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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i upgrade?

The upgrade list in the pause menu how do i get those upgrades? where it says upgrade

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If it cost something how much does it cost? note its under character info.

Additional details - 5 years ago

Its there when your in the level then puase then selete upgrade.

Accepted Answer

From: redhatpieman 5 years ago

In order to get all those upgrades, you need to find Larry the leprechaun (you know, the little guy who keeps speaking in limericks and demands gold to pass). He's hiding in a number of levels and is usually not out in the open so look carefully.
When you do find the little guy, just talk to him and he'll offer to sell you around three or so upgrades at the time. When you buy the upgrade, you can't buy it again. I forget the costs but it's usually from like 200-1200 gold for each specific item. Once you buy an upgrade, it will automatically start working and you'll keep it forever, even if you die or something.
I forgot all the places where he's hiding but i do remember that he is in the "Walking the Path" level. He's on a cliff on the side of the middle of the troll bridge (when you're escorting the billy goat). He's also behind a tree in "Spooky Forest" when you are climbing up a hill. Sorry i can't be more specific.

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I think you can but them from an elf in some certain place. I think it's either the one with when they have to go to jack and jills farm, or the 2nd one.

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