Answered Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
a Watering hole ? 1
Are there any missable items? 3
Boat? 1
Grotto Spikes? 1
Hide n' seek? 1
How and/or where do I get the L emblem? 1
How do I find the rock stone in Keehaul Key? 1
How do I get on top of zess t's house? 2
How do I get out of the minor league locker room before the match with rawk hawk? 4
How do I get past the rock in twilight woods? 1
How do I get past? 3
How do i get the puneies out of the cage in the great tree? 1
How do I get to Bobbery? 2
How do I get to KeeHaul Key? 2
How do I power up my partners two times? 3
How do I solve (Princess invisibility potion)? 2
How do I solve Flavio's song? 3
How do I solve it? 2
How do I solve koopook's troble? 6
How do i solve miss mouz's trouble? 7
How do I solve Peach's Potion Puzzle? 4
How do I solve the business man`s trouble? 2
How do I solve this riddle? 1
Hundred pit of trials HELP?!?! 4
In which level should I be for the Pit of 100 Trails?? 5
Is there a place besides creepy steeple that you can get a golden leaf? 6
Is there a trick for doing Mousimilian's trouble? 3
Pit of 100 Trails? 4
Rejection from a pipe? 1
Riddles? 1
Star Peices? 1
Stupid ? 2
The fruit? 5
Watering hole ? 1
What do I ask Petuni? 1
What do I do after I smash the blockade like X tells me to in level 3? 2
what do i do once i am in Grubbas office? 1
What do you do when you collect all the battle trunks in that trouble for Jolene? 1
What is the "pit of 100 trails" and should i do it? 1
What is the 4 Digit code for the suitcase? 2
What is the Genral White solution? 4
Where do I find a keel mango on keelhaul key??? 1
Where do I find Don Pinata's daughter and her boyfriend? 1
Where is the blue thief in Rougeport? 1
Where is the secret pipe that leads to hooktail's castle? 1
Where is X? 2
Where is Zess T.? 5
Wondering about some tattle log entries...? 3
X-Naut Factory room? 1
Zess T. Recipe Log Question? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Badge hunting: Any tips to get something other than coins? 1
Best recipe? 2
Can anyone tell me locations of Shine Sprites?? 2
Can you fight this; "Atomic Boo" after chapter 4? 3
Collecting star peices? 2
Do multiple Refund badges stack? 1
Does the Simplifier badge make superguarding more easy? 1
Does the Unsimplifier give you more SP per attack? 1
Gold Bars? 1
Having trouble getting whacka bump Why ??? 5
How can I get a lot of money? 6
How can i make Zess Deluxe? 1
How do I buy Power Rushes? 2
How do I get 20 item slots instead of 10? 1
How do i get cake mix? 1
How do i get the gear in the x-naut fortress? 1
How do I get the shine sprite at the last tree at the steeple? 5
How do I get the Shine sprite outside Glitzville? 1
How do I get to this one treasure chest in the sewers? 3
How long does it take to steal a badge? 2
How many badges can Mario hold? 2
How many Gold Bars/Gold Bar X 3's can I find? 1
How many Ultra Shrooms can you get in the game? 2
How to level up fast? 1
I need help finding some coins!!!? 2
If I use multiple Damage Dodge badges will I block more damage? 1
Is Ms. Mowz' Nose Off? 1
Is the Star Piece in the Hooktail Castle elevator room a lost-forever item? 4
Lucky Day/Pretty Lucky? 2
Lucky day? 3
Lucky start? 1
Poison Shroom? 3
Pretty Lucky and Lucky Day and Close Call ? 4
Should i....? 1
Shroom Roast? 7
Train ticket? 6
What Am I Missing? 2
What do Gold Bars and Gold Bar x3s do? 5
What exactly does Trail Stew do? 1
What happens when I wear both a Zap-tap and Lucky Day badge? 1
What in the world are gold bars for? 3
What is the name of the Badge that automatically shows enemies' HP? 5
What is the strongest recovery item? 2
What will happen if I put L and W emblem? 5
What's the point of Hot Sauce? 2
What's the point of Space Food? 5
When does Pianta Parlor change items? 1
Where can I find (contact lenses)? 11
Where can I find a horsetail and a peachy peach? 1
Where can I find a inky sauce? 4
Where can I find alot of mega rush badges? 3
Where can I find dynamite? 1
Where can I find firey jinx? 1
Where can I find Flavio??? 4
Where can I find golden leaf? 1
Where can I find honey syrup? 1
Where can I find hot sauce? 2
Where can I find Jumpman badge again? 2
Where can I find more Charge badges and Charge partner badges? 1
Where can I find more charge badges? 2
Where can i find more power plus? 1
Where can I find or make some inky sauce? 1
Where can I find power rush? 3
Where can I find Ruin Powder? 2
Where can I find that badge I need to defeat Hooktail? (Without Flurrie.) 5
Where can I find the badge for ms. mowz? 5
Where can I find the golden leaf? 4
Where can I find the key cards in the X Naut fortress? 1
Where can I find the key to the 100 punis cell? 3
Where can I find the L and W emblems? 2
Where can I find the lens? 1
Where can I find the money money badge? 2
Where can I find the Quick Change badge? 1
Where can I find The red cyrstal ball for the shine spirte guy? 2
Where can I find the Wario Elbem? 2
Where can i find these badges? 1
Where can I find Toodles in poshley sanctum? 1
Where can I find.....? 1
Where can I find: gold ring,blanket,and the shell earings? 4
where do I use(cookbook)? 3
Where Is Keel Mango? 3
Where is the cookbook in creepy steepel? 1
Which enemies are not Fright Mask-able? 2
You can get the Double Pain badge in the first chapter? 1

Level Help Answers
Can we repeat the Glitz Pit?? *More Info in Description* 1
Don Piantas help, please? 3
Fastest way to level up after beating the game? 1
goldbob???????? ~~~~look at this one PLEASE!!!!!!~~ 2
How do I find the crystal star on the moon? 2
How do I find two people in chapter 7? 1
How do I get a blimp ticket? 5
how do I get back to cortez in chapter 5 ? 1
How do i get BACK to the moon in chapter 7? 2
How do I get find hooktail??? 1
How do I get into the creepy steeple? 1
How do I get into the X naut Fortress??? 2
How do I get past (skull rock)? 2
How do I get past (the train in chapter 6)? 2
How do I get past level 15? 5
How do I get past the "100-jabbies squad"? 3
How do I get past The Pit Of 100 Trials? 1
How do I get past the Princess Peach Part with potion to make her invisible at the X-nuts lab? 3
How do I get past the red and blue bros.?HELP??? 5
How do I get past the tree in twilight woods??? 2
How do I get past the well in twilight? 3
How do I get past the X-Naut Forest? 2
How do I get through the X-naut factory room? 1
How do I get to the Creepy Steeple? 1
How do I get to the ghost in Rawk Hawks locker room? 1
If your lvl 30 where should you lvl up? 2
Should I.....? 11
The maximum level 99? 3
What do i do!?!? 2
What is th fastest way 2 level up? 2
What is the best place? 1
What's there to do post-game? 3
Where do I find General White in leval 7? 3
Where do I find Princess Peach on X-Naut forest? 3
Where is the pit of 100 trials? 3
Why can't I activate the pedastale? 3
Why can't I get Vivian in my party to help beat Chapter 4? 2
Why can't I sign up for the title match in chapter 3? 1

Other Help Answers
After i beat the game, where can i find peach? 4
Any reason to 100% the game? 1
Are there any cheats ? 1
Are there any important secrets in this game? 2
Are there any similar games to this or the rest of the mario rpg series? 7
Are there more characters after Bobbery? 4
Battle stage and audience? 2
Blooper question? 1
Can battle the Shadow Queen Again? 2
Can someone help me get to Admiral Bobbery? 1
Can someone help me i'm struck because of a action replay code? (hacker may help me more out there) 5
Can you replay the Bowser levels? 2
Can you see 3 Amazee Dayzees in the pit of 100 trials at once? 1
Difference between Merlee's curses? 1
Do partners affect audience members throwing items to you? 5
Do you need the w emblem? 4
Does anything "roll-over" into a new play-through? 1
E-mail? 2
Elementalist Mario? 1
Glitches? 1
Happy Lucky Lottery Board. Prizes? 1
How can i get easy cash? 1
How come Yoshi doesn't do any damage? 2
How do I disable Merlee's spell? 4
How do i get back to rugeport from palace of shadows? 3
how do I get BP w/o having to level up??? 1
How do I get into the house/building in the Rougueport Ruins underground? 1
How do I get Ms.Mowz??!!??!! 5
How do i get my partners lvl 2 and hire? 1
How do i get red yoshi? 1
How do i get saves? 2
How do i get the Black Yoshi? 2
How do i get the vrank handle for the bridge in the pirate cave? 1
How do i get very easy Xp for my stats? 6
How do i get zap tap badge? 1
How do i level up fast ?????? 1
How do I lower my rank in the Glitz Pit after beating it post game? 4
How do I make a FAQ for this game? 1
How do i make a hole in the floor of the help center? 2
How do i use 2 items in cooking? 2
How do you beat the boss in CH6? 1
How do you change your profile name? 2
How do you make a snow bunny? 1
How do you smash the block in the storage room? 2
How long does the Pit of 100 Trials take to complete? 1
How much money? 1
How to change yoshis color? 4
Is it possible to go down from rank 1 in the glitz pit? 1
Is there a FAQ for...[click for details]? 1
Is there a goomstar temple? 2
Is there a way to check your stats? 1
Jumping egg? 1
Location of the Badgeshop? 3
once I enter to the palace of shadows, can I get out? 1
Outfits? 2
Partner size modifier Action Replay code? 1
Partners? 1
Pit of 100 trials. 100 or 99? 1
Quick way to level up? 5
Saving in the pit? 1
Shine Sprite in storage room? 2
Should I do it? 5
Star Points? 1
Tattle log? 2
Twilight town empty house? 1
Up arrow? 3
What badges should I take to go to the pit of 100 trials? 3
What do i do when merlon tells me?... 5
What does the Pity Flower Babge do? 1
What does the return postage badge do? 1
What happens with koops? 1
What is at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials? 1
What is Ms. Mowz' complete moveset? 1
What is The Highest Level Ever? 1
What is the locked door in far east rogueport? 2
What is the maximum amount of coins that one can hold? 4
What is the most efficient way to make money? 5
What is the significance of smoke during battle on stage? 3
What to do after beating the final boss? (100% Run) 5
What's the best badge in the whole entire game? 7
What's the maximum level? 1
What's the point? 1
What's the way and how to complete the helps???? 3
Where can i get the bandit for a partener? 4
Where do I Ultra Level Up my partners? 1
Where do you find darkley in paper mario thousand year door? 3
Where is starborn valley? 2
Where is the best place to train? 3
Wheres the bow and bootler cameo? 3
Who are The Destructors? 1
Why do i only get one star point after a fight? 6
Why does the trouble center have some wood missing from the floor? 1
Why is this game so expensive despite being an old game? 1
Why won't the secret service guy let me into the minor league room? 3
Witch faqs is a 100% compleation faqs? 3
Witch partner should I choose? 2

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