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What does the return postage badge do?


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Chaosmaster00 answered:

Return Postage makes all directly-attacking enemies (like Goomba's Headbonks) take half the damage they deal (rounded down). Useful with Double Pain (doubles the damage you take, doubling the damage enemies receive from the backlash Return Postage gives), but otherise a fairly useless badge... >.>

Also, there's a minor glitch that, if ou equip this badge with Zap Tap as well, it will cancel Zap Tap's electrification ability (which would normally make leeching enemies not be able to attack Mario), but enemies will still take the usual 1 damage from touching Mario after attacking... : /

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this badge a 2, but only because it's fun to see enemies kill themselves... :P

I'd keep it if you have it, even though it's useless, seeing as it would cost a full 999 coins to buy it back (or 699 from the counter)... <_<
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