Black Agumon by FlashDeath

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Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Black Agumon Character FAQ v.0.99
Copyright 2007 Henry Low


Contents :                             
2)Why Black Agumon? 
4)Attack/Movelist -   i)Black Agumon
                     ii)Black Greymon
                    iii)Black Wargreymon  
5)Black Agumon Strategies
6)Stage Strategies
7)Credits & Thanks


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1) Introduction

This is the first guide that I've written , so hope you don't mind 
any mistakes I've made.However , if you find any mistakes, you can 
e-mail me at do not flame or spam me.

After playing Digimon Rumble Arena 2 for so long, I've decided to 
make a guide on Black Agumon.This guide will cover most of the things
of Black Agumon & 2 of its digivolution.For any questions , please
e-mail me at the address i have written above.Right now ,the only 
site that you can find this guide is in you find 
any other sites with this guide , please inform me.

2)Why Black Agumon?

Have you ever wonder why do i write the guide of Black Agumon and not
other digimons?This is for 2 simple reasons : 
- I like Black Agumon.
- Black Agumon can be very strong in the right hands


These are things that appear in stages to aid you or some , harm you.
They have different effects , and to get them , all you have to do is
to simply touch them.

Health UP - Add a little health to your HP bar.

Large Health UP - Completely restore your HP bar.

Evolution Orb - Completely fills in your evolution bar

Life - Adds one additional life for you when playing KO.

Fire Up - Cover your body with fire & cause damage to digimon that
          stay near to you.However, no damage is done to yourself.

Iron Fist - All your attacks will have more damage and send opponents
            fly further than normal.You will look blacker than usual.

Invincibility - You cannot be injured or knocked back.

Digi Nuke - Blinds everybody for a second.There is a possibility
            that it will damage them.

Bomb - When you get this item , bomb will constantly drop down on you
       and damage you or anybody that is nearby.This effect will end
       once you die or grab another power-up item.(Fire up/Iron fist/

Random Digivice - This will activate random effects.These effects 
                  does not include the items mentioned above.The 
                  effects has a name itself.I will list it below :

Body Snatchers : Everybody exchange bodies with one another.When you 
                 hurt others with your new body, the player that is
                 controlling the other body gets hurt.It may sound
                 confusing, so I shall give you an example.
                 If there are 3 players, 1st player controls 
                 agumon, 2nd player controls palmon, 3rd player
                 controls Vee-mon , and during a body snatcher , 
                 they switched their body to 1st player : Vee-mon
                 2nd player : agumon, 3rd player : palmon, and 
                 Vee-mon attack palmon, it is 3rd player's health
                 bar that decrease, not the 2nd player's health 
                 that decrease.

Digivolve Everyone : Everybody gets digivolved unless you are already
                     in the final stage.

De-Digivolve Everyone : Everybody gets de-digivolved unless you are
                        in the lowest stage.

Lightning Strike : Lightning will strike down randomly from the sky.
                   It deals huge damage if you are caught by one.
                   It can be avoided as there will be a warning 
                   at where the lightning will strike down.

Pinata Party : Whoever that got into this gets to turn into a pinata.
               Your jump heigh , speed will be decreased and you are
               unable to attack.Luckily, your defence seems to 
               increase.After a certain time , you will be turned
               back to normal.

Sleepy time : Whoever that gets this will make everybody sleep 
              except itself.You will be cured once you get hit once 
              or to let enough time pass.

Sympathy Pains : One of the player that has long life will sacrifice
                 huge amount of their life and donate it to a player
                 that has low life regardless of whoever that 
                 activate it.

Summon Phantomon : Phantomon will be summoned regardless of whoever
                   that has activated it.Avoid Phantomon as it
                   1 hit KO you when it swings its scythe at you.
                   It teleports around to find digimons to kill.


There are many attacks that can be executed by digimons.I will 
list them out for Black Agumon,Black Greymon and Black Wargreymon.
These are the letters that i use to represent the buttons on the 
controller : 

U = Up
D = Down
L = Left
R = Right
S = Square
O = Circle
T = Triangle
X = Cross
L1= L1
R1= R1

The basic controls are : S = Special Attacks
                         X = Normal Attacks
                         O = Grab/Throw
                         T = Jump(tap it twice to double jump)
                         R1= Digivolve/Execute signature attack
                         L1= Block

You can heal your health by a little by holding L1+X regardless of 
which digimon you use but you must have your evolution bar filled.
The life healed is not a lot but can save you in some situation.You
can also bounce/smash down by pressing D+X regardless of what
digimon you use.It will do damage when you hit someone on the head.
With these basics, i will move on to Black Agumon.I will be using 
format : 

Name : ( Name of attack )
Control Key: ( The button pressed to activate the attack )
Description: ( A little description about this attack )
i)Black Agumon

Name : Pepper Breath
Control Key: S
Description: Firing a green flame out from its mouth.

Name : Claw Uppercut
Control Key: US
Description: Attack upwards using its claws.

Name : Claw Slash
Control Key: DS
Description: Dash attack forward with its claws.

Name : Upper Punch
Control Key: UX
Description: Punch up with its fist

Name : Lower Kick
Control Key: DX
Description: Kick forward to where you are facing.

Name : Dash Kick
Control Key: TX( or while in air , press X )
Description: While in air,it dash kick in the direction you pressed.

Name : Hit/Double Hit/Triple Hit
Control Key: X/XX/XXX
Description: Hit your opponent once/twice/thrice depends on how many
             times you press
ii)Black Greymon

Name : Dragon Flame
Control Key: S
Description: Keep blowing flame out from its mouth.Press up/down
             to aim up or down while holding S.

Name : Dragon Horn Attack
Control Key: US
Description: Use its horn and attack upwards 2 times.

Name : Dragon Attack
Control Key: DS
Description: Dash Attack forward with its horn

Name : Upper Horned
Control Key: UX
Description : Attack Upwards with its horn

Name : Lower Tailed
Control Key: DX
Description : Attack forward with its tail to where you face.

Name : Horn Smash
Control Key: TX( or while in air , press X )
Description: While in air , smash downwards diagonally with horn.

Name : Hit/Double Hit/Triple Hit
Control Key: X/XX/XXX
Description: Hit your opponent once/twice/thrice depends on how many
             times you press.
iii)Black Wargreymon

Name : Terra Destroyer
Control Key: S
Description: Throw a Green/Blue ball and explodes when hit or after
             a few seconds.

Name : Great Tornado
Control Key: US
Description: Turn itself into a tornado and fly upwards, damaging
             anybody on its way

Name : Black Tornado
Control Key: DS
Description: Turn itself into a tornado and fly towards the direction
              it face, damaging anybody on its way

Name : Upwards Claw
Control Key: UX
Description: Attack by raising its hand upwards

Name : Lower Kick
Control Key: DX
Description: Kick outwards towards the direction it face

Name : Flying Kick
Control Key: TX( or while in air , press X )
Description: While in air , it slightly kick diagonally downwards

Name : Hit/Double Hit/Triple Hit
Control Key: X/XX/XXX
Description: Hit your opponent once/twice/thrice depends on how many
             times you press
Name : War Blaster
Control Key: L1+S
Description: Charge up a green ball and fire it in a series.

Name : Ultra Tornado ( Signature Attack )
Control Key: R1 ( only can be used when evolution bar is full )
Description: Turn itself into a Tornado and spin on the spot,sending
             2 smaller tornadoes out.

5)Black Agumon Strategies

After listing out the attacks/movelist of Black Agumon and its
digivolved stages, its time to know how to use them wisely.Alright,
lets move on to Black Agumon first.

Black Agumon : 
Generally , Black Agumon is not a long range fighter meaning that
he cannot attack someone faraway.Spam claw slash whenever needed,
especailly when one is being cornered.It can also be used to escape
from your opponent when you are in danger.Shoot Pepper breath  
occasionally because it is not very useful compared to claw slash,
which is a great attack for spamming.Use Claw Uppercut when you 
want to send opponent upwards while combo-ing or when opponent is on
top of you.

Black Greymon : 
Black Greymon is no where better than black agumon in long range
fights because its attacks are mainly middle and short range.
Firstly , before we continue, please note that dragon flame is a 
long lasting flame attack used by it but it produce little 
blue things that you need for digivolution.It is not very fast in
killing either , so do not use it too much.Like Black Agumon,
spam its DS which is dragon attack at your opponent.Dragon Horn 
Attack is also a good choice for attacking.

Black WarGreymon :
Finally , at its last stage , it has a slightly longer range of 
attack.Get to somewhat middle range from your opponent and spam
terra destroyer at them.Every shot , you walk closer to them .
When you are quite near them , black tornado a few times and start
throwing terra destroyer again before continuing the process.If
there are more than 1 opponent , watch your back - always.When the 
others try to get near you while you are combo-ing one , throw 
terra destroyer backwards or change target.

6)Stage Strategies

Now its time to know the stages.Knowing the stage well is a important
as it raises your chance to do better in game.Doing better in game
will increase your chance of winning.Lets move on now.

Jungle Ruins
As soon as the match starts, start smashing the bridge as there lies
a Evolution Orb.This ensures you are a rank higher than the others.
The trees in the left of your screen can be "chopped" down by
your attacks.When it is down, there may be some items on the trees.
The trees will regenerate everytime it is chopped.Use it to your
own advantages.The stone floor with many tiles below the trees
can send you flying if you do a bounce on it.

Rubber Tree Falls
As expected , there will be rubber trees in this maps.Two are 
located at the side and one in the middle.These tree can send you 
flying up.For damaging someone , bounce down when you are up in the 
air.There are two big rocks in the between on the 3 trees and one 
big rock on top of the middle tree.Above the middle big rock is a
forever-swinging bridge.On the bridge contains items.

Danger Gulch
This map has a lot of things to say , so pay attention.Firstly,you
see the explosive barrels? These things explodes when you land on 
it or it lands on you. They can be throw and pushed around when 
you walk against it.Secondly, carts carrying those barrels move
along in the middle.Beware of those , they one hit KO you when you 
get hit but use them to your advantage.When you see one of those 
coming , try to throw your opponent on the path of it.

Thirdly, on the left side second storey of the stage ,there is a
window that can be broken when you walk through it.In the space 
behind the window,the floor can be destroyed if damaged and you can 
fall to the first floor.There is a wall beside after you have fallen
in.That wood wall can also be destroyed.

Fourthly, on the right side of the stage , there is a door that you
can go in.After that , you will be shoot out of the door on the
third storey which is directly on top of it.Use this to escape
quickly from you opponent if you are in danger.It can be quite
disappointing when you are thrashing your opponent when they 
accidentally got thrown inside.

Fifthly, also on the right side but slightly more left to the doors 
on the top , there is a board that writes HORSE REPAIR.Do not stay
too long below it as it will fall and send you flying off with 
damage.However , when the board is down and you jump on top of it
it will shoot up and shoot up high up the sky.There may be an item
on the very top of the board and is only reachable when you got shot
up so use it to get it.

Lava Lake

Okay, this stage is one of the stage that you must look out when
battling.The lava below the bridges hurts and the rock just on 
the lava is destroyable.Try to stay on top and make your opponents
at the bottom as lava will flood occasionally, submerging rocks.
Now , you might be asking when will the lava flood.Look in the 
background , they do not just decorate , they serve as a warning
to when will the lava flood.When lava starts spilling , get yourself 
up the bridge as it is safe.Use the chance to knock them to the lava.
Iron fist and invincibility is quite important here as Iron fist
help you knock opponent down and invicibility prevent you from
being knocked down.

Pier 47

Begin your match as normal but there is one thing that you need to
look out for.The platforms are always on the move and if the most 
bottom platform moves off , it will leave a hole and you will get 
an instant KO if you drop down.Throw your opponent down to save
alot of work.If you are forced in a corner by the platform and there
is no way out, you will die from being crushed by the platform and
the corner of the screen.To do well in this stage , you need to know
the movement of the platforms.Play regularly on this map and you will
soon know how to play well in this stage.


This stage is simple but the only thing you need to know is that the
pipes in the stage is not for fun.They blow out fire that damage you
or winds that pushed you quickly away.On the left there is a small
platform and beside it is pitfalls.Dropping down can get you an 
instant KO.Knock your opponent down for easy work.

The Cannery

Here , playing in this map , you must be constantly moving or you
will become can very easily.There are conveyor belts that send you
to the opening pipe at the side.Getting into one turns you into a
can.If you drop down again as a can , you will be damaged.Being a 
can isn't fun at all.You are limited to only using bounce as your
attack.But luckily , you will be turned back to normal once
enough time have pass.The best way is to knock your opponent
down and throw them into the pipe.After that , you will have an
easy day.

Another thing that you must know is that at the most bottom , it is 
a pitfall.Although it is also a pitfall, it does not instantly 
KO you when you drop down.You will , too , be turned into a can.

Twisted Toy Town

The only difference between this stage and others is that the stage
is constantly moving.The only time the screen stop moving is when
its time for some weird things to start attcking you.Dodge their
attacks and after a few moment , your screen will continue to move 
again.To dodge their attack , simply jump over it.

Apart from this , there are different platforms in this stage.Some
will break after standing there for a few seconds , some will make
you jump when you land on them.There are traps too in this stage.
A metal thing will shoot out from boxes and damage you.Try not to
get stuck in between things or you will get KOed.

Ice Palace

Note : this stage needs to be unlocked before you can find it in

This stage is all snow and ice.You will slide on the ground when
you walk on it.On the left and right side is the most bottom of the
stage and beside it is spikes that can hurt you.The platforms on the
middle of the stage has spikes below it too.They will hurt you if
you touch them so try not to jump.Bouncing on it cause the spike to 
drop and use it to damage your opponent if you see them below.

On the bottom left and right side , there are elevator on each side 
that goes up and down.Use them if you want to get to the top.On the
top right and left side , there are tornadoes.If you go into one of 
this , you will get teleported to the other one.Make this your
escaping tool if you are in danger.

On the top in the middle , there is a ice crystal that is flat on top
and have spikes below.Bounce on them on top and it will drop down 
and crack the ice ground below.Below the ice ground is spiky ice.
Anybody that gets hit when the ice crystal drop down gets an instant
KO.The spiky ice below the ice ground also gets you a KO if touched.
Use them to your advantage and bounce on the crystal if you see 
somebody below.

Chaos Wasteland

Note : this stage needs to be unlocked before you can find it in

Finally , our last stage.It is also the stage you battle with boss
so get this map familiar to yourself.There are seven platforms
floating.They use/shoot things that will damage you like electric and
fire.They also make gravity zero sometimes ( indicated with red
things shooting out ).Sometimes , they just fall off and if you
unluckily stands on that platform that falls off , you get KOed 

On the side of the 7 platforms are pitfalls ( again ).Similarly,
they one-hit KO you if you drop off.The easiest way to make kills
here is to carry and throw your opponents off stage.If you are 
playing with human players, be careful as they might do the same 
to you.


Before I thank anybody for anything, I sincerely hope that my faq
will really help you in playing.Now , i am going to thank the 
following person :

- My brother - for playing the game with me everytime.
- Bandai - for creating this game.
- My parents - for giving birth to me or else I won't be here to 
               write my FAQ
- You - for reading my guide.