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I'm a very wierd person and i made some guess's on who the sages of all the temples are. (I hevn't won any) Forest: Saria, Fire: King goron
water: Princess ruto Shadow: Dampe, but i don't know the spirit. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

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Whos nabooru? or did the game just make it up.

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From: thetureks 5 years ago

The sages are:

Forest: Saria
Fire: Daurina
Water: Ruto
Shadow: Impa
Spirit: Nabooru
Leader: Zelda

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well, I'll put the spoilers down..but so far you only guessed one wrong. Well, besides the spirit.

Shadow: Impa
Spirit: Nabooru

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Nabooru is someone you'll meet later on in the game as you progress throughout the temples. She's a gerudo and I think she had something to do with Gannon. If I remember correctly. I just don't want to spoil every little detail for you.

The Spirit Temple has to be beaten partly as a kid and partly as an adult and that's where she'll come in.

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