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Stat affects?

Can someone help me out?
Ok i need some clear-faction as to how exactly how the stats work.

I know that Hp. is you heath
but i don't know how the Atk. Def. and Vit. work to the game.
also i don't no what Vit. acutely stands for anyways.

Master2Rogue provided additional details:

Ok but i meant like how each stat affects it as in
attack is say... 74 how much would that acutely affect the attack.


zelosdachosen answered:

Hp-Inceases the PC's maximun Hp, thus, allowing him/her to take more damge in battle.
Attack-Increase the PC's maximun attack, thus allowing him/her to inflict more damage in battle.
Defense-Increase the PC's maximun defence, thus allowing him/her to block more damge in battle.
Vitality-Increase the PC's maximun Vitality, thus allowing him/her gain more Hp increases when leveling up.
Agility-Increase the PC's maximun Agility, thus allowing him/her to act faster in battle.
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sabinucsb answered:

Like the other great Namco GC RPG (ToS) an exact formula for calculating damage based on stats has never been compiled. At least not that I've seen on this board. All that's really known are the values of the Magnus that you use to attack with, along with your character value stats.

While there are cases that show remarkable consistancy at low levels, like the damage you take against a shawra at lvl 1 with no defensive magnus is 2 for a single hit, there are no formulas to calculate what your attack will be against a monster since those stats are hidden. IMO, don't sweat the small stuff.

You see the largest gain in damage from using higher level magnus, ie. magnus that has higher base damage and from late game level increases. You can argue that level increases in damage are insignificant compared to increases in magnus. In case you haven't seen the videos on YouTube of the absolute lowest level run of this game, the damage output at lvl 1 is still pretty decent if you are using high lvl magnus.

To use an example from the video, a Lvl 1 Kalas doing a 6 card combo against Malpercio (final) does about 2.5k dmg. A typical Lvl 99 Kalas using 6 card combo does about 5-6k dmg. I don't know about you, but 100% increase for 98 lvls seems somewhat insignificant to me.
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