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Corrupted memory card. How can I restore my save files?

My memory card with four years' worth of saves randomly decided to corrupt itself, and won't let me save or load games. When I check the card in the Gamecube menu, it asks me if I want to reformat. I've reformatted corrupted cards before, and they've all worked fine afterward, but that deletes everything on the card. Is there a way to restore the saves from a corrupted memory card?

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I took Pokemon Colosseum for a spin and the copyable saves did work on different memory cards. Very nice.

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From: ThatGuy4913 4 years ago

Well, I found a third party software fix for this problem. Datel's GCN/Wii SD Media Launcher, running mcbackup from an SD card. Was able to copy all my saves from the corrupted memory card to the SD card, then back to a working memory card. You'll have to do a little research, but I can say that this did work for my corrupted memory card.

Some games have formats particular to the original memory card. For example, I couldn't get Tales of Symphonia to work on my new memory card. It would copy, but the game didn't recognize it. I reformatted the corrupted one (after copying all the files to an SD card, of course) and copied the ToS save to it, and the game recognized it just fine. I was able to copy the working save to my new memory card and it worked fine on that too.

I'm not sure what happens to saves for games like Animal Crossing and Pokemon Colosseum that normally can't be copied from card to card. They might only work on the reformatted card, or they might not work at all. Restoring them does seem to remove the copy protection, but I'm not sure they work. I had some saves for games like this, but didn't have a game to check.

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I hate it when a memory card corrupts. That happened to my memory card that had the most memory. I still have it but I don't use it. But I have others.
I dont know how to fix it, sorry. If I did, I would have used the one that corrupted to play Path of Radiance.

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