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"By far, the single greatest game I have ever played in my entire life"

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is, as the title reads, the single greatest game I have ever played. I have played well over 100 different video games, and I didn't need to hesitate to choose this as the best. Why? It's just perfect! The whole idea, the plot, the bosses, the characters, the battle structure, it's all one-of-a-kind.PM: TTYD is the greatest game in history, and the best out of all the games yet to come. Period. No contest.

Gameplay: 10/10
One-of-a-kind. Extraordinary. It's so simple, yet so incredibly creative. The quick, easy battle structure makes it so that the player will stay interested and the special uses of characters are just phenomenal. The colorful, exciting towns and characters, and even how to get to them and what to do, is just so well thought out that not even a millisecond of this game is boring.

Graphics: 10/10
Wow, just wow. Graphics are so intricately done that you can see creases in the wood at Rogueport and many other details that make this game so amazing. Pus, it's 2-D!!! What more could you want? You can easily tell that everythings made of paper (well, duh!), but it's even more than just that. The way it's done, it's just beyond words. And the characters... don't even get me started. They are so colorful, cute, clever, and so well-drawn that I bet you couldn't draw them as well no matter how hard you tried. You will be blown away.

Story: 10/10
Can it get any better than this? 7 Crystal Stars that open up a door that caused the most incredible evil a town has ever seen, located in places like a floating city with a fighting ring, a town where everyone turns into pigs, and in the hands of Mario's biggest enemy? Plus, Peach is kidnapped by someone other than Bowser, and can you resist playing as Bowser and Peach? This game's plot and storyline will have players drooling for more. It may sound simple, but it is just so clever, you won't believe it until you play it for yourself.

Controls: Is that ANOTHER 10/10?
Beyond easy. Control stick. A. That's just about all you need for battle. The moves are very clever though, and this is what makes battling fun. You battle in turns and it's a hit or miss (or double hit) style play. It involves a lot of strategy too. Badges decide what you can do, and leveling up is critical by itself. As for non-battling: simple yet strategic yet again. Every so often you will need your partners' special abilities when you're stuck, but the controls are very easy to learn.

Characters: 10/10 again
I know this isn't usually a category, but this is a HUGE reason the game is so great. The charaters are without a doubt, mind-blowingly good. You will absolutely love them. They all have creative attitudes such as clever, crybaby, "I-think-I'm-so-hot-even-though-I'm-butt-ugly," devious, mysterious, old and wise, and scandalous. But these are just the partners. Bosses are so clever and flat-out cool that you will actually like to fight them even though you may lose a million times. Bosses are a huge part of the comedy in this game. The characters in this game also have creative backgrounds and personalities, and they are all so different. With each new character they meet. The player will love this game more and more until they are obsessed with it, like me (I have beaten the game 2 and a half times). The characters, and how they act, will get a player hooked on this game. They are the best feature of a game that I have rated 10/10 for every category. That's how amazing they are.

Sound: Just guess what it is, why don't you?
OMG, I have very, very, very rarely liked the sound on a video game, and this is one of the only exceptions. The battle music is just great, and the music for places in the game fit perfectly. The sound is just flawless, and so subtle that you probably won't notice that this will be a pretty big factor in what will get you hooked on this game. Even just the little stuff, like the noises Mario or Frankly or Bowser or any other character make, just make it seem that much more real, that much more addicting, and that's part of the reason why this game is so great.

Length: Wow, if you haven't caught on by now, you're on your own.
This game is the perfect length for any game I have ever played. It will take a good 20-30 hours on average. It is not long and rambling like many other games, and the tutorial is VERY short and is pretty much optional. Also, this is not a game you can stop playing after one day. Not only can you not beat it in one day, but without beating it, you will be addicted like crazy. This is definitely the perfect length for the game. You will NOT be disappointed. I guarantee it.

Replay Value: Hmmmm... What did I give this category?
Remember how I said you would be hooked until you beat it? Actually, you'll be hooked even longer. This game is yelling "Play me some more!" at the top of its lungs, and you will probably listen to it. With countless sidequests and mini-games, you will want to play until you....... You will want to play for a really, really, really, really, REALLY long time. With the Trouble Center, Pianta Parlor Games, and finding things you missed earlier while trying to beat the game. You will almost never be tired of playing this game.

Preview and Extra Stuff:
The story starts off with a letter coming in for Mario. Peach writes that she is taking a vacation in Rogueport. She has heard stories of a hidden treasure there, and finds a map she got from a merchant. She says she'll meet him there. When he gets there... What do you know? Peach has been kidnapped for the millionth time. He meets a cute little goomba girl named Goombella who has studied the "treasure" and the map he was holding. It turns out that the map was the legendary "Mystical Map" and they go to her professor to get them started on their adventure. It just so happens that they need the 7 legendary Crystal Stars in order to succeed on their quest. And so the story unfolds.....

Luigi also leaves on a quest when Mario leaves. He also has a creative story, saving Princess Eclair from the evil Chestnut King. His story is fun to follow too. You also meet Lumpy who tells you of his journey in the desert, and many other characters who are fun to interact with. These include fan favorites such as Flavio, Doopliss, Rawk Hawk, Shadow Sirens, and Bowser. You will absolutely LOVE this game.

Rent or Buy?
BUY!!! Buy this game! It will be the best thing you have ever done in your entire life. This game is well worth one hundred dollars or euros or whatever. This is the best game that has ever been made, and I would be willing to give up the computer and keyboard I am using right now in order to keep this game and I am definitely not joking. Buy this game right now, it is worth all of your money, and I guarantee you will not regret it. Go out and buy this game if you are reading this. YOU WILL LOVE IT! It's down to like 20 bucks right now, so you should definitely get it if you can. If you can't buy it, at least rent it, because it is really the best game ever.I guarantee you will feel the same way I do.

Last Minute Comments:
Honestly, I think I have said enough about this game. The characters, graphics, sound, bosses, story, replay value, length, plot, controls, everything about this game are just mind blowing. Do yourself a favor and go buy this game.

Overall Rating:
Okay, I would have given this a 20 if I could (actually even higher), but 10 is the best I could give it. Just consider this a 10 on a scale where games like Final Fantasy X, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, or even Baiten Kaitos get a 5. I know anyone who likes video games will love this game, so take my advice and get off your butt, turn off your computer, and go out and get it. But if you don't want to get it, I'm sure you won't be the only one who feels bad because they don't have the greatest game in the history of the world.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 05/17/06

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