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How do you hack for IVs and nature?

I'm going to make this short and quick. I received an Action Replay for my Nintendo Gamecube and I'm using it for Pokemon Colosseum. I am tired of the outbreaks of my Pokemon's stats looking crappy as hell. I can't seem to get an Entei with a Brave Nature from Dakim, a Furret with a Hasty nature since they are really fast Pokemon, a Sneasel with a Hasty nature, a Yanma with a plus Speed nature with 31 IVs in every stat and Speed boost and a consistent male Sudowoodo with Rock Head because I would like to teach him moves like Double Edge and a female Plusle. I also have a hard time maintaining level 50 Pokemon but with the help of Ruby and Sapphire, I can get it done.

All I see is the ability to give my Pokemon an infinite amount of HP, or maxed out stats like 999 in every stat which is an obvious hack. I have an Action Replay as of December 16 but what other cheating device do I need to modify stats and natures of my Pokemon? I kept getting Docile Sneasel and Furret and it took me a while to get me a Serence Grace Dunsparce because I'm expecting to use all these Pokemon for battle someday and I tend for them to be beneficial. Same with Pokemon XD although it has a different style and I had a hard time with Orre Colosseum because most of my fast Pokemon were slow.


oceanblackdog answered:

Stop cheating ya lemon
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Frank22222 answered:

You play on PAL or US?
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