Megaman X Command Mission
                    Treasure Token FAQ by Halibut
                                              v. 0.1

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 [TOC] Table of Contents

[TOC] Table of Contents
[COP] Copyright Information
[INT] Introduction
[HIS] Revision History
[FUT] Future Updates
[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
[LOC] Treasure Token Locations
[CRE] Credits

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 [COP] Copyright Information

Copyright 2004 Halibut (HalibutATGameFAQs@hotmail.com)

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 [INT] Introduction

     I’ve been playing through this game, and loving it, and _Tim_’s 
FAQ was a mountain of information; however, it was missing something. 
Aside from a missing chapter 8, it also didn’t have info on the 
Treasure Tokens, since the FAQ was made for the PS2 version, and not 
the GCn version. Since no one else wrote a FAQ for it, I decided to 
write one. Enjoy.


 [HIS] Revision History

ver 0.1: Started this FAQ and laid out the topics. Entered the list of
         Treasure Tokens

 [FUT] Future Updates

*  May include some more info on the token sets.

 [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  When can I use the Treasure Radar?

     The Treasure Radar becomes available after chapter 3.

Q2.  Where do I trade in my tokens?

     The vending machine is located at Air City 3rd street in the 
Central Tower. As you play through the game, more figure sets will 
appear. There are six in total, but the last two sets will not appear 
until you finish the game.

Q3.  How do I use the radar?

     Connect your GBA to the GameCube in either controller port 2, 3 
or 4; remove any game cartridges, and turn on the unit. On the 
GameCube, bring up the camp menu and scroll down to “Treasure Radar”, 
it’s the last option; if it doesn’t appear, then you haven’t gotten it 
from Nana at the end of chapter 3. Select “Treasure Radar” and the 
game will load the radar onto the GBA.

     To use the radar, press the L and R buttons to zoom in and out, 
and A and B to change the brightness; if you are in an area with a 
treasure token, it will appear as a white dot on the GBA. When you 
head for that location, you’ll see the treasure token appear on screen 
as a glowing light; step up to it and a green cursor will appear; 
press A on the Cube to pick it up.

Note: Even if you go to the locations listed below, the tokens will 
not appear unless you connect the GBA and turn on the radar.

Q4.  Is there an easier way to know which tokens I’m missing?

     Yes there is. If you go to the Sky Room and go to the right 
console, you can bring up information about the game, including 
completion statistics. When you start collecting treasure tokens, 
token collection data will appear next to item collection data and 
will show you the number of tokens in an area, and the number you 

 [LOC] Treasure Token Locations

     Here are the locations of all 72 treasure tokens, organized by 
level. Listed are the areas the tokens appear in and more specifics on 
where to find it, unless the area is a simple room and it’s out in the 

Lagrano Ruins
   1) 5F: Test Hall 2 – Near teleporter
   2) East Block Stairs, 4F to 5F
   3) 3F: High Performance Reploid Development
   4) Area 2F-East – Middle room
   5) Area 1F-East – End of corridor

Central Tower
   6) Base Gateway – Medical station
   7) Base Gateway – Air bus terminal
   8) Data Backup Room, Hall A – Dead end
   9) Data Backup Room, Hall A – East room, near north door
  10) Equipment Maintenance B – Behind shelves in main room
  11) Tower Base Access Tunnel – Long corridor near explosion site
  12) Air City Gate – Northwest area, near door heading down
  13) Shaft 999F – Northwest area

Tianna Camp
  14) Security Reploid Patrol Area – 2nd room, right niche
  15) West Prison – 1st prison cell on left
  16) Maze Area 1 – Left fork past locked door
  17) Maze Area 1 – Eastern room
  18) Maze Area 2 – Eastern room
  19) Security Panel Area – Northwest room
  20) Aqua Coliseum

Gaudile Laboratory
  21) Teleport Arrivals Area – Near sealed door
  22) Teleport Arrivals Area – Behind elevator
  23) East Deck High Speed Lift Area – Eastern room
  24) Observation Deck Area – Southern room
  25) Observation Deck Area – Next to elevator
  26) Laboratory Approach – Southwest room
  27) Laboratory Approach – Near lab entrance
  28) Counter-Biohazard Sample Storage – Cinnamon’s room
  29) West Deck Main Route – 1st room
  30) West Deck Main Route – 2nd room
  31) West Deck Main Route – 3rd room
  32) Great Tree Stump Hall

Ulfat Factory
  33) Smelting Furnace 1 – Slag pool near south door
  34) Smelting Furnace 2 – Behind boxed door
  35) Smelting Furnace 3 – Slag pool near north wall
  36) Parts Intake Line – Last platform before exit
  37) Parts Delivery Line – Northeast platform
  38) Parts Delivery Line – Northern platform
  39) Parts Delivery Line – Central platform
  40) Freight Lift 1 – Upper floor

Gimialla Mine
  41) Level 1 Shaft Entrance – Large room
  42) Level 2 Main Tunnel – Southern room
  43) L2 Southeast Division – Room behind boulders
  44) L2 Southwest Division – Behind boulders
  45) L3 Northwest Division – Near red Degraver
  46) L3 Northwest Division – Room behind yellow Degraver
  47) L3 Southwest Division – Southeast room

Vanallia Desert
  48) Quicksand South Side – Dead end with red switch north of
         the entrance
  49) Quicksand South Side – Dead end with blue switch
  50) Quicksand South Side – Central dead end with red switch
  51) Quicksand South Side – Northern most dead end with red switch
  52) Quicksand North Side – Dead end with yellow switch
  53) Quicksand North Side – Eastern room (triple-red lock room)
  54) Quicksand North Side – Elevator room
  55) Quicksand Central Passageway – East corridor, south end
  56) Quicksand Central Passageway – West corridor, north end
  57) Signal Jammer Laser Energy Generator – North corridor, east end
  58) Signal Jammer Laser Energy Generator – Southeast room

Melda Ore Plant
  59) Area E-B02 – Southwest room
  60) Area E-B03 – Central room
  61) Area W-B04 – Northeast room
  62) Area W-B03 – Northern corridor
  63) Area W-B02 – Southeast room
  64) Area W-B01 – Eastern room on other side of missile silo

Grave Ruins Base
  65) Level D Security Zone – Western room 
  66) Level E Security Zone – 2nd small room near center of map
  67) Level C Security Zone – Circular corridor, east corridor
  68) Level B Security Zone – Room behind western door
  69) Level B Security Zone – Room behind eastern door
  70) Level B Security Zone – Teleporter Room
  71) Revolver Shaft Area – Near exit to southern teleporter room
  72) Level S Top Security Zone – Western Corridor

 [CRE] Credits

Capcom, creators of Megaman X Command Mission.

Nintendo, makers of the GameCube and Gameboy Advance (SP).

GameFAQs and all who run it, for their great work in creating an 
awesome video game help site.