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                       Mega Man 7 FAQ
                            By X

* Updates to this guide can be found at the end.

Story: In the year 20XX AD

The world cheered Mega Man when at long last he captured and imprisoned 
Dr. Wily. But...Dr. Wily always knew his schemes might end in failure and 
had planned for just such an occasion. Four robots had been hidden away 
and after six months without being contacted by Dr. Wily, they activate 
and begin searching for their master...

Mega Man's controls:

B - Jump (Longer you hold it down, the higher Mega Man will go).
Y - Shoot Mega Buster shots. Hold down for more powerful (charged) 
blasts. Longer you hold it down, more powerful the shot will be.
L or R - Cycle through the weapons you have earned from Dr. Wily's 
robots (explained below).
Start - Opens the Status Screen. Here, the game is paused, and you will 
be able to select which weapon you wish to use (convenient if you don't 
have time to use L or R to cycle), absorb an energy or weapon tank, or 
exit the level (provided you have already defeated the robot master 
within it).
Select - Pressing this button on the Robot Master selection screen will 
send you to Auto's Lab.

Basic Things for Beginners:
- If no enemies are around, take the time to charge up your Mega 
Buster. This will make it quite easier when enemies come, as charged 
shots keep going after destroying an enemy, whereas basic shots will 
not. Your Mega Buster can reach three levels of power:
1)	No charging. Small yellow sphere fired forward.
2)	Charged to blue level. Larger (but not by much, shot fired. I really 
don't see what the point of this level is in the game, as there is not 
much size difference, nor is it any more powerful.
3)	Charged to green level. Even larger, blue and white, circular shaped 
shot fired forward (does not stop unless multiple hits are required for 
enemy, twice as powerful as either of the previous two shots).
- There are seven main different power ups you will see on the ground:
Yellow Core Capsules - These will refill Mega Man's energy meter. There 
are small and large ones. Obviously, large ones will refill more life 
than small ones.
Red Core Capsules - These will refill the Robot Master weapon's meter. 
There are small and large ones. Again, the large ones will refill more.
Bolts - These can be used at Auto's Lab to construct items.
Extra Lives - These look like Mega Man's head, and are glowing. They 
will give you an extra chance to play the game. You can have a maximum 
of nine.
-	Auto's Lab is accessible at any time from the Robot Master screen. 
Simply press Select then, and Mega Man will walk into Auto's Lab. 
Auto can make items out of the Bolts you bring back from the levels.
-	Sliding will be necessary in this game. To do so, simply hold Down 
while pressing the jump button. Mega Man will slide a small distance 
forward in the direction he is facing.
-	In this game you already start with the Rush Coil. You cannot select 
it with the L and R buttons, but once you are using the weapon, you 
can return to Mega Buster with the L and R buttons. By summoning 
Rush in this form, he can spring you higher into the air than your 
normal jumping capacity. Remember, however, that if Rush is in dog 
form and gets struck by an enemy, he will teleport out.
-	Bosses will be invincible temporarily after hitting them. You will 
see them flashing white during this period, so any shots used at 
this time will be wasted. Once the white flash dissipates, you may 
freely shoot at the boss again.

Level 1: The City

Not much to say here really. Note that you won't actually gain control 
of Mega Man yourself until after he finishes speaking with Dr. Light. 
Once that is done, go through this small level. Soon you should fight 
that large robot you saw in the story (if you watched it). Just jump 
over its rings, avoid contact with it, and fire at the head. After that 
you should find Bass. It doesn't matter who wins this small duel, 
either way you both will teleport out.

Now you can select which level to select. I suggest you go after Cloud 
Man first, though it will not be advantageous for items, instead it 
will be easier.

* X X

(Note the above X's and the * indicate where the boss is located on the 
Robot Master selection screen).

Sometime soon in this level you will encounter an enemy that is just 
hovering in the air, making no move to attack you. Right now, shooting 
at it will bring rain. The second one you find you will have to slide 
under. Watch out later on when the rain makes it impossible to see any 
path except directly in front of you, because it has pits.

When you reach the part with the ladder above you, use the Rush Coil to 
get up there. In the small room above you will find Proto Man, and he 
will give you a hint as to where a secret item is later in the game. 
Keep going on through the level and soon you should reach the first 


Enter the boss room with a fully charged Mega Buster shot ready, and 
then release it aimed straight at him when the battle starts. His 
attacks include:

-	Right after you shoot him, Cloud Man should float up in the air, 
then summon lightning, which will be aimed at you. If you get your 
timing right, you should be able to jump over the lightning, and 
clear all the ground projectiles as well. Shoot him when he lands 
-	Cloud Man will summon rain, blowing you towards the edge of the room 
to your death. Slide back into the room and return fire.
-	Cloud Man will summon lightning while on the ground, sending 
projectiles racing towards you. Simply jump over them and shoot.
-	Cloud Man will hover slightly, but low enough to hit you, while 
pacing back and forth across the room. You will have to slide under 
him to avoid getting hit, as he's too big to clear with a jump.

Just avoid these attacks and get in a shot whenever you can. Soon you 
should claim victory.


This weapon fires electrically charged spheres forward. It can also be 
used to power some electronic machines (like the level you're about to 

Next you should fight Junk Man.

X X *

Sometime later in this level you will come to a part where there are 
ladders going to a large vertical passage. You should see a sign next 
to the first ladder indicating 100 volts. Stand to the right of this 
sign, and then shoot it with a Thunder Bolt. Then move out of the way 
of the platform coming down (it will crush you). Get on the next 
platform coming up. While riding up on it, make sure not to get crushed 
under floors. Take any ladders that you come across on the left on your 
way up. At the top you should find the Rush Jet.

RUSH JET - This is another form of Rush. When activated, you can ride 
Rush across long pits, or lava, etc. You can slightly alter his 
altitude by holding down up or down while riding him.

Now keep going throughout this level until you reach the boss.


Walk into this room with the Thunder Bolt ready. Attacks:

-	Junk Man will fire rays of junk out at you. Jump up and return fire.
-	Junk Man will jump up and slam into the ground, thus forcing you to 
sink into the junk that is the floor. He will then summon junk from 
the ceiling, which can hit you while you are immovable.
-	Junk Man will jump over you and shoot junk down at you. You will 
have to slide to avoid it.
-	Junk Man will draw in junk from the room, then release it in a 
charged block of junk and energy. You will have to be quick and jump 
over it to avoid it. 

When the battle starts, jump up to avoid his slam attack. Then shoot 
the Thunder Bolt at him, and he will use the jump and fire attack. Just 
slide over to the other side, and repeat this process for an easy 


The Junk Shield will protect Mega Man with rotating spheres of junk. 
They junk can only take so many hits before they are destroyed, 

Now it's time to face Freeze Man.


Go through this level and soon you should reach areas with spikes. You 
will have to use the icicles that the enemies on the ceiling drop to 
cross some of them. At the end you should see a ladder going up and one 
going down. Use the Rush Coil to reach the one going up, but work fast 
as the icicle platform doesn't last long after you step on it. Once you 
reach the next room, you can see two more icicle platforms and an H on 
top of the third solid platform. If you can move fast enough, you 
should be able to jump to all three. If you jump off one of these 
platforms quick enough, they won't shatter. If both do shatter, 
however, you can still get the H. You will have to stand at the far 
right of the room and then use the Rush Jet. As soon as you get on it, 
hold Up to increase the altitude. Once you're high enough you should be 
able to jump to the third platform to reach the H Circuit Plate.

RUSH CIRCUIT PLATES - There are letters to spell out Rush in this game. 
Once you acquire all four of them, you are awarded a special prize.

Keep going through the level, and soon you should see two ways to go, a 
path below and some platforms suspended in the air. Jump to the 
suspended platforms, then use the Rush Jet to hover to the end. There 
you should find the Rush Search.

RUSH SEARCH - This Rush form will dig for power-ups in the levels. 
Usually he will just turn up garbage, but sometimes you can find energy 
power-ups or even extra lives. In certain areas you can turn up special 
items, which I will note in this FAQ.

Keep going through this level again. Soon you should find an Energy 

ENERGY TANKS - These will completely refill Mega Man's life meter. 
However, once they are used they are gone, they cannot be refilled or 
reused whatsoever. You can hold a maximum of four at a time.

Again, keep going. Once you reach the boss door, do not go in, but 
instead turn back. You should see a small section of ground that is 
higher than the rest. To the left on the wall a yellow support beam. 
Stand at about the center of this part, and use the Rush Search, where 
you will turn up the Exit Capsule.

EXIT CAPSULE - If you revisit a stage you already defeated the boss in, 
you can leave the stage at any time by activating this capsule.

Now enter the boss door.


Enter the room with the Junk Shield ready. Attacks:

-	Freeze Man will cause icicles to fall from the ceiling. If you have 
the Junk Shield on, this shouldn't be a problem.
-	Freeze Man will walk towards you. Jump over him to avoid contact.
-	Freeze Man will fire an icy blast at you. Even if the Junk Shield is 
on, this will freeze you, rendering you helpless until you are 
struck or you hit enough buttons to break out.
-	Freeze Man can ice the floor. If you are touching the floor during 
this time, your feet will be frozen to the ground. You can break 
out, but most likely Freeze Man will hit you first.

Try your best to avoid his attacks and use the Junk Shield at all 
times. If you are close enough, you can hurt Freeze Man when the Junk 
Shield is activating instead of ramming into him with it.


This weapon fires shards of ice out. These can be aimed, by holding 
down what direction you desire before hitting the fire button. If the 
shard hits a wall, smaller shards will still rebound off and hurt 

Before you go to Burst Man, it's now time to collect an item. Return to  
Cloud Man's stage. Hit both of the hovering enemies that don't attack 
with the Freeze Cracker. This will cause the level to snow instead of 
rain. Sometime later you can now clearly see a ladder on an icy 
platform. Use the Rush Coil to reach it. Collect the extra life up 
there, then go left to collect the U Circuit Plate. Use the Exit 
Capsule to leave the level.

Now return to Junk Man's level. After the first elevator ride, you will 
be in an area that has lava pits. When you see the lava spilling over a 
wall, freeze it with the Freeze Cracker. Walk through it and go down 
the ladder. After falling, turn left and freeze that fall of lava, and 
collect the S Circuit Plate. If you want an extra life, you can 
continue on, but after that, use the Exit Capsule.

Head over to the last boss on the screen, Burst Man.


In this stage after water you will fight a crab mini-boss. Mini-bosses 
do not have energy meters, so you can't tell how close you are to 
defeating them. Jump over the blast projectiles, shoot the bubbles, and 
jump if it tries to ram you. Shoot constantly and it shouldn't take 
long. Oz recently sent me an alternative to this method, and it is 
quicker. Equip the Junk Shield and stand close to the crab. The shield 
will constantly damage it, but you will have to activate the shield 
three times before it is destroyed. A word of caution, his attacks will 
be destroyed by the shield before they can reach you, except the pink 
blasts and his charge attack. These you can easily avoid with jumps 
Keep going through this stage. Soon you should reach another water 
part. The R Circuit Plate is in plain sight. Once you take it, you will 
have the Super Adapter.

SUPER ADAPTER - This is yet another form of Rush. When summoned, he 
will compact into a suit that Mega Man can wear. The suit is a 
combination of the Mega Arm from Mega Man 5 (Game Boy version) and the 
Rush Jet from Mega Man 6. Normal Mega Buster shots are fired, but you 
can charge up faster. Charging up fires Mega Man's fist, but it has 
limited range for now. Also, while in the air, holding the jump button 
will cause Mega Man to jet himself diagonally upward into the air. The 
downside, however, is that Mega Man cannot slide while wearing the 
Super Adapter.

I actually suggest you wear this suit right away. Soon you should reach 
the boss door.


Enter the room with the Freeze Cracker ready. Attacks:

-	Burst Man will send out miniature bombs onto the floor. Jump when 
they flash intensely to avoid the explosion.
-	Burst Man will send out three bubbles with bombs inside. If they 
touch you, you will become encased in them, and head for the spikes 
in the ceiling. Slide around and jump to escape them. Try to jump 
over them when they first come out.
-	Burst Man will cause bubbles to rise from the floor, headed for the 
spikes. Avoid them.
-	Burst Man will send out three yellow bubbles which will bounce you 
in the opposite direction that you touch them. Be sure not to let 
them bounce you into the spikes.

Hit him with the Freeze Cracker whenever possible and this should be an 
easy fight.


This weapon is a bomb encased in a bubble. It can be used to encase 
enemies then explode.

Now that the first four initial bosses have been defeated, you will 
return to Dr. Light's Lab for more story line. Mega Man and Dr. Light 
will have a brief discussion about Bass, then learn that the Robot 
Museum is under attack. Now you will automatically teleport there.

When you walk in you can see figures of past Robot Masters (Snake Man, 
Blizzard Man, Pharaoh Man, and Heat Man). When you enter the boss door, 
you can see Wily leaving with Guts Man. Now you will fight the next 


Pull out the Danger Wrap and prepare to slide a lot. The only thing the 
clown will do is jump up and try to land on you, causing a high amount 
of damage. Slide away from it every time. When it lands, the clown's 
head will spin. When it is still again, fire a Danger Wrap at it. Its 
head will be knocked off, so now you will have to avoid both it and its 
body. When the head hits the ground, hit it with the Danger Wrap again. 
Soon it should pick its head back up. Repeat this process. Once you are 
done, four new bosses appear on the stage selection screen.

Now head over to Slash Man's stage.

X X *

I really suggest you use the Super Adapter for most of this stage. The 
fist is powerful and the jetpack makes it easier for the falls area. 
Soon you should reach a T-Rex. Use the Thunder Bolt to kill it and aim 
for the jaw after it forces you to the right. Be sure not to hit the 
hives in the tree area, it will send out more insects after you. Keep 
going on and you should soon reach the boss door.


Have the Freeze Cracker ready again when you enter the boss door. 

-	Slash Man will charge at you, claws outstretched. Freeze him with 
the Freeze Cracker to stop him dead in his tracks.
-	Slash Man will drop down paint bombs on you, which will prevent you 
from firing or jumping temporarily. Avoid these if you can, though 
it is difficult
-	Slash Man will slide down the wall while dropping paint bombs, then 
slash at you. You cannot avoid this if covered in paint. If he hits 
you, however, the paint will disappear.
-	Slash Man will hit you with his Slash Claw if you are close to him.

Freeze him whenever you can. It doesn't take very many hits to destroy 
Slash Man.


The Slash Claw is more of a hand-to-hand weapon, as it fires a curve of 
green energy forward, but has very limited range.

Now it's time to face Spring Man.

* X X

This stage is loaded with springs (you could probably see that coming) 
which will bounce you in the direction they are facing. I suggest you 
use the Super Adapter again for this level. Travel through until you 
reach the section where you have to choose whether to follow the down 
path or the upper path. Turn off the Super Adapter, take the upper 
path, and use the springs to get higher. Eventually you should find a 
box with a spring-loaded punching bag. Jump on the box to make it face 
left, then it will destroy the left wall. Switch back to the Super 
Adapter and use it to take the Hyper Bolt.

HYPER BOLT - Auto can use this to produce items for you cheaper, and to 
add more items to the list of those he can make for you.

Go back to the right and you can find an Energy Tank over there. Now 
use the springs until you find the ladder, and then climb more of the 
springs. Eventually you should be able to find the boss door, as all 
other springs will lead back to the beginning of this part.


Walk in with the Slash Claw ready. Attacks:

-	Spring Man will jump up into the center of the screen, then fire his 
arms at you. You can slide or jump over these.
-	Spring Man will send out two Wild Coils. Destroy them or avoid them.
-	Spring Man will grab you, then send you into the ceiling, inflicting 
massive damage.

There is a quick and easy way to defeat Spring Man. Hit him with the 
Slash Claw, then he will immediately use the center of the screen 
attack. Slide under both, then repeat the process and you will quickly 


This weapon fires two coils, one on each side of Mega Man. This weapon 
can be charged up, the same way as the Mega Buster. When charged, the 
coils become, larger, faster, and they jump higher.

Hit Select now on the stage selection screen to give the Hyper Bolt to 
Auto, then leave the lab and select Shade Man for your next match. 
(Note: By holding down B before selecting Shade Man, you can alter the 
music of his stage)

X X *

Once again, it is a good idea to use the Super Adapter for this level. 
Go through until you have to fight a pumpkin mini-boss. There are two 
ways to kill it, either by firing at the eyes on the inside, or at the 
miniature pumpkin on the inside. For right now, destroy the outside 
eyes so that the path to the right will open.

After that, you will climb many ladders and eventually you should find 
a picture of Dr. Wily hanging on the wall. Use Rush Search beneath it, 
and you will find the Energy Equalizer.

ENERGY EQUALIZER - This item will allow you to use weapon energy 
capsules without switching to the proper weapon. If you take a weapon 
energy capsule while using the Mega Buster or Super Adapter, the energy 
will instead go to the weapon that is most drained of energy.

Keep going and soon you will see Bass and Treble. Bass is weakened and 
then utters an expletive. Mega Man offers that Dr. Light can fix them, 
and they teleport to him. Right beyond them is the boss door.


Walk into this room with the Wild Coil ready. Attacks:

-	Shade Man will begin by flying up, and then flying across the room. 
Soon he will dive for you. Slide in the same direction he is going 
to avoid this. If he latches on, he will begin sucking out your 
energy and adding to his own.
-	After two successful dodges, Shade Man will give up and float back 
down. Fire off a Wild Coil now. Shade Man will now shoot rays at 
you. Jump over them as they are slow moving.
-	Shade Man will shoot Noise Crush at you. He will flash while doing 
so, and cannot be harmed then. Noise Crush is difficult to avoid, do 
your best.

Always have the Wild Coil charged and ready, and fire off when I told 
you to do so.


This weapon fires sound waves forward. You can also charge this weapon, 
but unlike the Mega Buster, Super Adapter, or Wild Coil, you must 
bounce the sound wave off of a wall then absorb it to charge.

Now face the last Robot Master, Turbo Man.

* X X

Once again, switch to the Super Adapter when you start the level. You 
will have to kill a small mini-boss to continue on. Eventually you will 
reach an area with tires suspended from the ceiling. Make sure not to 
fall into the spiked tires or the ring of tires (it'll send you back 
down). Eventually, you will see a stoplight platform. Climb up the 
ladder, and then use Rush Search on the second one you see (the first 
one on the left). You just acquired the Hyper Rocket Buster.

HYPER ROCKET BUSTER - This item is an upgrade to the Super Adapter. Now 
the fist has a longer reach, and it is heat-seeking.

Now climb the ladder all the way to the top. Now, drop back down the 
ladder holding right the whole time. You should go through the wall and 
find Proto Man for the second time. Proto Man will give you a little 
information about the Super Adapter, then leave again.

Watch out for the next area. You will have to move fast and slide a lot 
to avoid the fire blasts coming from the wall. Soon you will drop down 
to the next section.

You have to kill the eyes of the truck with the Hyper Rocket Buster. 
Constantly jump to avoid the enemies that are coming towards you.


Enter this room with the Noise Crush ready. Charge it up as soon as the 
battle begins by knocking it off the wall beside you. When Turbo Man 
jumps up, wait until the fire comes close then slide under it. Attacks:

-	Turbo Man will jump up, then shoot out a Scorch Wheel. You have to 
slide under it and have good timing to make it.
-	Turbo Man will transform into a car, then ram into you. The sound of 
his engine revving is the signal to jump. Blast him with the Noise 
Crush when you clear him.
-	Turbo Man will use an attack to draw you close to him. Slide in the 
opposite direction to avoid contact.

Charge up the Noise Crush with every chance and blast him every time he 
reverts back from car form.


The Scorch Wheel sends a wheel of flame along the ground. This can be 
used to burn certain things, like trees.

After you defeat the eighth Robot Master, you will see more story line. 
Mega Man teleports back to Dr. Light's lab to find it trashed, and 
discovers that Bass stole enhancements meant for Mega Man and Rush. Dr. 
Wily comes on the video screen and reveals he created Bass and Treble.

Now return to Slash Man's stage. Go through the level until you reach 
the end part with the trees. Burn each tree by jumping and firing the 
Scorch Wheel. The last tree has a ladder hidden behind it. In the room 
that follows, destroy the cage surrounding Beat with a fully powered 
Mega Buster shot. Now, the next four times you fall down a pit, Beat 
will step in to save you.

There is one more enhancement in the game, but it is optional, and I 
have never found incredible use for it. However, if you want it, follow 
these next steps. If not, just go to the next section.

First, return to Shade Man's stage. Battle your way through again until 
you reach the pumpkin mini-boss. This time, destroy the central pumpkin 
instead of the outside eyes. After that, drop down and defeat the enemy 
there, but don't go down the ladder. Instead, go right through the 
wall. Once inside, Proto Man will appear and challenge you to a duel. 
Note that Proto Man will only do this if you have found him the other 
two times in the same game, without turning off the system.

Proto Man is like a mini-boss (without an energy meter). However, if 
you simply use fully powered Mega Buster shots every time, he will be 
repetitious and thus you can claim victory quickly. Once you win, Proto 
Man will reward you with his Protoshield, which can reflect minor enemy 
projectiles. The shield only helps if you are not moving however, and 
it does not protect your back while you are moving.

Now that every Robot Master has been defeated, challenge Dr. Wily.

X * X

Now that you possess both the Super Adapter and the Protoshield, I 
suggest that you never use your plain Mega Buster again. Stay on the 
Super Adapter usually, because it charges faster, is heat-seeking, and 
has the jetpack ability. For those situations calling for plain Mega 
Man, use the Protoshield, because you can still perform every function, 
plus your front is guarded. 

After you clear the platforms part, you will face Bass. Make sure your 
Super Adapter is on. All you have to do is stay in the small trench on 
the left side, and use the Hyper Rocket Buster. He will fall fast. If 
he comes into the trench, get out, and move accordingly in there to 
avoid his attacks. Before you can destroy him, however, Bass will 
teleport out.

Soon you should encounter the next boss door.


Have the Noise Crush ready when you enter here. Guts Man may have been 
easy in the original Mega Man, but not here. Attacks:

-	Guts Man will cause a large block to drop from the ceiling. You can 
destroy it with the Slash Claw if it didn't fall on you. If you 
don't destroy it, Guts Man will ram into you. However, an 
alternative is to use it to your advantage, see below.
-	Guts Man will grab you, and hurl you into the ceiling, inflicting 
massive damage. It seems as if you will have to fire before he does 
this and inflict as many hits as possible. That only works with the 
Slash Claw, you will have to accept this if using the Noise Crush.

The best thing to do is stand as far left as possible, and constantly 
keep the Noise Crush charged by bouncing it behind you. When Guts Man 
drops down a block, fire the Noise Crush at it. The force of the 
vibrations will knock the block into him, inflicting damage. You can 
keep doing this, but Guts Man may grab you a couple of times. Still, 
this strategy appears to be better than my original. Thanks go out to 
Lorac for pointing out the Noise Crush strategy.

My original strategy, however inferior, was:
You need to stand as close to Guts Man as the Slash Claw will allow, 
and then jump and hit his head every time, and do it as fast as you 
can. Learn his attacks and then fire away. You may need an Energy Tank 
for this fight, don't hesitate to use it, you can always reproduce them 
at Auto's Lab.

Once you defeat Guts Man, reselect Dr. Wily at the stage selection 
screen, and you will go to the next level.

Go through this level until you reach the next boss section. Again, it 
will be Bass. However, this time, he uses the stolen enhancements and 
morphs with Treble, giving him more powers and the ability to fly. He 
can now fire blasts at you, lasers, and also shoot his fist at you. My 
question is, if this enhancement was intended for you and Rush, how is 
this any much different or better than the Super Adapter? Anyway, copy 
Bass's procedure and morph with Rush into the Super Adapter. Constantly 
hit him with the Hyper Rocket Buster. However, for it to connect, you 
must first be facing Bass, and he must be in view. Jump away from his 
attacks and avoid him if he swoops after you. Just like before, you 
can't destroy Bass, he and Treble will teleport out before you can.

Keep going and you will soon reach the boss door.


Have the Wild Coil ready when you enter. Attacks:

-	The turtle will spit fire at you. Do not try to fire now, you will 
probably become imprisoned in the fire. 
-	The turtle will leave half of its body behind, and then leave the 
room. Three small turtles will come out of its shell. Use the Super 
Adapter here and kill them with the Hyper Rocket Buster. You can 
take the power-ups left by the first two enemies, but not the third, 
as the turtle reconnects then.
-	The turtle will float up a small amount, then float across the room. 
You will have to constantly slide back and forth to avoid being hit. 

Hit the turtle with charged Wild Coils whenever possible, and this 
fight shouldn't take too long. Since you will have just fought Bass, if 
you need an Energy Tank, go ahead and use it.

Reselect Dr. Wily again, and you will be teleported to the next 
section. Be sure you are on Super Adapter, and then climb up the left 
ladder. Use the Hyper Rocket Buster to kill every one of the cannons, 
and keep on going. Watch out in the areas of the spikes. The first one 
has a spotlight around you, so you can only see the ground near you. 
After that, the path divides, and you can either go up a ladder or down 
a pit. Going down, you will fall into an area that leads to a water 
section with spikes. These spikes, however, you just have to avoid. 
However, taking this route makes you re-fight the crab mini-boss, and 
you only earn a single Energy Tank. The ladder route, however, is a bit 
more difficult because it has disappearing blocks. You cannot use Rush 
Jet as the blocks will knock you off. The worst part is when you need 
to jump to get to a disappearing block above you, or else you die. You 
need to learn the pattern to get past this. At the end, you will find 
an Energy Tank, a Weapon Tank, and a Super Tank. 

WEAPON TANK - Using one of these will instantly refill all of your 
weapon energies.

SUPER TANK - Using one of these instantly refills all forms of energy 
you need, including your life meter and weapon energies.

Either route you take, soon you will reach the boss door.


Have the Noise Crush ready when you enter this never-ending room. 
Unfortunately, there are no walls to bounce it off of to charge it up. 
The boss will constantly hover. Attacks:

-	The robot will fire rockets at you. Do your best to jump over or 
slide under these, any way you can avoid them. It is difficult, but 
do your best.
-	The robot will send a laser out. Slide all the way to the right side 
of the screen and constantly stay there to avoid the laser.
-	The robot will get close to you and then fire bombs. These are 
easily avoided.

Whenever you can, jump and fire at the eyes of the robot with the Noise 
Crush. You will probably need to use an Energy Tank.

Before you go to the next section, visit Auto's Lab. Now buy enough 
Energy Tanks, Weapon Tanks, and a Super Tank until you are completely 
full. Now reselect Dr. Wily and you will go to the next section.

This is the level where you must re-fight every Robot Master. Here is 
the layout of the stage:

Freeze Man    Slash Man 
Junk Man      Cloud Man
Turbo Man     Spring Man
Shade Man     Burst Man

Here is my order for the rematches:

Slash Man - Freeze him with the Freeze Cracker, and do your best to 
avoid the paint bombs.
Cloud Man - This time around, use the Danger Wrap, which will encase 
him in a bubble, rendering him helpless. You can't hit him when he is 
flashing with electrical energy, however.
Freeze Man - Same strategy as before, use the Junk Shield and do your 
best to avoid the attacks.
Turbo Man - Just like before, bounce the Noise Crush off the wall and 
strike him with the charged form.
Spring Man - Use the Slash Claw and slide under his extending arms.
Burst Man - This time, use the Scorch Wheel. You can use it to burn 
through his bouncing bubbles too, but not the ones that can encase you.
Junk Man - Blast him with the Thunder Bolt then slide under his jump 
attack. Repeat.
Shade Man - Charge up the Wild Coil and hit him when he returns to the 
ground. Slide in the same direction that he dives, or else he will 
steal energy from you. An alternative way of defeating him is to now 
use the Hyper Rocket Buster attached to the Super Adapter. This seems 
to actually inflict more damage than the Wild Coil, even if it is 
charged. However, the downside is that you can't slide wearing the 
power-up, so you'll have to stay at a side of the screen and get there 
quickly if he dives for you. Thanks go to Lorac for pointing out this 

Once you beat all the bosses, you will teleport to a new area. Use the 
three weapon capsules on the left, and refill the Thunder Bolt, Wild 
Coil, and Freeze Cracker. Drop down and you will finally encounter Dr. 

BOSS: DR. WILY (in Skull Walker)

Activate the Thunder Bolt and immediately fire at his head when this 
fight starts. Attacks:

-	Dr. Wily will make three hops forward, then leap off screen. You can 
hit him once or twice now, but after the third hop you have to 
carefully slide under him. Then, he will drop down onto whichever 
side of the screen you are closest to. Blast him again and repeat 
this process.
-	Dr. Wily will send out two miniature forms of his Skull Walker. It 
is too hard, time consuming, dangerous, and pointless to destroy 
these, so do your best to avoid them and blast Dr. Wily instead.

When Dr. Wily jumps up and lands again, any miniature Skull Walkers 
will be destroyed. He may send out two more again, however. Try your 
best not to use an Energy Tank for this fight. You will certainly need 
them soon. Once you defeat Dr. Wily, the battle is not over yet...

BOSS: DR. WILY (in ship)

Dr. Wily will now be inside his ship. This type of attack pattern is 
common to the last three Mega Man games. He only has one real type of 
attack, but it's good enough anyway. When the battle starts, 
immediately switch to the Wild Coil and charge it up. Dr. Wily will not 
be in sight, but soon he will reappear. Hit him as soon as he 
reappears. If he is too high to hit, immediately go to the subscreen 
and switch to the Freeze Cracker. You can aim it to hit him now. Then 
he will send out four different bubbles. Avoiding these are extremely 
difficult, but possible (barely). If you can avoid them, you need to 
fake them out three times before they disappear. Otherwise, you will 
need to intentionally get hit by one. The three types are:

-	Yellow bubbles. These inflict the least amount of damage, and leave 
no after effect. If you can't avoid the bubbles, try to get hit by 
one of these.
-	White bubbles. These bubbles freeze you. You can try to break out of 
them, otherwise getting hit will break you out, but will cause more 
damage to you. If there are no yellow bubbles, this is your second 
-	Red bubbles. These are the worst type. Getting hit by one sets you 
aflame, and you can't break out. Avoid these at all costs.

After the initial bubbles are sent out, Dr. Wily blasts the ground 
sending two energy pulses in each direction. Jump these if you are 
free, (they'll break you out of ice if you were captured by it). 

Follow the strategy of the Wild Coil and Freeze Cracker, and use the 
tanks whenever you need them. You will probably need every tank (except 
the Weapon Tank) but you should eventually win.

If you die to either of these two bosses, you will have to start over 
from when Dr. Wily is in his Skull Walker.

Now you will watch the ending of the game. For those of you who have 
trouble defeating Dr. Wily and would like to know the ending, please E-
mail me. I would include the ending in the FAQ, but too many times I 
have accidentally read endings to games I didn't want to, despite 
spoiler warnings because I missed them.

I was recently sent an alternative order to the second wave of Robot 
Masters. The order (which was sent to me by Lorac) is:

-	Shade Man (use the Super Adapter's fist. You should go to Turbo 
Man's stage and get the upgrade to it first, then kill yourself off 
and return here)
-	Turbo Man (use my original strategy)
-	Slash Man (Lorac told me the Scorch Wheel works better than the 
Freeze Cracker. I haven't found this to inflict more damage, but if 
you can find it easier or more fun, try out his idea.)
-	Spring Man (use my original strategy)

Additional secret: After the end of the game, you will see a string of 
numbers at the bottom of the screen. If you input these numbers as a 
password, it will take you straight to the last section of Dr. Wily's 
fortress, with every enhancement, and a maximum number of each tank. 
However, if you hold L and R before pressing start on the password 
screen, you can enter a one-on-one two-player match. You may play as 
either Mega Man or Bass. Each has their own unique attacks:

Mega Man:
Up, Up = Invincibility
Forward, Down+Forward (together), Forward, Y = Slash Claw that goes 
across the screen
Down, Down, B = Slide (does damage)
Hold Y = Charge Shot
Plain B = Mega Buster Shots

Up, Up = Invincibility
B, Forward, Forward, Y = Air Dash Attack
Forward, Down+Forward (together), Forward, Y = Air Kick
Holy Y = Charge Shot
Plain B = Bass Buster Shots

The one player selection will always have the character the normal 
colors. The second player, however, will have a Bass with a purple head 
instead of yellow, and a red Mega Man instead of blue.

The password for this game is: 1415-5585-7823-6251

This E-mail is by me, X. Have any questions, comments, different 
strategies I should know about, or find any typos? Please feel free to 
E-mail me at zero3052001@yahoo.com    I will not respond to any E-mails 
that have excessive swearing or anything like that. Also, if anyone 
wants to know the ending to this game, you may E-mail me to find it 
out. I do this because often times I have accidentally read endings I 
wanted to find on my own, despite spoiler warnings that I missed. If 
you wish to place this guide on your site, please E-mail me first for 
my permission. Although I will most likely give it to you, I need to 
know where to send updates and where it is headed first.

This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by X. Thank you to all those that took the 
time to read it.

Most recent update includes:

-	Replaced my E-mail in the guide, you may mail me again.