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How do I get Ms.Mowz??!!??!!

I just did chapter 2,so how do I get Ms.Mowz? Do I need anyone else to get her? I've got Goombella,Koops,and Flurrie,do i need anyone? So it would be a really good help to my,and million others,maybe so please help me!! D8)

Dark_Koopatrol asked for clarification:

There is no point to saying that because Q asker's trouble center graph doesn't have ??? in it..

And plus, jeez, spoiler warning?

Dark_Koopatrol asked for clarification:

You didn't just said that Alexgalley's answer was right. How is that helping the asker?

Awesometor provided additional details:

Okay peoples I got it,At the beginination of ch. 5 so no need to answer.But it's weird the time I got it,based on what you guys said.( :^*

Accepted Answer

Alexgalley answered:

After beating chapter 4 accept the trouble ??? then go to the top of zess t's house and ms mowz is there she will ask u to find a rare badge so go to hooktail castle to where u fought hooktail and go to the center of the room and a ! will b over your head and use flurrie to blow and a tresurechest appers open it and theres the badge now go back to the top of zess t's house give her the badge and she will join your party yay.
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Dark_Koopatrol answered:

You cannot get here until beating Chapter 4...
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Alexgalley answered:

I said after s/he beats chapter 4 and go to the trouble center.
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MexicanWalrus answered:

Alexgalley's answer sounds about right.

I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Hope this helps. :D
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DragonoidDelta answered:

Answer Solved! Alexgalley have right!
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