Biyomon by pokemaniacgio

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I  I  I  I      I  I I I I I   I I I I   I  I I   I I I I I I   I I    I
I  I  I  I      I  I  I  I I   I I I I   III  I   I I  I  I IIII  I    IIII
I  I  I  I  II  I  I     I I   I I I I   II   I   I I     I I   I I    I
I  I  I  I   I  I  I     I I   I I I I   I I  I   I I     I I   I I    I

                   II  III  IIII II  I  II    III
                  I  I I  I I    I I I I  I  I   I
                  IIII III  IIII I I I IIII  I   I
                  I  I II   I    I I I I  I     I
                  I  I I I  I    I I I I  I    I
                  I  I I  I IIII I  II I  I  IIIII

Copyright 2008 Gio Genuino

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This is my very first FAQ, and I'm like, 13, so please don't hunt me down and 
eat my face if this FAQ is horrible for you.

Table of Contents

I. Version history
II. Intro
III. Background
IV. Advantages and Disadvantages
V. Stats
VI. Moves and Combos
VII. Strategies
VIII. Other Notes

I.Version history

1.0. First FAQ ever

1.1. What you see now. Filled some gaps, and fixed some bugs. Also added
     Version History and Stats chapters.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is so far the latest digimon fighting game that have
Digimon from each season as characters. This FAQ focuses on my favorite 
character, Biyomon.


Biyomon first appears in her In-Training form, Yokomon. She first Digivolves 
to her rookie form when the DigiDestined were attacked by Kuwagamon. 
Biyomon later Digivolves into Birdramon, and then with Sora's Crest of Love, 
into Garudamon. In the Japanese version of the anime, Biyomon often talks in 
the 3rd person. Saying "Sora is" where one would normally say "You are", and 
also referring to herself in a third person tone.

IV.Advantages and Disadvantages

So, why use Biyomon? For those of you who think that most of her (or his) 
moves are slow, you are dead wrong! Biyomon is one of the fastest close-range
fighters in the entire game, as well as quick and powerful digivolutions.


+ She is extremely balanced in speed and power in the game

+ VERY hurtful and long (potentially infinite) combos

+ very good air attacks

+ versatile in all forms

- First form specials have a bad case of lag

- First and second forms don't have much of a range

V. Stats

Biyomon, in her stats, is a very well-rounded character, although her
second form has a higher total than some others' second forms.


Speed: 4/5
Attack: 2/5
Projectile: 2/5
Defence: 2/5
HP: 2/5


Speed: 3/5
Attack: 3/5
Projectile: 4/5
Defence: 3/5
HP: 3/5


Speed: 2/5
Attack: 4/5
Projectile: 4/5
Defence: 4/5
HP: 4/5


Biyomon is a VERY crazy comboer. The reason for this is because most of her
forms' moves do NOT knockback her enemies, giving her the chance to land a 
few more extra hits.


^: Up(Note that up is different from Jump)
v: Down
A: Regular Attack (X default)
B: Special (square default)
S: Super (block+special default)

Name: name of move/combo 
Input: what you press to use it
Rating: my rating
Other: other...

Note: Some of these combos I learned through experience and require enough 
      space and timing to execute.

Biyomon throws the fastest and longest combos of her three forms, but
definitely not the strongest.

Name: Three hit combo
Input: AAA
Rating: 3/5
Other: Strikes thrice.Nice combo starter, but not that very damaging.
       Follow-up with other combos.

Name: Spiral Twister
Input: B
Rating: 1/5
Other: Charges a spiral, then launches it from her mouth.This move is just 
       so slow, I really woudn't recommend it. Note that you can charge 
       this move by holding B.

Name: Upper Kick
Input: ^B
Rating: 3/5
Other: Kicks upwards. Neat Combo ender. Can also be used as an extra jump,
       or an anti-air move. Is easily linked to combos.

Name: Talon Twist
Input: vB
Rating: 4/5
Other: Cartwheels forward, hitting up to 4 times. SUPER neat for combos.
       Only Use this during mid-combo because it has slow lag.

Name: Favorite combo 1
Input: vA,vB,vA
Rating: 4/5
Other: After talon twist, sweeps enemy. Repeat the last 2 inputs
       while enemy is down for a potentially infinite combo, or use favorite 
       combo 2 right after the combo as a finisher. VERY neat and versatile 

Name: Favorite Combo 2
Input: AAA,^B
Rating: 4/5
Other: Not her best combo, but if your enemy doesn't air recover, you can
       infinitely repeat ^B for more hits, or link with another combo.

Name: Favorite Combo 3
Input: AAA,vB
Rating: 3/5
Other: Just your average 3-hits-then-knockback-move-combo

Name: Air 2 Air combo
Input: (while in the air next to an opponent) A, land right next to the 
       fallen enemy, vB,vA, AAA,^B
Rating: 7/5 
Other: A ruthless combo that punishes anyone who dare to dwell in the sky.
       You can also repeat vB,vA for extra hits, like favorite combo 1. This 
       combo may be repeated after enemy is thrown into the sky.

Name: Air 2 Ground combo
Input: (while in the air) vA, vB,vA, AAA, ^B
Rating: 7/5
Other: Similar to Air 2 Air combo, but strikes enemies on the ground instead.
       Can also be repeated.

Name: My personal ultimate combo
Input: AAA,^B, double jump to get near the airborne loser, (while in the air 
       next to the opponent) A, land right next to the fallen enemy, vB,vA, 
       AAA,^B,^B,(after opponent lands)vB,^B
Rating: 10/5
Other: One word. Awesome.

IV.II. Birdramon

Birdramon has fewer combos than biyomon, but are so much stronger.

Name: Three hit combo
Input: AAA
Rating: 3/5
Other: Same as Biyomon's, but stronger

Name: Pheonix Dive
Input: (while in air) A
Rating: 4/5
Other: Birdramon swoops down from the sky at an angle, knocking down anyone 
       she touches. Recommended combo starter.

Name: Meteor Wing
Input: B
Rating: 2/5
Other: Similar to Biyomon's spiral twister, still slow
       and still not recommended.

Name: Pheonix Rising
Input: ^B
Rating: 5/5
Other: Disapears into smoke for a split-second, then re-appears while doing 
       a strong and fast dive straight upwards. Very much recommended.

Name: Fire Storm
Input: vB
Rating: 4/5
Other: Jumps back, then breathes fire on her opponents. A good evasive move 
       and combo starter.

Name: Favorite combo 1
Input: AAA, ^B
Rating: 3/5
Other: 3 hits, then an uppercut. Can lead to plenty of juggles, though.

Name: Fav Combo 2
Input: AAA, B
Rating: 2/5
Other: 3 hits, then pushes the enemy away with multiple meteor wings. Combo
       ender since it knocks the enemy too far.

Name: Pheonix Swoop short
Input: (while in air) A, ^B
Rating: 6/5
Other: A quick move. Good for crowds since after you swoop down, you escape to
       the sky almost immediately.

Name: Pheonix Swoop long
Input: (while in air) A, AAA, ^B
Rating: 8/5
Other: A longer, more powerful version of pheonix swoop short.

Name: Combo of death
Input: AAA, vB,A, AAA, ^B
Rating: 8/5
Other: 3 hits, then fire storm, then birdramon zooms downward and hits enemy,
       knocking him/her down. Then 3 more hits, then the grand finale,
       a very stylish uppercut!

Name: Death from above
Input: (while in air) A, AAA, vB, A, AAA, ^B, jump, A
Rating: 10/5
Other: The ultimate birdramon combo! the jump, A inputs mean after the 
       pheonix rising, go a bit higher than the enemy, then swoop down once


Garudamon has the shortest combos, making him the quickest comboer of the 
three forms.

Name: 3 hit combo
Input: AAA
Rating: 3/5
Other: MUST we go through this again?

Name: Phoenix Dash
Input: (while in air) A
Rating: 5/5
Other: Dashes forward while in the air. This move makes Garudamon the lord 
       of the sky.

Name: Wing Blade
Input: B
Rating: 4/5
Other: Shoots a very large projectile. Very good move.

Name: Uppercut (sorry, i forgot the name)
Input: ^B
Rating: 4/5
Other: A rather strong uppercut for even a mega digimon.

Name: Garuda Slam (i forgot the real name for this one too)
Input: vB
Rating: 4/5
Other: It is just so fun watching an entire group fall down at the same time.
       Slams the ground with his fists.

Name: Garuda Punch
Input: block + B
Rating: 5/5
Other: A powerful dash on the ground that can be charged for more damage.

Name: Favorite combo 1
Input: AAA, ^B
Rating: 3/5
Other: like all other uppercut combos.

Name: fav combo 2
Input: AAA,vB
Rating: 3/5
Other: like all other knockback cobos.

Name: Vertical Assault
Input: AAA, ^B, jump, A
Rating: 7/5
Other: a short, but very powerful combo.

Name: Fave combo 3
Rating: 8/5
Other: After the uppercut, keep launching wing blades and hopefully you will
       keep hitting him for a few more seconds.

Name: Slag Assault
Input: AAA, ^B, vA, move forward a bit, charge garuda punch, release when
       opponent falls
Rating: 10/5
Other: THE ultimate combo. It needs a moderate amount of space for it to
       work properly.

Name: Thingy-Explosion (i hate amnesia)
Input: L1 (default) when gauge is full
Rating: 4/5
Other: gets rid of crowds almost instantly, but a fully charged garudapunch
       deals more damage without using the gauge. A waste of digi-eggs if you
       ask me.


Biyomon is the best comboer, making her a very good one-on-one kinda guy, but
that means she is very vulnerable to other attack. Added the fact that she 
can't take too many hits before dying in all digivolutions. Therefore I have
come u p with a few strategies for Biyomon.

Hit n' Run

Don't get me wrong, this is not an evasive strategy. It is actually the
best strategy for Biyomon 'cuz she can use her killer combos without fear of
interuption. This strategy is best used in large areas, but works well in
tight areas too.

At the start of the match, keep running around, avoiding attack and collecting
digi-eggs and power-ups until you see two digimon attacking each other. That's
when you head for the one who isn't in combat. Dish out as many combos as you
can to that guy. This will definitely drain a lot of his health. If another 
opponent decides to join in the fun, you run. Then wait for your next window of 
opportunity. When someone gets KOd, be ready to get right next to him when he
reappears, then low kick him and beat the crap out of him with your combos.

Once you get enough digi-eggs, digivolve and switch immediately to the next 

The Hunt

Birdramon was made for this strategy coz of her pheonix dive. Very high speed
and range.

So, at the start of the match, run and collect stray digi-eggs. Do not engage
in any combat whatsoever, it will just drain your life if you get beat up.
Digivolve as soon as possible. This is when you begin "the hunt".

Stay in the air as often as possible, then swoop down at the enemy with the
lowest health and slay him with a combo. Then jump back into the air and 

If you want to digivolve and go right to the next strategy, be my guest.

The Destroyer

This is where you get aggressive...

Digivolve to Garudamon. Then beat up everyone you see.

VI.Other Stuff

Bandai, for the game
You, for reading this FAQ