Constellation Magnus FAQ by Fei Hong

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Written by: Stephen Chi

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Before anything else is said, I need to credit STARoceanEX for providing nearly
all of the Constellation Magnus locations.  I was only sure of about 20 
locations when he posted his list on the GameFAQs forum, so without him this 
guide would not exist.  If you want to thank someone, direct it towards him, 
not me.  Well, maybe a little towards me.  Locations have been reworded for
clarity and information has been added where needed.  

1) Introduction
This FAQ will cover the basics of Constellation Magnus, one of the main
sidequests in Baten Kaitos.  Constellation Magnus can be found in many 
locations, ranging from chests, to people, and also on certain enemies or 
bosses.  Since this guide will include names and descriptions of areas and 
bosses, be wary of spoilers as you read.  This will not cover how to get 
through each area, unless it is particularly relevant to finding a 
Constellation Magnus, so do not ask for a step by step guide.  

2) Collecting Basics
Constellation Magnus are special cards that serve no purpose in battle.  They 
do, however, constitute the largest sidequest in Baten Kaitos.  In order to 
start this sidequest, simply stand on a blue flower, press A, and enter the
church.  Aside from being the only place where you can level up your 
characters, this site is also home to an old priest who is lamenting some kind
of tragedy.  Speak to him, and you will learn the whole story.  The roof of the
church was designed to reflect the stars' position in the sky.  The star map 
was eventually shattered, however, and now the pieces lie scattered across the 
world, blown on the wind, coming to rest on land or in the possession of 
others.  If you agree to help him, your job will be to collect all 50 of these 
fragments.  In return, he will give you a Magnus for each Star Map Fragment 
that you bring him.  The hard part is finding all of the pieces, and that's 
where this guide comes in.  

Each Constellation Magnus is found in a specific place in the game.  In some 
cases, you will need a little luck, but it is never impossible to finish the 
sidequest.  The majority of the cards are in dungeons, hidden in chests or 
carried by enemies.  If you're having trouble finding one, remember the golden 
rule : talk to everyone.  While some Constellation Magnus will fall right into 
your lap after some bosses, others can be obtained simply by talking with 
regular townspeople.  Also, talking to the priest after a certain point in the 
game will yield clues on the next Magnus' location.  Of course, the point of 
this guide is to save you the trouble of searching and simply give you the 
location.  So let's get started!

3) Constellation Magnus Locations
Constellation Magnus are listed sequentially, and can be first obtained in 
roughly the following order.  (Note: Some exceptions occur when the Magnus can 
be obtained right after each other or are in close proximity)  If you find 
yourself accidentally skipping one, don't worry.  You'll be able to come back 
sooner or later, so don't go contacting me about that.  Flying enemies who are 
the only normal enemies who will have a Constellation Magnus in their 
possesion.  This group consists of those enemies that actually fly, not float, 
on the dungeon screen.  Constellation Magnus are already counted in the number 
of Magnus you can take after a battle (i.e. appear on the right side of the 
reward screen).  

Note: Monsters names are dependent on my memory.  If a monster name seems 
unfamiliar to you, just go to the location and kill everything in sight.  I 
plan to update names once I get around to revisiting places.

1:Draco- This is received after killing the first boss in Moonguile Forest, the 
Sabre Dragon. (Credited to Daredevil3181)

2:Vela- The first flying enemy Magnus. It can be obtained by killing Shawras, 
the bat-like creatures in Moonguile Forest.

3:Puppis- In Cebalrai, speak to the woman in the house to the right of the 
shop. Give her Pow Milk from the jugs in the Stable, and she will give you this
Magnus in return. (Credited to Daredevil3181)

4:Aquarius- Collect Pristine Water from the waterfall in Nunki Valley and give 
the water to the woman of the house in Pherkad that Palolo III vandalized 
(First house on the right).

5:Pyxis- When you first enter Pherkad, you'll notice two kids running in a 
circle around a child, her mom, and another child looking at the ground. Speak 
to the child looking at the ground.

6:Carina- In Nashira, enter the house to the left of the shop, the Fortune 
Teller's house.  Check the drawer on the right side of the room.

7:Cygnus- This is in a chest right before the boss fight against the Iron 
Beetle in the Cloud Passage.

8:Hydra- This is aquired by helping one of the knights clean up the castle in 
Sheliak, after fighting Iron Beetle V.

9:Pisces- Obtained after defeating Thunderfish at the head of the Lesser 
Celestial River.

10:Triangulum- Another flying enemy Magnus, fight the Albireos in the Cloud 
Passage to get it.

11:Auriga- After arriving at Anuenue Port, go into the house and check the 
dresser on the back wall.

12:Taurus- Check the room above the Geography section in the Ancient Library of
Magic, next to a Fruity Gelatin Magnus.

13:Equuleus- In Holoholo Forest, go up one screen, then right one screen.  
There is a hard to see ladder to your south, climb down and then go right to 
find several chests.  Equuleus is among them.

14:Lupus- In the first house in Opu village, check the plants behind the gears.

15:Perseus- Talk to the little girl kneeling near the save point.

16:Ursa Major- This fragment is randomly dropped by the Blood Leafs at the 
Celestial Tree.

17:Crater- At the bottom of the Celestial Tree, search the tent to the right.

18:Andromeda- Obtained after defeating Gnosis.

19:Corona Borealis- Found in the second chest in the shrine of spirits.

20:Piscis Australis- In Duke Calbren's manor, check the drums at the bottom of
the museum.  

21:Corona Australis- Found in the labyrinth of mirrors in the second screen. 
Difficult to see.  

22:Virgo- Defeat the Sirki boss in "Nekton," the Shrine of Spirits.

23:Hercules- Also in the Shrine of Spirits, the Rays drop this one.

24:Cephueus- Also in the Shrine of Spirits, the fillers randomly drop this one.

25:Capricornus- Defeat the Phantasm in the Labyrinth of Mirrors.

26:Ara- In Mintaka, go to the Imperial Troop meeting room and search the pots 
in the corner.

27:Lepus- In Ahza Village, enter the house above the save point and search for
a secret passage in the hall between the second and third rooms.

28:Serpens- Look under a barrel in the mechanics room in Ahza.  This is the 
same room where you learn about Dr. Georg.

29:Ophiuchus- Defeat Naiad, guardian of Gibari in Diadem.

30:Cancer- Defeat Thalassa, guardian of Mizuti in Mira.

31:Lyra- Defeat Despina, guardian of Savyna in Anuenue.

32:Libra- Defeat Galeata, guardian of Lyude in Alfard.

33:Delphinus- In the Ice Cliffs, defeat the Flobos for this random drop.

34:Sagitta- In Anuenue, enter Corellia's palace and give the soldier to the 
right Pow Milk Yogurt. 

35:Leo- First chest seen upon entering Wazn.

36:Sagittarius- In Cursa, inspect the alter in the back of the ritual room.

37:Ursa Minor- In Cursa, inspect a large fish sculpture in one of the shops 
to the right.

38:Scorpius- Found through the hole in the wall on the fourth floor of the 
Imperial fortress.

39:Pegasus- In the Labyrinth of Duhr, found on a collapsed body.

40:Aries- Enter the mayor's house in Algorab Village, and check a jar near 
the beds.

41:Cassiopeia- Also in Algorab Village, check a shelf in the house on the upper
right hand side.

42:Gemini- In the Tower of Stones, defeat Ungyo & Agyo.

43:Bootes- Talk twice to the man who told you about the Earth Sphere.

44:Centaurus- In the Nihal Desert, check the table inside the cave.

45:Canis Minor- This is in chest right near the beginning of the Celestial 

46:Canis Major- Defeat Badwins in the Celestial Alps for this random drop.

47:Corvus- Found in a chest in the Greater Celestial River. Check below the red
flower near the end.

48:Eridanus- Defeat Brolokis in the Greater Celestial River.

49:Aquila- Acquired after finishing the puzzle in the third basement, left hand

50:Cetus- Ask the priest for info three times after acquiring all the other 
Constellation Magnus and say Yes.  He'll give you the last Magnus, simply give
it back to finish the sidequest.

4) Final Remarks and Contact Info
As of right now, I do not intend to add the rewards the priest gives you for 
each Constellation Magnus.  In order to do that task, I'd have to replay the 
game and write down each reward.  I intend to enjoy this first playthrough to 
the utmost before any thought of restarting.  I will add more detail in the 
future as I get around to finding the last few that I somehow missed and I 
revisit old locations.

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached by email at
Do not email me about some piddling grammar or spelling mistake, or to tell me
my FAQ sucks.  Do not email me asking how to get through an area.  DO email me
if you have info to contribute, which I will credit you for (unless I have 
already found it), or if there is some vital, glaring error in the locations.  
If you would like clarification on a location, the forum would probably be a 
better idea, since I check that daily and there are other competent players 
there to answer your question in the likely event that I screw up.