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			-+-+-+-+ PAPER MARIO +-+-+-+-
			   The Thousand-Year Door
				   Boss Guide

Introduction [.1]
Version History [.2]
E-Mails and Whatnot [.3]
General Boss Strategies [.4]
Bosses [.5]
	Lord Crump (Prologue) [lrdcrmp1]
	Blooper (Prologue) [blpr]
	Two Bald Clefts (Chapter 1) [twbldclfts]
	Two Bristles (Chapter 1) [twbrstls]
	Gold Fuzzy (Chapter 1) [gldfzzy]
	Red Bones (Chapter 1) [rdbns]
	HOOKTAIL (Chapter 1) [hktl]
	Shadow Sirens (Chapter 2) [shdwsrns1]
	MAGNUS VON GRAPPLE (Chapter 2) [mgnsvngrppl1]
	Iron Clefts (Chapter 3)
	Bowser (Chapter 3) [bwsr1]
	Rawk Hawk (Chapter 3) [rwkhwk]
	MACHO GRUBBA (Chapter 3) [mchgrbb]
	????? (Chapter 4) [?????]
	DOOPLISS (Chapter 4) [dplss]
	CORTEZ (Chapter 5) [crtz]
	Lord Crump (Chapter 5-ish) [lrdcrmp2]
	SMORG (Chapter 6) [smrg]
	MAGNUS VON GRAPPLE 2.0 (Chapter 7)[mgnsvngrppl2]
	Dark Bones (Chapter 8) [drkbns]
	Gloomtail (Chapter 8) [glmtl]
	Shadow Sirens (Chapter 8) [shdwsrns2]
	Sir Grodus (Chapter 8) [srgrds]
	Bowser (Chapter 8) [bwsr2]
	Shadow Queen (Chapter 8) [shdwqn]
Optional Bosses [.6]
	Gus [gs]
	Clefts [clfts]
	Atomic Boo [atmcb]
	Embers [mbrs]
	X-Yuxes [xyxs]
	Bonetail [bntl]
FAQ [.7]
Special Thanks [.8]
Goodbye [.9]

This is my third GameFAQs guide. I noticed that GameFAQs had only one boss
guide, so I decided to write this. Welcome.
Are you struggling to get past a boss and need help? Need a strategy for
future reference? Or are you just plain bored? I hope this guide can fix all
your answers and needs, since that’s what it was created for.
We’ll be going over the bosses of the game, big and little. I’ll cover their
HP, attack, and defense first, then their attacks, then when you encounter
them, then some strategy on how to defeat them. Finally comes a little history
on what they are and where they’re from and all that. Cool?
After the bosses and mini-bosses you have to tear through, though, come the
bosses you can either choose to fight or have to fight if you do something
wrong (in the case of the Clefts, Embers, and X-Yuxes). Bonetail is included,
too, for those of you who gots ta know.
	Okay, all that aside, I hope you enjoy this guide.

-~Version .3 (7/11/08): Completed everything up to the “Gold Fuzzy” boss
fight. (Well, MINI-boss fight.)
-~Version .35 (7/12/08): Completed everything up to the first Shadow Sirens
fight. (My sister put on that Nancy Drew movie, and I want to watch.)
-~Version .48 (7/18/08): Completed everything up to the Macho Grubba fight,
where I put down a few measly words. In my current game file, I’m, like, 5
seconds away from the dude, so I’ll battle him then.
-~Version .65 (7/19/08): Completed the optional boss section and all bosses up
to Cortez. Also fixed a few teeny errors and added the “encountered” parts to
each boss to tell readers where and when bosses are encountered.
-~Version .75 (7/21/08): Completed all bosses up to Magnus von Grapple 2.0. I
also added the Embers optional boss fight. See, it’s really been awhile since I
last played Paper Mario. So when I finally decided to start a new game file
after many months of absence, I also decided to write this boss guide as I go
since, well, a lot of the information I learned in the game has fallen out of
my head…so I’ve got to replace it. If I had decided to write this much earlier,
I probably would have it done in a day or so. But I didn’t. Deal with it.
-~Version .78 (7/22/08): Added the X-Yuxes optional boss section and another
“general boss strategy.” …What? I didn’t fight any other bosses today!!
-~Version .95 (7/23/08): Completed everything but the Shadow Queen boss fight.
Yes, I know. One measly boss fight. Wait ‘till another day, ‘kay?
-~Version 1.0 (7/24/08): Completed the Shadow Queen boss fight, which means I
am done with this guide. Yayness!
-~Version 1.1 (7/28/08): Changed, like, five words and added that Supercheats
and Neoseeker have permission to host this guide and are hosting it.
-~Version 1.2 (8/29/08): Added some moves to Grodus and the Shadow Queen that
Jessy Boudreau e-mailed me about. (Added Jessy to the special thanks section as
well.) Also added another small guideline to the e-mail section that just
occurred to me.
-~Version 1.3 (10/30/08): Added a strategy to Macho Grubba that Kyle Joyce
sent in which is an awesome strategy I had never thought of before. Added Kyle
to the Special Thanks section as well. And, of course, I fixed a few typos here
and there.
-~Version 1.31 (5/5/09): I’m back after all this time! MysticGamer23 told me
of a move Rawk Hawk does which I had never seen before. Thanks, buddy. And I
added MysticGamer to the Special Thanks section.
-~Version 1.32 (12/27/09): You know, there have been a lot of updates to this
guide. Anyway, I’ve added a question and some minor corrections from other
-~Version 1.33 (3/17/12): After all these years, I am back to change the
e-mail address. So there.

If you see any errors in my guide, want to use this guide on your website, or
have a question relating to bosses, feel free to e-mail me! But, to make sure
you know what will and what will not be accepted, I will put the rules and
policies first. The e-mail comes after that.
	Here is what I would like you to e-mail me about:
-~Questions. If you just keep dying on a boss, dagnabbit, or wonder if there’s
a better strategy to be using or where to find useful items for bosses and how
much they cost--something like that--e-mail me. I will be happy to answer them.
-~Errors. Did I say something that was wrong, or did I spell something
incorrectly? E-mail me about it, and you will be placed in the special thanks
section for helping to make my guide better.
-~Suggestions for this guide. Think I should list another boss or mini-boss,
or include another section? Got a strategy you want listed? If your side of the
argument seems good, I may put something else up on this guide.
-~If you want to use my guide. If you would like to use this guide on your
website, e-mail me first for permission. If I see fit that it should be on your
website, you will be allowed to host it. But this is copyrighted! It is mine!
Those are e-mails that WILL be accepted. If, however, your e-mails contain the
kind of content mentioned below, they will be rejected.
-~Questions that have already been answered. Read the guide FIRST, then submit
questions. Like I always say, if the question was answered here but you still
didn’t understand it, say that you didn’t understand it in the e-mail.
-~Questions unrelated to this guide. Don’t ask me, “How do I get through this
room in the X-Naut Fortress?” That’s not my job here, is it? I’m here to answer
all your questions on BOSSES, but this is not a walkthrough.
-~Flaming. If you hate me, seethe where you are at home. I don’t need to know
about it.
-~E-mails with bad language. I make it a point to have all my guides
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submit an e-mail, be sure to try and use the best spelling and grammar that you
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Alright, FINALLY we are to the e-mail. Hopefully you have read all the rules;
I trust that you have. So, the e-mail is Got that? Also,
remember to have the e-mail’s subject titled “PM Boss Guide.”
To check out those people that have got this guide on their websites, see the
Special Thanks section. If it’s your website that has this guide, you can also
get a warm, fuzzy feeling by looking there.

These are general tips for any boss fight, and they should help you stay alive.
If you’re dying again and again on a boss, check here to see how you might live.
It’s pretty bad to be in a pickle and have nothing to defend yourself with.
Your star power is empty. Your health is low. Your partner has fainted. You
have 3 FP left. And, of course, no items. Items can attack multiple enemies at
once, put them to sleep, heal yourself, buff yourself up, and more. Most major
bosses are found at the end of “dungeons,” but let’s face it: If you’re dying
repeatedly on a boss, it’s worth going back through the place to go stock back
up again at your local item store. These dungeons are not exactly Legend of
Zelda length, and you’ve already unlocked all the doors and gotten whatever
items you might need to progress, so coming from the end back to the beginning
of a dungeon won’t take that long. As a small hint, after Zess T. has her
contact lens and the “legendary cookbook” from the trouble center ad, make her
mix a Jammin’ Jelly and Ultra Shroom to create a Jelly Ultra, which restores 50
HP and 50 FP. Veeery nifty.
One very special badge you can use is the Peekaboo Badge. What does this nifty
item do? It allows you to see the enemy’s health without Tattling on them, so
in boss fights you can save your partner’s turn by not Tattling on them. You
have to get this badge from Dazzle down beneath Rogueport, in the small
underground city area (where lots of civilized life is). It costs 7 Star Pieces
to buy it, and only requires 2 BP to equip. Try it!
The Peekaboo Badge itself is very nifty, but let’s not discount the oodles of
other badges out there. Buy them at stores, grab cheap ones from a few defeated
enemies, trade Star Pieces in for them…they have a lot of uses. Here are some
badges you should definitely consider. The HP Plus and FP Plus badges up your
HP and FP by 5, respectively. The Happy Heart and Happy Flower badges very
slowly restore your HP and FP, again respectively. Offensive badges like Power
Bounce and Power Smash can up your offensive power to give enemies a beating.
Lucky Start--gotten only after defeating the Atomic Boo mentioned in this
guide--starts you off in every battle being electrified, with slowly-restoring
health or FP, being “dodgy,” and other things. (Those “lucky starts” only last
for a few turns, though.)
If you’re a level 5 facing off against Macho Grubba, results can be disastrous.
For this reason, battle almost every enemy you see; if you’re low on
health/FP/whatever or are in too much of a rush to get somewhere, you can pass
them by, but it’s important to bash nearly every baddie you see so that you can
level up and increase your health--great for long-haul battles and powerful
enemies--FP--you can use more special moves, and thus more powerful and varied
attacks with increased FP--and BP--you can put on more badges with more BP,
which means more techniques to be used and more “life insurance,” if you know
what I mean.
If you get to the Rogueport Sewers by the pipe in east Rogueport, the first
room there has Merlee’s building in the background. To get to it, use your
second “curse” to slip through some bars and into a warp pipe otherwise
inaccessible. Paying Merlee money can help you in various ways during and
before future battles. For instance, she may appear during the enemy’s turn to
decrease the damage you take, during your turn to increase the damage you give,
after the battle to increase the coins you get, or after the battle to increase
the amount of star points you get--very effective, the last one. Check ‘er out.
Using your pathetic ordinary Hammer during the battle with Hooktail won’t get
you very far. Use FP-requiring moves, like Power Smash, to increase the damage
you give. Power Bounce can let you bounce on the same enemy forever and ever
until you miss an action command. That’d be nifty. Of course, you have to use
those moves RESPONSIBLY. No point in using Multibounce on one enemy. Use them
If you die from a boss and the last time you saved was an hour and a half ago,
it’s not good. You’ll find yourself WAAAAY back in the game, FAR from the boss,
and very frustrated at having to redo much of your work. Take the game’s
advice: Every time you see a Save Block, save!
By pressing B just as the enemy’s attack hits you, you can either avoid all
damage or turn the attack AGAINST them, depending on the attack. This is
similar to a guard action command, but a little harder to do due to the
more-precise timing needed. Mastering it can render you virtually invincible.
If you turn the attack against them, you not only avoid taking damage, but do 1
point of damage back to the enemy. Neat. Practice up!
See any yellow boxes with strange objects in them? Hit them, and they’ll give
you Shine Sprites. What are these things? If you played Super Mario Sunshine,
you’ll recognize ‘em instantly. (Come to think of it, is Isle Delfino dark
again because they left?) If you pay three of these to Merlon the wizard in
Rogueport (his house is the one right beside Prof. Frankly’s house to the
left), he’ll upgrade one of your un-upgraded partners. After you get Bobbery,
your Bob-Omb sailor partner, you can find an Up Arrow in Hooktail’s Castle,
where the room with the huge spike trap was. Using this Up Arrow, you can
upgrade an already-upgraded partner AGAIN. Sweet. Upgraded partners get another
move, more attack power, and more HP. Double sweet.
If you do a move the “stylish” way, you earn more star power. To be stylish,
press A at a certain time while performing a move. Nearly every move can be
stylish. So, you may notice that just performing an ordinary moves yields
precious little star power. But if you’re stylish, you may get up to eight
times more star power, or something. A lot. That’s all you need to know. To
start you off: When doing Mario’s ordinary jump, do the action command properly
to jump again. At the peak of that jump, press A to belly-flop down onto the
enemy. When Mario jumps back off, press A at the peak of THAT jump to perform
another stylish move. Using an ordinary hammer attack, press A right after you
bash the enemy with your hammer to do a back flip. Press A again right after
landing to pose. There’s a guide here dedicated to stylish moves, so check it
out for more information.

Actually, this section has both bosses AND mini-bosses. These are all the big
dudes you HAVE to go through in the game; for those optional bosses you can
fight whenever, check out the appropriate section. (Actually, Clefts aren’t
really optional, but they’re forced on you if you do something wrong.)

-+-+-+-+LORD CRUMP (PROLOGUE) [lrdcrmp1]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 5
 -~Attack: 1
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Body Slam. His body slam is just a simple run up and leap at the
enemy. Easy to guard action command and Superguard.
 -~Encountered: Rogueport harbor, about 5 seconds into the game.
-~Strategy: Oh, please. You’re going to have a WHOPPER of a hard time getting
CLOSE to dying on this dude. Right off the boat, and you’re already squaring
off against some punk. With an attack power of 1 and 5 HP, use your Hammer and
Jump on him; you have no special abilities or items yet. Not even a partner
(though you ARE saving Goombella from this guy). If you’re just starting the
game and aren’t familiar with jumping action commands yet, use the hammer,
since the action command to deal more damage there is considerably easier to do.
-~History: Lord Crump is the right-hand man of Sir Grodus, who this game’s
main villain, the head honcho, the big bad guy. Lord Crump overestimates his
own strength and usually gets himself into more than he can handle. The X-Nauts
he commands usually aren’t much better off than he is. He has a pretty stupid
laugh (Buh! Buh! Buh huh huh!), and his catchphrase is, “And with that…Pow! I’m
-+-+-+-+BLOOPER (PROLOGUE) [blpr]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 12
 -~Attack: 1
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Tentacle Whip, Ink Spray. When the Blooper is on the ceiling, it
attacks with its two tentacles only. If one tentacle is gone, only one attacks.
When it’s been knocked down, it attacks using an ink spray that hurts both you
and your partner.
-~Encountered: Rogueport Sewers, in the room with the ordinary pipe to Petal
-~Strategy: The Blooper hangs above the ceiling, so you can’t get it yet. To
knock it down, you have to defeat its two tentacles. Each tentacle has 3 HP.
The one in front is in the air, and the other is on the ground, so the first
needs jumps to get and the second, either. Both tentacles will attack if both
are present. After “defeating” both tentacles, the big body will fall down and
be stunned. The next turn, it will recover--which is its turn. It will attack
two more times, then go back up to the ceiling and have the tentacles return,
so defeat it quickly!
If you want to defeat both tentacles quickly and easily, you can use a Fire
Flower if you have one. You should; you probably got one on the way to the
Thousand-Year Door with Prof. Frankly.
On a side note, if you beat the tentacle in the air first in the first turn,
the Blooper will ask you if you think it tastes good. Your answer after that is
up to you.
-~History: Bloopers have been around for awhile. Normally sea creatures,
recently these guys have been seen floating around in the air…like this one.
They spray ink and attack with tentacles and are, overall, pretty ugly.
According to the Tattle Log, this Blooper probably comes from the “western sea”
based on its dialect.
-+-+-+-+TWO BALD CLEFTS (CHAPTER 1) [twbldclfts]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 2 each
 -~Attack: 2 each
 -~Defense: 2 each
-~Attacks: Ram. Ramming is just a slow charge headfirst into its enemy…you.
Attacks the person in front only.
 -~Encountered: Shhwonk Fortress, first building.
-~Strategy: Later in the game, two Bald Clefts at once is laughable. You fight
FOUR MOON Clefts at once! But that aside, there are only one of two things you
can do: Use a POW Block or Superguard carefully. (They’re impervious to fire,
so no Fire Flowers.) There was a POW Block hidden in a bush near the entrance
to this part of Shhwonk Fortress…did you find it? A POW Block will kill both in
one hit. Superguarding is a slow and careful process, but you can avoid damage
and deal 1 point of damage to your attacker. It’s pretty easy to Superguard
Bald Clefts, too.
-~History: Just another kind of Cleft, Bald Clefts fortunately have no spikes
on top--hence the name--so jumping can be used, but it’s not practical since
only Ultra Boots could deal any kind of damage at all, and you don’t have them
at this point. These two disguised themselves as statues in the first part of
Shhwonk Fortress until you check the pedestals they’re on.
-+-+-+-+TWO BRISTLES (CHAPTER 1) [twbrstls]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 2 each
 -~Attack: 1 each
 -~Defense: 4 each
-~Attacks: Spike Slam. The Bristle will approach slowly and stab you with the
arrow-like thing on its side.
 -~Encountered: Shhwonk Fortress, second building.
-~Strategy: Even worse than the Bald Clefts, Bristles can’t be jumped on
without the Spike Shield badge and can’t be hammered, period, lest the spikes
on their sides jut out and poke you. Now, your only hope is a POW Block.
According to Trent Castro, Superguarding does not work here. I think you can
avoid damage with it, but you just won’t return it. Just like the Bald Cleft
battle, there was another hidden POW Block near the entrance to this second
part of the Shhwonk Fortress. Also like Bald Clefts, these guys are impervious
to fire, so using Fire Flowers is useless.
-~History: As far as I know, Bristles are original to Paper Mario: The
Thousand-Year Door. They are masters of defense: They are flame-proof, and the
spikes on top of them and the big points in their sides prevent both jumps AND
ground attacks from reaching them. Using the Spike Shield badge or items are
important to winning.
-+-+-+-+GOLD FUZZY (CHAPTER 1) [gldfzzy]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 10 (20 for Fuzzy Horde)
 -~Attack: 1 (5 for Fuzzy Horde--5 Fuzzies attack with 1 	attack strength each)
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Body slam. The only thing this particular Fuzzy can do is ram into
you with its body. It doesn’t even suck health out of you; be thankful for that.
 -~Encountered: Beneath Shhwonk Fortress, in the main room.
-~Strategy: A pathetically easy mini-boss. It can’t even suck the energy out
of you. I don’t recommend using FP-requiring moves, it’s that easy. It’s very
easy to block with the guard action command and Superguard, so use it in
excess. After taking damage, the Gold Fuzzy will summon a Fuzzy Horde to aid
it. This Fuzzy Horde has 20 Fuzzies--thus, it has 20 HP. Don’t worry about the
Fuzzy Horde; when they attack before the Gold Fuzzy, only five of them attack,
and they do it one at a time. It’s really easy to block even with the
Superguard (although the Superguard really does nothing to them). Focus your
attacks on the Gold Fuzzy. The fight should be over in a grand total of three
or four turns, and chances are you took no damage.
-~History: Fuzzies are very annoying, extremely hyper parasites that attack by
leeching onto a victim and draining its health to add to its own. Fortunately,
Gold Fuzzies can’t attack by health-draining, but they have more HP than the
average Fuzzy. According to Goombella, they are very rare. Gold Fuzzies are
actually pretty creatures…if you can get past the crazy expression and hyper
-+-+-+-+RED BONES (CHAPTER 1) [rdbns]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 5
 -~Attack: 3
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Bone Throw. This attack can hit either you or your partner. It does
3 points of damage, which can be potentially dangerous at the beginning of the
 -~Encountered: Hooktail Castle, in a room with dungeon cells.
-~Strategy: The Red Bones is just a cranked up Dull Bones. There are some
things that make it unique, though, and it’s not just the red color. The first
is that, when all its buddies are gone, it can build another body from scratch.
This takes one turn. Also, if there are other enemies on the field and the Red
Bones has fallen, if the other enemies aren’t taken care of quickly enough, the
Red Bones comes back to life. In this particular battle, there are four Dull
Bones with it, the Red Bones being in the center. Use Koops’s Power Shell to
wipe out all Dull Bones and slightly damage the Red Bones. If you have one, you
might want to use a Fire Flower to not only eliminate all Dull Bones, but
seriously injure the Red Bones as well. Whatever you want to do. Remember,
though, that destroying all its buddies means that the Red Bones will probably
build some more. You can continuously defeat what it builds for star points,
which is a pretty good strategy. If it does build another army but you don’t
want to use up all the time to get star points, take out the Red Bones first,
then quickly destroy its spawn.
-~History: There are four kinds of Bones in this game: Dull Bones, Red Bones,
Dry Bones, and Dark Bones. The Red Bones is a mini-boss and is only found twice
in the game (the first time being a mini-boss fight, the second being a normal
fight to solve a puzzle in the Palace of Shadow). The second-strongest of the
Bones, Red Bones are still pretty weak. The typical Bones concept of getting up
and fighting again when knocked down starts with the Red Bones.
-+-+-+-+HOOKTAIL (CHAPTER 1) [hktl]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 30 (20 at first, recovers 10 later)
 -~Attack: 5
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Fire Breath, Hand Slam. The Fire Breath attack blasts both you and
your partner, so be careful. The Hand Slam can, I believe, be aimed at your
partner if Hooktail so chooses.
 -~Encountered: Hooktail Castle, big room on the top of the castle.
-~Strategy: It’s mentioned twice sometime before the fight, not counting if
you choose to Tattle on ol’ Hooky, that Hooktail fears things that start with
“cr” and end with “icket.” Meeting the thief Ms. Mowz gives you a bigger hint,
saying that there’s a badge in Hooktail Castle that sounds like a cricket. You
might recall seeing a badge with a musical note on it in a dungeon cell next to
the room with the black chest. That’s the Attack FX R badge. It requires 0 BP
to equip, and it makes your attacks sound cricket-like. To get into the cell
it’s in, use your newly-acquired second “curse” to slip between the bars. So,
if you find that badge, Hooktail’s attack and defense will drop drastically,
allowing you to have an easy fight. Use the Power Smash hammer attack on
Hooktail’s foot with Mario. You can use either Goombella or Koops; doesn’t
really matter which, although Koops has better defense. You can choose to
attack either Hooktail’s head or foot.
Once you knock Hooktail’s HP down to 0, it’ll try and trick you into sparing
its life by asking if you want a thousand coins, a rare badge, and, um,
sniffing the bottoms of its feet…if you say yes to any of them, Mario will run
up and hold his hands out expectantly. What he’ll get is a big bite from
Hooktail that does 5 damage. So obviously, say NO to all of Hooktail’s lame
offers. Whether you say yes or no, Hooktail will pretend to go away, then
charge back in and eat half the audience to recover 10 HP. You no longer
recover star power, so you and your partner hop down and continue to bash away
at the remaining 10 HP just like you did before.
-~History: Right before the battle with Gloomtail, it is mentioned that
Hooktail is actually female. Hooktail is the youngest of three dragon siblings:
Hooktail, then Gloomtail, and finally Bonetail (who happens to be so old, he’s
made of bones). Hooktail got bad food poisoning from eating a cricket long ago,
which is the reason she gets so sick from hearing cricket chirps.
-+-+-+-+SHADOW SIRENS (CHAPTER 2) [shdwsrns1]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 10 (Vivian), 12 (Marilyn), 9 (Beldam)
 -~Attack: 1 (Vivian), 2 (Marilyn), 1 (Beldam)
 -~Defense: 0 each
- Vivian: Shade Fist, Fiery Jinx. (Real names of her 			moves, by the way.)
Shade Fist can hit anybody, 		anywhere. It only does 1 damage. Later into the
fight, Vivian will use her Fiery Jinx, which does 		1 damage to both you and
your partner.
- Marilyn: Hand Smash, Lightning. Marilyn can attack 			either you or your
partner with the Hand Smash. 		The Lightning attack hits both you and your
- Beldam: Hand Slap, Blizzard, Partner Power-Up, Enemy 		Shrinkage. The Hand
Slap is a simple move which 		does 1 damage and can hit anyone. The Blizzard
moves nails both you and your partner. Beldam can 		super-size her partners to
increase their attack 		power and shrink you to decrease yours. Be 			careful.
-~Encountered: Boggly Woods, not far from the ordinary pipe leading to the
Rogueport Sewers.
-~Strategy: The first time you tangle with the Shadow Sirens. They’re pretty
easy, so fear not. Marilyn is the most powerful here, so you might want to take
her out first. Then again, if you take the weaker ones out first, you have less
enemies attacking you. Try taking care of Beldam first, the old hag in the
back; that way, no more ginormous Marilyn or shrunken Mario. Vivian’s not much
of a problem, so work on Marilyn next. Just beware of her powerful hand smashes
and lightning strikes, ‘cause they hurt. Sure, maybe not as much as riding on a
bicycle without a seat, but they hurt. (Not my line, that was taking from the
movie The Naked Gun 2½. Funny movie. Go see it.) Vivian is the
second-weakest…and, come to think of it, the second-strongest. Whatever.
Probably the smallest threat, so you should be able to take her out with ease.
You should have the Special move Earth Tremor, so if you’ve got the star power
for it, you can give them all a thrashing with it. Or, use Koops’s Power Shell
to swipe ‘em all at once with a weaker move. Come to think of it, using both a
fully-powered Earth Tremor and a fully-powered Power Shell could render them
all helpless in just a couple of turns.
-~History: The three Shadow Sirens (or “Shadow Beauties,” as Vivian mistakenly
calls themselves) are three magic-using weirdoes under the service of Sir
Grodus. Beldam is the eldest and is a total whiny nag that blames all of her
mistakes on poor Vivian, who has an inferiority complex. Speaking of Vivian,
she joins your party during chapter 4 of the game, so be nice to her!! Marilyn
is a near-silent, rotund siren with the ugliest haircut in the world. She also
happens to be the strongest, so watch out.
-+-+-+-+MAGNUS VON GRAPPLE (CHAPTER 2) [mgnsvngrppl1]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 30
 -~Attack: 2
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Stomp, Earthquake, Rocket Fist Launch. When the big robot decides
to stomp on you, it’ll walk on over, raise its foot, and try to throw your
timing off by changing his aim from you to your partner repeatedly. He’ll
eventually stomp and hurt ONE of you. Using his earthquake move, he’ll stomp on
the ground repeatedly and damage both you and your partner. Finally, he can
launch his “hands” out and have them float in the air to act as separate
enemies. These fists have 2 HP each, so they’re very easy to destroy. They’ll
launch at you and batter you for 2 damage per hit, so take them out quick.
Doesn’t matter with what, like if you use an entire turn to take them both out,
an item like Fire Flower or Thunder Rage, or Earth Tremor.
 -~Encountered: Great Boggly Tree, very first room.
-~Strategy: Magnus is a pretty easy boss. I do, however, remember a friend of
mine facing off against the boss for the first time. He was inexperienced then,
so he’d run from every single run-able fight; thus, he lost all his money. He
was ridiculously low on health, so he couldn’t use any money on the heal block
before the battle. So he died repeatedly on a pathetically easy boss. As I’m
sure both of us could tell you, never make the mistake of losing so much money
and getting too darn beat up that the simplest boss fight can be a hassle. So
anyway, with only 30 HP, Magnus isn’t much of a threat. Use your Spin
Jump--Power Jump if you have it the badge equipped--to work away at the robot’s
health. If you have the Power Bounce badge equipped, use it!! You can eat away
at the boss’s health like there’s no tomorrow by bouncing on him repeatedly. If
you’ve upgraded Goombella once, she’ll have the Multibonk move, which is an
exact replica of the Power Bounce move. If he launches his rocket fists,
they’ll act as separate enemies, so take ‘em out. Quick. Otherwise, you’ll get
beaten and pummeled silly by some remote, hovering arms. Use a multiple-target
move for best results, like Fire Flower, Thunder Rage, Earthquake, and your
Special move Earth Tremor. Like any boss, if you find yourself low on health
and/or FP, use Sweet Treat or an item to recover your lost resources. Magnus
should be defeated in a few easy turns.
-~History: The X-Nauts have highly-advanced technology, so what did they
develop? A giant, killer, high-tech present box! (That’s what it looks like,
anyway.) This big robot isn’t very well-equipped for battle…plus it’s hot
pink…but they hype it all up with up-to-speed weaponry and gadgets during your
next fight with it on the moon. AND it’s a sleek black color. Prepare yourself
until then.
-+-+-+-+IRON CLEFTS (CHAPTER 3) [irnclfts]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 6 each
 -~Attack: 4 each
 -~Defense: Well, they’re invincible
-~Attacks: Charge. A very simple charge from their spiked bods. It penetrates
 -~Encountered: Glitzville, ranked #10 in the Glitz Pit.
-~Strategy: Defeat these morons, and you’re on a trip to the major league of
the Glitz Pit! …But the first time you meet them, they’re impossible to beat.
Run away or DIE. Either one. (Save yourself some time and energy and run away.)
After the battle, you’ll get your fourth partner, a Yoshi that you can name
yourself! (I name mine things like Thrasher and Thorn, because I like, uh, hot,
flashy names…) Redo the battle. This time, use your Yoshi’s Gulp move to spit
one “Iron Adonis Twin” into the other to cause damage. Do this one more time to
kee-yill them. Very simple. (By the way, how does Yoshi fit a massive, heavy,
SPIKE-FILLED enemy inside his teeny widdle mouth? Another Mario mystery.)
Oh yeah, you also face these sore losers again after defeating the Shell
Shockers (the Shady Koopas), but same strategy. They’re still sore losers.
-+-+-+-+BOWSER (CHAPTER 3) [bwsr1]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 30
 -~Attack: 3
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Fire Breath, Ground Slam, Bite. The Fire Breath attack damages both
you and your partner. The Ground Slam attack involves Bowser leaping up and
sitting on you. If you fail to use the Superguard or guard action command,
you’ll lose an ability on your battle menu, like using items, your hammer,
whatever. His bite can sometimes poison you, so watch out.
-~Encountered: Glitzville, in the Glitz Pit right after one of the final
-~Strategy: What??? The Koopa King????? Here in Glitzville??????? …???
…Whatever. He’s pretty easy, actually. Somewhere at the bottom of the major
league battles, Bowser appears right after you tear apart someone else (usually
it’s the Magikoopa Masters, but recently for me it was Craw-Daddy). So, no
saving, no healing. Oddly enough, if you lose, you lose the Glitz Pit battle
and must do it over again, even though you won…AND fight Bowser again, who
nobody seems to have stopped…so anyway, use lots of powerful moves, like Power
Smash and Power Jump and whatnot. Don’t forget Power Bounce and Multibonk!
They’re always useful! The side-effects of Bowser’s moves can be annoying. If
you took a bit of damage in the battle you just fought, heal using Sweet Treat,
then beat the crap out of the big reptile.
-~History: Appearing in almost every single canonical Mario game, Bowser is
Mario’s sworn enemy and the one who kidnaps Peach. It’s been hinted at several
times in several games that he’s actually in love with the princess. In this
game, he learns of the Crystal Stars and decides that they sound like “good
world-conquering tools” and sets out to collect them, just like you and, uh,
the X-Nauts are. Unfortunately for him, he’s always a few steps behind you.
-+-+-+-+RAWK HAWK (CHAPTER 3) [rwkhwk]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 40
 -~Attack: 3
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Air Dive, Double Slam, Item Shake, Air Stomp. Rawk Hawk’s air dive
attack is a simple flying maneuver that launches the big birdy right into your
face and does 6 damage; naturally, he does this later into the fight. Double
Slam is a move that bonks both you and your partner, one after the either. The
“Item Shake” is where Rawk Hawk cheats (what else is new? He tried to make you
forfeit the match) and grabs onto a ledge up high where you can’t reach him and
shakes off several objects to bonk both you and your partner. Getting the guy
off can be tricky; use items or a fully-powered Earth Tremor to shake him off.
You can also use Flurrie’s Body Slam to pummel ‘im. MysticGamer23 has also seen
Rawk Hawk perform an “Air Stomp” where he goes forward while hanging from the
ceiling and drops on one of your characters. Thanks, MysticGamer. That was
probably something I never would have noticed myself.
 -~Encountered: Glitzville, champion of the Glitz Pit.
-~Strategy: Win this fight, and you become the champion of the Glitz Pit!
Unfortunately, ole Rawky’s not gonna fight fair. Not only did he lock you in a
room in a lame attempt to make you forfeit the match, but he has an attack
which is clearly illegal in the world of battling. (And it wouldn’t surprise me
if he was taking steroids.) Anyway, Rawk Hawk is a powered-up Bowser, only with
none of those nasty side-effects from the attacks. As always, use a nice,
powerful FP-requiring move to give him big bashes. You should be able to block
most of his attacks, save for that annoying, cheating move he uses where he
drops stuff on you…use a powerful Earth Tremor, any-target-hitting item like
Shooting Star or Thunder Storm, that sort of thing to knock him off. You can
also use Flurrie’s Body Slam to knock him off. All you have to do is hurt him
to make him let go. You don’t want him dropping pots and pans on your head for
too long.
-~History: The current champion of the fighting arena called the Glitz Pit,
the Rawk Hawk’s a little full of himself and lives for his fans (remind you of
Barry Bonds?). He also fights dirty, but that apparently stops after you defeat
him. The champion right before him was Prince Mush, who was one of the fighters
that knew too much information about Mr. Grubba’s secret evil plans, so he had
to pay the price…
-+-+-+-+MACHO GRUBBA (CHAPTER 3) [mchgrbb]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 60
 -~Attack: 4
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Back Flip Slam, Charge, Body Slam, Double-Turn Ability, Attack
Raise, Defense Raise. Wow! Back Flip Slam has Grubba back-flipping to sit on
you or your partner. Charge is a dash across the stage that hurts you and your
pal. Body Slam is where Grubba dashes in, then leaps on you and hurts you. Used
at the very beginning of the match and every time the move ends, the
Double-Turn Ability allows Grubba to attack twice in one turn for awhile; he
uses the extra turn to use either Attack Raise or Defense Raise to buff himself
up. (If you see any attacks I’ve missed, feel free to share them via e-mail.)
-~Encountered: Glitzville, in the arena of the Glitz Pit shortly after
defeating Rawk Hawk.
-~Strategy: At the very start of the battle, Macho Grubba will use the move
that lets him attack twice in one turn; this counts as his turn, so proceed to
beat him black and green. Despite the fact that he can augment his attack and
defense at will, attack twice in one turn, and has 60 HP, Grubba’s actually an
easier boss than you’d think. I used Goombella for this battle; chances are you
haven’t upgraded your Yoshi partner, so its HP’s only at 10, which isn’t nearly
enough to take on the gargantuan Macho Grubba. Use Goombella’s Multibonk like
crazy, considering you’ve upgraded her. Use Power Smash like crazy. Don’t stop.
If you find yourself running out of FP, use Sweet Treat to restock. If you
continue to use Power Smash (Power Bounce, a jump command, is even better, of
course, but you’re fine with Power Smash) and Goombella’s Multibonk (hopefully
you’ve upgraded her), the big, orange dude with a bad haircut should be
finished in no time. Use the Superguard whenever possible; with close-range,
melee attacks like his which involve his entire body, it can be easier than
you’d think.
A strategy recently was sent in to me by Kyle Joyce on how to defeat
“What helped me first of all I upgraded Yoshers so he would have more
help. I got the egg thing for him. I got the Soft Stomp Badge. So I would Soft
Stomp him so his defense would go down then I would shrink him with the Yoshi
eggs which decrease his attack.”
The strategy Kyle Joyce suggests is quite simple: Equip the Soft Stomp
Badge to pound on Grubba and lower his defense so that it doesn’t get in the
way. You’ll also have to have upgraded your Yoshi partner so that it has the
Mini-Egg move. Use this move and shrink Grubba so that his attack is pathetic.
And from there, you beat the crud out of Macho Grubba without much worrying.
-~History: Mr. Grubba was the boss of the Glitz Pit--both boss, as in leader,
and boss, as in big bad enemy. Mr. Grubba is a kind of Clubba, big-lipped
creatures with brains about the size of peanuts. Mr. Grubba himself is not only
significantly stronger and braver than most Clubbas, he’s got a hardcore
southern accent…weird. Ms. Jolene, the manager, takes over running the ‘Pit
after Grubba gets his butt kicked.
-+-+-+-+????? (CHAPTER 4) [?????]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 40
 -~Attack: 4
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Head Ram, Hammer, Jump. Head Ramming is his only method of attack
(as far as I know, he never lives long enough to show me much more) and is a
simple ghostly float up, then a strike conking both your heads; sometimes, he
goes for your partner. Only after transforming into Mario does he use the
simple Hammer and Jump attacks that you can use. As far as I know, those are
the only attacks of yours he uses.
 -~Encountered: Creepy Steeple, on the roof.
-~Strategy: If you fought the Atomic Boo before fighting this guy, it should
tell you how this fight goes. They both have the same HP, attack, and defense,
but the Atomic Boo is actually HARDER. And it’s a mini-boss! …So, if the Atomic
Boo was a piece of cake, Mr. Loser here will be even easier. He has only
simple, weak attacks and 20 health points less than Macho Grubba, who was the
big boss before him! Use the same maneuvers here: Power
Smash/Jump/Bounce/whatever, and either Goombella’s famed Multibonk or your
Yoshi’s simple Ground Pound; hopefully, you’ve upgraded him by this point so it
does 5 consecutive hits instead of 4 and it has 20 HP instead of 10. Keep up
the pattern of whaling on him; you probably won’t need to use any Special moves
or items at all. After he’s down to, eh, about 20 HP, he’ll transform into
Mario…only weaker, and not with a partner or any useful moves. He’s still
simple. Polish him off.
-~History: The enemy you’re fighting is a Duplighost. Duplighosts have the
ability to copy someone’s image and gain their abilities and attacks. This dude
does the same. Unlike ordinary Duplighosts, he’s got a party hat and some
glowing eyes to top off his appearance. I’m not gonna say much more; if you
want some spoilers, go see the boss right after this.
-+-+-+-+DOOPLISS (CHAPTER 4) [dplss]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 40
 -~Attack: 4
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Hammer, Jump. Same attacks as before. The Hammer and Jump attacks
are exact replicas of your own.
 -~Encountered: Creepy Steeple, on the roof again.
-~Strategy: Well, ol’ Doopy-doo-wop got himself some partners…your own. They
believe that DOOPLISS is the real Mario, and you’re the doppelganger, since you
are, uh, purple. Don’t bother attacking “his” partner; he’ll run through the
other partners in the order you got them, and each is consecutively harder than
the last, usually. Concentrate all your effort on Doopliss. This fight is no
different from the last, only you’re taking a little extra damage from “his”
partners. Use the attacks you did before and try to ignore your own friends
pummeling you. Use guard action commands and even Superguards to defend against
your former allies; the Superguard won’t be nearly enough to defeat them
anytime soon. If you need health, use an item or Sweet Treat, like always.
-~History: Doopliss has, apparently, never had anyone say his own name to him
before you did, so he could use unstoppable magic. As you might have seen
whenever he ambushes you in front of a shack near Twilight Town, you can’t hurt
him at all, and he can’t hurt you. Not to mention he stole your own body. This
time, he’s got your own partners--Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, and your
Yoshi--tricked into believing HE’S the real Mario, although there were signs of
him being fake: He’s an absolute chatterbox now, and he’s gotten pretty full of
himself, referring to himself as “Super Mario” instead of “me.”
-+-+-+-+CORTEZ (CHAPTER 5) [crtz]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 60 (20 per form, 3 forms)
 -~Attack: 4
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Stab, Bone Scatter, Bite, Sword Attack, Saber Attack, Hook Attack,
Rapier Attack. During his first form, Cortez can only use Stab (as far as I
know). This is a simple thrust of all the weapons he carries. He also uses this
in his second form. Bone Scatter is only used in the second form. He charges
his attack up for one turn, then throws the bones the other. Dunno exactly how
much this hurts since I avoided damage, but I think it might be 8 or 9. Bite is
only used during the third form and is a simple move where Cortez floats his
skeletal head over and bites you. The last four attacks are all only in the
third form as well, and the said attacks belong to different weapons Cortez
carries that have their own health. Bring their health down to make them
 -~Encountered: Pirate’s Grotto, final room.
-~Strategy: Cortez has 20 HP per form and three forms. Defeat one form to move
onto the next. During the first form, Cortez will be a hulking skeleton with
four arms carrying weapons, with a long spinal cord attached to a bone pile.
This bone pile is what you’ll be attacking, so use your standard Power Smash
and whatnot. (The bone pile looks rather sharp. I haven’t tested it, but it
might be that you can’t jump on it. Dunno.) Cortez’s only attack does 4 damage.
After bashing his bone pile down to 0 HP, the curtains of the stage swish in,
then out, to reveal a different form. Cortez’s spine seems a bit longer now,
and his ribcage has a weird green light in it. Continue to attack, but beware
of his super move. If he suddenly charges up attack power, use Vivian’s Veil to
avoid damage or tough it out! Take this form out quickly to reveal only
Cortez’s floating head and his four weapons hovering in the air. Each of these
weapons: Cortez’s Sword, Cortez’s Saber, Cortez’s Hook, and Cortez’s Rapier. (A
teeny thought occurs to me about the first two names that I might be wrong; I
think I’m right, but if I got a name wrong, e-mail me.) These all have 4 HP
each; take them down to put them out of action for a few turns. Use Vivian’s
Fiery Jinx (if you’ve upgraded her) to destroy all of them, not to mention hurt
Cortez. Speaking of whom, after the big guy takes a lot of damage, he’ll eat
half your audience to replenish all his health. (Remind you of Hooktail and,
later, the Shadow Queen?) Grrr! Continue to bash him with some of your best
moves until he finally “dies.” (Although, after the battle, as he will explain,
he’s ALREADY dead, so you CAN’T kill him…but after a little negotiating, he
calms down and unhesitatingly hands over your Crystal Star. You gain the
ability “Sweet Feast,” which is a bigger, more effective version of Sweet
Treat, where you have fewer Poison Mushrooms, and some images are bigger, so
they replenish more. Truly, it is “sweet.”
-~History: Legend has it of an ancient pirate that died, but his spirit was
tied to his treasure. Staying on Earth to guard his treasure, the hulking,
skeletal beast DOES admit that it gets boring after awhile. He tries to scare
you into turning back a few times while in the Pirate’s Grotto, but obviously
you didn’t listen. (Players of the first Paper Mario may recognize a throwback
to the Dry Dry Ruins.)
-+-+-+-+LORD CRUMP (CHAPTER 5-ISH) [lrdcrmp2]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 60 (30 now, recovers 30 later)
 -~Attack: 3
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Body Slam. Lord Crump has retained his only body slam move. Of
course, he’s got a bunch of X-Naut helpers to attack you this time.
-~Encountered: About five minutes after defeating Cortez, in the bit of land
left of the camp firing cannonballs at your pathetic little island.
-~Strategy: Surely you have healed up. Lord Crump isn’t particularly tough,
but if you didn’t heal after defeating Cortez, it CAN be. There’s a heal block
on Cortez’s ship, so heal, dang it!! Anyway, this time, Lord Crump’s got about
a bajillion X-Naut soldiers to help him out. The first group’s formed in a
pyramid and have 6 HP. They’ll attack on their own, so use multiple-target
moves like Vivian’s Fiery Jinx and maybe even Bobbery’s Bob-ombast (or however
you spell it) to inflict damage; remember that although Bobbery’s final move is
powerful and attacks all foes, it requires a whopping 9 FP, so don’t go crazy
with it. Also keep in mind that Vivian’s requires 6 FP. Attacking one foe at a
time still works, of course, but I do suggest using multiple-target
moves…anyway, have Mario use powerful jumping moves like Power Jump or Power
Bounce to bash Crump black and green while your partner hopefully targets all
foes. When you beat Crump up a bit, he’ll call his small pyramid of foot
soldiers in front of him back and instead send several dozen X-Nauts in hanging
from a ledge above. They still have 6 HP. Vivian’s Shade Punch, Fiery Jinx,
Flurrie’s Body Slam, Bobbery’s Bob-ombast, a fully-powered Earth Tremor…use
whatever to reach them, or ignore them. They’ll drop harmful objects on the
both of you, so watch out. After reducing the villain’s HP down to 0, he’ll go
and heal it all again! Now, he’s got a huge army of X-Nauts that will roll into
a ball at his command to roll on both you and your partner; this only counts as
the X-Nauts’ attack, so Crump is still free to attack. The army there has 10 HP
instead of the old groups’ 6, so they’re harder to take out. Use the same
strategies as before to win.
-~History: I’ve already told you about Lord Crump. He disguised as a pirate
going along the voyage with you in order to spy on you and maybe steal a
Crystal Star or two. Of course, he fails. Like he does everything. He was known
as “Four-Eyes” before he revealed himself to be Grodus’s main man. Oddly
enough, Crump breaks the fourth wall (if you don’t know what the fourth wall
is, go look it up on Wikipedia) by telling the camera that, yeah, you know who
he is as it’s kind of obvious, but Mario doesn’t, so don’t tell him.
-+-+-+-+SMORG (CHAPTER 6) [smrg]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 50
 -~Attack: 5
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Arm Slap, Pincer Crush. The Arm Slap is used by all active arms
(maximum of three) to attack you or your partner. The Pincer Crush is only used
if Smorg chooses to use its large pincer instead of the smaller arms. The
attack hurts both of you and does a WHOPPER amount of damage, so be careful.
-~Encountered: Excess Express, on top of the train on day three of the train
-~Strategy: Smorg, despite only having 50 HP, can be tougher than it looks.
First thing you want to do is whale on the three big arms Smorg is waving
about. You can’t attack its body yet without taking care of the bombs; your
attacks won’t do anything. These all attack you separately, so use Vivian’s
Fiery Jinx, Bobbery’s Bob-ombast, or the Special move Earth Tremor to take care
of them all at once, because they can do a total of 15 damage if all of them
are out. When they’re all gone, the pink, Smorg body will be defenseless, so
take this opportunity to beat it up; use your new Spring Jump move successfully
to do 12 damage to it. The move is hard to time for an action command due to
Mario’s disappearing off the screen briefly, then falling quickly down onto
Smorg. As a hint, watch the little shadow on the ground to see when Mario will
arrive over Smorg. Use whatever strong attack your partner’s got as well. After
a bit, Smorg will either call out the arms again or send out one BIG arm with a
pincer. This humongous arm has more HP and can not only do insane amounts of
damage, but attack both you and your partner. Taking that thing out as quickly
as possible is definitely at the top of your list. I believe it had 12 HP,
can’t be sure, even though I faced the stupid thing just a few hours ago…well,
whatever. Spring Jumps will be even harder to time, but if it’s your cup of
tea, use it. Continue the pattern of destroying all appendages, then attacking
the body to win. And remember…you have the Special move Sweet Feast. It
requires a whole lot of star power, but it can greatly heal you in a time of
need. And if you need to, use items like Thunder Rage or Shooting Star to
attack all arms at once. I doubt Earthquake would work, since the only ground
enemy is the Smorg body, which, like I mentioned, is invincible until you take
care of the appendages.
-~History: Nothing is known of the Smorgs except for these facts: #1: They
come in colors of black and pink; #2: There are about ten zillion of them, and
#3: They hate little red-capped plumbers. You first met some of the little
Smorgs at the Riverside Station, where they swarmed around a switch. If
hundreds of the little flower-like Smorgs join together, they can create this
huge monster simply known as, uh, Smorg. In fact, the only thing in their
dialogue is “smorg.”
-+-+-+-+MAGNUS VON GRAPPLE 2.0 (CHAPTER 7) [mgnsvngrppl]+-+-+
 -~HP: 70
 -~Attack: 6
 -~Defense: 2
-~Attacks: Drill Attack, X Boomerang, Rocket Fist Launch, Machine Gun. The
Drill Attack is a flying move where Magnus dives onto you, sharp arms
outstretched in front of it. It disappears off the screen before it attacks.
This hurts both you and your partner. The X Boomerang, again, attacks both you
and your partner and is a giant, flying disk that whirs straight into you. The
Rocket Fist Launch is the same as before, only the fists now have 4 HP. The
Machine Gun attack is the deadliest; it sucks up members of your audience and
launches them at you with staggering speed. A member of the audience can do up
to 3 damage. Don’t even bother with the Superguard here.
 -~Encountered: X-Naut Fortress, room all the way to the right on Sublevel 3.
-~Strategy: Yes, it’s your hated birthday present-like robotic enemy, Magnus
von Grapple. Only now, it’s been super-updated. It flies, dives, has more HP
and attack, and has a live-ammo machine gun. Use your standard strong attacks,
like Power Smash, as usual. However, I URGE you to use Power Lift; this helps
with his Machine Gun move, since the most damage a “bullet” can do to you is 3,
so powering up your defense to 3 or higher can make sure this deadly move does
no damage to you at all. If you’re taking large amounts of damage, use your
Sweet Feast move to recover lots of HP and FP. Should he ever launch his rocket
fists, use Vivian’s Fiery Jinx, Bobbery’s Bob-ombast (though I don’t recommend
it, too much FP), a multiple-target item like Thunder Rage or Shooting Star
(not Earthquake because it only hits ground enemies, and not Fire Flower
because it doesn’t do enough damage), or just plain Earth Tremor. If Magnus
uses his Machine Gun move, which involves sucking up some of the audience and
launching them at you, and your defense is not 3 or higher, forget the
Superguard; just jam A repeatedly! It is, by far, his deadliest move, so that
is why I urge you to use Power Lift to increase your defense. It works.
-~History: Remember the bright pink robot you faced in the Great Boggly Tree?
The more-recent version, Magnus von Grapple 2.0 (or just Magnus 2.0), has been
improved far ahead of its predecessor. It flies, it sucks up live ammunition
for use in the Machine Gun, it has sharp hands…and it’s sleek and black (which,
I think, is the BIGGEST improvement). It’s been kept at the X-Naut Fortress.
Lord Crump again is the one who pilots this machine.
-+-+-+-+DARK BONES (CHAPTER 8) [drkbns]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 20
 -~Attack: 5
 -~Defense: 2
-~Attacks: Bone Throw, Triple Bone Toss. The Bone Throw attack is the same as
before, only, eh, stronger. The Triple Bone Toss is like a Dry Bone’s, where it
throws three bones to attack you or your partner. These bones do 3 damage, but
are easily blocked with the Superguard like its other attack.
 -~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, before the courtyard-like area.
-~Strategy: Remember the Red Bones from Hooktail Castle? Well, this battle is
similar. A stronger-than-average Bones only encountered once (save for a time
in the tower in the courtyard where every kind of Bones is fought) guarding a
door. This guy’s got some Dry Bones with him, too. What do I suggest? Use Art
Attack to draw a circle around them. When the Dry Bones are down, circle around
the Dark Bones only. When Art Attack’s over, launch every jumping move you’ve
got at it; try the Spring Jump. Also remember that the Dry Bones aren’t down
forever; if you don’t finish off the Dark Bones quickly enough, they rise
again. Vice versa, too. If you want, use fire or explosion-based moves to clear
out the fallen Dry Bones. The downside to this, of course, is that the Dark
Bones can build a Dry Bones from scratch with a spot open.
-+-+-+-+GLOOMTAIL (CHAPTER 8) [glmtl]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 80
 -~Attack: 8
 -~Defense: 2
-~Attacks: Bite, Poison Breath, Hand Slam, Megabreath, Earthquake. The Bite is
the quickest and hardest to block of the moves. It’s a very sudden, quick lunge
forward to bite Mario. The Poison Breath attacks might poison you and it
attacks both you and your partner. Hand Slam isn’t much different from
Hooktail’s old move. Gloomtail walks forward and bashes you into the ground
with the palm of his hand. Megabreath is an attack that must be charged up to
do and is the strongest attack; I’m not sure how much damage it does, but you
can be sure you’ll exclaim “holy cow!!” Finally, the Earthquake is a slam into
the ground that rumbles the floor and hits whoever’s in front, doing 10 damage
to them. Gloomtail might only do this once, but I don’t know.
-~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, room all the way on the right from the
courtyard-like area.
-~Strategy: In a crane game at the X-Naut Fortress, there were two badges:
Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P. These require 4 BP to equip, but they prevent
you from getting poisoned. If you got these, equip them before the fight!! It’s
only too easy for Gloomtail to poison you. You should put one on for your
partner, too, if you have the BP to do it. (You might want to take off some
badges for this fight just to have some spare BP.) Gloomtail doesn’t have any
weakness to crickets, so this fight will be straightforward. Use powerful moves
like your Spring Jump and Power Smash and whatnot--Spring Jump is even more
powerful than Power Jump. If Gloomtail charges up immense power, USE VIVIAN’S
VEIL. This will prevent either of you from getting hit. If Vivian’s out cold or
you don’t have any FP left (it only requires 1 FP to use the move) or
something, at least use a Boo Sheet to make attacks go through you. Do
SOMETHING to avoid this attack, ‘cause you don’t want to get beaned by it.
Beware of his Bite move, since it’s very sudden and prepares very little time
to block.
-~History: Gloomtail is Hooktail’s older brother and the middle child of the
three dragons of the game. He was kept in the Palace of Shadow and, apparently,
hasn’t had any true, fresh meat in over a thousand years. Maybe he survived on
Dark Wizzerds and Swoopula. I can’t imagine it’d be very tasty. He’s a dark
black color with a purple belly. Very impressive-looking. And, like most
creatures, his bright colors do, in fact, show that he is poisonous.
-+-+-+-+SHADOW SIRENS (CHAPTER 8) [shdwsrns2]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 40 (Doopliss), 40 (Marilyn), 30 (Beldam)
 -~Attack: 6 (Doopliss), 7 (Marilyn), 6 (Beldam)
 -~Defense: 0 each
- Doopliss: Head Ram, Jump, Hammer. Same attacks he’s 		always had, only they
do more damage.
- Marilyn: Hand Smash, Lightning, Power-Up. Also the 			same attacks she’s had
before, only she can now 		power herself up for a big attack the next turn.
And, of course, she’s more powerful.
- Beldam: Hand Slap, Blizzard, Partner Power-Up, Enemy 		Shrinkage. For the
umpteenth time, same attacks 		as before, only more powerful.
-~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, courtyard-like area, after inserting all the
Palace Keys into the pedestals in the tower after making them appear by getting
the key from Gloomtail.
-~Strategy: Well, Vivian’s with you, so who filled her place? The
freak-in-a-sheet, Doopliss, of course! Use your Spring Jump to inflict up to 12
damage on one. You can use multiple-target moves like Vivian’s Fiery Jinx or
Bobbery’s Bob-ombast to inflict major hurt. You can even use Earth Tremor, Art
Attack, or Supernova, if you get that desperate. You can take out Beldam easily
within a few turns. So, I suggest tearing Beldam apart first, then working on
Marilyn, then finally freak-sheet. If Marilyn charges up attack power, hide
using Vivian’s Veil. (Or, again, you can use a Boo Sheet or something. Just
avoid the attack!)
-~History: The Shadow Sirens lost Vivian, so who do they replace her with?
Doopliss, of course, who ran by more than upset after you defeated him at
Creepy Steeple. They’re a lot stronger now, of course, and possess the same
abilities as before. Doopliss can still transform into one of you to attack.
-+-+-+-+SIR GRODUS (CHAPTER 8) [srgrds]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 50
 -~Attack: 7
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Lightning, Laser, Fire Drive. Lightning is like Marilyn’s attack; a
simple blast of lightning to cause damage. The Laser move is similar to a
Wizzerd’s. The Fire Drive, apparently, is like Mario‘s Fire Drive, only blue.
…Okay, I’m POSITIVE I’m missing some attacks here, so if anyone can tell me
some of the moves I’ve missed, good. E-mail me. Jessy Boudreau has told me of
the Fire Drive move. Thank you, Jessy. I still think I may be missing some
moves, though.
 -~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, semifinal room (throne room).
-~Strategy: If you read the stats above, you might be wondering, “What!? This
is Grodus, and he sucks!?” Well…he’s only relatively easy because there’s an
even HARDER boss fight coming up right after this with no saving or healing in
between. So, as Ike would say, “Prepare yourself.” (…I wonder how many readers
know what I’m talking about? Probably many, knowing how many people have Super
Smash Brothers Brawl.) One strategy you might take before this battle is to get
yourself close to leveling up, then beat Grodus and level up, thus restoring
all your stats to peak condition for the next battle. If you don’t, then finish
Grodus as quickly as possible so that you don’t take too much damage. Alright,
to the battle, men! To the battle! At the start of the battle, Grodus will make
four Grodus X appear around him, creating an impenetrable shield around him. In
case you hadn’t guessed, Grodus X are the equivalent of Mini-Yux, only Grodus
creates two of them at a time, they have 4 HP, and they attack on their own. To
get rid of them, use Vivian’s Fiery Jinx like there’s no tomorrow. At least use
SOME multi-target move that deals 4 damage or more and doesn’t decrease your
resources too much. Use Mario’s Spring Jump whenever the shield is broken.
Unless you have the Quick Change badge equipped, keep Vivian out so she can
destroy all the Grodus X that appear. Fortunately, all four Grodus X that can
appear are needed to create a shield, so you can wait until all four appear.
-~History: Sir Grodus is the leader of the X-Nauts. (If you’re reading this
and don’t know Grodus’s master plan, QUIT READING. This contains major
spoilers!) Kidnapping Peach since she had the magic map that could locate the
Crystal Stars, he was too late--she had already sent it off to Mario. After
Mario collected most of the Crystal Stars, Grodus altered his plan a bit. When
Mario had all but the one the X-Nauts had, Lord Crump, unaware of the changed
plan, attempted to defeat Mario by using Magnus 2.0, but failed. Of course,
Doopliss, disguised as Prof. Frankly, tricked Mario into opening the
Thousand-Year Door, allowing Grodus to walk right in without collecting the
Crystal Stars. So, whether Lord Crump won or lost to Mario, the plan would be
completed. He planned to use Peach’s body as a “vessel” for the return of the
Shadow Queen, the ancient demon that destroyed the town sitting where Rogueport
currently is long ago.
-+-+-+-+BOWSER (CHAPTER 8) [bwsr2]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 70 (Bowser), 50 (Kammy)
 -~Attack: 7 (Bowser), 5 (Kammy)
 -~Defense: 2 (Bowser), 0 (Kammy)
- Bowser: Bite, Fire Breath, Ground Slam. Same moves as 		before with the same
side-effects: Bite may 			poison you, Fire Breath may burn you, Ground 			Slam,
unless blocked, will disable the use of one 		of your battle options.
- Kammy: Magic Blast, Health Restoration, 				Electrification, Invisibility,
Size-Up, Defense 		Increase. Quite a list there. Magic Blast is an 		ordinary
blast of magic like any ordinary 			Magikoopa would do. Health Restoration
heals one 		of them by 8. Electrification electrifies one of 		them, so no
physical contact. Invisibility makes 		one impossible to attack. Size-Up makes
one of 			them huge.
 -~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, directly after the fight with Grodus.
-~Strategy: “What’s a finale without Bowser? A cruddy finale, that’s what!”
Well, that’s what you think, Mr. King. Right after the Grodus fight, Bowser
attacks. You’re weakened now (unless you leveled up after the fight), so Bowser
takes advantage of this. Kammy starts off floating on a broom. Knock her off,
and you can attack her on the ground, though Bowser’s big bod’ is in the way.
Focus your attacks on Kammy first. She can heal either one of them and give
them other nasty power-ups. So, without Kammy, Bowser is practically useless.
Focus Spring Jumps and other strong attacks on her that can reach her. If you
want, use Art Attack and circle her repeatedly for around 15 damage. You should
also use Power Lift to increase your attack and defense to lay the hurt on
them. Guard well against Bowser’s attacks, as they have very nasty side-effects
(if you’re still wearing the Feeling Fine badges, that takes care of the poison
part). If you’re running out of HP or FP, use an Ultra Shroom or Jammin’ Jelly.
Surely you have lots of them by now. It’s important to have oodles of these
things lying around for this purpose.
-~History: Bowser heard something about a Thousand-Year Door with a legendary
treasure behind it, which certainly intrigued the Koopa King. Setting off, he
entered the Thousand-Year Door and accidentally saved Mario from Grodus by
landing on top of him when he was about to deliver the final blow to Mario and
his partner. Seeing that Peach was there as well, Bowser figured he’d kill
three birds with one stone by eliminating Mario, nabbing Peach, and taking the
legendary treasure. Of course, he didn’t know that it was actually a demon…
-+-+-+-+SHADOW QUEEN (CHAPTER 8) [shdwqn]
 -~HP: 150
 -~Attack: 7
 -~Defense: 1
-~Attacks: Dark Lightning, Green Poison, Pink Poison, Shadow Wave, Stat
Increase, Shadow Hand Drain, Shadow Hand Slam, Dead Hands Charge, Dead Hands
Attack. Dark Lightning nails one of you with dark-colored lightning. Green
Poison is a weaker attack that can induce 9-turn poison. Pink Poison,
apparently, does damage but not poison. Shadow Wave must be charged up first,
but nails you and your partner with incredibly immense power (about 15 damage).
Stat Increase boosts her attack and defense by 3 for a few turns. If her Shadow
Hands are up, she may drain your HP to add to her own with Shadow Hand Drain,
or just hit you with Shadow Hand Slam. Dead Hands Charge is where the small
army of hands charges at whoever’s in front and hits them three times with an
attack power of 3, and Dead Hands Attack pulls one of you underground and hits
you three times. Whoo! Lot of moves.
 -~Encountered: Palace of Shadow, very final room.
-~Strategy: This is the final battle, so naturally it’s the hardest (aside
from Bonetail). The Queen’s got some horrid moves that can put massive dents in
your HP, so guard well. Before you start, have about 60 HP and at least 45 or
50 FP. This battle actually goes in three phases, so I’ll explain each phase.
-+-+PHASE ONE+-+-
You’re now only fighting the Shadow Queen’s dark vessel, Peach. Use multiple
Spring Jumps to bash her all around. (Her defense now is 0, so no worries.)
About the only move she can use is Dark Lightning, so no worries there, either.
Use strong partner moves, like Vivian’s Shade Punch to light her ablaze or, of
course, Goombella’s Multibonk. You probably won’t be needing to use any Special
moves or items, so don’t bother unless you’re way too desperate. After getting
the Shadow Queen down past about 85 HP, the second phase will begin.
-+-+PHASE TWO+-+-
Now the Shadow Queen is invincible, attacking you in her demon form and being
able to use all her moves. Stay alive!! I think you HAVE to attack her, despite
the fact that you do no damage, to actually move on to the third phase. The
Shadow Queen’s real tough now, so use items like Ultra Shrooms to heal your HP.
Keep fruitlessly whaling away at the Shadow Queen until the third phase begins.
If she charges up her Shadow Wave move, use Vivian’s Veil, quickly!!
After attacking the Shadow Queen a bit, she’ll eat the audience to recover all
her HP. After a looong cut scene, you will have all your HP, FP, and star power
restored by Peach, plus you will be able to damage Queenie. This is where the
real battle begins. I think, once you get the little slot machine thing
rolling, the game will automatically get three Shine Sprites to bring your
audience back, since I remember pressing A to stop the reel, and quite some
time later, the reel happened to stop on a Shine Sprite. Use Power Lift here. A
lot. It will certainly help lay the hurt on the Shadow Queen, and it will
protect you from quite a bit of damage the Shadow Queen dishes out. You should
have Vivian out for this battle. Use Vivian’s Fiery Jinx to wipe out the Shadow
Hands whenever they are out. Having Vivian handy is, of course, good for
dodging the terribly-powerful Shadow Wave move the Shadow Queen uses
frequently; try out Vivian’s Veil move to dodge the wave of darkness. Use lots
of Spring Jumps. You should have quite a number of Jammin’ Jellies and Ultra
Shrooms, so use those whenever you get low on health or FP. Try not to use
Supernova unless you’re that desperate; you should save your star power for
Power Lift. Continuously burning the Shadow Queen with fire is important to
whittling away at her health. The Shadow Hand Drain moves are pretty annoying,
since they only add to the demon’s health. If one partner faints, bring out
another. Don’t use your Yoshi, since its moves are really too weak to get past
the defense of the Queen and its Gulp doesn’t work. So, I suggest using Bobbery
should Vivian be defeated (and she probably will). Most HP of any character,
strong attacks, and Bob-ombast to attack all enemies in a big, powerful
explosion. Again, it requires 9 FP, plus it’s the final move Bobbery can learn,
but it may be useful. If you want, use Goombella’s Multibonk after having used
Power Lift to bonk the Shadow Queen repeatedly. I think your biggest concern
may be the Dead Hands; these hands sticking out of the ground have 8 HP and do
some pretty mean moves to you, although a Power Lifted defense of 3 or higher
oughta eliminate that threat. Really, the only other thing I can say to you
is…good luck. No pressure, but the world’s counting on you.

There are four bosses/mini-bosses here that can be fought whenever the heck you
see fit. The only exceptions here are numbers two, four, and five, which MUST
be fought if you do something wrong. So, here are the bosses.
-+-+-+-+GUS [gs]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 20
 -~Attack: 3
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Spear Ram, Spear Toss. Using Spear Ram, Gus will run in place for a
bit, then charge into you; you can use the Superguard to turn the damage back
at him. He’ll also occasionally use Spear Toss to attack you from afar; he
mysteriously still has his spear after he does this.
 -~Encountered: East Rogueport.
-~Strategy: At the very beginning of the game, Gus can be a bit of a hassle.
To battle him, talk to him and choose “I can take you!” instead of paying the
toll to get through or declining. After beating him, you can access the right
side of east Rogueport anytime without paying a toll. Let’s assume you want to
fight the moron right off the bat. Wait until after you have the Special move
Sweet Treat, though, since you wouldn‘t need to read this if you were a level
47 with some skee-yills. Be sure to equip the Power Smash badge Prof. Frankly
gives you after you leave his house. When you engage in the fight with Gus, let
me point out that shiny little spear he’s holding up. Attempt to jump up on
him, and you’re a Mario shish kabob. Use Power Smash like there’s no tomorrow.
Goombella is totally useless here except for Tattling and appealing for more
star power. Use nothing but Power Smash and Superguard if you can. When no FP
is left for Power Smash, use Sweet Treat, then have Goombella appeal a lot to
try and get more star power for you. Don’t forget to use healing items like
Mushrooms to heal yourself if Gus gets the better of you. Plus, like Gus
advises you, if things get way too hopeless, run.
-~History: A member of the Robbos, Gus is a grungy, bird-like creature who
loves to take tolls from people in order for them to pass into Robbo territory.
Kind of a crybaby after he loses, he hates you with a passion and says so if
you talk to him.
-+-+-+-+CLEFTS [clfts]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 2 each
 -~Attack: 2 each
 -~Defense: 2 each
-~Attacks: Ram. A simple, spiky ram from each of the hard-headed monsters.
Extremely easy to use the Superguard on.
-~Encountered: Shhwonk Fortress, final building, only appearing if you fail to
answer three questions correctly.
-~Strategy: During the trivia quiz with the Thwomp in the final section of
Shhwonk Fortress, if you get three questions wrong, you are forced to fight
either four or five Clefts, I can’t remember which. Your only hopes here are
the Superguard, a POW Block, or maybe an overused Power Smash. If you’re good
with the Superguard, then these guys are easy to time, so use it as much as you
can. Otherwise, ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY. If you manage to beat all
of these guys, the unfathomably furious Thwomp will very reluctantly let you
down under Shhwonk Fortress.
-~History: Clefts are ordinary enemies found around the Boggly Woods. Facing
so many at a time at the current point in the game can be very hazardous to
your health, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get out of if you follow my
-+-+-+-+ATOMIC BOO [atmcb]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 40
 -~Attack: 4
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Big Scare, Body Slam, Boo Spit. The Atomic Boo has to use one turn
to charge up the Big Scare, which damages both you and your partner. The Body
Slam is a simple physical attack that can hurt either one of you. Finally, it
can spit out Boos to ram into you. (I’m not sure, but I think it can turn
invisible, too, so that attacks go through it.)
-~Encountered: Creepy Steeple, after freeing the Boos from the box, making
them appear in the main room, and angering them.
-~Strategy: To make the Atomic Boo appear, go to the statue at the right end
of the big, main room and push it back to reveal a hole. Fall down it and go
through the door on your left. Open the strange box to make 200 Boos appear.
(As a side note, the last Boo that comes out will ask you how many Boos came
out of the box; if you answer correctly, you get an Ultra Shroom. Very nifty.)
Back out in the main room, you should see a Boo crying. Talk to it and promise
not to hurt it, and all the other Boos will come out. Stand still and wind your
Super/Ultra Hammer up. Several Boos will stick to you, so quickly swipe them
off by swinging around. After knocking off enough Boos, the Boo you were just
talking to will claim you broke your promise. All 200 Boos will form into the
Atomic Boo. (By the way, if too many Boos stick to you, they’ll throw you out
of the steeple. So YEAH, you’re going to fight back.)
Alright, now to the fight. This fight is just slightly more difficult than the
fight with Doopliss (a.k.a. ?????)--which isn’t saying much. Your hammer won’t
reach, and neither will any other ground-based moves. So, use aerial moves and
jumps. Need I say “Multibonk and Power Bounce” again? Maybe so. Whatever.
Unfortunately, the Atomic Boo’s attacks are very hard to guard action command
and ludicrously difficult to Superguard. Which is probably why the Atomic Boo’s
harder than dopey Doopy. That, and some of its attacks can bash both you and
your partner.
Oh, and after defeating the hulking ghost, the Lucky Start badge drops down
where it was. Pick it up! It allows you to start each battle with a 2-turn
positive status, like slowly-recovering HP or FP, being electrified, or being
dodgy so attacks might miss. It’s 4 BP to equip, but be sure to make room for
it, as it’s a nifty badge that can turn the tides of a battle.
-~History: As mentioned in the game Luigi’s Mansion, Boos gather strength in
numbers. Also similar to Luigi’s Mansion, the Atomic Boo is very similar to
Boolossus, a boss in the game. Both were exceptionally huge and composed of
many Boos, although Boolossus was made of 15 Boos and the Atomic Boo’s a
whopping 200.
-+-+-+-+EMBERS [mbrs]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 8 each
 -~Attack: 3 each
 -~Defense: 0 each
-~Attacks: Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Fireball. Using Flame Burst, an Ember
will get close to one of you, pause, and extend its fire to hurt you.
Flamethrower hurts only one of you (I think), despite its length. This bright
blue attack is a line of fire blown from the Ember. The Fireball is a simple
ball of fire controlled into hurting on of you.
-~Encountered: Keelhaul Key, in front of the Pirate’s Grotto, if you fail to
do the ‘Stache Brothers sequence correctly.
-~Strategy: If you accidentally whack the Red Brother instead of Spin Jump on
him or vice versa, hit a brother one too many times, or hit the Blue Brother
first, three angry Embers will descend and attack. These are just ordinary
Embers; if you use an ice or explosion-based attack, they’ll take more damage.
Avoid physical contact, as you’ll just get burned. Definitely avoid fiery
moves, as it will not only heal the flame spirit, but split it off into another
enemy. Admiral Bobbery is a nice partner to have around here due to his
explosive attacks. If you want to take care of all of them quickly, use Art
Attack, an Earth Tremor and then some quick moves, or Koops’s Power Shell
repeatedly (I believe Koops, hiding in his shell, should be okay).
-+-+-+-+X-YUXES [xyxs]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 10 each
 -~Attack: 3 each
 -~Defense: 1 each
-~Attacks: Laser Ring. Just a simple purple ring that “OoOoO”s in and out and
eventually smacks one of you. The X-Yuxes’ Laser Ring almost always immobilizes
you if you don’t block it, so be careful.
-~Encountered: X-Naut Fortress, Sublevel 3 (I think), far right room. If you
get three questions wrong the mechanical Thwomp asks, two X-Yuxes appear.
-~Strategy: Just a reminder, these things are pronounced “Cross-Yux,” not
“Ex-Yux.” So, does this remind you of Shhwonk Fortress? Of course it does! Get
three questions wrong out of many that a Thwomp will ask you--this time, a
mechanical one--and you get to fight some tough enemies. This time, you’re
fighting two X-Yuxes instead of four or five Clefts. You’re a whole lot
stronger now, so take my advice and use the Showstopper Special move you just
got to defeat them in one turn, easily (hopefully). If, for whatever tiny
reason, you don’t have two circles of star power, you’re in danger. After all,
they don’t have that much defense or attack power, but their attacks almost
always immobilize you, so you can’t attack, run, use items, or do anything
else. Not to mention they create two Mini-X-Yuxes at once. So quickly use
Vivian’s Fiery Jinx or, better, Bobbery’s Bob-ombast to attack them both at the
same time. If they create the mini versions, use the same multi-target move to
clear the little annoying critters out, then have Mario attack one. Keep up the
pattern until they die. Do not bother with the Superguard; timing their attacks
is nearly impossible, so it is far easier just to use a guard action command to
avoid being immobilized. (You still take some damage, but you’re not
-~History: The latest batch of Yuxes, X-Yuxes (pronounced “Cross-Yuxes” for
those who didn’t read the paragraph above) are bright-red Yuxes designed to
protect important areas. Naturally, there’s one in front of Grodus’s room.
They’re tough, even when facing off against just one, since their attacks
immobilize their poor victims unless the victim blocks right, and they create
two Mini-X-Yuxes at once. Ouch.
-+-+-+-+BONETAIL [bntl]+-+-+-+-
 -~HP: 200
 -~Attack: 8
 -~Defense: 0
-~Attacks: Hand Slam, Bite, Poison Breath, Ice Breath, Fire Breath, HP
Restoration. The Hand Slam is a simple WHAM into the ground with Bonetail’s
hand that can be aimed at either one of you. The Bite is commonly shared among
the three dragons and is a very quick bite that’s so quick you’ll barely have
time to prepare for it. Apparently, you can’t Superguard against it. The
Poison, Ice, and Fire Breaths can poison, freeze, and burn you, respectively.
The skeletal dragon can also heal itself by 20 HP at will, although fortunately
it rarely does this. I think there might be some more moves, so if I missed
any, e-mail me about them and tell me what they are.
 -~Encountered: Pit of 100 Trials, VERY BOTTOM FLOOR.
-~Strategy: I have only faced and defeated Bonetail once, so forgive me for my
general inexperience.
First, let me start off with a warning. Bonetail is found at the very bottom
of the Pit of 100 Trials, which is the room right next to the Thousand-Year
Door on the left. It’s at the bottom. THE bottom. It takes you a few hours to
reach the bottom. If you lose, there goes a few hours of your time. No saving,
no healing before you battle with the dragon. Not to mention you have been
completely BATTERED by the toughest enemies in the game (Elite Wizzerds,
Piranha Plants, Arantulas) up to this point. Think on that for a minute before
we proceed.
All that pressure and tension aside, let’s launch into a strategy that should
hopefully allow you to beat Bonetail the first time you encounter it. Here’s
are what your stats should be: Your HP should be at least 100--yes, 100--your
FP should be at least 60, preferably around 75 or 80, and you should have LOTS
of BP. Wear lots of “lucky” badges: Lucky Day, Lucky Start, Pretty Lucky, yada
yada yada. Wear the best badges you can; this means Close Call, the badges I
just mentioned, HP Plus and FP Plus, Happy Heart, Happy Flower, and especially
the Feeling Fine badge; get some of these kinds of badges for your partner as
well. Finally, reach floor 50 of the Pit of 100 Trials and then leave before
you even attempt to take on Bonetail; your reward for reaching floor 50 is the
Strange Sack (I believe it is called that), which allows you to carry twice the
items. Great. So if you have the sack, stack up on PLENTY of Jelly Ultras; get
the “legendary cookbook” for Zess T. by completing a trouble on the trouble
center for her to enable her to cook two things at once, then give her an Ultra
Shroom and Jammin’ Jelly to mix. To get tons of these things easily, go to the
Pianta Parlor and buy either one for 64 Piantas. To unlock games to earn
Piantas without spending money, you’ll have to complete troubles at the trouble
centers and that sort of thing. When I say lots of Jelly Ultras, I mean LOTS.
Say, 8 minimum. I made the mistake of not doing this and nearly lost the battle
with Bonetail. Of course, I ALSO happened to get three Shine Sprites during a
slot machine session, so everything was replenished, allowing me to KICK
BONETAIL’S BUTT. I hope you have the same luck, but that was an extremely
fortunate, rare moment for me. Just be glad it wasn’t three Poison Mushrooms.
That would be DARN bad. Especially in this fight.
So, if you are finally prepared, lets get down into battle strategy. Before I
even had an account of GameFAQs, I read on hunterzero0130’s boss guide that was
here before mine that using the Power Lift Special move works wonders. I had
never even USED the move before, so it was here I discovered that, wow, the
move really DOES work! So use Power Lift to increase your attack and defense.
Do not give me credit for this, give hunterzero0130 the credit. Also, Bonetail
fortunately doesn’t have too much defense, but it’s enough. Use Power
Smash--surely Mega Smash is in this game somewhere, I have yet to find it--to
give the creep a thrashing. Again, I’ve only beaten Bonetail once, so I’m not
sure what partner to recommend using. Not Yoshi, since Yoshi’s Gulp can’t
swallow Bonetail, and its other moves are too weak to penetrate the defense.
So, uh…Bobbery, I guess. Use Bobbery. He’s got the most HP (when
fully-upgraded) and some good moves.
Also, defeating Bonetail gives you the awesome Return Postage badge, where all
physical attacks done to you do half the damage back to your attacker. Neat,
huh? Of course, that’s IF you defeat it…surely you will…

FAQ [.7]
If you have any questions, suggestions for the guide, new strategies for boss
fights, errors that need pointing out, helpful hints on attacks I missed or
something, or want to put this guide on your site, e-mail me (my e-mail address
is listed in the appropriate section). If your e-mail doesn’t fit under any of
the “not accepted” categories, it will be posted here (if it’s a question or
suggestion--otherwise, you’ll be listed in the Special Thanks section). You
will also get a nifty spot in the Special Thanks section. Sound good? Then
e-mail me!

Q: How come the Shadow Queen only gave 1 Star Point on defeat?

A: I don’t know. Maybe the game designers thought it would be funny if a great,
evil villain gave you one measly Star Point. There’s also the possibility that
the game designers thought players might lose motivation to keep playing, so
there would be no point in leveling up (no pun intended). Nothing is wrong with
your game, in case you’re wondering.

I would like to thank:
 - Nintendo, for making the game.
 - Me for working hard on this guide.
 - Supercheats for hosting my guide on their website. Go check it out.
 - Neoseeker also for hosting my guide on their website. Go check that out, too.
 - Jessy Boudreau for e-mailing me about some moves I missed for some bosses.
 - Kyle Joyce for submitting a cool strategy about Macho Grubba.
 - MysticGamer23 for pointing out a Rawk Hawk move I had never seen before.
- Trent Castro for shedding a small bit of advice on Bristles and asking a
 - Drew B for alerting me to another one of Bonetail’s moves.

That’s all, folks.
Hope you enjoyed this and it helped you beat the snot out of some big monster.
That’s why this guide is here. Any questions, e-mail me. And remember…this is
MINE. Do not claim it is your own, use it to make money, put it on your site
without my permission, all that other stuff that could land your butt in jail.