Question from dragongamer23

How do I get ribbih to sign?

I have the stone and he is not appearing any where in zosma tower at all. he is all i have left to complete

dragongamer23 provided additional details:

I am there on 4th floor but no one is around. Not at all ?


Alfieri_x answered:

I think he is in the upper floors of the tower, where the floor has a Q-Bert stage pattern
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pigfacemonkyman answered:

Go up, he's on the floor before the roof-the one with the red save flower.
I guess you learnt about this guy when Quzman marked him on your chart! If not then I think that's what triggers his appearance.
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Red_Marowaks answered:

One left to sign, you say, right? Ribbih will be number 31/31, yes? Not quite. {SPOILERS} You actually have to completely fill the family tree - every square filled - then talk to Quzman. Quzman will start to leave, then suddenly remember he didn't include his brother (Ribbih) in the tree. He scrolls on the paper, making it 31/32. That's when you take the stone up to the 4th floor (the one with the red flower) of Zosma Tower and give it to the old man.
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