to the next cover that
isn't a nook in the wall. Take out your desert eagle and take out anyone that
comes after you with it. You can also use sleeper darts. Leave at least 3 shots
left. If you can't, kill the next Once the coast is clear and you got the body
armor from the Q spider, and the other one in between the 2 ruin things, you're
good to go. However DO NOT GET THE ROCKET LAUNCHER. Doing so will result in more
people coming after you.

Head down and move the cart. Wait a little while for the cart to hit the wall.
Run outside and get blown by the rocketeer and shot. It's okay because you have
full life and you're right next to a body armor. Grab the body armor and pull
out your desert eagle. Run towards the end of the level and shoot the guys in
your way but leave 1 shot to shoot the dynamite to open the wall. Go inside to
end the mission.


Death of an Agent
Difficulty: *****
Platinum Requirement: Take 100 damage or less

5 stars again?! Yes it is that difficult. Mainly the catacombs part is the hard

At the very beginning send a spider through up above the guards and drop it on
them to get a bond moment. Go down the stairs and shoot the guy at the bottom
while you're at it. Talk to 003 and see him die. Take out the next guard before
he notices you and shoots you. I prefer to kill the next 2 guards really quickly
but if you like to go slow, then go slow. However once you killed those 3
guards, run through the level and shoot the 2 guards that run from you before
they take cover and become difficult to kill without taking damage. Grab the
body armor and sig 552 (even though you won't need the body armor). Take cover
at the wall and shoot the guys with the sig 552. Once you can't lock onto any
more guards, run straight to the catacombs even though there are guards coming
after you (they won't follow you into the catacombs).

Look at the map I have of the catacombs at the bottom of this FAQ.

Once you get out, do NOT open the door using the lever yet. Scour the area first
for guards, then pull the lever. After you pull the lever, take cover the whole
time and use grenades if you have any left. Also getting the 3rd bond moment
(blowing up the gas canister while a guy is next to it) will help. Once you've
killed all the enemies, go through with the level.

Note: You do not have to worry about the goal during the leap of faith because
it is already done.


A Show of Force
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Get to the plane from 003's hideout in 0:45

It may take you a little while to do it, but it shouldn't be too hard.

Once you've completed the first part of the mission, get on the bike and head
right. At the intersection, a vehicle will drive up in front of your face, but
you can just avoid it by heading to the right. Take the little jump as you keep
going and go straight into the path in the woods giving you a bond moment. Right
when you get back onto the road, veer to the right and once you see the gate,
head to the very left just going in between the wall and the gate. Doing this
will save you a bunch of time, and you will be going very quickly. If you have
0:07 (how ironic) or greater, then you will probably make it into the plane.

Note: The plane doors do NOT have to be completely open. I usually get in the
plane while the doors are half way open.


Mardi Gras Mayhem
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Get to the truck from the phone in 0:40

If you binge it the whole way, and don't run into anything, and take the correct
path, it will be very easy.

Once you get back in the car and the platinum timer is starting, immediately
back up and get out of there and turn right. Follow the road until you can go
right and into a hall-like area. Go through there to get a bond moment. Once
there's the little cutscene, head straight and don't move to the left or right.
After you jump out and hit the ground, go right at about 50 degrees just veering
right of the center part of the square. Once you're back on the road, hug the
building and make a quick left once you know you can get to the shiny blue
circle. If you get there in time, then the platinum objective is complete. Also
you'll probably have enough time to put the car into the truck. Now just
complete the rest of the mission and (obviously) don't restart the mission. If
you fail, then you don't get mad because you didn't lose that much of your time.


The Kiss Kiss Club
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Requirement: Use no ammo

Ugh. No ammo at all. It's still fun doing it though, that's why it is rated 4
stars and not 5, however it is very annoying and you might want to do something
else and later come back to it after playing it for a while.

Start by giving the lady a massage (so she won't raise the alarm by yelling
"Intruder!") and head to the left and just before the door, crouch. Stealth
disable the guy waiting there, uncrouch for 1 second and crouch again. If you
timed it right you can kill the next person without having another guard see
you. It usually won't matter if you get seen or not. If you're seen just start
running and smack the person waiting there. If not, just stealth disable that
guy. Either way, unlock the door and there will be a guy sneaking up behind you.
Run towards him and use wall cover at the door. After killing him run downstairs
(or if there are guys running at you, kill them first. There are 2 guys crowbars
so it isn't a problem killing them, except for the guy that comes with a gun)
and charge after the dude with the desert eagle while trying to dodge his shots.
Grab the body armor behind the counter if you need it. Open the door and SKIP
THE CUTSCENE. During the cutscene, bond fires 2 rounds of p99 and it counts as
you firing.

While crouching, go to the left and bring down the lights (killing 3 people, if
not restart) DO NOT GRAB THE BODY ARMOR HERE YET, run towards the guy on the
ground that is still alive while staying left of the columns and smack him. If
you take too much damage trying to kill him then restart. Afterwards there are 2
people left and they are on the balconies on the opposite sides. The person
opposite of you only take one thrown bottle to kill while the other one takes 2
bottles (unless you're quick enough and got power mode). Immediately take cover
behind a column and grab a bottle while he's not shooting or when he's
reloading. Run up and throw a bottle at him (remember do not use R1 to attack,
use X) and go back under that balcony. Grab another bottle and repeat on the
other person, he won't die so just grab another bottle either under or near the
balcony and kill him. Now there are no enemies coming after you. For now. Grab
the body armor and go up the elevator.

Head towards the room with the keycard and a guy with a shotgun should pop up.
If you go fast enough you can hurl him against the wall without getting hurt.
Head towards the keycard room but don't go in it. Some guys with crowbars should
start coming but they aren't very hard to kill. Just counter their attacks and
get power mode. Run right for the guard and kill him. You will probably take
damage but you won't really take that much because of power mode. Grab the
keycard and armor (in the corner near the window and the keycard) and start
running back towards the elevator.

Once you have gone back down there will be about 15 guys with crowbars but don't
panic. Run towards the stage where Mya sings but don't use the keycard yet. Kill
the guards until you can't see any more. If you haven't grabbed the battery
around here, do so. Now use the keycard and there will be 2 guys waiting. 1 guy
melee guy and a guy with a pistol. Once you kill these guys, if you didn't use
your nano suit during the previous parts of the level at all, the next guys that
ambush you should be hardly any problem. Turn on your nano suit and toggle
between ducking and running so your nano suit won't lose its effect and so you
can go quick enough. Once you get to the door, end mission.  Phew!


Death's Door
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Objective: Finish mission in 3:15

Very difficult to do. Mainly because of the number of enemies that ambush you,
and the time restriction.

Once the mission starts, take cover and shoot the guy in the head. Quickly get
out of cover and run towards the guy that's running away and shoot him down.
After you pass the opened gate, there will be 2 guys at the left to shoot. Cross
the tiny bridge and go to the left where the guy will be somersaulting towards
you. Use melee attacks to kill him. Go in the building and kill the guy at the
right first w/o using melee attacks (because he has a shotgun). Turn to the left
and shoot that guy out. Run outside (don't grab the body armor) and keep going
through the level. Memorize the positions of the people here and kill them
really quickly. You will get hurt a lot by killing them very fast, but just grab
the body armor there. Now run back a little bit and take out the sniper on the
roof through the closed gate. It doesn't matter if you take out the sniper on
the clock tower before you go up there. Once you get the skeleton key, go back
down and remember the places of the guards so you won't get ambushed. Go ahead
and take a little bit of time killing the people around here while you're going
back to the dark building because they are hard to kill. Just before you go into
the building, grab the body armor using the spider and leave the spider there to
save time. Once you go into the building, kill the guy that rolls into your
face, then kill the sniper next. Before you go up the stairs, take cover before
you kill him so he won't shoot you with a shotgun. Kill the next 2 guys up here
and grab the body armor. By now the time should be 0:50 or more. Go outside, go
to the dragunov and take out the 2 guys below you. Take out the dragunov and
shoot out the box thing. Now through the rest of the level, just run like crazy
to the end and make sure you know the positions of the guys so you won't be
ambushed. Once you get through the door, the platinum objective is complete.


Battle in the Big Easy
Difficulty: ***
Platinum Objective: Get to Diavolo's compound from Bond's hideout in 0:55

Getting the platinum is easy, but getting there, and completing the mission is
the hard part.

To get platinum, just don't spend too much time fighting the enemies and use
your acid slick to kill them from behind. Binge most of the way there.


Faded Splendor
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Objective: Take 100 damage or less

Quite an annoying level. I don't like to use very much stealth on this level, so
this walkthrough isn't going to have much on stealth.

At the very start send a spider over to blow up the 2 guards talking. Take cover
on the wall while you shoot the guy that flips forward. After taking him out,
take out the sniper (you won't get very long to lock on him so move the red dot
to his head very quickly). Now rappel up where the sniper used to be. Take wall
cover and shoot the guy that runs down the hall. Go to the left and take wall
cover just before the stairs to shoot out 2 people. As you go down, there will
be a guy rolling into the room you're in. If you're quick enough you can stealth
disable him. I'm still trying to figure out why you can do that. Now go shoot
down the chandelier giving you a bond moment. Now which switch should you do
first? The one with the body armor. Why? because you can take out the snipers
out on the left one while taking cover. Anyways just take cover the whole time
and make sure nobody goes behind the crate, because they will throw a grenade at
you. Once you kill (I think) 3 people, you can move onto the next switch. Right
when you hit the second switch, take wall cover and look to the right and take
out the snipers by moving the red dot towards their face while aiming. After you
take out the 2 snipers, look to the left, just in case someone is coming. Take
out the guys hiding behind the tables and every once in a while look to the
left. If you don't see anyone else then go ahead and go upstairs but constantly
push L1 just incase someone is still there. Once you are up where the snipers
are, hide behind the crate and watch out for the person at the left. He is very
hard to kill because of his position. After you kill those 3 people, head into
the next room and quickly go to the right hiding behind the crates on the other
side (you're facing your back against the secret vault). 2 guys should come
after you. Once they are killed, send a spider ahead down into very end of this
level, and leave it there for later. The door will be open and there will be no
guards. Now open the vault and get the stuff (even though you probably won't be
needing it). Now head back out and stay near the wall where the sniper is while
facing the stairs. 2 guards should come after you, but if not, then take them
out after you take out the sniper, which you will be doing right now. Don't go
down the second half of the stairs. Rappel up and go to the left and take cover
if you want. Take out the 2 guards there and rappel down into the last room.
Duck behind the computers and activate that spider you put ahead of you and blow
it up to destroy a few guards. Now throw a grenade or 2 to take out the last
guys. Mission complete.


The Machinery of Evil
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Objective: Fire 10 rounds or less

Yes this is very hard to do and it took me forever to do it. After I finally did
it, someone else found a really good way to beat it, but I can't remember who
that person is. It would've been rated 5 stars if it weren't for that person. I
tweaked the strategy a little bit though.

At the very beginning grab the shotgun, equip, and go out. Now run straight to
the near right chamber and shoot the little electrical circuit thing. Blow up
the machine. As you are going out, shoot the guy with the shotgun to kill him.
Head towards the far right machine and blow it up. As you are going out, equip a
grenade (regular or strobe. whichever you want) and throw 2 of them (or a mix of
the 2) while heading to the near left machine to blow it up. Now throw another
grenade (if you want) while heading towards the last machine. Right after you
mess with the panel, stand right outside of the door, until it blows up. Go back
in and use your Q spiders to destroy the cores (the spiders don't get shocked by
the electricity).


The Pontchartrain Bridge
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Objective: Finish Mission in 3:10

Very difficult maneuvering through the traffic, but nonetheless quite fun, but
yet annoying because of its difficulty.

At the very beginning go on the small bridge as a shortcut and you can jump the
fence for a bond moment if you want to, but it doesn't matter. Once you pass the
fence go whichever way you end up veering towards. Once you're on the road,
ignore all of the enemies and try to avoid the traffic as much as you can. Try
to be in fast mode as much as you can throughout the mission. Do NOT get the 3rd
bond moment by jumping over the construction area. Once you've power slided
under the tanker, start shooting a bunch of missiles at the 2 trucks. Also try
to avoid the flame things that the trucks throw towards you, because if you hit
them you lose lots of life. Once you catch up to jaws, you need to blow out both
of his rear tires with the flame-thrower.


A Simple Exchange
Difficulty: ***
Platinum Objective: Finish Mission in 0:40

Short amount of time, short level, and some frustration in doing it. One big

At the very beginning, shoot the first guy with a sleeper dart. Go right towards
the guy with the keycard and shoot him. The time should be about 0:30. Turn off
the lasers. As your running back, there'll be a guy at the left that will get
tired and take a nap after being hit with a dart. As you're going to the stairs,
shoot a guy there if there is one there, if not, just run up and ignore the guys
at the right. Once you go up, go straight then left. If a guy pops up in front
of you, then shoot him. Now complete the mission without running into anything
or getting hit by a shotgun, or a fist.


Red Line
Difficulty: ***
Platinum Objective: Finish Mission in 4:50

This is a little hard and it might take a little while to complete.

At the very beginning hold X while the countdown is going. Sorry no turbo boost
here. Stay to the right of the cars while still trying to be as close to them as
possible. Do not slow down. Once you can get the bond moment, do so. It should
put you in 2nd place, but if it doesn't then restart. The guy in first place is
a little hard to pass but you should be able to pass him in short time. From
here on just cut corners, don't brake at all (instead just let go of the gas),
make sure you never run into things, and make sure you always do the bond


Difficulty: ***
Platinum Requirement: Use no ammo

Another one that doesn't use any ammo that's even harder. However Shigmiya64
sent this guide to me and it actually makes it a whole lot easier to get

At the start, immediately turn around and take out the unarmed guard behind you.
(I usually hit Square, Triangle, and X all at the same time, that should take
him out in some way) Next, make a beeline for the stairs. The two guys with the
P99s shouldn't be there yet, so you won't have to worry. Once you're downstairs,
run for the big hall leading to the patio and take a right.  A guy with a SPAS
12 should be to your left, so be careful.  Run to the wall on the right side of
the room from the entrance and take another right down a side hallway.  The door
at the end of this hallway opens up to reveal a room with two armor powerups.
(It also has an AT-420 and a crowbar, but neither of these are useful now.)
Anyway, stand away from the door so it closes.  Enemies will come in looking for
you in groups of one or two. You can very easily ambush every single enemy that
comes in, since virtually every one of them will come into the room in
"Searching" mode, which will give you just enough time to at least disarm them.
Grab the armor powerups when you need them and don't be afraid to use the
bottles that some of them drop and you'll easily get through the toughest part
of the Platinum mission here.  Eventually, they'll stop coming.  If you think
you've taken them all out, edge out into the hallway and use the door for
cover.  If they're all gone, head for the racecar driver's room, take out a
handful of guards, throw a bottle at the circuit box, KO the rocket launcher
troop that shows up, and run straight for secret room with Serena


The High Road
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Reach mine using rooftops in 1:20

Way too easy. The only hard part is getting there. The only advice I have is to
memorize the path, and that taking the right route once you get on top of the
mine will cut some time down. Not that you'll really need it. It would've been
rated 1 star if it was pretty easy to get there.


Diavolo's Plan
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Requirement: Complete mission in 3:10

It actually isn't too hard. Just play it smoothly.

First, escape. Grab your stuff, equip sleeper darts, and shoot the guard that
comes. If he doesn't give you the locker key, then that's okay because you can
just blow up the lockers to get some stuff. After you the stuff, equip your
favorite gun you have now and go to the right. Activate the elevator and shoot
anybody nearby. Kill the guys from far by shooting the explosive barrels gaining
the only bond moment you'll get. Keep going through the mission shooting through
people. Ignore the rappelers once you rappel up the wall, and don't do any other
bond moments. That's all the advice I can give you.


Platinum War
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Neutralize bomb in 2:15

Way too easy to get platinum, but not that easy beating the level.

The ONLY advice I have is to not get the first bond moment as it slightly slows
you down, however you'll still probably make it even if you do so. Need advice
for beating the level? See another FAQ.


Dangerous Descent
Difficulty: **
Platinum Requirement: Take 100 damage or less

2 stars for one of the final missions!? Trust me. It IS easy. Mainly because for
the fact that you have 8 spiders.

First off, how to get gold. When you start, get the first 2 bond moments. Check
the bond moment FAQ for those. Then for the rest of the level try to kill most
of the people using spider darts. Simple ya?

Well platinum is just as simple. Right when it starts, run to the very edge of
the pit and align yourself with the furthest yellow arrow and jump. Rappel down
as quick as you can the whole way. If done quickly enough and correctly, you
will not get hurt at all. If you don't understand this, then look at the map in
the ASCII map section. Once you're at the bottom, take cover behind the 2
destructible crates with the plane to the left of you. Equip your sleeper darts,
and wait. Once the doors open there will be a guy running for you at the left.
Shoot him before he turns around. There will be another guard at the other door
opposite from you and just wait until he loses patience. Once he is starting to
dream, send out a spider bot through the left door and look for a destructible
crate next to where a whole bunch of guys are taking cover. Detonate your spider
right there to kill off all but the one guard that is unaware of what just
happened. Send another spider to make him want to go to bed early. Do not move
the spider. Go retrieve it, collect some weapons, and use the control panel near
you. Now take cover on the wall while you shoot the rocketeer in the head with a
weapon other than the sleeper darts and the SIG 552. Patiently wait right there
as 2 guys will eventually come after you (not at the same time thankfully). Once
that happens send a spider out to take out 2 more guards. There should be nobody
left until you hit the other control panel, which you are going to be doing
right now. Once you have done that, quickly take cover and shoot out the guy
running after you. Run back outside while equipping the SIG 552 and quickly
shoot out the 5 guys with rockets. If you did it quick enough you will not even
take damage from the rocketeers. Shoot out the brakes and kill jaws. Finished.


Red Underground
Difficulty: ***
Platinum Requirement: Fire 10 rounds or less

It seems hard, but if you follow the walkthrough I give you, then it actually
won't be that hard.

When you first start, rappel up, then rappel straight down. Run down right down
through the middle while equipping your nano suit. About half way through, there
should be a guard running towards you (even though he isn't firing at you).
Equip your nano suit and crouch. If you get hit a lot, it's okay because there's
a body armor near. Stand up run 3 steps and crouch again. Doing this will get
you to go as quick as you can while still being invisible. Ignore all enemies
and your nano suit should wear off right when you start going down. You might
get hit a couple times but that is still okay. Once you jump down, equip your
sleeper darts, go straight, and shoot the guy in front of you in the corridor.
Run through that corridor and after the 2nd set of crates there is a body armor
behind it if you need it. Turn to the left, shoot the guy there, grab another
body armor, and head for the elevator. While you're going up, run around in
circles so you will dodge some shots. Head straight for the control area in the
middle and shoot the guy (or spray him with platinum if you're going for gold).
Kill the guy behind you (w/o shooting if you want an easy gold), and lower the
bridge. Open the door as quick as you can, and while it's opening throw in a
strobe grenade. If you're going for gold, then stealth disable both of them
before you just run and complete the mission. You'll probably beat it in less
than 2:00 and the target time is 6:00.

Although 425000 points seems a lot for just killing about 10 people, you're just
making up for quantity with quality. You'll get most of your points with having
about 200% weapon efficiency (btw 200% weapon efficiency gives you 200000 points
and if done on 00 agent, it's multiplied by 2 giving you 25000 left for the rest
of your points to easily cover). I got about 700000 points doing it that way.


The Final Card
Difficulty: *****
Platinum Requirement: Take 100 damage or less

Very difficult to get both gold and platinum. However I would say gold is harder
to get than platinum.

325000 points doesn't seem that hard, but because this mission is so short, it
is. Through the mission you're probably going to want to use pistols the whole
time so you will have higher accuracy and efficiency. Start out by countering
the guys' attacks so you can get power mode. Shoot out the guys around the area.
There should be 3 on the other side, 2 at the left, about 2 at the right, and 1
hiding under a crate at the far left. Take out the 1 behind the crate last.
After that is done, tap the turret at the left (viewed from the back of the
level) and shoot the other turret. Now there will be 3 guys that appear at the
front of the level that will soon be eating rockets for lunch, as well as the 3
guys at the bottom left. Quickly "attempt" to kill diavolo and katya by making
them combust.

Right now you will be attacked by plenty of guards and 5 of them will be put to
sleep by the sleeper dart. Also using a control panel will cause reinforcements
to arrive. The quicker you do the mission the more points you will get so using
them right when you can might be smart. Once you're done with 3 of the control
panels and you've killed everyone in the area, send a spider down the vent to
dislodge the wrench, and another spider to give the 2 guards waiting behind the
door a good night sleep. Hit the last control panel and send off a spider to do
some of the dirty work. Once you're out of spiders or battery (or both), run out
and take cover at the computers. Kill the people that come after you, and if you
spot the nano guard, turn on thermovision and use and EMP grenade on him to get
a bond moment. Once all the guys are gone, just simply go back where you came
from and blow up the plane.

For platinum just follow the same thing as gold except don't rush through the
level, blow up 2 spiders to get the 3rd bond moment, and use the nano suit to
get to escape right when you hit the 4th control panel. Just one more platinum


Everything or Nothing
Difficulty: ****
Platinum Requirement: Finish Mission in 5:00

The very final mission, with about 100 guys this is difficult however there are
some good tips on beating it.

If you need to get gold then first get the second bond moment on Dangerous
Descent (look at the bond moment FAQ if you need help finding it) so you can
open the vault. When you first start out, just shoot out the first 4 guys. Then
take a spider bot and change to sleeper dart and take out the person behind the
crates at the left. If he isn't there, then have your spider wait while you run
up towards the area, then go back to your spider and put him to sleep. Take your
spider to the vault area to open the door. Now take another spider and send it
through the door to take out all the guys there. If you haven't noticed already,
putting someone to sleep rather than shooting them gives you 4x more points.
Anyways by now you should be low on battery. But that's okay because you get 6
batteries in the vault (as well as a whole bunch of other goodies). Through the
rest of the mission you're going to want to take out as many people as you can
without really killing them. One more thing, do not send a spider down from the
place where you meet the first sniper. Rather send him down on the floor below.
It isn't too hard to do and don't worry about time, you'll get 450000 points
easy. Btw you're going to need to do this on 00 Agent, but then again why did I
just bother mentioning that?

Anyways for Platinum:

As you start, take out all the guys in front of you with the SIG 552 as quick as
you can. Once you go through the door, take out anyone directly in front of you.
Then take out the guy on the right about to hide behind the crates. Then go
ahead and take out another guy about to hide behind the crates (if you're quick
enough, then they will die before they get a chance to duck). Now clear the area
in this room so that there's no more guards.

This was sent by Brandon_004:

For platinum on the final mission: Everything or Nothing, it usually takes too
long to get into the vault for all the extra supplies.  There is a quick way to
enter the vault.  Once you are in the second room of the level (the room with
the locked door leading to the vault) go to the upper platform (the one with the
Dragunov and the window) and as soon as you are up the ramp either run fast or
roll straight off the platform onto the two crates located next to the window of
the vault entrance. (Takes a tiny bit of practice...just restart if you don't
get it on first attempt) Now once you are standing on the crates unleash the Q
spyder and drop it through the small window right behind the door that needs to
be blown up.  This will unlock the door and often kill the guard in that room if
you haven't done so already, thereby saving time.  Doing it this way adds only
30 seconds to your mission time and is quicker than if you send the Q-spyder in
the old-fashioned way.

Hubert also sent a strategy like this at the same time so I'll give him props
for finding that out too.

This will cut down on a lot of time and make things much easier later. Make sure
you grab the batteries (most important).

Anyways once you exit the vault keep going until you get to the corner where it
very dark up ahead. Turn on your thermovision and take cover and destroy the
guard that pops up. Now exit cover and take out the sniper and 2 other guys and
sometimes a guard will pop out of the hallway ahead. Just go right up to him and
make his life much shorter, even if he does take cover. Now take cover behind
the mechanical thing and get the rocket launcher out. Now make the guards' last
thought in the room: "Spontaneous combustion DOES happen." Once they get blown
to pieces, go to the next room and defeat the rocket guard. Grab the body armor
on the left (even if you don't really need it).

Now take cover up ahead and kill the next guard. Duck and turn on your nano
suit. Go through the rest of the level consistently standing up and crouching so
you go fast enough and so you don't lose the invisibility. Try to refrain from
standing up near plenty of guards so they won't notice you and shoot you. Also
if you do get hit, don't run. Just stay in a crouched position and keep going.
Hopefully you will turn invisible again and you will stop being shot at. Once
your nano suit stops working, run through the rest of the level nonstop. If you
notice that the area where the 3rd bond moment is (see the bond moment faq if
you want to know where it is), will be the last area you see guards (a lot of
them too). Now just go through the level until you get to the red blast doors to
go to the second part of the level to kill Diavolo. You don't have to worryabout
killing him in time since the objective is already complete once you go
through those doors.


5. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Platinum Gun like?

*Spoilerish* Think of your p99 except when it hits something, the results are
quite explosive. *end of spoilers*


How/What is this thing on multiplayer?

I haven't played multiplayer that much so I don't have much to say.


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DO NOT email me about any of the following:
Personal info.
What is already covered on this FAQ or other FAQs on this site
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Anything not pertaining to this game or this FAQ

These I will just throw away and you will probably not get a response

Things that will be accepted:
2nd opinions on how to get plats (you will get credit if it's posted on this
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Also I haven't played co-op that much so don't be sending me email requesting
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Note: I don't check my email too often so don't expect an immediate response
once you send me an email. Also send an email with a title including something
that has to do with the title of the game ("EoN", "007","Everything or Nothing",
etc.), or it will have a higher chance of getting deleted.


6. ASCII maps

Death of an Agent Catacombs:

                                           |    |  _________   ___
                                           |    |_|         |_|   |
                ___________________________|     _           _   B|
               |                                | |_____    |_|___|______
               |                                |______ |                |
               |      _____       _________            ||      ________ _|
               |    X|     |     |         |       S   ||     |      |   |
               |     |     |     |         |___________||     |      |   |
               |     |     |_____|                      |     |______|   |
               |     |                                  |         X      |
               |     |         _________           _____|      ______    |
               |     |        O         |         |           |      |   |
               |     |        O         |         |   ________|      |   |
               |     |        O______ __|         |  |               |   |
               |     |        O         |       __|  |  _____________|   |____
         ______|     |        O         |      |     |_|                      |
        |  R B |     |        O_________|      |      _                       |
        |___ __|     |                        _|     | |_________________     |
        |           X|_______   ___________  |       |    E          |   |    O
   _____|  __________        |_|           |_|       |   |X|         |B       O
  |       |          |        _             _        |  _|X|_________|___|____O
 _|       |          |_______|_|___________| |       |_|  X                   O
|X _______|                |  B  |        ___|        _                       O
| |________________________|__ __|_____  | B |       | |______________________O
|___________________________________   | |_X_|       |
                                    |X |_|           |
                                    |   _            |
                                    |__| |___________|
R = Rocket Launcher (plus bond moment)
B = Body Armor
X = Guard
S = Starting position
E = Ending Position
O = I couldn't draw the map without going past the margins so I had to cut off
some of it.

About: This map is (obviously) not scaled correctly and there are guards that
come depending on the route you take so don't think that there are only 9 guards
in the whole catacombs.

The path I recommend taking when getting platinum is the very far right. If you
want the rocket launcher, then take the far left.


Dangerous Descent Sweet Spot:

               _____________________________ ______________________________
              |                             |                              |
              |                             |                              |
     ______________________________________________________              X [][]
    |     B

X = Sweet spot
B = Start position
O = I didn't want to draw the 2 big pits so I just shrunk it down
[] = Crate

Some people didn't understand what I meant by the sweet spot so I drew this mini
map to show exactly what I meant. At the very start, run straight towards the X
without stopping and rappel down without stopping. There should be a yellow
arrow where the X is.


7. Conclusion

Props to:
sephiroth95's walkthrough for giving me the names of missions, plat and gold
requirements that I could've gotten on other FAQs too.

YuGiOhFm2002/YuGiOhAngel for their awesome bond moments FAQ that has helped me a

Whoever posted about the easy platinum way to beat "The Machinery of Evil".

Brandon_004, Hubert and Shigmiya64 for sending in their strategies for
"Everything or Nothing" and "Ambushed".

The 007 cast for making such cool movies

EA games for making this cool game

Me for making this FAQ. Without me, you wouldn't be reading this.

You sitting at the computer reading this line that you are reading right now,
for reading my FAQ that you are still technically reading.

Copyright 2004 Aaron Fairbanks