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Having trouble getting whacka bump Why ???

I beat the game, now i want to get a recipees ( i know i spelled that wrong) but for some reason the whacka bump giving mole thing doesnt appear anymore when i go to the area its always at. where can i get a whacka bump? will i have to start a new file to make this recipee?

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Knightlord64 answered:

The whakabump mole will get made and run away after about 8 hammers don't worry using a Healthy Salad and the rare Shroom steak to get this recipe
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WayoshiM answered:

Once you get 8-10 of them you can't get anymore! Hope you didn't use them all!
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Chaosmaster00 answered:

You can make the Zess Dexule dish without a Whacka Bump. Just instead, you must use a Healthy Salad and a Shroom Steak instead of the prior Whacka Bump/Golden Leaf.
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Dark_Koopatrol answered:

When you run out of Whacka Bumps, you can still make the recipe in another way, without the Item.
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Seth56 answered:

The wacka doesn't appear after you wack him a certain amount of times.
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