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Embark on an epic journey across enchanting islandsWishingTikal9/10
The second get-together of Chrono Trigger's Dream Team? Not quite, but close enough.Altar Carbon9/10
Otherwise Known As: Chrono Cross 2+Ashley Winchester9/10
And I thought they didn't make 'em like this anymore...BlueYoshi57910/10
Absolutely beautiful to behold, full of innovations and fun to play. Too bad the story is so mediocre.Braben8/10
Buried in BeautyBWoodhouse8/10
A good handclarkisdark8/10
It's even longer than the title!ConfusedGuy6/10
'A great puddle of water called the oceans? Lies! All filthy lies, I say!'Dbzmaniax10/10
An Ocean of Eternal RPG greatness!DestructoYue10/10
The gate to Fun has been opened.DistantSpring5410/10
What More RPGs Should Be LikeEJRICH8/10
Baten Kaitos is a game that may try to change too many things but it still turns to be a great RPGfluffyooki9/10
Spread my wings and fly away!Galactus219/10
A fantastic RPG that inspires the imagination.Kashell Triumph9/10
A pleasant surprise with an original battle systemKCF01079/10
Yeah, I don't know how to pronounce it, either.MSuskie9/10
Baten Kaitos is a huge letdownnintendosega5/10
A good, but not great RPGQuicksandValley7/10
Really Rather Charming, Despite ItselfRottenwood9/10
Move out of the way, Shin Megami Tensei. This is more underrated than you'll ever be.Rundaz9/10
Namco wins big with a Royal FlushShyningFade9/10
Dive into the Eternal Ocean that is Baten Kaitos…super_luigi169/10
Different, but still spectacularterrisus9/10
Fans of Chrono Cross Rejoice!websterboy9/10
It's been too long since we've had an RPG like this.Xythar9/10
Even those who hate Poker owe it to themselves to pick this up.ZaleIsBackAgain9/10
A work of art._____Cait9/10

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