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Rockman 2: The Power Fighters/Megaman 2: The Power Fighters
FAQ/Walkthrough v 0.02
Author: XZerOX aka LiquiDZerO
Created: January 26, 2002 10:28 PM PST
Last Updated: February 3, 2002 9:07 AM PST
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Note this Faq is far from complete, so do not complain if a large amount of
info is missing.

Players: 1-2
Buttons: Joystick and three buttons

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I. Rockman 2: The Power Fighters
In the year 20XX robots and humans live happily together.  Until…

a. series story summary (if you know, just skip)
     Rockman, other wise known as Megaman here in the states, is a
series of games by created by those wonderful folks at Capcom.  Staring
a little, well back in the NES days, blue robot named Rockman.  Rockman
was created by Dr. Thomas Light (Right) with his partner Dr. Albert
Wily.  Dr. Light believed that robots should be used to aide humans,
and with the aide of Dr. Wily created a group of robots in order to
help humans in their future endeavors.  The first few robots created
were Blues, Rock, and Roll (a house cleaning robot) naming them after
his favorite genres of music.  Also created were robots designed to do
construction and various other forms of factory work.  Unfortunately
(fortunately for the player,) Dr. Wily had other things on his mind,
like world domination.  He had stolen most of Lights blueprints and
many of his robots, including six of his main ones.  He had then
converted them into evil robot masters bent on world destruction.
Prior to Wily’s thievery Blues had run away, leaving Light with only
Rock and Roll.  Rock understanding the gravity of the situation,
offered to undergo transformation into a fighting robot, and thus
Rockman was born.
     Rockman and Wily had many encounters, well actually six.  Each
time Wily creating more and more robot masters, and many times Blues
came in to aide his little brother defeat Wily.  Wily being sick of
always losing created Forté in order to destroy Rockman once and for
all.  His first mission was to gain Rockman’s trust in order to sneak
into Light’s lab and steal an upgrade for Rockman and Rush (his trusty
dog robot.)  Forté then used it for himself and Gospel (his trusty
wolf/dog robot.)  At the end of this encounter, to Wily’s surprise,
Forté began to ignore his commands and then ran away to destroy Rockman
himself (cause Wily really sucks at that.)
     After the introduction of Forté we have a new robot named Duo.  He
crash landed on Earth after having a battle, and is now trying to
eliminate all the dark energy from the planet.

b. introduction

     This is the second Rockman arcade game, the first being Rockman:
The Power Battle.  This was only released in Japan to my knowledge.
However, if you’re using the Kawaks emulator go into the Game -> Region
Code and input 2.  You then have an English version complete
with the “Winner’s Don’t Do Drugs” statement from the government.  I
just found this out recently thanks to the GameFAQs messageboard.
Anyways it’s a fighting game, similar to the hidden fighting game in
Rockman 7.  In this version you get to use Rockman, Blues, Forté, and
the new guy Duo; each character having their own storylines.  After
selecting your robot you are then taken to the Story Screen.  Here
Light gives you the message that Wily raided his lab again, taking
special parts, and kidnapping Roll.  You then choose your path…

c. name changes

here are the Japanese to English name changes for the characters in the

Japanese                        English
Rockman                         Megaman
Blues                           Protoman
Forté                           Bass
Gospel                          Treble

Otherwise everyone has the same name.

d. Gameplay

     Basically you have a joystick, and three buttons.  I haven’t
played this on an arcade, so I don’t know the exact layout.  You have a
shoot, jump, and special button; and each has their own function (wow
really?)  Shoot allows your character to shoot a projectile, in Duo’s
case extend his hand.  If you hold the shoot down until your character
flashes blue they shoot a medium sized shot, in Duo’s case he actually
shoots a projectile.  Holding shoot until your character flashes yellow
allows them to unleash their buster attack.  If you hold up while
releasing a buster shot your character will do a special attack.
According to the GameFAQs board, Duo has another special attack, but I
haven’t been able to pull it off, nor has the correct way of doing it
been verified.  Specials will be covered when I do the character
sections.  Pressing jump surprisingly allows your character to jump on
the screen, once you obtain a special part your character will be able
to do a super jump by holding up while pressing jump.  This allows the
character to jump to the top of the screen and float a little longer if
you hold jump.  Also, just like the first game, you can wall jump by
holding the direction and pressing jump when you hit a wall.  The most
important feature is the dash, you can do this by holding down and
jump, each character has his own unique dash.  The special weapon
button allows you to scroll through the weapons you have obtained from
bosses and use them by pressing shoot while the weapon is selected.  At
certain points in the battle Eddie will beam in and toss you a
canister, running over it allows the character to call a special
helper.  Getting these specials requires weapon energy so any weapon
you have selected will be changed and you will not be allowed to switch
weapons until the special is gone.  It gets annoying when you’re using
the bosses weakness then you get stuck using your normal shots.
     Gone are the stages that made Rockman a platforming staple.  In
this game, it’s just pure boss battles here.  Unlike the first game,
you now have full control of stage selection instead of that roulette
where you had to time your selection.  This makes the game much easier
since you can choose your stages allowing you to exploit bosses
weaknesses.  Once in awhile when you attack bosses they drop little
orbs.  Green orbs contribute to score and getting a lot of these helps
your health.  White orbs with yellow rings contribute to weapon energy,
yellow orbs with yellow rings contribute to your health much more then
the green orbs.  After defeating a boss they explode, releasing lots of
green orbs, yellow orbs, some white orbs, and a special large blue orb
with two red rings.  Similar to the first Rockman game, you must pick
this orb up in order to use the boss’ weapon.  Be quick about it
though, as you have a limited time to collect your spoiles.
     The battle screen is as follows.  On the upper left and right, you
have your player’s head portrait.  Next to it is a bar showing your
life energy, obviously when it’s gone you die and have to put more
coins.  When a special weapon is selected it will show a little
portrait of the weapon and next to that is another gauge.  This is how
many times you can fire your weapon.  Some weapons will take more bars
then others so watch how many one shot will do.  Take note your
character will change color depending on the weapon.  In the center
next to the energy bars is the timer, once again very obviously you
must complete the stage before the timer is gone.  At 20 seconds you
will get the message to hurry up.  Beneath the timer at the bottom
center is the bosses health gauge, accompanying it is their name.  This
bar will start out low the first stages, near completion of the all
bosses, the bar will be extremely long.  This mean you may run out of
the weapon that is their weakness before finishing.  Either hope you
get a white orb, or use another or your regular weapon.

II. Characters

a. Rockman/Megaman
     …Otherwise known as the Blue Bomber.  He’s the guy to the far left
of the player select screen; in the light, and dark blue outfit.  I bet
you recognize him from the intro.  Anyway, armed with his trusted
buster arm cannon Rockman slides for his dash.  His slide is fast, can
be done repeatedly without lag making him go across the screen fast and
can slide underneath bosses with relative ease.  Rockman calls Rush for
his helper.  Jumping on Rush allows Rockman to use the Rush Coil
ability.  Charging for a buster shot makes Rush transform into Rush Jet
and ram into the boss.  Sorry can’t fly on him this time.  It also
should be noted you aren’t invincible so don’t recklessly get hit.  His
special move is the Uppercut Attack!  Can anyone say sho-ryu-ken?  He
jumps really high when doing this, a very cool move indeed.  With
upgrade the height is reduced but you have a stronger punch, and
instead of a yellow flame from the hand you have a blue one.

b. Blues/Protoman
     Rockman’s mysterious older brother.  Next to Rockman, he’s dressed
in grey with a red helmet, belt and gloves; with a yellow scarf and
some mysterious shades to boot.  My personal favorite with Zero,
dashing with him allows Blues to dash with his shield in front of him.
Cannot be repeated as fast as Rock, it’s the second fastest dash.
Since he isn’t sliding along the ground you will have to watch how high
the bosses jump before doing this.  Blues whistles in Beat, sounds
similar to how Rock did it on the NES, beat does not join in the fight.
Blues special is an attack that makes his blaster shot turn into a huge
energy ball that doesn’t travel far from his body.  He makes a short
dash before executing as well.  Not that spectacular =/.  Somewhat
reminds me of Sakura’s charged up hadouken.

c. Forté/Bass
     Wily’s wily creation, a reall badass.  Right next to Blues, he’s
mostly black and grey.  Can’t really describe him, but when you get
used to him he looks really dope.  Shooting green plasma shots, dashing
makes Forté gain a little altitude as he jets across the screen with
his boot rockets.  This is a kinda tricky dash, I’m not really good
with him and tend to hit an enemy unless the boss jumps high.  You can
also dash mid-air.  Note this has a little longer lag time then Blues,
and since he leaves the ground do not use this when picking up victory
spoiles.  Forté’s trusty helper is his dog/wolf? Gospel.  Gospel is of
the attack nature, and only does this, the tradeoff is being a little
stronger then Rush, and looking really sick.  Forté has the crescent
kick.  Forté makes a little jump and proceeds to do a flash kick with a
green trail left in his wake.  I personally really like this move a
lot, I find it easier to connect with for some reason.  With upgrade
you receive a double crescent kick.

d. Duo
     This mysterious new character introduced in Rockman 8 is really
huge looking.  At the far right of the screen, I think he has the worst
character design ever.  Looking at his head in the fighting screen, he
looks like a transformer, that guy the turned into an ambulance (was
there one, I forgot I was only 4 at the time.)  For some reason he
seems to be extremely strong.  Being so large he is heavy and has a
weak jump.  His dash is a bash that can actually hurt the enemy if
connected correctly.  Very large amount of lag time when you’re done,
this is the slowest dash.  A regular shot just makes Duo extend his
hand, medium charge is a regular shot, while a charged shot is a huge
energy wave that looks like a giant hand.  He calls forth on Beat, the
special is just like Blues.  His special consists of an uppercut with
his big hand.  I don’t like this new character, I think he’s a loser,
but he seems to be very strong.

III. Upgrades
     I’m not quite sure what variables determine which upgrade you get
at the moment.  The stage which you get the upgrade seems random as
well.  But, depending on which character you are, and which story mode
you’re in you will receive one of the three following part upgrades:
super jump, strength upgrade, and weapons bar upgrade.  If you have
super jump, holding up with the jump allows you to jump to the top of
the screen and holding jump while doing this allows you to float for a
little while.  The strength upgrade will improve your special move, I’m
not sure what happens with Blues or Duo.  Weapons bar upgrade will
enlarge the energy bar for your weapon, allowing you to use it more
times.  I also think it makes your normal weapon hit a little stronger.

IV. Walkthrough
     Ok you’ve picked your characters now the next screen is the story
selection screen.  Reading Light’s message you learn that Wily has once
again broken into his lab (sheesh you’d think he’d get better
security.)  Wily has kidnapped Roll and stolen some experimental parts
he was working on.
     You now have three options:  Capture Wily, Rescue Roll, or search
for Light’s missing parts.  What’s your agenda?  Each section allows
you to deal with a mixed set of bosses from different Rockman games
from 1-7.  Somewhat disappointing seeing as how they feature a
character from Rockman 8, yet none of the bosses.  Even worse, some of
these bosses were in the previous arcade game, or should I say most?
Anyway they’re a complete mixture instead of the 1-3, 4-6, 7 business
they did the last time.  What is unique is that depending on which mode
you choose after a certain number of battles you will get a special
experimental part that Light was working on.  They tell you to be
careful as the part is experimental, but I don’t know what they mean.
Anyway time for the walkthrough…

I will put the boss weaknesses in the beginning if you just wish to
know them.  You don’t really need my help, just listen to Light’s
advice and you should figure out which weapon to use.  If you want a
little more help I’ll list the bosses in the order I used, with general
strategies.  If you want to find out a boss’ weakness the first time
you hit them with it, the game will pause and show the boss be hit
multiple times.  From then on there will be a special animation showing
them get knocked down.  Wait for them to get up before hitting them

a. Capture Wily!

Light’s Advice: You can’t move when you’re caught in Bubbleman’s
bubble.  Attack with a weapon that can cut through the bubble!
Translation: Don’t get hit and use Shadow Blade (Morrigan from Vampire
Slayers calls it shadow braid hahaha)
Stage Music: BubbleMan Stage Remix
Stage: Underwater aquarium

   If this is your first stage this is terribly easy.  Just repeat your
special attack over and over.  Bubbleman will be knocked down, once you
hit, charge up your shot and wait til he gets up and knock him down
again.  To bad the fight will be finished quickly, I really like this
remix.  Pick up the blue orb, but do I really need to tell you that?
Light calls in telling you: You should be able to find Wily by
defeating his robots.  Be careful and good luck!

You’ve Got!!! Bubble Lead:

   This weapon shoots a giant bubble that will go along the floor and
travel up the wall.

Light’s Advice: Heatman will try to do bodily crash if you get near
him!  There must be one weapon that extinguishes fire.  Find it and you
will win.
Translation: Don’t get hit and use Bubble Lead.
Stage Music: HeatMan Stage Remix
Stage: a platform inside a volcano

     Stay away and let Bubble Lead roll across the ground to hit
HeatMan.  Works much better then hitting him up close.  Again you
should defeat him with relative ease.  After this stage when using
Forté and Blues, Wily had appeared.  In danger mode the flames he
throws across the ground are much larger

You’ve Got!!! Atomic Fire:

     This weapon was much better in Rockman 2.  Similar to Bubble Lead,
you shoot this out and flames will travel across the ground.

Light’s Advice: The Plant Barrier is powerful, the opponents attack
will be useless!  Burn him with the “flame” weapon!
Translation:  When he uses Plant Barrier, do not attack.  Use Atomic
Stage Music: CrashMan Stage Remix
Stage:  Robot Egypt

     Let Atomic Fire run across the ground.  FlowerMan will enter
danger mode and will use Plant Barrier often while calling on little
flowers to shoot you.  He will also call a plant barrier that ricochets
off the wall.

You’ve Got!!! Plant Barrier:

     You’re shield weapon for this game.  Consumes a lot of energy to
summon a plant barrier, you can release this anytime and it will shoot
in the direction you face.

Lights advice: You’re best chance is when GyroMan is on the ground.  A
multi-angle weapon is effective against mechs.
Translation:  Keep him on the ground and use Plant Barrier.
Stage Music: GyroMan Stage Remix
Stage: Similar to previous game, just not scrolling.

     This one is a little trickier.  Keep your Plant Barrier up, do not
release it.  Since you stay close you might get hit, just watch out for
his propellers.  His danger mode is to fly to the middle of the screen
and release multiple propellers down the screen. The bosses now guard
more often. When I ran out of PB I used crescent kick.  For some reason
I didn’t run out with Rock.  Another weird thing is that I received a
plane with the orbs after beating him.

You’ve Got!!! Gyro Attack:

     This is a pretty cool weapon.  What it did was shoot propellers
horizontally and you would be able to pick if it went up or down by
tapping on the stick on their respective directions.  This kinda became
a hassle in the heat of battle as you would move your concentration on
where to go, to where the propeller went.  Now, it auto tracks where
the enemy is and goes where it is.

Light’s Advice: You can go through his legs by sliding if you time it
right. CentaurMan can’t jump, remember this!
Translation: I have no clue what he’s talking about.  But jump over him
and use Gyro Attack, it will auto-target and go down when it’s by
Stage Music: GarbageMan Remix
Stage: Floating platform overlooking the city, says Wily on it.

     Basically same advice as in the translation.  You most likely will
run out of gyro, so use special and your helper if you get him.  He
will shoot arrows and call HardHat Harry’s (metops.)  In danger mode,
he will receive a halberd and dash and slash at you.

You’ve Got!!! Centaur Arrow:

     I really dislike this weapon it’s really hard to aim.  I don’t
know how it decides if it shoots diagonally or horizontally.

ShadowMan (yup what a badass)
Light’s Advice: This is a mysterious robot that attacks with ninjitsu.
You could easily defeat him with a weapon that shoots vertically.
Translation:  Use Centaur Arrow.
Stage Music: ShadowMan Stage Remix
Stage: City Freeway similar to previous game

     I have an affinity towards ninja’s, they’re really cool.  He seems
to be similar to Hanzo from Samurai Shodown (capcom vs. snk? Haha.)
Anyway, he shoots 1-3 shurikens across the screen.  Also jumps high and
slides.  Runs like a ninja, and does the Hanzo’s fake wood attack.  In
danger mode he’ll ride a big frog it has a deadly flame attack (why
does this seem really familiar, no not to Hanzo) and call in those
annoying one-eyed jumping things.  Hard to kill because Centaur Arrow
is a stupid weapon.

You’ve Got!!! Shadow Blade:

     Really cool weapon.  Too bad it doesn’t go back to you like it

Wily Stage 1
Mad Roller:
Weakness: Centaur Arrow
Stage Music: Intro Stage song remix from 7
Stage: Inside Wily Mech
     Do I have to use this weapon again?!?!?  I’d much rather use a
charged shot.  Do not get run over, jump over his Mohawk when he shoot
it.  In danger mode he will get much more aggressive and begin to smash
you with his roller.

Wily Stage 2
Wily Machine:
Weakness: Bubble Lead

     Wait until he recovers after you shoot him.  He will have the
shield robots annoying you, will also shoot out little Wily bombs.
When the jaw opens Wily will shoot out a little bubble blast that will
bounce up really fast.  After danger mode, he will shoot out large
laser blasts and a little tracker thing will follow you.  Don’t worry
until the tracker beeps faster, then get out of the immediate area, a
large cluster blast will occur.
     When you destroy this mech, you will see his familiar escape
vehicle from the last game.  The timer is not by seconds this time
(thank god) but in fact by rounds.  You will have 9 rounds to destroy
the mech.  Charged shots will do, but sometimes the game decides to be
cheap and Wily will disappear before the shot hits him, no matter how
close you are.
     It is not necessary to defeat Wily for the story, but you will not
have completed the stage if you do not defeat him.

Congratulations you beat Capture Wily! Mode.  You will be treated on an
ending depending on your character, and if you manage to beat the game
really quick, you get a little extra clip.  You’re scores will be
tallied against anyone in Capture Wily mode.

b. Rescue Roll!

Light’s Advice: DiveMan’s missiles will chase you! Use a weapon you
think is useless underwater.  It will work very well.
Translation: Well, when electricity comes into contact with water, well
it shocks everything.  I’d think I’d be great to use to hurt things in
water.  Great thing this isn’t based off the real world, or you’d be
blown up too.
Stage Music: DiveMan Stage Remix
Stage: Underwater Aquarium

     If you’re on your first stage this should be a breeze.  He
recovers much faster then BubbleMan so just charge your shots and avoid
him.  After the battle Light tells you: A Wily robot must have
kidnapped Roll.  Hurry up and chase the robot!

You’ve Got!!! Dive Missle:

     Pretty good weapon you have there.  Great for distances, it will
home in on your target.

Light’s Advice: This robot moves very quickly you better beat him as
fast as possible.  He does not have any projectile move.  Shoot him
from a distance.
Translation:  He is a very fast bot, but he needs to be in close range
to damage you.  Dive missile is a great weapon, if you’re far it’ll
track him down no matter how fast he moves.
Stage Music: SlashMan Stage Remix
Stage: Inside the volcano, but this time it’s filled with water?

     Just stay as far as possible and you shouldn’t be in big trouble.
He will also drop these eggs that splatter red gunk.  If one lands on
top of you, you will not be able to move or shoot.  If you land in the
gunk, you can shoot but not move.  Also has a lot of jumping and body

You’ve Got!!! Slash Claw:

     This is a simple melee attack.  I put great range before, but
actually it’s bad.  I personally didn’t see much use for it.

Light’s Advice: Watch out for the scissors on his head and you will win
easily.  There must be a harder weapon then the rolling cutter.
Translation:  His scissors slowly travel back to him like boomerangs.
I guess Light must mean shaper, so in this case use Slash Claw
Stage Music: CutMan Stage Remix
Stage: Near a freeway

     Use Slash Claw at him.  He will fall down.  He will get back up.
Hit him again, lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary.  If for some
reason you let him get away when he’s in danger mode he will cut a hole
into the background and jump into it.  Then you will see four of his
scissors cutting more holes in the background and he will jump out and
shoot a bunch of scissors at you.  His rolling cutters were faster in
the last game.

You’ve Got!!!  Rolling Cutter:

     Just like CutMan’s but much faster, it’s really great.  Boomerang
type weapons are really cool.  When you shoot them, if you catch them
again you won’t have lost any weapon energy.

Light’s Advice: His “supersonic waves” reflect off the walls.  Aim at
his wings, cut them into pieces!
Translation:  Being a bat robot thing, he shoots waves which echo off
the walls, so they come back at you!  Cut huh…
Stage Music: ShadeMan Stage Remix (very cool)
Stage: Air Place

     I’m playing each stage as I write this walkthrough.  I’m extremely
pissed.  I used Rolling Cutter to find I don’t get the weakness
animation.  So I switch to Slash Claw and that knocking him down.
Switching back to Rolling Cutter in the middle of the battle, I finally
get that animation.  Maybe you must hit him on the return.  What Light
didn’t tell you is that upon return the supersonic waves charge
ShadeMan allowing him to shoot a larger stronger version.

You’ve Got!!! Crush Noise:

     I pretty much explained how the weapon works above.  Rather one of
the unique weapons in the series, not like all those stupid shield

Light’s Advice: You have no choice but to avoid the Power Stone, time
your jumps!  He is weak against unexpected attacks.  Sound for example…
Translation:  When you see a big hand come out of the ground, jump!
Unexpected attacks?!?!  How is sound an example?!?!  Anyway use
Supersonic Wave.
Stage Music: StoneMan Stage Remix
Stage: Robot Egypt

     I like this remix as well.  You can hit him anyway you want with
Crush Noise, I prefer to charge it up.  He does block and summons up
walls beneath you.  Jump over these and either a) wait for them to
disappear or b) destroy them yourself.  He also likes to pull that jump
over you and smash attack from 5.  Power Stone will knock you down if
you get hit so try to jump over it.

You’ve Got!!! Power Stone:

     This use to be a semi-shield that was made with three rocks that
floated from you to away the screen.  It was really easy to aim by just
going close to the boss and releasing it.  Now it’s a giant hand.
Really hard to hit enemies that enjoy jumping, like the one who’s weak
to the weapon.  Maybe they should have called it Power Hand?  Or Giant
Earth Hand.  Doesn’t look much like stone.

Light’s Advice: ElecMan’s Thunder is long and powerful.  Distance is
the key!  Use an electric proof weapon to stop him.
Translation:  As far as I’m concerned I think lightning doesn’t travel
to well through Earth, so use Power Stone.
Stage Music: ElecMan Stage Remix (note: I’ve heard reports of people
hearing the original NES track.  Also going through the sound test, the
original track is indeed in there listed in 02EE and another file.)
Stage: Floating Wily Platform overlooking the city

     He jumps a lot.  Very bad, seeing as how the weapon he’s weak to
scrolls across the ground really slow.  Shoots beams that hurt a lot.
In danger mode, he’ll summon an electric shield, I could still hit him
with power stone though.  Maybe use a charged shot?  Or Crescent Kick?
Oh yeah, I’m using Blues damn….

You’ve Got!!! Thunder Beam:

     This shoots in three directions: above you, below you, and
horizontally.  Looks more like that one guys in Rockman 7’s weapon.
Although Elecman’s original weapon did do the same thing.

Wily Stage 1
Yellow Devil:
Weakness: Thunder Beam
Stage Music: Same song from the previous arcade release
Stage: Wily Mech

     He’s really annoying.  He’s got a bunch of attacks from summoning
little versions of himself, to splitting into for cubes that go
rebounding against the walls, and to forming a large ball that hovers
and shoots beams from the eye.  Shot the Eye with Thunder Beam.

Wily Stage 2
Willy Skull thing:
Weakness: Slash Claw

     Same strategy as the other version.  He’s guarded by that stupid
chopper thing that shoots in three directions.  Since you need slash
claw, you will have be closer than before.  Or you can just not use the

V. Credits
Well thanks to those who emailed me (well no one yet.)  If you feel you need to
be mentioned for something and were not, it's because you didn't tell me about
it.  But for those finding info from the Gamefaqs board, if the info you put
was before the creation date let me know, because I found some information from
there and I can't remember who exactly posted it.  About Duo's second special,
I can't confirm it, so you get no credit.  This is were I get to put the people
that found the stuff I didn't find:

Orochi17 - about converting Japanese Rockman into english Megaman!
Capcom - for creating such a fine character, although they've made over 50
titles with this character (including a horribly bad soccer title) I still luv
ya guys!

VI. Outro
     Well that's it for now.  Just to let you know I did finish the Search for
Missing Parts! section of this walkthrough.  But I got the memory overload
screen. (the blue screen of death for win XP?) What you see after the word
weapon is what was left.  So I do congratulate you on beating that last
section.  There will be more to come.

Next Release:
Complete walkthrough on all the modes
Detailed description of all danger modes for bosses
Ending Dialoge
My Review for the game
More gameplay information
Some good old ASCII artwork
A table of contents
Maybe a graphical revision of the document
Maybe author information

Legal Issues and Disclaimers
     I do not sell, purchase, distribute, nor dump rom files.  Right now, by
International and US copyright laws the illegal distribution and usage of Roms
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