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How do i use Kakashi's and Saskue's Sharingan?

Idk how

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And kenpachi001 u were no help the question was how do i use it i already have the characters unlocked

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KomiKamikazi answered:

To use Kakashi's Sharingan, move the control stick to the left/right, depending where the back of Kakashi is, and hold the A button. For a regular attack, he'll just dissapear in a clog of smoke. If someone's using thier special, like naruto doing his Uzumaki Barrage, he'll copy it if possible.

Sauske can't copy. He'll just dissapear. Copying jutius is Kakashi only in this game. (I kick arse as Kakashi with Sharingan. Him copying Shikimaru is cool. For manly look reasons, don't Kakashi copy a girl's special, like Ino or Sakura. it looks so wierd!
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kenpachi001 answered:

You can unlock kakashi in the storee paying for him 25000 points and 50000 points for orochimaru and 100000 for sasuke
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