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                              M  E  G  A  M  A  N
                     for the Nintendo Entertainment System

                        Last Updated on January 4, 2001
                                 Version 0.05
                          by:  Jeff Chan [Atom Edge]


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                       T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S   

      1.1  Controls
      1.2  Elements of the Game
      1.3  Array of Weapons

      2.1  Gutsman
      2.2  Cutsman
      2.3  Elecman
      2.4  Iceman
      2.5  Fireman
      2.6  Bombman

      3.1  Stage One
      3.2  Stage Two
      3.3  Stage Three
      3.4  Stage Four

      4.1  Contact Information
      4.2  Version History
      4.3  Credits

Normally, I'd have an Author's Note here, but given that the game was released
in 1987, and it's 2001, I doubt anyone would ever read this.  So, I'll just 
leave this statement as an opening.

              "I'll piss on you!!!"  -- Viktor, Suikoden (Konami)

 111  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  11  -------------------------[   GAME MECHANICS   ]--------------------------
  11  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

   1.1  Controls

CONTROL PAD  -  Geez... if you can't figure out what this one does... 
A BUTTON     -  Jump
B BUTTON     -  Fire your weapon (the uses of this option should be more than
                adequently self-explanatory)
SELECT       -  Pauses the game
START        -  Opens up a menu where you can check how many lives Megaman has,
                and equip different weapons aquired from defeated the various

   1.2  Elements of the Game

Megaman is a side-scrolling platform game.  You control (surprise, surprise!)
Megaman.  The Blue Bomber initially starts out with a standard weapon that can
fire (overly large) pellets.  He battles through several levels that take a 
theme of its boss.  At the end of each level, you fight the boss, and when you
defeat the boss, you take his ability and make it your own.  Each boss is weak
to another boss' abiltiy so you use that to your advantage.  When you defeat 
all bosses, the path to Wily is open and you battle through several stages 
until you confront the guy, beat the tar out of him and then laugh at how easy
it was.

A note on weapons, they run out if you decide to be too gung-ho and go trigger
happy.  The section below details how many times you can fire a weapon.  The
bar next to Mega's health bar tells you how much of it you have left.  Through
the stages, you can pick up items that restore both Mega's weapons and health.

Another part of the game that isn't as simple as it sounds is the jump.  For a
fighting machine, Mega has incredibly crappy ups.  This proves to be quite an
annoyance as if you fall in a hole, or land on spikes, you instantly die.  To
master jumping you have to know how far out Megaman can stand on a platform.
For some remarkably moronic reason, Mega can't jump worth crap, yet he has 
video gaming's greatest balance of all time.  He can stand on a platform so 
that one leg hangs off the ledge, while the other foot's toes are all that keep
him upright.  He can have more than 90% of his body hanging off the ledge and
remain perfectly upright.  If he didn't blink, you'd think he were a statue.
You _will_ need to master this techinique (a lot simpler than it sounds).

The most important aspect to this game is speed.  The reason being, is that
the NES is pretty damn close to worthless.  Mine's needs a good beating before
it works right, making you wonder if whoever designed the thing had kids (and 
praying he didn't, for their sake).  Not only will the NES refuse to work on
several occassions, but while you play, it might even give out.  Good luck on
getting the NES working (hell good luck on getting those layers of dust off).

   1.3  Array of Weapons

Hyper   - Lobs a bomb that arcs up and falls down.  Then it explodes.  Yay!
Bomb      The explosion area is quite large but it is often hard to hit any
          enemies that are mobile.  The bombs explode four seconds after Mega
          has tossed it.  You receive this from Bombman, and it is useful 
          versus Gutsman.  With a full bar, you can use 14 bombs.
Thunder - Shoots out three electric waves.  They are fired above, below and
Beam      straight ahead of Megaman.  You receive this from Elecman, and it is
          useful verses Iceman.  With a full bar, you can fire 28 times.
Super   - When you are near a block, it will flash.  Use the weapon and Megaman
Arm       will pick it up and you can proceed to throw it.  If the block does 
          not flash you can't pick it up (I don't know how much simpler this 
          game can get).  You receive this from Gutsman and it is useful versus
          Cutsman.  With a full bar, you can pick up 14 blocks.
Ice     - Shoots out ice that will freeze opponents.  You receive this from
Slasher   Iceman, and it is useful versus Fireman (you'd think it would be
          the opposite wouldn't you?).  With a full bar, you can fire 28 times.
Rolling - You send a single pair of scissors out and it will go forward, then
Cutter    arc up and return to Megaman like a boomerang.  You can only fire one
          at a time.  You receive this from Cutsman and it is useful versus 
          Elecman.  With a full bar, you can fire 28 times.
Fire    - Hurls a ball of flame at an opponent.  When fired, Megaman is also
Storm     temporarily surrounded by a ring of fire.  This too will hurt any
          enemies (who could have seen this one coming?).  You receive this
          from Fireman, and it is useful versus Bombman.  With a full bar, 
          you can fire 28 times.
Magnet  - The only weapon (barring the standard pellets) that doesn't require
Beam      you to beat a boss to obtain.  This fires a beam (the longer you hold
          onto the 'B' button, the longer the beam will be) that creates a
          temporary platform.  Like I said earlier, Mega can't jump worth crap,
          so this is very useful (not too mention required).  You can find this
          in Elecman's stage (see section [2.3] for more details).  With a full
          bar, you can fire 14 times.

<><><><><><><><><><>         Interesting Techinque         <><><><><><><><><><>

I found this at GameSages <http://codes.ign.com/>.

When you use a weapon, press Select as soon as the weapon connects and it will 
pause the game.  Also, the hit still counts and the opponent takes the damage.  
Interesting enough, once you unpause (given that the weapon is still in contact 
with the opponent), the game counts it as another hit.  Of course, you can 
continue to pause and unpause to keep damaging the opponent.  This results in 
massive damage (usually enough to kill anything, even some bosses).  It works 
best with the Thunder Beam, Rolling Scrissors or Fire Storm.  You gotta love 
the NES.  So old that even this bug is possible.

 2222 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
   22 -----------------[   SIX STARTING STAGES WALKTHROUGH   ]-----------------
 222  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

   2.1  Gutsman

At the beginning of the level, simply plow through all the little helmets.  If
you've ever played a Megaman game, you'll recognize these.  They pop up and 
shoot three shots at the same time.  This is the only time they are vunerable.
Simply shoot them or jump over them.  You'll reach an area with platforms that
move over a hole.  You need to hop onto the platforms to cross the whole.  The
gaps in the scrtucture that holds the platforms means the platform will drop.
This means that you have to jump until the platform comes back to its upright
position.  Don't watch the platform, watch the little ball that holds it at 
the end of the platform to know when it drops.

Now, as you proceed, a couple of diving enemies come at you.  Ignore them and
just run.  They are quite slow, and you'll come across an energy capsule.  Next
you face robots that hide behind shields and lob hammers at you.  The arc that
throw in depends on how far away you are from them.  Run back and forth to 
avoid their hammers (unless you like taking unnessessary damage) and kill them.
At the end, you come to a little hole that you jump into.

When you fall you should press down the left direction and you will land on the
rightmost of three pillars (of sorts).  Jump down to the right, and hold down
left.  You land in the middle of the pillar (you'll know what I mean when you
do it).  It contains a big energy capsule to restore your energy.  You can grab
the others if you need them, but I doubt it.  Stand in the middle pillar and 
fall down.  Hold left and you should land onto another pillar and be able to 
reach the helmet (1-up in cause you didn't know).  Grab the energy capsule if 
you need it and fall down the hole.

You come face to face with a robot you need to get used to.  It's a hopping 
machine that can take a decent amount of damage.  Just watch it until it hops 
high, and run under him.  This'll lead to something that will be quite familiar
if you've played Megaman before.  It's the boss gate.  Run into it.  You are
now in a cooridor with those helmet enemies again.  Just run straight and keep
firing your standard move.  This will kill everything in your path and you soon
arrive at Gutsman's lair.  [evil music ensues] dun-dun-dun....

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:   GUTSMAN         <><><><><><><><><><>

This guy is dumb.  Well... you really shouldn't have needed me to tell you that
much.  Seriously though, you shouldn't get hit once.  He hops around and causes
tremors that will temporarily knock Mega off his feet.  Don't worry, no big 
deal.  Guts is either too slow or too dumb (probably both) to capitalize.  If 
he (or is it an "it"?) jumps straight up, a rock will fall into his palm.  Guts
will chunk it at Mega's feet and when it hits the ground, the rock breaks into
pieces and flys all over the place.  When the boulder is thrown, jump.  You'll
avoid all the rocks.  Just keep your gun pumping and Guts is history.  

Grab the ball that falls into the center of the screen.  You now have the Super
Arm.  You may now proceed with dancing with joy for successfully defeating 
video gaming's all time greatest dumbass.  Onto Cutsman.

   2.2  Cutsman

This level is insanely linear.  I shouldn't even write anything, but since new
enemies are abundant I'll explain a few things.  Against the little balls that
are attached to the walls, I suggest you take them out.  They usually appear in 
groups and although they are easy to dodge, they get bothersome.  They shoot 
out way too many shots for something that sucks so much.  If you leave them, 
they will most likely annoy you as you try and jump or climb ladders.  

The eye block things are another story.  I suggest you just dodge them.  It's
real easy and they are even more predictable than the shooting things earlier.

Next come the floating balls that open up and shoot in all directions.  They 
appear where there are tons of spikes.  You can't afford getting knocked into 
them, so just stand still when they shoot and avoid the pellets that fly in all 

You'll come across the hopping enemy again.  Dodge him and go through the boss
gate.  The cooridor is filled with things that shoot all over the place this
time around.  Kill the first and third ones.  The second one is harder to kill
since it's on the ceiling so just dodge it.  You come to:

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:   CUTSMAN         <><><><><><><><><><>

This is too easy.  You're likely to have taken more than enough damage in the
stage, but this guy can't stand up to Megaman.  You could beat him with the 
regular weapon, but since you have the Super Arm, why not use it?  Pick up the 
two blocks and throw them at Cuts.  If both hit, you win.  If not, just finish 
him with the regular weapon.  Your reguar weapon knocks him back and he can
only shoot out one pair of scissors at a time.  The only thing to watch for is
when the scissors decide to come back.

Grab the ball that falls into the center of the screen.  You now have Rolling
Cutter.  Works wonders on Elecman, so that's who you fight next.

   2.3  Elecman

The first area is litered with little moving things that have small spikes on
them.  You can't destroy them with your normal weapon, but when you do shoot 
them, they will temporarily freeze.  Just climb up for right now.  The next
part has devices that send out a small shockwave.  Just wait for it to stop for
a second and go ahead.  You can't stop the shockwaves from coming, so don't 
even bother trying to shoot it.

As you climb ladders, you'll be attacked by things that come from the sides.
Just stay stationary on the ladder and shoot to the enemies direction.  You'll
take them out before they can open fire.  If they drop items, pick them up.
The next area has one of the Megaman series trademarks, the disappearing and
reappearing blocks.  Stay to the right.

It gets pretty linear for awhile.  When you come to a screen, you'll see an
item lying on the ground that looks remarkably similar to a screw, behind a 
wall of blocks.  If you followed my order, you'll have Gutsman's Super Arm, so
move the blocks and get the screw.  This is the Magnet Beam, a nessessary item.
If you didn't follow my order, and don't have the Super Arm, just come back 
after you clear the level, cause Elecman's Thunder Beam can clear the blocks as

Just follow the level until you come across the hopper robot.  When you enter
the Boss' gate, you'll have to climb a ladder really far up.  Along the way are
the shockwaves that appeared near the beginning of the stage.  When you get to
the top of the ladder, equip the Rolling Cutter and prepare to take on:

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:   ELECMAN         <><><><><><><><><><>

Just nail him with the Rolling Cutter.  He uses the Thunder Beam, which is very
slow, so you'll not have much trouble avoiding it.  Also, the boss fight has 
blocks that you can stand on to avoid the Thunder Beams he sends at you.  Three
Rolling Cutters (if I remember correctly) and another one bites the dust.

Grab the ball that falls to the center of the screen.  Yep, you guessed it, it
is the Thunder Beam.  Next robot on Mega's hitlist:  Iceman.

   2.4  Icecman

As a general rule, in all Megaman side scrollers, ice and water are terrains 
that hinder or affect your movement in some way.  On ice, Mega tends to slide a
bit, and it makes stopping in place damn near impossible.  In the water, his
movement changes drastically.  Not only does he move slower, but now his jump
can take him to incredible heights.  Just head through the first area.  The
weird enemies here are easy taken out with a shot to the _head_.  If you hit 
their body, the head will get propellers and continue to harass you.  Just like
in the movies, a clean it to the head is more than enough to drop anything.

The next area features the infamous disappearing/reappearing blocks.  Just use
the Magnet Beam to create your own platforms and go through it.  After that 
section, you come to some flying enemies.  They shoot to either side of 
themselves and fly over a large series of holes.  You can stand on their tops
to cross.  In the middle, there is a weapon recharging capsule, that is put to
good use in restoring your Magnet Beam.

When you're done crossing the big holes, you come up to a 1-up.  This is kinda 
hard to get.  Just jump (don't fall, jump) down and hold left.  When you snag 
the 1-up, jump down again, and still keep holding left.  This will bring you to
anarea with several energy ups and weapon ups.  

When you reach the bottom, the familiar hopping robot is there.  Go through the
boss gate.  The cooridor is full of the flying penguins fromm eariler.  Not too

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:   ICEMAN          <><><><><><><><><><>

Iceman has a simple pattern.  He runs to a spot he likes and then stops.  He'll
jump up and shoot out a row of icicles and then upon landing, he'll jump up 
while shooting.  When he does this, the icicles come at you like this:

                <<                     <<
                    <<             <<
    (Megaman)           <<     <<           (Iceman)

If you don't have the Thunder Beam you can still beat him, it's just difficult.
Whereas, with the Thunder Beam you fry him in three hits.  In fact if you just
stand and shoot the Thunder Beam as fast as you can, Iceman is dead before any
of his attacks hit you.  If you don't have the Thunder Beam, I'll explain how 
to dodge the icicles.

When the first three come at you wait until the last one.  The other two will 
pass over your head.  The third one has to have you hop over it.  To dodge the
fourth one, you have to be about 3 paces away from the left wall.  From there,
Just jump whenever the fourth one approaches.  Since the other two behind it 
hits you when you are airborne, you have to dodge those.  When you jump you 
can head toward the wall.  If done right Mega will jump right before the
fourth icicle can hit, and land so that the other two don't catch him careless.
Be careful, cause your attacks don't do much, but his do.  If you get the 
timing right, it will be over pretty soon though.

As usual, grab the ball that falls into the center of the room, and you target
the next robot to put on ice, Fireman.

   2.5  Fireman

At the beginning of the level, you just run through a linear area.  Follow the 
path and just jump over all the little moving spike things.  When you see the 
flamethrowers, you'll notice that they spew out a burst of flame and then 
subside.  Also, a lot of items seem unreachable.  Of course, this is a Megaman 
game and we know better.  You can obviously use the Magnet Beam, but if you are
creative, use the Ice Slasher on the flamethrowers when the flame is out.  It 
will freeze the flame and make it able for you to jump on them as platforms.

Also, for all the little balls of flame that come from the lava and then fall 
down, shoot them all down.  They don't pose any threats at all, yet they can
drop some recharging capsules.

Near the end of the level, there is this section where large shots of fire are 
following a path.  You apparently have to run through them.  The first is (to
my knowledge) undodgable, and you will get hit.  The second one can be skipped
with precision timing.  I suggest you just equip the Magnet Beam and make a 
platform to the left side.  You can skip both of them.

Meet the hopping robot, dodge him, head through boss gate (sound familiar?).
In this particular cooridor, there are things on the roof that will pop out and
attempt to shoot you.  Equip the Thunder Beam and shoot them all down.  They 
will usually give you energy, and completely refill your Thunder Beam while at
it.  When you get to the end, it's time to fight the hothead.

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:  FIREMAN          <><><><><><><><><><>

Your battle plan depends on your energy.  If you have full energy, you can just
stand and trade hits with Fireman using your standard weapon.  It's pretty easy
to take him out with that alone.  If you have bare minimum energy, I suggest 
you equip the Ice Slasher and use the pausing technique described in the Weapon
Array section.  The Thunder Beam does work as well.  

Fireman's attacks are decently strong, and they are extremely hard to dodge.  
But for some reason he is very weak defensively and most of the time you could
just trade hits.  The Ice Slasher doesn't deal a great deal of damage, but the
pausing trick will kill him without having to worry about dodging his attacks.

When you grab the ball, you get the Fire Storm, and you are now ready for the 
final boss of the six:  Bombman.

   2.6  Bombman

This level is very basic (even for this game).  Just go around a kill things 
(Great battle plan, eh?... I thought it up all by myself ^_^).  When you get to 
an enemy that looks like a floating orb, equip the Ice Slasher and freeze it.
Do the same for the soldiers that hide behind shields (another extremely common
enemy in the series).  

This level is quite unique, as it doesn't have a hopper robot at the end.  When
you go through the boss gate, you will see a ladder.  Equip the Thunder Beam. 
As you climb down the ladder, you will see all those eye blocks.  aim to the 
right side and fire when all of them are on the right side.  The Thunder Beam
will send a beam through and kill all four on screen.  Do it for the next 
screen, then equip the Fire Storm or the Standard weapon.  Climb all the way 
down into Bombman's abode.

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:  BOMBMAN          <><><><><><><><><><>

Bombman sucks.  I'm real surprisded he doesn't blow himself up.  Then again...
he can't hit anyone worth crap.  The key to fighting him is to keep moving.  
The explosions happen when the bombs hit the ground, but you should be able to 
avoid them with no problem.  Both the standard weapon and the Fire Storm work 
well.  If you're not low on the Fire Storm, use it though.  The shield it 
creates will hurt Bombman on occassion while he is jumping.  Easy boss fight.

When you take the ball, you have cleared all bosses, and it's time to tackle
the Wily Stages.

 3333 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  _33 -----------------[   DOCTOR WILY STAGES WALKTHROUGH   ]------------------
   33 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

   3.1  Stage One

At the beginning of the level, you come across a group of hopper robots.  There
are around three of them.  Equip the Ice Slasher and freeze them in the air so 
you can walk under them.  You'll come up to a dead end, blocked off by a few 
blocks.  Use the Super Arm to get rid of the obstacles (NOTE:  You only need to
move the top three to get through).  The flamethrowers from Fireman's stage are
trying to block your way, and even when they do not shoot fire out, it is too
high for Megaman to reach.  Kill two brid with one stone.  Use the Ice Slasher,
and freeze the flames.  They can now be stood on to use as a booster.

It gets pretty linear.  You'll soon come up to a room where you are apparently
stuck, as again, Megaman can't jump.  Use the Magnet Beam to clear this room.
You will now be near the boss fight.  Equip the Thunder Beam.

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:  Rock Man         <><><><><><><><><><>

This is the hardest SOB in the game.  When you come into the room, immediately
run to the middle of the screen.  A bunch of blobs will fly towards the right
side.  Dodge them to your best ability.  When he's all gathered together, shoot
a Thunder Beam at him and continue to use the pausing trick.  It'll kill him
right then and there.

If you don't, you're in for a long fight.  When he fully gathers, he'll shoot
you once, then move to the other side of the screen, shoot you, and repeat.  
Since you pretty much _have_ to get hit at least once everytime he switches 
sides, you'll take plenty of damage.  Still, use the Thunder Beam.  If you do
not have full energy going into the fight, you most likely won't win.

   3.2  Stage Two

At the beginning, equip the Fire Storm.  You have to hop across platforms, and
one slip means death.  You have to fight through the little flying things.  The
Fire Storm will produce a provisional shield that will help defend you while
closing the gaps.  When you reach a different ledge, you should see that there
are weapon rechargers.  Don't rush in though.  There is a hidden hole in the 
middle of this platform.  Get the weapon chargers, then equip the standard 
weapon and fall in the hidden hole.  You will be in the middle of a chamber...

<><><><><><><><><><>            SUB-BOSS:  CUTSMAN         <><><><><><><><><><>

Cutsman will appear in to the left of the screen.  Stand still and shoot him as
fast as you can.  Stand your ground, do not move.  Since your shots push Cuts
back, you won't be attacked by him.  He will try and throw his scissors.  Jump
over them and keep firing.  Since you are in the middle of the screen, you have
plenty of time to prepare for the blade when it comes back.  DO NOT stop firing
or else he will start jumping.  You have to keep the fire continuous.  

Now that that is over with, jump into the hidden hole on this screen.  It is in
the same square Cutsman appeared on.  When you fall down, equip the Thunder 
Beam.  This way you can attack the enemies and grab all the energy ups in this
section.  Once again, you'll reach an area with weapon rechargers and the hole
that is not so cleverly hidden.  Equip the Rolling Cutter and leap into battle,
this time against...

<><><><><><><><><><>            SUB-BOSS:  ELECMAN         <><><><><><><><><><>

Well, this isn't too big of a deal.  You know how to fight this sucker.  Three
hits from the Rolling Blade and he's history... again.  Be careful though, as
three hits from him and you'll be near death yourself.

Jump down and you'll fall into a familiar screen.  You can collect a few weapon
rechargers here.  At the end, you don't come across the usual senario though.
Equip your Thunder Beam and head down.  You'll have to fight various enemies,
mostly consisting of eye blocks.

Use the Magnet Beam to get the 1-up.  Continue down, and you'll see a line of
spikes with a gap.  Don't bother exploring what it is.  The gap was there in 
case you where daring enough to jump off the platofrm with the 1-up.  If you
did, you had to jump and get under the platofrm and you'd land in between the 
spikes.  Not worth it at all though.  You only skip two eye blocks and you have
to waste a Magnet Shot to get out of the spike area (not to mention risk 
falling on the blocks).

Continue to the end and you fall into a room with a lot of colored tiles for 
the background.  Like the moronic robot he is, Mega just stands around while he
is being cloned.

<><><><><><><><><><>      BOSS FIGHT:  Megaman Clone       <><><><><><><><><><>

Despite what everyone says, he's not that hard at all.  The first thing you 
should know is that whatever weapon you equip, he equips.  So basically, you're
best off with the standard weapon.  When the battle starts, immediately jump up
and start to fire.  He shoots as soon as possible, so if you jump as soon as
possible, you avoid damage.  Your shot (fired into the air) should hit, as he
will start to jump.  He too gets knocked back when hit (like Cutsman) so when 
you hit him once, back up some, and jump up and shoot again.  Repeat until you
are a pace away from the wall.  When you shoot, jump so it fires like this:

                *            (Cloned
(Megaman)           *         Megaman)
   >>>>>  shots go this way  >>>>>

He'll only shoot out one shot at a time, and it's real easy to dodge.  The only
thing to watch out for is when he jumps on you.  He hurts you when the both of
you collide, so just dodge him and fire.  Yes, the strategy is obvious, but it
should be enough to beat this sucker.  Just a little closer to beating down on

   3.3  Stage Three

At the beginning portion of this stage, you head down a zigzag path.  You fight
a lot of eye blocks and those things that pop up from the ceiling and shoot a
lot of shots off.  I simply ran through to the bottom and ignored everything.
I just took the hits and when I reached the bottom, I had 60% of energy left.

When you reach the bottom, you go through a _long_ straightaway.  But, you 
enter some kind of warp speed that makes you run through it fast.  Take note, 
if you stop running and try to run back, you can't.  Apparently this "warp" is 
some knd of suction that is drawing you toward the boss.  While running this 
warp, those damn exploding bullets come at you.  Just keep firing and you'll 
kill most all of them.  Don't jump, just keep firing.  You might get hit once 
or twice, but the boss is easy.When the path changes a bit, you've almost 
reached the boss.

<><><><><><><><><><>  BOSS FIGHT:  Group of Weird Bubbles  <><><><><><><><><><>

Yea, great name for a boss, I know.  *takes a bow*

Anyway,  When you enter the boss area, notice two things.  One, you have four 
blocks that Super Arm can manipulate.  Two, there are three vents of sorts: one
on the left wall, right wall, and ceiling.  The boss comes out of those holes,
and when you kill one of them, you do damage to the boss as a whole.  Each time
you kill one, another will come out randomly from a hole, and is faster.  Each
one circles the room in a clockwise direction.

Normally, when people see this, their first impulse is to grab the blocks and 
throw them at 'em.  Yes, it does take away a large portion of the Boss' energy,
but you might as well save them for when the boss gets faster.  

Start with your normal weapon.  When the enemy only has 50% health left, start
chunking the blocks.  You should kill them easily.

   3.4  Stage Four

At the very first screen, flee as soon as possible to the right-most block.  
Now face left, and fire until you kill all six of the green enemies.  Head to 
the ladder.  The next screen is just climbing the ladder.  When you reach the
middle of the ladder, keep firing to the right until you kill six more of the
green enemies.  

When you get to the next screen, you will see a tower of blocks and a weapon
refill at the very top.  Equip the Super Arm.  Do _not_ touch the block at the
bottom.  Instead, just up and grab the second block.  Just throw it the hell 
away.  Now stand in-between the two blocks.  Have Mega stand at the very edge.
Jump and try to turn enough to grab the block.  It might take a few tries.  Get
rid of the block and jump to grab the weapon refill.  Now, head to the right 
after you equip the Thunder Beam.  Kill all the ceiling annoyances.  You will 
come to an area of spikes and a little lift will take you across.  When you see
the break, remember to just off onto the ledge.  Do not touch the ladder yet.
Grab the life up and the other item.  The other item completely recovers your
energy and all your weapons.  Rejoice.  Jump back on the lift only when it 
starts to head left again.  If you jump back on too early you'll lose that life 
you just got.  Up the small ladder into the teleporter and fight a series of

BOMBMAN - Fire Storm
FIREMAN - Ice Slasher
ICEMAN  - Thunder Beam
GUTSMAN - Standard Weapon

With the exception of Guts, use the pausing technique.  Guts won't require it.
The reason for this is so you can conserve weapons for Wily (although he's way 
too easy anyway).

If you decide to have scruples and want to play through all of them without the
pausing trick, good for you.  You're as stupid as I was.  Make sure you don't
touch the Rolling Cutter (although there is no reason to) and you have at least
half of the Thunder Beam left at the end of the fight with Iceman.

When you finish the gauntlet, head to Wily and you will grab a single weapon 
recharger.  Use it on the Fire Storm (unless you have roughly half of it left).
If the Fire Storm doesn't need it, give it to the Thunder Beam.  All the other
weapons mean nothing anymore.  Time to confront the ugly ass who hasn't shaved
in ages.

<><><><><><><><><><>         BOSS FIGHT:  DR. WILY         <><><><><><><><><><>

The guy is too much of a coward to fight Mega, Man to Machine, so he cheats and
fights Big Flying Dumb-looking Machine VS. Small Standing Dumb-looking Megaman.
Have the Fire Storm equipped.  Walk up to him and use the Fire Storm so the
shield surrounds you.  Have the shield and blast both hit the cannon in front.
You might be reduced to about half energy, but it doesn't matter.  Once you 
"kill" him he recharges energy and goes at you again.  Equip the Rolling Cutter
and fire it at the cannon.  Now hide ride under him and his shot should miss.
Come out and use the Cutter again.  Rince and repeat.

If you run out of either Fire Storm or Rolling Cutter, sub in the Thunder Beam.
After you blow up his weird thing, he jumps out and does the begging scene,
apparent in nearly all Megaman games.

You have just beaten a classic to video gaming.  This little 8-bit wonder 
spawned a series in which one character has starred in so many games it rivals
that of Sonic and Mario put together.

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