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Nintendo--Nothing but the best!jedy56710/10
And in this corner... [UPDATED 7/2003]Mulliga9/10
Nintendo's 4th Console... How does it fare in the harsh competition of today?Adori9/10
What the N64 should have beenůsort ofchrono trigger fan7/10
How much of a Nintendo fanboy are you?CKeen6666/10
This is better than the N64 in every way possible!Dogg8/10
("Q" Review) With the help of Panasonic, the Cube rises to the top!EZBZHawaii10/10
I'm sick of reading all these biased reviews..time for a little controversyG.Vallentin7/10
The SNES age all over again.GameReaverX10/10
Quick, get the anti-fanboy gun!grasu6/10
Okay, maybe I was a LITTLE harsh on Nintendo in my previous GCN review…LastStand7/10
The GameCube is NOT childish, and I am going to show you why...Master Of Chaos10/10
Good, but could have been better.Mega man Forever7/10
Good things come in CubesMenji8/10
Nintendo Survived...nintensionDS7/10
The GameCube is a console you are going to want to have in your collection. No doubt.Pyro Vesten9/10
It has a few good games but overall a disappointment comparing to the Nintendo 64. *updated*RemTheRetroPlayer6/10
Kills X-BOX dead!ShadowGeenhx10/10
The Nintendo Gamecube...A 2006 review for un-biased adults.TekkenMaster6068/10
Second Best Nintendo Console Right After The Super NintendoTHAguyINgta39/10
Far from perfect but a big improvement over the Nintendo 64 and definatly worth owningThe Vic Viper8/10
Not Legendary, But Still Awesome!Warmaster Lah8/10
Cubes are officially my favorite 3-D shapes.WaterMario22210/10

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