Question from ytrewq234

Asked: 5 years ago

What does Odor Sleuth do?

When I use it nothing seems to happen.

Accepted Answer

From: gengar77 5 years ago

It does exxactly the same thing as Foresight (if you're familiar with that move.)
Basically, it allow ineffective moves (i.e. normal or fighting vs. ghost) to hit with neutral effectiveness against
the pokemon targeted by Odor Sleuth. Also, it returns the target's evasion stat to its base amount (as it was before
the battle started.)

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Submitted Answers


I THINK it allows you to hit a ghost with any move. I'm not sure because I
don't let my pokemon learn it, but I'm pretty sure that's it. Try selecting a pokemon on the menu, select "summary", and check it out.

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Odor Sleuth makes abilities that raise evasiveness, like Double Team, absolutely useless.

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After using Odor Sleuth, the next move will ALWAYS hit, regardless of type match-up.

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