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                        M   M  TTTT TTTT M    M
                       M M M M T    T    M M M M
                      M   M  M TTT  T TT M  M   M
                     M       M T    T  T M       M
                    M        M TTTT TTTT M        M

                   JJ      JJ      7      JJ      JJ
                  JJ JJ   JJJJ    777    JJJJ   JJ JJ
                 JJ   JJ JJ JJ   77 77   JJ JJ JJ   JJ
                JJ     JJ   JJ  7777777  JJ   JJ     JJ
               JJ           JJ 77     77 JJ           JJ
              JJ            JJ 77     77 JJ            JJ 

              |||| || || ||||  |||| ||||| ||   || |||| ||||
               ||  ||||| |||   |||| || || || | || |||  ||| 
               ||  || || ||||  ||   |||||  || ||  |||| || |
              / /                                           \ \
              \ \       ||||  ||  |||| |||| ||   ||||       / /
               \ \      |  | |  |  ||   ||  ||   ||        / /
                \ \     |||  ||||  ||   ||  ||   ||||     / /
                 \ \    |  | |  |  ||   ||  ||   ||      / /
                  \ \   |||| |  |  ||   ||  |||| ||||   / /

                        MEGA MAN: THE POWER BATTLE

(I know I suck at ASCII art, but what the hell...)


I. Introduction

First of all, hi! Mega Man TPB is a rather old (1995 I think) fighting game about
yup, you guessed it, Mega Man.  The graphics seem to have been taken straight out
of Megaman 7 for the Super Nintendo. They look good though. The music is also from
the original Mega Man games of the venerable Nintendo, but it sounds much better.

Please keep in mind that this is my very first FAQ and I am sure that has tons of 
errors, so bear with me. Also, english is a second-language to me...so the faq may
have lots of grammatical mistakes.

I recommend your resolution to be 800x600...I really hate 640x480

Anyway, on with the FAQ!


II. Story

Not much here, cause I've only played the japanese version, but I guess the story is
the same as the other Mega Man games:

Wily has rebuilt most of his old robots and plans to take over the world with their
help. Mega Man and Protoman immediatley go after him, but thery are surprise to see
that Bass is fighting against Wily too. Anyway, the 3 of them team up and go after
Wily and their robots.


III. Playing the game

You can choose from 3 characters, Mega Man, Protoman and Bass. They are exactly the
same except each one has a different "rush attack" (performed by holding down and
then pressing the jump button).

Mega Man: He slide as in all the other games.
Protoman: He makes a short forward jump will protecting himself with his shield.
Bass: He makes a long forward jump using the propulsors of his feet.

Otherwise, the 3 characters have the same abilities.

Once you have chosen your character, you choose the 6 robots (plus a boss and Wily)  
you want to play against (which is more like a difficult level select). You will face
enemies from the first 7 Mega Man games:

Enemies from Mega Man 1/2 (EASY)

-Cut Man 
-Guts Man 
-Crash Man 
-Heat Man
-Ice Man  
-Wood Man 
-Boss: Rock Man (from Mega Man 1)

Enemies from Mega Man 3/4/5/6 (NORMAL)

-Gemini Man
-Magnet Man
-Napalm Man 
-Dust Man 
-Gyro Man 
-Plant Man 
-Boss: Rock Man (from Mega Man 1)

Enemies from Mega Man 7 (HARD)

-Shade Man
-Freeze Man
-Slash Man
-Turbo Man
-Cloud Man
-Junk Man
-Boss: Pumpkin Robot (from Shade Man's level in Mega Man 7)


IV. Fighting the robots

Not Yet! :)


V. Endings


After beating Wily, you will watch him escape with Rush while the island explodes.
After that, you watch him talk with Roll, Dr Right and the green robot (I don't 
remember his name). After some talk, you will watch the credits.


After beating Wily, you will watch him thinking at the top a blue tower, while a 
_really_ cool remix of his theme song is playing in the background. After that,
you will watch the credits.


Bass saves Wily at the last second and they both escape from the island. They 
talk for a little while, and then the credits roll

Note: I have played the japanese version of the game, so I have no idea what they 
talk about. Help will be appreciated.


VI. Codes/tricks

Don't know any!


VII. Credits

One thing, don't copy my faq without permission, don't post my faq in your site 
without asking MY permission...and blah blah, you know the rest

Any tips, questions or whatever, my e-mail is <loualji@amauta.rcp.net.pe>

Mega Man: The Power Battle Copyright 1995 Capcom of Japan and Capcom of America 
Mega Man: The Power Battle FAQ Copyright 1998 Alonso Paredes Villaran

Thanks to Kao Megura for writing all of his great FAQ, specially his incredible
Final Fantasy VII faq.