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Naruto: Clash of Ninja
Sharingan Sasuke Uchiha

Character FAQ for Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 for 
the Nintendo Gamecube.
By - Asterisk/UV Blitz

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1. Introduction
2. Combos
3. Pros, Cons, and Ninjutsus
4. Poses
5. Ninja File
6. Strategy
7. Copyright and Credits



1: Introduction

Why SS?
While normal Sasuke is good, I prefer SS better. He has cooler projectiles and 
2 specials. His combos are better and he's just overall better in Oboro mode.
He has a lot of teleportaion moves to keep your opponents off guard.


2: Sasuke's Move List
Out of 5 stars, so if a move has ***** that's a very good move.

B+B+B+B+B+B+B *****
	This is a pretty decent combo. It is a 
large series of punches and kicks. It's very 
strong aganist your opponent if all
attacks hit, which they won't usually, because
your opponent will probably use substitution 
jutsu somewhere in the combo. Although, the 
last move usually doesn't hit anyway. A good
follow up is up B.

B+B+A ***
	Sasuke punches twice, and then throws
a kunai with each hand at the enemy. This is
a pretty quick attack, but the damage isn't
so good. Good in multiplayer for a better chance
of hitting something.

B+B+B+A *****
	Sasuke punches twice, kicks once, then
disappears in lines, comes out, and kicks 
them from behind to the ground. This is 
one of my favorite moves. It does a good 
amount of damage, is quick, and the last 
move can catch your opponent off guard.

B+B+B+B+A ****
	This is another awesome move. Sasuke
punches twice then kicks twice, the last 
kick sending the enemy into the air. Then, 
Sasuke does fire-style jutsu and the opponent 
lands on the fire and gets hurt more, also blowing
them backward. This'll do a 10-13 hit combo. 
You can hold A and Sasuke will hold out the fire 
jutsu as long as you hold the A button. (Be careful,
holding the fire drains your chakra.) This move is
strong and quick.

-->B+B+B ***
	Sasuke punches the enemy in the gut, kicks
at the enemy, then punches again, sending the enemy
flying. Only three hits, but it's a pretty quick

<--B+B+B ****
	Pretty cool move. Sasuke spin-kicks,
punches, spins in the air, and kicks the 
opponent's head. It's a good move. Sometimes if 
someone attacks him while he's doing the first 
strike, it won't interrupt the combo. Although, 
at the end of the combo it faces him away from 
the enemy, which might get you in a bit of trouble.
If timed right, the first hit can cancel out moves.

Down B+B+B ****
	Sasuke trips the enemy, does a back-flip 
(which kicks them), then slams down diagonally at 
opponent from the air. I use this move frequently, 
because it catches your opponent off guard. Plus
if they use a sub jutsu, the second strike will hit

Down B+B+A ****
	This is almost the same thing as the last 
move. Sasuke does the same first two moves, 
except he doesn't slam down on the opponent. Instead
he throws to kunai at the opponent diagonally. This 
one does less damage and misses more than the one above,

Down A+B+B+B+B+B **
	Sasuke slashes with a kunai then kicks multiple
times. Max hit you can get is 6. This move is pretty
good, but the first hit is a tad slow, and the last
hit doesn't always hit. I don't like this move a lot.

Down A+B+A **
	Sasuke slashes with a kunai, kicks the enemy, 
then disappears and appears in front of the opponent, 
and kicks them in the air. Not too strong, but an o.k. 

Down A+B+B+A ****
	This move is great! Sasuke slashes with a kunai, 
kicks twice, and then does the fire jutsu. I think every-
thing with the fire jutsu is good. Don't 
forget you can hold A!

Special move: Chidori (X) *****
	Sasuke's version of Kakashi Lighting blade. Works the
same way, hold down x longer for more damage and range. It's
easy to work in some combos. 

Special Move: Phoenix Flower Jutsu (X in midair) *****
	Great move, hits more than one target and comes out fast.
Easy way to use is jump once then hit x for more focused damage.

Other move: Up B ****
	Awesome move, invincible on start up, and does good damage.

Other Move: Y(throw) ***
	A default throw, throws them up in the air, can be followed
up by Up B. Easy to follow up with.

3: Pros, Cons, Ninjutsus

+ Pretty strong
+ Quick
+ Good balance of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
+ Good combos

- Not too accurate
- No Genjutsu

A: Throws two shiken
A (hold): Throws four kunai
Up A: Disappers and appears behind enemy and axe kicks them
back A: Disappears, appear in behind of enemy
Run A: Disapperas and appers behind of enemy
Down A: Slashes with kunai
Forward A: Fire-style jutsu. Hold A to hold jutsu. 
(Drains chakra.)


4: Poses

Victory Match Pose - Sasuke rubs something off his headband while looking up 
and says
"What, that's all you got?"

Victory Match Pose - Sasuke looks away and turns around with his left hand 
and says something:
"Vengeance, is mine!"

Lose Battle Pose - Sasuke 
is hunched over on the ground, on his hands and 
knees, breathing heavily.


5: Ninja File

Ninja Registration Number-

July 23rd
12-years old/Leo

150.8 cm/42.2 kg

Blood Type-

Cool and composed
Likes to talk tough

Favorite Food-
Rice balls (okaka flavor)

Least Favorite Food-

Would Like to Fight-
Itachi Uchiha

Favorite Line-

Going for walks


6: Strategy

When using Sharingan Sasuke, always stay on the offensive. Land the first hit.
Abuse your B combos and teleport moves to stay out of danger. 

Make sure you:

1.Watch your chakra.
2.Watch your opponents chakra.

This can affect what you should do so you can max out damage on your enemies.


7: Closing
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