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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find power rush?

I am at the pianta parlor and have 34 pianta coins, I want power rush but cant buy it. Why isnt it an option for me to buy it?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I dont have it as an option it isnt listed.

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From: Dark_Koopatrol 5 years ago

You must get the Gold Card. Complete the trouble, "Important Thing!" by Frankie, and you can get the parlor card to play the Tube Parlor Game. The card allows you to have Power Rushes to buy as an option, for 34 Piantas.

Completing the trouble is easy. Talk to Frankie first in West Rogueport by the flower garden. He lost his wedding ring, so look for it. It is in East Rogueport, the very right part of the screen. Use your Yoshi to jump across the gap beside the bridge.

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You don't have enought Pianta coins, check the amount required beside the item.

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Certain items that can be bought in the Parlor require the cards, you can get these from various troubles. I'm not sure of specifics, but if you get all 4 cards it'll show up for sure.

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