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There are some frogs that sings and you have to find it for something, what do you unlock when you find it??

I have 4 of 5 i cant find the left one of the first two frogs in front of you please some help because i can't find it in cheats, faqs, or answers!!!!

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R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

They give you a heart piece. From TNocturne's FAQ:

30. Link; Don Gero Mask, Cleared Dungeon 2 & 3-When you get the Don Gero Mask, Link gains the ability to talk to frogs. They are found in the following areas:
1) CLOCK TOWN: Hopping near the tree in the LAUNDRY POOL.
2) WOODFALL TEMPLE: After beating Gekko, he will turn into a frog.
3) SOUTHERN SWAMP: This frog is on a log near the Octoroks.
4) GREAT BAY TEMPLE: Beat Gekko again to turn him into a frog.
5) MOUNTAIN VILLAGE: After you clear Dungeon 2, you'll warp out to the frogs.
talk to them and they'll sing you a Heart Piece.
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