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!		James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing	      !
!			Weapons/Gadget Guide		      !
!				 PS2			      !
!		    copyright 2004 conspirazsrtrue	      !
!			  aka Michael Terry		      !
!			      Version 5			      !
!			   Started: 7/9/04		      !
! NOTICE: No further updates will be made. This is the final  !
!			      version.			      !

E-MAIL HAS CHANGED: I realize that I did have this posted as 
Final, but this change was unexpected. the new e-mail address 
is: michael@terryism.com

!Table of Contents!

I.   Introduction
II.  The Guide
        a. P99
        b. Desert Eagle
        c. AK-74
        d. MP5K
        e. SPAS-12
        f. SIG 552
        g. AT-420
        h. Dragunov
        i. Grenades
        j. Sleeper Dart
        k. Q-Rappel
        l. Q-Spider
        m. Thermovision
        n. Nano Suit
	o. Network Tap
        p. Rockets (vehicle only)
        q. Shotgun (Triumph Daytona 500 only)
        r. Flamethrower (Triumph Daytona 500 only)
        s. Bombs (Helicopter only)
        t. Q-Cloak (Porsche Cayenne Turbo only)
        u. Q-Slick (Aston Martin V12 Vanquish only)
        v. Flares (Helicopter only)
        w. Machine Gun (Regular Tank only)
        x. Plasma Gun (NanoTank only)
        y. Nano Shell (NanoTank only)
        z. Turret (NanoTank and Regular Tank only)
III. Contact Info & Legal Mumbo Jumbo
IV.  Acknowledgments
V.   Update History

!I. Introduction!

Hi Everybody! I'm conspirazsrtrue and this is my very first FAQ.
The reason I decided to do this FAQ is because1) it hasn't been
done yet and 2) it's the one thing in the game I really know.
When you've read this guide, please give me any feedback you want.
You can find my e-mail at the bottom of this guide or just page me
on the boards. Any feedback (positive or negative) will be greatly
appreciated. Thank you and enjoy the guide.

!II. The Guide!

First of all, let me describe the layout of this guide. I'll be putting
the guns in the following format:
Name: need I say more?
Ammo Capacity: rounds per magazine/total rounds you can hold
Range: Close/Medium Close/Medium/Medium Long/Long
Damage: 1-10 Higher the number, higher the damage (10 is an instant kill)
Accuracy: 1-10 Higher the number, higher the accuracy
Description: self-explanatory
The gadgets will simply have their name and a description. ON TO THE GUIDE!!!

Name: P99
Ammo Capacity: 10/30
Range: Close to Medium
Damage: 7-10 depending on point of impact
Accuracy: 8
Description: Bond's infamous Walthar PPK, only with a different name. You 
will always have this gun. This trusty sidearm is a fairly good all 
around gun. Optional silencer for maintaining stealth.

Name: Desert Eagle
Ammo Capacity: 6/18
Range: Close
Damage: 9-10 depending on point of impact
Accuracy: 5
Description: The Desert Eagle. Made famous by the agents in The Matrix films,
thishandgun packs one helluva punch. Its only drawback is it's lack of
accuracy. When using this gun, always aim for the torso as it is more likely
to hit. Good to have in a tight spot.

Name: AK-74
Ammo Capacity: 20/40
Range: Medium Long
Damage: 8-10 depending on point of impact
Accuracy: 9
Description: A modified version of the AK-47, this assault rifle can fire
full auto. Your best friend in any gunfight, it has fairly good stopping
power, good range and surprising accuracy. The only drawback is the small
magazine size.

Name: MP5K
Ammo Capacity: 15/25
Range: Medium Close
Damage: 5-10 depending on point of impact
Accuracy: 8
Description: The most well known submachine gun in the world next to
the Uzi and Mac-11. If you are expecting to get caught in a firefight,
GET A DIFFERENT GUN!!! The only strong point of this gun is its

Name: SPAS-12
Ammo Capacity: 8/8
Range: Close
Damage: 8-10
Accuracy: 7
Description: A Shotgun version of the Desert Eagle, this weapon has
improved accuracy and just as much stopping power. This weapon,
unlike the others, fires small pellets in a scattershot pattern.
The further the pellets go, the more they spread out. Although it is
possible to hit a target at Medium Long range, it is unlikely. Ideal
for close quarters combat.

Name: SIG 552
Ammo Capacity: 30/60
Range: Medium Long
Damage: 8-10 depending on point of impact.
Accuracy: 9
Description: A fully automatic assault rifle, this gun could save your
life in a gunfight. I would suggest this gun over the AK-74 due to its
larger ammo capacity, which leads to less reloading.

Name: AT-420
Ammo Capacity:	4/4
Range: Medium Long
Damage: 10
Accuracy: 7
Description: NEVER use this weapon at close range unless you have a
death wish. It is a rocket launcher and will hurt you. If it hits
its target it means instant death. TIP FROM ANDREW PHELPS: Do not
use this on moving targets as the rocket is traveling at subsonic
speeds and they will probably be able to get out of the way before
it hits them

Name: Dragunov
Ammo Capacity: 5/5
Range: Extremely Long
Damage: 10
Accuracy: 10
Description: It is a sniper rifle and is ideal for long distance
targets. It will kill anything it hits. It reloads slowly so
never use it in close quarters. TIP FROM ANDREW PHELPS: 
Strategize before firing as any enemy who hears the shot will 
react and open fire on your position.

Name: Grenades
Description: There are three types of grenades. Strobe, EMP
and Fragmentation. Strobe grenades are your basic flashbang
grenades. EMP grenades emits an electromagnetic pulse that
effectively shorts out all electrical circuitry in its blast
radius (e.g.cameras). Fragmentation grenades are your
regular exploding grenades. These all have a tendency
to bounce around, so keep that in mind while throwing them.

Name: Sleeper Dart
Description: This dart gun is both totally silent and
non-lethal. It shoots a dart that will knock out a guy for
hours. Perfect for those who prefer stealth to shootouts.

Name: Q-Rappel
Description: My personal favorite. This gadget allows you
to scale walls. To go up, equip it, walk towards a wall 
you think you can scale, back up a bit and pull the 
trigger. If it connected, when you walk into the wall
you will start climbing. To go down, simply walk off 
the edge.

Name: Q-Spider
Description: Another goody this. It is basically a remote
controlled spider. When you first unlock it you can't do
anything. After you unlock all three upgrades, you can
either blow it up, turn it invisible, hit someone with 
potent knockout darts, or any combonation of the three.

Name: Thermovision
Description. Basically you're run of the mill thermal

Name: Nanosuit
Description: Now you see me, now you don't. This gadget 
allows Bond to turn completely invisible for a short 
period of time. Careful though, as sudden movements
will disrupt the effect and make you visible again.

Name: Network Tap
Description: This gadget can help you greatly on a few 
objectives. To use it, simply shoot something you can 
control, which can be found through use of your bond 
sense. This includes tank turrets and roof turrets.
Note about the roof turrets: you have to get behind 
these turrets to to control them. hitting the front 
does nothing.

Name: Rockets
Description: Available on any vehicle, These self guided
rockets automatically lock on to the nearest target.
Once it is locked on, simply fire and let the rocket
do the rest.

Name: Shotgun
Description: Sadly this is only available on the Triumph
Daytona 500, also known as the Q-Bike. Perfect for when 
the enemy is to close to use rockets, it has an infinite
amount of ammo and can take out most enemies within
three to five shots.

Name: Flamethrower
Description: Again, only for the Triumph Daytona 500,
this weapon shoots out flames about five feet to either
side of your vehicle. If it hits the enemy, their tires
will catch fire and will be sent out of control. This
weapon can be used continuosly for as long as you want.

Name: Bombs
Description: This weapon is only availabe for the
Helicopter. It is rather annoying to use on the
move as the timing has to be just right or it
completely misses. You should drop it BEFORE
you are directly over the desired target.

Name: Q-Cloak
Description: Only available for the Porsche Cayenne
Turbo, It can be used for only a limited time before
the battery runs out. This gadget is, in simplest
form, a Nanosuit for your car.

Name: Q-Slick
Description: This gadget is only available with the
Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. This gadget leaves an
acid slick behind your car that will MELT the
tires of pursuing vehicles. The best deployment
method is to swerve back and forth across the road
so as to cover the entire road.

Name: Flares
Description: Another item only available on the
Helicopter, these flares will attract the attetion
of incoming rockets and divert them away from you.

Name: Machine Gun
Description: This tank mounted Gatling gun can take
out any enemy within a few seconds.

Name: Plasma Gun
Description: An almost exact copy of the machine gun,
it fires more damaging rounds for quicker takedowns
and is only available on the NanoTank

Name: Nano Shell
Description: Only available on the NanoTank, this
weapon fires special rounds that will destroy
ANYTHING made of metal.

Name: Turret
Description: Available for either type of tank, the
turret fires regular explosive shells that will
destroy just about everything.

!  Contact Info   !
!        &        !
!Legal Mumbo Jumbo!

There you go folks. My first FAQ. If you have any
comments or find any glaring errors, please send
an email to:
or IM me at:
hobo joe 349

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I would like to thank the following:

CJayC for hosting this guide
EA Games for making this game
Peter Collington for ammo numbers
Andrew Phelps for tips on using certain
Anyone reading this
Anyone who sends in corrections or comments

!Update History!

Version: 1
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Date: 7/10/04
Version: 2
Size: 10.2 KB
Date: 7/13/04
Ammo numbers for:
SIG 552
~Thanks to Peter Collington for ammo 
host sites updated
Version: 3
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Ammo numbers for:
Desert Eagle
~Thanks again to Peter Collington~
Version: 4
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Added Network tap
Added to descriptions of Dragunov and 
Added names to Acknowledgements
Version: 5
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Added e-mail change notification