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Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2                    o
Uchiha Sasuke FAQ                           o
Character FAQ for Naruto Clash of Ninja 2   o
Gamecube NTSC version  V1.6                 o
By Feblex                                   o

*Version History

-Version 1.1
Ninja profile added

-Version 1.2
Fixed a few errors

-Version 1.3
Added a missing combo description
Oboro mode tips added
Up+B description error fixed, thanks to Grant Bubrig

-Version 1.4
Strategy updated
General tips added

-Version 1.5
Extra combos updated. Thanks to Sean Morrissey and Kurkaka
Strategy updated

-Version 1.6
Copyright updated
Fixed a few grammar errors


1. Sasuke Ninja File
2. Why Sasuke?
3. Combos & moves
4. Extra combos
5. Strategy
6. General tips
7. Oboro mode tips
8. Glitch
9. Copyright and Credits


1. Sasuke Ninja File


*Ninja registration number

DOB: 7/23
(age 12/Leo)


*Blood Type

Cool and composed
Likes to talk tough

*Favorite food
Rice balls (okaka flavor)

*Least favorite food

*Would like to fight
Itachi Uchiha

*Favorite Line

Going for walks



2. Why Sasuke?


-He's the survivor of the Uchiha Clan
-He's very fast
-Excellent taijutsu
-Excellent ninjutsus
-Has a glitch
-He's an avenger


3. Combos & moves


Here I'll explain the move list and the normal combos (the ones that
can be seen in the start menu)


The ratings of the damage and speed that I'll show here are proportional.
This means that a combo won't have a 10 'cose it takes a lot of
An example of what I said is combo 16: Down A+A+A
This combo takes high damage if you consider that are only three hits.
If you compare it with B+B+B combo you'll see what I'm talking about.
And both combos have three hits.

Every rating here is subjective judged by my experience.
So don't email complaining about it.

                         Damage   Speed   Openings     Rating   
                                         (Weak spots) (overall)

COMBO 1                                    
B+B+B+B+B+B+B            09/10    09/10     07/10        8.3
Sasuke's basic combo, one of his best combos. The only bad thing
about this one is that usually the last hit fails leaving you off guard.

B+B+A                    04/10    10/10     09/10        7.6             

A short quick combo. Causes little damage, but if guarded it gives
you time to guard yourself for a counter.

B+B+B+A                  06/10    06/10     05/10        5.6

Short combo. It's main problem is the ending teleport kick. The opponent
can even dance while you disappear and reappear again with the kick.

B+B+B+B+A                  ?      08/10     07/10         08

The damage in this combo is determined by how long you hold the Fire Style
Jutsu at the end. It may cause a lot of damage if the opponent does not
replace, but if the opponent replaces immediatly, you'll be in trouble...

Right B+B+B               09/10    09/10     06/10        8.3

Strong, fast and short combo. The problem comes when the combo is guarded,
you won't be able to react until it's too late. So only use this combo when
you're sure it'll hit.

Right B+A+B+B+B+B+B       10/10    09/10     06/10        8.3

Similar to the basic combo, this one causes a little bit more damage than
the basic one. But in addition it has more weak spots.  

Right B+A+B+A             08/10    06/10     04/10         06

I don't recommend this combo at all. This one can be easily countered.

Right B+A+B+B+A             ?      08/10     06/10         07

Again a Fire Style Jutsu ending combo. But this one is pretty vulnerable.

Right B+A+A+A+A            08/10   09/10     08/10         8.3

A good combo. Nothing special on it.

Left B+B+B                 09/10   10/10     09/10         9.3

WOW, this one of Sasuke's best combos, and is also very flashy. It's true
that if the opponent guards it, you'll be facing away from him/her, but the
last kick takes the opponent so far away that you have time to jump or turn
around. In my case a recommend this combo 'cose it can rarely be interrupted
and if it's guarded you can do a fake operation (like Shikamaru) to make
your opponent think that you are off guard while really you're waiting for 
Also you can pull out this combo while being comboed to interrupt it. That
of course if you do it in the right moment.

Down B+B+B                 08/10   08/10     08/10         08

Again the problem is the last hit.

Down B+B+A                 08/10   08/10     10/10         8.6

This is a very safe combo to pull out. Even if the opponent replicates it
he/she won't be able to touch you while doing it, and sometimes you'll hit
him/her anyways.

Down A+B+B+B+B+B           09/10    09/10    08/10         8.6

Similar to the basic combo, the only difference is that the first hit is
with the kunai. And again the last hit issue...

Down A+B+A                 07/10    07/10    07/10         07

Teleport kick ending....I hate it, too vulnerable

COMBO 15                     
Down A+B+B+A                 ?      09/10    08/10         08 

Another Fire Style jutsu ending combo.    

Down A+A+A                 10/10     10/10    08/10        9.3

Quick, easy, excellent combo.


*That's all for Sasuke's default combos now let's focus on the special
moves, shall we?

Right A
Fire Style Jutsu (FSJ)


-Excellent Ninjutsu move. 
-Can deal great damage if Sasuke's chakra is full.
-Has a glitch (glitch section).
-Can be chained to combos.
-Long Range.
-If timed right can hit an opponent in the floor.


-Slow move to pull out.
-It drains Chakra as you hold the A button.
-If failed or replaced, leaves Sasuke off guard.

Left A
Teleport kick

Use this move only when you're very far away from the opponent
and he/her is going to throw a kunai/shuriken at you. So you can catch
him/her off guard.
Note: Sharingan Sasuke's Up+A teleport it's way better than this one.


-Can teleport from anywhere.
-Doesn't consumes Chakra.
-Can be chained to combos.


-Very Slow to pull out.
-If guarded leaves you vulnerable.

Running +A

Sasuke and Kakashi are the only ones that can throw kunais while
running. Haku does too but she uses needles.
It's good to try this when you're very far away from the opponent.
You can do it more than once in the same run but a very long distance
is required.

Up +B

Sasuke's Air Tombstone (I invented the name)
Sasuke grabs the opponent and smash him into the ground.
Very useful move to end some combos.

Up +A

Sasuke throws three kunais diagonally up.
You can hit an opponent two or even more times by
repeating the move in the right time and angle.
Very useful after throwing the opponent with Y.

Lion's Combo (Shishi Rendan)
Sasuke's special move.
One way I like to use this move is when you're fighting a turtler
(person that guards all the time). Do the Sasuke's basic combo 'till the
opponent is in the mid-air then stop and wait for him/her with a Lion's Combo.
This will work only if he guarded the first combo.
Even the level 4 CPU falls for it :p


4. Extra Combos


Here I'll list a few excellent combos that don't appear in the
combo screen.

Right B+A+B+B (wait for the opponent to fall a bit) B+B+X

This combo does around 70% damage and the Lion's Combo
at the end will be inevitable if the opponent didn't replaced before.

Y+ Up A + Up A + X

For this one you must be really quick and do it in the right timing.
The idea is that after you throw the opponent you hit him/her twice
with the kunais. In the last set of kunais, only the two upper kunais
must hit the opponent in order to take the opponent higher. Then immediatly
you throw the second set of kunais run a little bit towards the falling
opponent and press X to catch him/her with Lion's Combo.

Note: If the opponent is on a corner when starting this combo, the angle
won't let you do it right

Y + UP A + UP A + FSJ (Held)

This is the same as the last one but instead you'll finish it with FSJ.
If you're full of Chakra this is an excellent combo 'cose if you manage to
catch him right when the opponent hits the floor, he/she won't be able
to escape the fire until you run out of Chakra.

Note: The FSJ at the end must reach the opponent exactly when he touches
      ground, not before. Doing this right will trap the opponent between
      the fire and the floor. Opponent won't be able to replace.

Down A +B +B (X, FSJ, or Up B)

Good things about this combo is that it leaves the enemy airborne, and by 
pressing X immediately as you can (pretty easy), you can land a Lion Combo 
or FSJ, or even an Up B is you don't have enough chakra. Note that if you 
try to hit the enemy from behind, the kick won't land, failing the combo and 
leaving you vulnerable. Further testing showed that B combos can also be used 
accurately after this combo.

-Want more?

There is a huge amount of variations that can be done to these combos.

Y +B
Y +Up A +B
Y +Up A +Up A +B

Y +X
Y +Up A +X
Y +Up A +Up A +X

Y +Up A +FSJ
Y +Up A +Up A +FSJ

Y +Right B+B+B

The common factor of these combos is the Y.
So keep in mind that grabbing is an excellent combo starter.
You should use one of those taking in consideration the opponent's chakra
and the angle.

-And Still want more?

Stopping yourself after 4 Bs and then using any combo starting with B is a 
good way to add four hits and extra damage to a combo. This can be tied into 
X, Up B, and FSJ.


Note: (..) means a little pause.

B+B+B+B .. X
B+B+B+B .. B+B+X
B+B+B+B .. Up +B
B+B+B+B .. FSJ
B+B+B+B .. B+B+B+B+B+B

*** I suggest practicing these combos in training mode with the opponent
Stand, Chakra gauge ON and HP Recovery On in a large world.


5. Strategy


Here I'll explain how to fight certain characters with Sasuke.
Note: The strategies mentioned here are meant for a respectable player
      and Level 4 CPU.

-Against: Rock Lee, Might Guy, Zabuza Momochi & Nine tailed Naruto

General Strategy:

These guys in particular can't throw any Kunai or Shuriken so they like
close combat. So if you can pick the world, select a large one like Naruto
Start the match by getting away from them and throwing kunais to annoy
them a bit.
When they're in your range use FSJ with discression so you don't get off
Keep doing that until you see an opening in their defense.


Watch out for Zabuza's Long sword, it can hit you from blocks away but
in exchange it's really slow and you can take advantage of that.
His special has good range too, so be aware of it.
His Down+B attack can be catched with your Up+B attack if timed right.
Zabuza is a tall guy, so Down +B combos should help you a bit.


I don't suggest close combat on him, but if you have to, combo 10 can
help you. That combo has a good priority so Lee will rarely interrupt it.
If Lee got a little angry by your tactic and begin opening doors like
mad, start jumping with caution, (double jump if necessary), and wait for
him to run out of HP, then wait for the right moment to throw a kunai at him
and it's over.

Might Guy:

Down +B combos on him.
Side step his punches instead of guarding or going against him.

Nine tailed Naruto:

Fight with caution.
Replace every combo you can.
Avoid Special at all cost.
He's a berserk guy that won't stop at nothing and his punches can interrupt
many of your combos.

-Against: Haku, Sakura, Iruka & Mizuki

General Strategy:

These fellas have advantage in throwing stuff, if you go long range with them
you're screwed.
So from the beginning play aggressive offensive with them, don't let them
get away from you.


If Sakura keeps guarding every time you try to hit her, run and grab her
and show her how much you love her forehead by comboing her.
When she's doing her aerial shuriken combo, if you managed to side step it
you may be able to put yourself behind her by side stepping a few more times.

Iruka & Mizuki:

Watch for Iruka and Mizuki's Demon Shurikens 'cose there's no way you can
stop them and they do nasty damage if directly hited.
Everytime they disappear in a combo you can jump out of it before they appear
and continue the combo. That way you can catch them off guard with a kunai or


Remember that Haku can leave needles suspended in air with chakra.
If he does, maintain a constant moving and jumping to evade them and make
him waste chakra.
An experimented Haku player may needle loop you, so in that case evading
needles is a matter of life and death.

-Against: Gaara

In this game Gaara has good long and short range combat, so how can you beat
him? Speed!
Unlike the anime here Garaa's Taijutsu abilities have increased.

Also your kunais are nothing against his sand.
Hit Gaara with the basic combo all the time regardless if the sand protects
him. Use the Lion's Combo tactic I mentioned before for the turtlers.

If you're on the floor and Gaara is attempting Sand Coffin and Sand Burial
(Special move) roll a side and immediately jump. If you escaped it Gaara will
be off guard and that's you're gold opportunity.

-Against: Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke

General Strategy:

They're overall characters so they're well balanced.
There is no special tactic fighting these guys than doing your best and
knowing how to improvise some moves.
Keep in mind that all of them may grab you in air.


Naruto can hurt you badly with simple B+B+B+B+B+B combos, so I suggest
gathering chakra by throwing kunais before getting close to him.
Side stepping may help you too.


If you're a fast player you can teleport kick him whenever he says Go Akamaru!
That of course if you are at a considerable distance.


As a Sasuke player is imperative that you already know all his flaws.
If you don't, I suggest reading the guide again.

-Against: Kankuro

Kankuro is a very tricky player, and a gold opportunity to use Left A teleport
If you go long range with him, he will attempt to hit you with Karasu
(the marionette) and he'll be off guard, so teleport kick him and show
him some combos.
Watch out 'cose he can use Karasu to cover himself.

Remember that hitting the marionette is useless. (It takes some chakra out
of him, but it's not worth it)

A few FSJ are nice if you catch him and Karasu at the same time in the fire.

-Against: The Hyuugas (Neji & Hinata)

Fast combos on them will solve the problem.
If you're out of Chakra better throw some kunais at them to gather some
'cose they can smash you with nasty combos, specially Neji. And it's better
to have some Chakra to replace in a combo.

A good Hyuuga player is able to grab you in-between a combo so watch out
for that.
They also have some moves that take chakra away from you.

-Against: Kakashi, SHaringan Kakashi, Orochimaru

General Strategy:

These guys are taller than you so when they get closer to hit you
Down B combo should evade a punch and hit them at the same time.

Kakashi & S. Kakashi

Use Lion's combo against Sharingan Kakashi only when is inevitable
'cose it can be copied....and that's not good...

If he uses his Down +A move, time a jump so that you touch floor an instant
after he's out of the ground and do a FSJ as fast as you can.


Orochimaru has a devastating special that not only takes 45% of your HP
away but seals your chakra for the rest of the round so evade it.
He has nasty combos too.
His weakness is the speed. So keep combing him all the time.

-Against: Shikamaru, Ino

Shikamaru is an excellent character, if you get caught in his infinite combo
replace immediately.
Note: Infinite combo is never performed by CPU.

Every time he teleports just side step it with L or R and you'll be able to hit
him right away.
Don't stand still in one place, you have to move all the time.
As for Ino side stepping will help too.

-Against: Akamaru

Just keep jumping and throwing kunais.
Down B combos and FSJ should work as well.

Remember that you can't grab it or Lion Combo it.

-Against: Crow

This thing can't be well comboed, so kunais and
FSJ will be enough.

-Against: Sharingan Sasuke

Here is your Nemesis, a really tough guy.
There is an opening in his B+B+B+B+B+B+B combo. Every time he attempts it,
guard and move backwards at the same time, if you did it right he will stop
in a kick and won't be able to move in around a second, there's your chance.

Also watch out the teleports, specially his Up +A, It's really hard to get
the timing, but if you do just side step it and he'll be off guard.


6. General tips


Here are some useful tips for battling any character.

-There are two ways of replication counter, an air one and a ground one;
each time you replicate counter in the air way successfully, immediatly
jump once and throw kunais at the opponent laying in the floor. That will
give him a bit more of damage for sure.

-When you are Fire Style Jutsuing some body (not guarded), you're able to
quickly do Right +B combo for extra damage. And like if that wasn't enough,
if the opponent replicated while you were beginning the combo, the counter
will probably miss.

-Usually when an opponent falls in the ground after a combo, you can hit
him/her with Down +B+B.

-There are two ways of standing up after a combo.
1-Standing right in the place where you are
2-Roll a side, and then stand

If you time those in the right way you can apply inevitable Lion's Combos
to the opponent. Level 4 CPU included.


7. Oboro mode tips


Here I'll give you some tips about using Sasuke in Oboro mode.

Note: This mode must be unlocked first, if you haven't unlocked it
      yet you better read a general faq.

Remember that in this mode the difficulty will be increasing as you
advance in it.


-Don't ever use Lion's Combo
-In higher levels always save your chakra for replication
-Combo 5 should work in the first levels as well as FSJ
-Down B combos are excellent in all levels, you can catch more than one with
-Up+B or teleport kick.....NO! don't use them
-When doing FSJ be sure to have them all in your sight 'cose eventually
a bastard can appear from the ground right behind you and give you some 
-Don't Grab (Y)
-Only pick Ramen from the floor. If you'll risk your life for an Item, it'd
better be ramen. If not, it's not worth it...


8. Glitch


There's only one glitch that I know with Sasuke.
(Can be done with Orochimaru and S. Sasuke as well)

Note: I wasn't the one who discovered the glitch, you can see a video
      of the glitch in you tube.

It's the Double FSJ.

Enter training mode
Pick Sasuke and somebody else
In handicap put food pills on Sasuke
Start the match
Set HP recovery ON. Chakra Gauge ON & Defense OFF
Do one FSJ and release A immediately.
Just before the fire stops hit Right A again and hold

If timed right, Sasuke will be able to run with fire and even do
Lion's Combo while throwing fire.

It's really hard getting the time of it but when it's done correctly
there are lots of things you can do with it.

Doing it with food pills it's not necessary but the fire will last more
with them.


9. Copyright and Credits


Copyright Feblex 2007

If you think that there's something about Sasuke that must be added
email me:


This guide be shown in

Thanks to:

-Olguiyo, for buying the game for me.

-Pontier, for giving me the anime.

-Sasuke, for being the coolest character of all.

-Di, for being so Metal.