Gomamon by Bronze Patamon

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Digimon Battle Chronicle/Digimon Rumble Arena 2
2004 Bandai, Black Ship/Amaze

Gomamon Character FAQ v.1.00
Copyright 2004 Bronze Patamon

-I. Introduction
-II. System
-III. Items
-IV. Stages
-V. Gomamon's Stats and Evolutions
-VI. Goma's Movelist and Descriptions
-VII. Diving Deeper
-VIII. Conclusion

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v.0.95-What you see now! I'll probably get better translations on things in
later versions. Maybe some more info as well...

v.1.00-New and improved with more correct info!


Part I - Introduction

This is my first FAQ, so don't mind the shoddy appearance of things! I could
give a brief review of the game here like some FAQs do, but I feel that's best
left to the individual GameFAQs Review section.

I decided to make a character specific FAQ for Gomamon after playing DBC for
some time. I felt that he would and will most likely be shunned aside in favour
of the likes of Agumon, Guilmon, Patamon, etc. due to how he plays in 
comparison. I feel quite strongly that Gomamon is quite deadly in the right
hands, he just needs the right "grasp". Emulate me or not, this FAQ is focused
primarily on how I believe Gomamon is great and how to achieve such. This FAQs
secondary purpose is for explaining the game's system, items and stages.
Well I guess that's all an intro needs...


Part II - System

Digimon Battle Chronicle's battle system is a little different then you may
expect. It's nothing innovative but it's not immediately comfortable either.
One reason this FAQ lacks a combo sheet for any one of the characters is that
the game lends itself to a very combo friendly atmosphere. While this makes
combos easy to perform, it also means that combined with the varied stages,
not all combos are consistent. Therefore it's best left to the individual to
create their own combos in the moment. While some combos may seem to be a
consistent thing at first, other stages will rend them either useless or 
limited in use.

In its basic play-format, the goal is to be the last opponent alive. The basic
system of a vitality bar is used. On default settings, all opponents have three
lives to eat through before being defeated. Unlike some games, if you fall down
a pit, you will instantly be KOed one life down, and not simply become injured
and respawn.

Juggling and OTGs are common combo formats in DBC. Almost every true combo is
made up of either one or both of those elements. This also means that aside
from near-infinite juggles, combos are generally capped at around 9-12 hits,
with maybe a few more tacked on if an enviromental hazard is present. So combo
fiends need not apply for study! Also, like all fighting games, the longer a
combo is, the weaker each individual hit is. However, this can in part be
bypassed by purposely breaking a combo and then attacking the opponent when 
they hit the ground (since when an opponent hits the ground after being 
air-bourne, the combo is counted as completed).

Walls are something else that should be counted in. If an opponent is sent
flying by an attack, smacking into a wall will cause additional damage to them.
Walls can also be used to pin an oppenent against for the purpose of juggles.

Something rarely done in a fighting game is DBC's evolution system. When you or
someone else attacks an opponent, they release Evo-Spheres. Collected, these
spheres add evo energy to your storage guage. This energy can be used to
manually recharge health. Or, when the meter is full, a press of the Evo button
will cause you to evolve to a stronger stage. Your attacks and stats change
along with your shape, so be cautious. If you need speed at the moment,
evolving to a beefy tank build may not be your best option. Plus, if you evolve
too often you may be sacrificing your ability to heal. If you are defeated when
evolved, and you are not out of lives, you will spawn back into play one stage
lower than you were, but you will keep intact all evo energy you had in your
guage. All Digimon except the bosses have three evolutionary stages in game.

Below are shared or universal abilities of all characters:

-Normal Attack
A simple hit that upon connection makes an instant combo if tapped. You can
also target your attack upwards or downwards by pressing in the desired 
direction. Attack upwards will juggle or knock air-bourne foes down. Attack
downwards will usually sweep an opponent of their feet or hit a grounded 
Note that any special move will link after a Normal Attack combo, but that 
doesn't mean EVERY last interrupt will create an inescapable combo.
If you press down+normal while in air, you will cause yourself to slam 
downwards and flatten foes. They will also be dizzed by this if you land
directy on top of them.
Certain characters will either perform a diagonal air-dive by pressing normal
attack while air-bourne or an air-dash attack. 

-Special Attack
Varies from character to character, but in many instances the same result.
By itself it usually performs a projectile. Combined by pressing up will
usually result in an anti-air/uppercut attack. Lastly, combined by pressing
down will usually perform the Digimon's most unique ability.
Some special attacks can be charged or delayed by holding this button down.

Makes you jump quite obviously, but every single character can perform a
double jump by pressing this twice, even tin cans and pinatas. One character
can even triple jump and another can high jump.

You can gaurd while on the ground when either standing or crouching. This is
interchangeable while holding the gaurd button down. You CANNOT air gaurd.

If your evolution meter is full and you are a first or second stage Digimon,
you will evolve to your next stage. While evolving, you are invincible, 
including about three seconds after you finish evolving. Additionally, while 
evolving, your blue aura acts as a shield that will nullify projectiles and 
If your Digimon is at its final stage, this button will activate its Ultra 
attack, which generally is the most powerful attack available to them. Also, 
during an Ultra attack, you are invulnerable.

If you have any evo energy in your meter, you can heal yourself gradually by
holding down gaurd+normal attack. This will quickly drain your guage, but the
small amount of vitality you gain could very well be worth it.

-Charge Blast
If you press gaurd+special attack when your Digimon is in its final stage, it
will perform a powerful attack. If you hold the two buttons down, you will 
charge the attack, making it more powerful or/and adding more shots or/and
longer range. This attack always has a bit of start-up delay, so don't abuse 
it too often.

You can augment your movement speed by slightly leaning your joystick left or
right. This, of course, is only possible through an analog control method (i.e.
the GameCube's joystick) and not the cross pad.

Pressing the grab button will cause your Digimon to reach forward. If an 
opponent should be within reach, you will pick them up and be able to carry 
them. It is at this point that you can then throw them. It is espcially a good
idea to toss them off into a pit or into a wall.

-Rapid Recover
Rapidly mash directions to speed up your recovery rate getting up from the 
ground, air-recovery, dizziness or to escape a throw. You can also use this to
escape from combos, if you're quick enough.


Part III - Items

Appearing on every stage but the final are special items. When touched they
each activate a different affect. My name for them is first with their
appearance description in paranthesis.

Health (Small Red Cross)
This will restore your vitality by a small amount, and I do mean SMALL. While
the gain may not be very significant, it saves you a few Evo-Spheres worth of
healing. This item can also be knocked out of foes on occasion.

Large Health (Large Red Cross with Word Band)
Restores vitality completely. Obviously a great pick-up when in desperate need
of health.

EVO (Small Blue Orb with the word Evolution on it)
Completely fills evolution meter. Great for instant EVOing or for manual
healing purposes, or even for double Ultra attacks...

1-UP (Purple Glowing Object)
These appear only in match types where KOs have a determining factor. As is
expected, this item's effect gives you one additional life.

Bomb Curse (Spherical Metal Bomb)
Whoever grabs the item will constantly have a bomb appear above 
them and drop down. If you don't move around wisely enough, you'll eventually 
be killed by all the bomb damage. The bombs can damage others though. Its 
affect ends only when you obtain another item or get KOed.

Fire Up! (A Flaming Chili-Pepper)
You will be covered in flame. While active any Digimon near you will suffer
constant damage. It causes no injury to the user.

Invincibilty (A Golden Shield)
Covered in a purple aura, you cannot be injured or knock away.

Digital Nuke (Orange-Outlined Hazard Symbol)
A large explosion occurs, blinding everyone and possibly damaging them.

Iron Fist (A Metal Fist)
All of your normal attacks and your air-smash move gain additional punch, 
sending opponents further back when hit.

Random Digivice (Dark-Yellow Digivice with a Green Question mark on its screen)
Activates a random affect. It could be any of the below...

-Summon Phantomon
Phantomon is summoned to a random spot in the arena. He moves and teleports 
around seeking Digimon. Should he come in contact with one, he will swing his 
schyte and instantly KO whoever it hits.

-Sleepy time
All Digimon except the one who obtained the item fall asleep. Sleep victims 
wake up automatically if damaged or after some time passes.

-Digivolve Everyone
All Digimon evolve one level up.

-De-Digivolve Everyone
All Digimon devolve one level down. No action is taken
on first stage Digimon.

-Digivolution Convolution
All Digimon that aren't at their final stage evolve to it. All Digimon at 
final stage are devolved back to their first stage.

-Sympathy Pains
When activated, the user will sacrifice a HUGE portion of their life and give
it to a random foe.

Turns the unlucky item holder into a Pinata! While in this status, all you can
do is move and jump. In addition to this handicap, your speed and jump height
will also be decreased. The only cure is to let enough time pass.

-Lightining Strikes
Lightining will strike down from the heavens at random spots around the stage.
Don't get caught by one, or you'll be facing huge damage.

-Body Snatchers
All opponents will randomly switch "souls". That is, take for example that you
are playing Palmon against Neemon. If this effect is activated, you will
gain control of Neemon whilst your foe will switch to playing as you. While
in effect, the damage and combos done will still affect your own life. In
other words, in the example above you would control Neemon, but damage would
still be done to your Palmon life meter and not to your enemy's (Neemon in
this case). So don't purposely harm yourself thinking it will damage the foe.
This particular effect seems to be extremely rare.


Part IV - Stages

10 stages exist. Below is their title and description. Note that I could not
translate all titles, so my custom stage titles are in brackets, like so "[]".
Also, I only describe stage hazards as describing EVERYTHING in the stage would
quickly grow tedious...

Jungle Ruins
The tamest stage. On the left are two trees with three branches. Should one of
those branches be destroyed, it will down the tree, causing it to sink down and
dropping all tree-dwellers to the floor. Also on the left is the stone ground.
While it may appear hard, if someone should air-drop onto it, it will cause a
wave-like effect on its surface, disrupting the movements of anyone on it and
bouncing the air-dropper into the sky.
On the right is the wooden bridge. After enough damage is inflicted upon it, it
will break, allowing players to fight in the stream below it. Note that a
full-evo bar item will always appear under this bridge at the beginning of the
fight, so try to be the first one to break through!

[Great Waterfall]
Fighting in front of a titanic tropical waterfall. This stage is a mostly
vertical one.
On the left and right ends of the stage are two large leafs. Touching one will
catapult you into the sky. There's also a smaller leaf in the middle of the
stage, but it will bounce you lower than the other two.
In the middle of the stage at the top is a wooden swing bridge. It will slowly
rock back and forth and commonly have special items appear on it. It can only
be reached by utilising the stage's two large leafs.

Danger Town
A battle through an old west town.
Sprinkled throughout the stage are TNT barrels, which can be picked up and 
tossed. Obviously these things explode, so throw 'em at foes! Careful, they may
get in the way of your combos, damaging you in the process. Also note that if 
you are carrying one and you drop off a ledge, it will explode in your hands.
Mine carts will periodically dash accross the bottom-middle of the stage, 
replenishing the supply of used TNT barrels. If one of these carts should touch
you, you'll be KOed on the spot.
On the left of the stage is a building which can only be entered by either
breaking through its side window (which will be fixed shortly after being
broken) or by busting through the bottom portion of its wall. Inside is a floor
dividing top from bottom. This can be busted through conventional means.
On the left of the stage are two more things. One is a sign at the top of a
building, which will fall down if the roof is shaken violently, smashing anyone
in its way. It will remain felled until someone walks on it again, which will
cause it to spring back up, rocketing the Digimon into the sky, usually into
a special item. 
The second thing is a pair of doors. The top one is off limits, but the bottom
one can be accessed. Passing through it will momentarilly take you off-screen,
only to come shooting out of the top door moments later. This is a good 
function to use if you need a few seconds of invincibility.

Magma Hell
Warring inside a massive magma cavern.
Below the entire stage is scorching lava, which will damage thou and cause thee
to spring up into the air in pain. Don't be a fool and juggle yourself this
way! :P 
The bottom portion rock structures are highly unstable and eager to break 
apart, which will send you below...
That giant skull in the backround isn't just for show. Every now and then it
will poor a great deal of lava out of its mouth, raising the lava's height
level. Only the top four platforms are safe during this time. After a while,
the lava level will settle back down.

Bay 47
Moonlit fight in a cargo bay.
This stage is in constant movement, with platforms moving here and there.
Sometimes these can crush you, so beware.
At times brown crates will be seen, which can be shattered to reveal an item.
Be aware that the bottom "floor" of the stage will sometimes open, revealing a
pit. Only suspended platforms are safe at this time.

Steam Town
A factory stage with pipes and water.
The water at the bottom of the stage is actually a pitfall, so don't get any
ideas of swimming in it. Though you may have no choice... Occaisonally the
pipes around the stage will blast steam out of them, pushing you away in the
direction they are flowing. This can either be an aid in reaching higher ground
or a ticket to the sea-floor. In one situation, the steam blast will corner 
you, leaving yourself pinned for eager opponents to combo you.
Sometimes the steam blasts are replaced with fire blasts. While these won't
push you in a direction, they WILL cause gradual damage upon your Digimon.
The steam blasts and fire blasts will ALWAYS fire in the same patterns, so
learn them and behave accordingly.

[Tin Factory]
Conveyer-belts and pipes in a very active factory.
The conveyer-belts in this stage a very annoying and will constantly force
you to work against them in order to keep your footing. Why keep that? Not only
is there a pit waiting for you below, but there a few large golden pipes on the
sides waiting eagerly to suck you in. If you are sucked into a pipe, you will
be transported to the mechanical apparatus above the stage. Trapped in here,
you will be detained for a few seconds before coming out of it as a tin can
with your likeness drawn upon it! Like the Pinata, there is little you can do
in this status. However, you CAN attack still and collect Evo-Spheres. The way
you attack is to perform your air-drop slam attack. After a bit, the can will
get a dent in it and you will be unable to move for a second, then you will
break out automatically.
If you, as a can, become sucked into a pipe, instead of transporting to the
device above, you will be shot out of a random pipe.
Be aware that the can transformation process taxes your HP.
Also, while a tin-can, you can still heal yourself with G+N.

At Toy Town
Massive Digimon ballons fly in the backround, whilst you and your foes traverse
a large lego-like obstacle course where you will meet with a fire spitting duck
and an explosive fish.
This stage is in constant movement, it will scroll in various directions
forcing you to keep pace or be eliminated. This stage is very complex, so I
can't describe it in full, but I can point out the hazards present.

-Cookies make up a few of the platforms. These treats will break apart if stood
on for too long.

-A small amount of the platforms are purple and will shrink when stepped upon
until they are no more.

-Boxes here and there will have mechanical teeth things that will spring out
of them and damage you.

-The mechanical fire-breathing duck damages you obviously, but its movements
are always in the same pattern, so after learning that, you will know how to
avoid it and when to lure foes into its flames.

-The mechanical fish at the end will launch small explosive fish at the stage
floor. When fish meets floor block, it will explode leaving a hole where once
there was land. One of the fish it launches will be aimed at a Digimon and not
the floor, so beware of this threat.

Far Alone (locked at first)
An ice fortress sitting in solitude, with many sharp icicles for good measure.
At the topmost right and left corners are two whirlwind things. If you enter
one, you will be teleported to the opposite one. The afforementioned iciles are
indeed very prevalent. Sitting on the bottoms of the middle platforms, these
will cause minor damage to you. There is also a set of sharp icicles on both
ends of the stage. These will cause a bit more damage and throw you back a bit,
great for nasty combos!
At the very top-middle of the stage is a sort of ice chandelier thing.
Performing an air-drop on it will cause it to violently crash down, breaking
through the thin sheet of ice at the stage bottom. The ice spikes underneath
are lethal and will KO instantly whoever falls into them. After crashing the
chandelier will rise back up slowly. Also after some time, the broken sheet of
ice will reappear.
As if it needs mention, this stage is slippery throughout.
Also, this stage's music is probably the best in the game...

KO Surrender
The final boss stage, filled with dark, floating castles and the occasional
lightining flash in the backround.
Only composed of a few linear platforms, this stage may appear basic in 
apperance at first, but just give it some time...
Beside pitfall deaths being a common theme, there are NO power-up items to be
found here. In addition to droning up and down, the following effects will 
occur randomly on each platform:

-Fire Ignition, in which a column of fire will burst upwards, causing continual

-Ice Coating, in which the platform will become incased in ice. This makes
it slippery.

-Red Vent, in which a large column of "red air" will burst up, floating you
upwards and leaving you vulnerable to attacks.

-Sheer Drop, in which the platform will swiftly fall down, giving you access to
the death below. After a bit of time, the platform will regenerate back into

-Lightining Purge, in which the platform is charged with energy and then a 
swift blast of lightining blasts it, damaging anyone on it.

The platform effects will, at times, occur simultainously on any set of 


Part V - Gomamon's Stats and Evolutions

In-game is a menu displaying every Digimon's stats and move info. Here I have
compiled the game's grading on Gomamon and his two evolutions. Ratings are on a
scale between 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Gomamon -- "I'm mad! Don't rub me the wrong way!"

Speed- 5/5
Attack Strength- 1/5
Projectile- 1/5
Defence- 3/5
HP- 2/5

From this you can see that Gomamon is all about speed and defence. His Attack
and projectile power are a very low, making him a speed based character with a
healthy dose of defence for good measure! Rush in like you don't care and make
your opponents eat a combo! His high speed also ensures smooth evasive actions.

Ikkakumon -- "When he's not moving his giant body is like a white gun
platform! He builds a line of defense with his barrage attacks!!"

Speed- 3/5
Attack Strength- 3/5
Projectile- 3/5
Defence- 3/5
HP- 4/5

After evolving to Ikkakumon, Goma gains quite a well-rounded persona. All of
his stats are about average, making Ikkakumon a presence well felt in combat.
As said in that quote by his name, he can simply laze back and keep a constant
stream of missiles coming at your opponents, punishing their mistakes and
keeping them back.
His high HP rating also helps keep you alive longer than most.

Zudomon -- "His Thor Hammer is invincible!"

Speed- 1/5
Attack Strength- 5/5
Projectile- 4/5
Defence- 4/5
HP- 4/5

And now Goma reaches the peak of RAW power! His speed rating may be low, but
Zudomon is still quite fast. His excellence is obviously in his peerless
physical strength. His special attacks are also some of the best in this game.
Not to mention that with that solid defence and HP rating, Zudomon will likely
last quite some time, while still being able to act aggressively. After Goma 
reaches this stage, you will be a land-stalking terror!


Part VI - Goma's Movelist and Descriptions

Bear with me on these attack names! I wasn't able to fully translate all of
them due to the katakana being a bit blurry and small on my television display.
All of the character's movelists have one example combo displayed, this will be
simply labled as "combo" as that is what the Japanese characters name it.
Rough or unsure translations will be surrounded by this: {example}
Though it may be obvious, here is the abbreviation legend!

N=Normal Attack Button
S=Special Attack Button
J=Jump Button
G=Gaurd Button
E=Evo Button
OTG=On the Ground or Off the Ground

Tail Slap                 |Gomamon flips upwards, spinning twice. Quick move
U+S                       |that releases a nice amount of evo-spheres.
                          |Easy combo ender and aerial-punisher as well.
Marching Fishes           |Gomamon spits a purple fish out of his mouth, which
S                         |flys forwards in a small arc pattern. 
                          |Weak and usually releases only one evo-sphere from
                          |from foes, but when used to set-up a defensive 
                          |"wall", it is quite effective at detering enemy 
Bubble Soma               |Gomamon flies off the ground a bit and encases
D+S                       |himself with a water shield, which pops after a 
                          |second or so. This is Gomamon's absolute BEST move,
                          |period. This technique will repel ANY projectiles
                          |and send them back opposite the direction they 
                          |were traveling (yes, even Omegamon's Garuru Cannon)!
                          |It's also a great "runner" move. If you perform it
                          |whilst jumping forward, you will float forward and 
                          |damage all opponents in your way, while also 
                          |reflecting any projectiles! Used in this way, you
                          |can potentially reap MANY Evo-Spheres from your 
                          |hapless victims!
{?????}                   |Gomamon crouches, then slides quickly forward like
D+N                       |a seal on ice. The BEST ground move around. 
                          |Made for OTG combos and just generally disrupting 
                          |the peace! Fast, powerful and sometimes sneaky, you
                          |will want to use it often. Careful though, 
                          |it can drive you off pitfalls if you are too 
                          |careless with it.
Combo                     |Slap, slap, slap then Tail Slap, and to finish it
N,N,N,U+S,D+N             |off, a well-timed ground slide! The timing with the
                          |ground slide is delicate, if you don't time it 
                          |correctly, it will not combo.

Horn {????}               |Ikkakumon lowers his head a bit, then thrusts
U+S                       |upwards violently using his horn. Great anti-air 
                          |move for offence, defence and as a combo finisher.
                          |Also removes quite a tasty amount of Evo-Spheres
                          |from foes. Very quick and sudden technique... It's
                          |also relativaly safe to pull out whenever the 
                          |desire strikes.
Harpoon Vulcan            |Ikkaku's trademark move! He shoots the horn off from
S                         |his head, which quickly breaks out into a missile. 
                          |Powerful and useful as a means to create a defensive 
                          |wall (much like Goma's Marching fishes, only more
                          |powerful). Also, the longer you hold down B, the 
                          |further the missile will travel before descending
                          |in an arc. The timing and distance judging on this 
                          |is quite tricky, so practice this move a lot and 
                          |obtain a solid feel for for how to accurately snipe 
                          |at your foes.
Icicle Coat               |Ikkakumon shakes his fur around and releases some 
D+S                       |sharp little blasts of sheer coldness. While damage
                          |is nonexistant, if this move connects with an
                          |opponent, he will be frozen solid in a block if ice!
                          |You can then administer combo-rich justice upon 
                          |your chosen foe. 
                          |Not only can this interrupt "party-fights" (where a 
                          |group of 2 or more Digimon are dukeing it out 
                          |fiercly), but you can drop down from the air, 
                          |freezing all who are on your descent path! Be
                          |cautious though! If you whiff this move, you're 
                          |just asking for a painful combo to be released 
                          |upon thee...
{?Root Ton?}              |Ikkakumon flies hastily downward, claws first, 
J+N                       |at a diagonal angle. This will sweep all 
                          |air-bourne Digimon off their feet and slam into the 
                          |ground whoever you should meet-up with on the 
                          |surface. Great wake-up aerial tech., just don't 
                          |become abusive with it, as a foe who catches on to 
                          |your pattern can easily gaurd the attack and counter
                          |you. A bad taste about this move is that if you are
                          |not cautious, you may end up shooting yourself down
                          |an endless abyss and KO yourself, an embarresment 
                          |you definately want to avoid.
Combo                     |Claw, claw, claw, Icicle Coat. Nothing fancy, 
N,N,N,D+S                 |but fairly useful sprinkeled here and there...

Hammer Hit                |Zudomon tosses his hammer, now covered in thunder,
U+S                       |upwards at a diagonal angle. This is an awesome 
                          |anti-air move! Not only can it pressure opponents 
                          |off of high ground, but it has near unmatched 
                          |priority when it comes to aerial projectiles. You 
                          |can also release them successively at a fairly good
                          |rate. Strong and a high releaser of Evo-Spheres, 
                          |this is Zudo's second best technique and one all 
                          |opponents will learn to fear!
Hammer Spark              |Zudo slams his hammer onto the ground, creating an
S                         |arrow-like stream of electricity that flies straight
                          |forward until it collides with an object (preferably
                          |a foe). Like Marching Fishes and Harpoon Vulcan, 
                          |Zudomon can use this power to keep opponents at bay
                          |and discourage jump-ins. You can release each arrow
                          |pretty quickly and they travel at a good clip. A 
                          |little slow compared to other projectiles, but at 
                          |the same time, stronger than most of the others.
Thor Freeze               |Zudo takes his hammer and, pointing it outward, 
D+S                       |swings around rapidly, gaining electrical charge.
                          |As long as you tap B, Zudo will continue to swing.
                          |This is potentially Zudomon's mightiest move. Trap
                          |an opponent in the corner and listen to their cries
                          |of agony! XD You are VERY open to aerial moves 
                          |during this tech., so use it with discretion. You 
                          |may feel invincible during it, but as soon as you
                          |recieve your first jump-in awakening, you'll think 
                          |twice about abusing its might. Keep this move up 
                          |long enough and it will literally rain Evo-Spheres!
                          |This move has a VERY long recovery time, so keep
                          |that in mind when and where you use it.
Anvil Smash               |Zudo holds his hammer aside and charges it with 
G+S                       |thunder. As soon as you release the B button, he 
                          |will slam the hammer down with extreme force,
                          |causing extensive damage and sending foes flying. 
                          |Slow, just like all final stage charge moves, but
                          |also like all the rest, freakin' mighty! Don't 
                          |become predictable with it. The long start-up delay
                          |present even when not charging can punish you 
                          |indirectly. You can OTG opponents with this move,
                          |which makes foes who'd rather laze on the ground 
                          |instead of fight wish they never had met you. Also
                          |available to use at the end of combos, as long as 
                          |you time it properly.
Vulcan Revenge            |Zudomon's Ultra Technique. He holds his hammer 
E                         |behind himself, focuses energy, and then slams his
                          |hammer into the ground with godly force. This is 
                          |unblockable and immensely powerful, though slow to
                          |execute. It should be noted that Zudomon is 
                          |invincible during the execution of this move, so 
                          |feel free to throw it out whenever foes are grouped
                          |around you!
Combo                     |Smack, Thwack, Smash then hammer spin. Like Ikkaku's
N,N,N,D+S                 |combo, this isn't anything special, but fun to use 
                          |on occaison, especailly in corners!


Part VII - Diving Deeper

What I just scribed about Gomamon above is basic stuff. This section delves
deeper into Gomamon's style of play.

First off, a simple list of Yeas and Nays...

-Best crouch move in game
-Only character that can reflect projectiles

-Weak projectile
-Bubble Soma's delays "can" be a bad thing
-Weak normal attacks

-Sniperable projectile
-A freeze attack that covers the area all around you
-Solid air defence

-Icicle Coat does no damage and sometimes fails to freeze
-Isn't exactly the best at keeping opponents away

-MASSIVE strength
-Hammer Hit and Hammer Spark are great moves
-Very Durable
-Extremely damaging combos

-Very slow
-Delay exists pretty much everywhere
-His Ultra attack is longer to start up than any other Digimon except for

If only you played Gomamon and remained un-evolved, you'd be pretty good off.
With Bubble Soma, you've got a unique attack that can potentially halve the
usefulness of certain Digimon. Zudomon's strength is VERY tempting however and
if opponents are overwhelming, then he is definatly the better choice (though
you'll have to endure Ikkaku's shortcomings first).
Why is Gomamon, in my view, the best first stage Digimon? Besides Bubble Soma,
his ground slide wasn't called the best by me for no reason. It is full of
multiple uses. Not only as a combo ender and OTGer, but also to aggressively
race ahead of the competition to grab Evo-Spheres. It is possible to dive
through an entire group of three Digimon, tripping all of them. 
Tail Slap, like Ikkakumon's anti-air horn, is great for rise raids (situations
in which an opponent is castled on a high ledge and using it to their 
advantage. So you find a way to break them down) and air-combos.
A universal strategy is to remain in your first stage and never evolve, using
Evo-Spheres only to manually heal. Though as is the case with every first
stager, your defence is comprimised.
Goma's best stage is probably KO Surrender. People are keen to use projectiles
there due to its small size. Using Bubble Soma will defeat their cause as well
as providing a "sweep" of the arena. In fact, it should not be lost knowledge
that Bubble Soma should NEVER be used without movement unless you are alone.
Otherwise you will be consumed in damage. Alone in this case means there is
only one opponent near you, there are no opponents near you or a case in which
moving forward would be a bad idea (such as into a group of evolved opponents).
Goma's worst match-up (non-boss) is V-mon. V-mon and his evolutions don't even
have projectiles (save for one of FlaDramon's moves). ImperialDramon (one the
BEST final stages in this) has beams, something Bubble Soma will NOT reflect.
V-mon's rush down style is also a detriment to Goma's style.

Truth be told, Ikkakumon is probably Goma's worst stage. Though the ability to
snipe with Harpoon Vulcan is very neat, it's almost his only merit. I've had
Icicle Coat fail on me quite often, so I don't use it very much as the risk
is too great. His anti-air U+S move is quick, but leaves him at bit open, great
for aggressive rise raids though.
Harpoon Vulcan is STILL Ikkaku best treasure though and the only Digimon with
a manually guided projectile. You can still fire it off for mortar defence, but
the rate will be less than other projectiles.
Ikkakumon's best stage is Danger Town. With all the multi-tiered platforms, his
air horn special attack really serves him. Plus Harpoon Vulcan will pass 
through the roofs of the buildings, potentially causing sneak attacks.
His worst match-up is once again V-mon. Most of V-mon's (and his evos) will
easily break your defences. Don't even mention ImperialDramon to Ikkakumon, it
makes him shed.

Zudomon is simply a fortress. Both his Hammer named attacks are massively
useful. You can hang back smacking distant foes with Spark and destroy jump-ins
with Hit. Know that his noraml attack in air is one of the best jump-in attacks
around. It has no delay at the end if it hits, so it can be used for easy 
jump-in combos. Thor Freeze is monstrous in corners and in groups, but don't
travel around with it. Anyone with half a brain (i.e. not the AI) will easily
avoid and counter it. It's simply too slow to be an effective means of 
aggressive travel.
Zudo doesn't have to create large combos for damage, the damage handed out from
an air-rushdown ended with Thor Freeze is more than enough damage for him. 
He's a fortress, true, but fortresses are not known for mobility, which is a
problem you'll run into (as with any "big guy"). Faster characters have an edge
over you in speed, so if you find yourself crowded and Thor Freeze isn't 
working on them, try to lure them to jump and then use Hammer Hit to kill them.
Luckily Zudo's high HP and defence protects him from suffering too much in 
gang-ups, but you have to find ways to avoid being cornered. Thor Freeze works
fairly well to get yourself out of corners, but your foes may find ways around
it again.
Don't forget the suprising speed of Hammer Hit, it's your friend.
Hammer Spark is mighty and although it won't eat through projectiles, it will
stop them. Plus, if you "layer" enough Sparks one after the other, you can
future counter in such circumstances. Hammer Spark is a projectile that flies
pretty low to the ground, so make certain you're lined up well enough before
firing it off. In air there's a slight delay between execution and release, so
activate it a second before you actually want to use it to allow for the delay.
Anvil Smash is a great punishment for grounded foes and can be used to parition
combos as described elswhere in this FAQ. It sends opponents flying away even
if it's not charged, so never charge it unless you have plenty of time.
Zudomon's best stage is Tin Factory. Thor Freezeing your foes into the pipes
almost feels evil. Plus the high-low game at that stage lends it to easy kills
by Hammer Hit. Zudo's speed can get in the way there, but that shouldn't be 
much of a problem at the Tin Factory because it's the smallest stage.
Zudomon's worst match-up is Palmon. She may be weak, but both her first and
final stages have poisoning attacks, which can be used on you whilst in
Thor Freeze recovery. Togemon is definatly not something Zudomon needs either,
don't ever let her get close. Finally, being that Lillymon is insanely fast,
Zudomon is naturally in fear. She has low HP and defence, but if Lilly finds a
way into your fortress, it'll be difficult to react.

In closing, remember that Ikkaumon is usually not the best thing to hold onto
forever. He may not suck, but being that he's Gomamon's worst stage, you'll
naturally want to limit Ikkaku's use.


Part VIII - Conclusion

The End!

I've not spied any cheats or secrets that can't already be found out through
GameFAQs codes section, so there's none of that to list. As for alternate 
colours, I don't think they exist. I've tried every button combo I can and I've
not been able to select the same character, thus elminating a need for 
alternate colours (even though they are easy to make Amaze!). Sad, but at least
this forces variation among Digimon selections!

Credits & Thanks

-Me, Bronze Patamon for writing this FAQ!
-Akiyoshi Hongo, for starting Digimon itself!
-Bandai, for keeping Digimon alive even still!
-Toei, for animating the Digimon series!
-Black Ship/Amaze, for without them, DBC wouldn't exist!
-DKFlamey of the With the Will forums for some translation help!

                                                      "Sliding absorbs shots!!"
                                                           ~Bronze Patamon 2004