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64M USB memory card adapter - How do I transfer save games from PC to Gamecube?

I have a 64M USB memory card adapter, and want to transfer a saved game from the PC to Gamecube. However, the program that comes with the adapter isn't working as it's supposed to. It can never find any save games no matter where I put them, and nothing happens with I press the "list savers" button. The documentation isn't any help as it's in barely comprehensible Engrish.

I'm running Windows XP, SP 3.

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To clarify further, I got the driver to install properly. I think it has to do with the savegames on gamefaqs being in .gcs format, when it wants .gcp.

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Never mind, I figured it out myself, and it's a pain in the ass.
Here's instructions for this adapter in understandable English.

You can only use .gci save files with this adapter. To convert from .gcs to .gci you need the xvi32 hex editor and a program called convert gcs2gci.
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