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LOTR The Third Age
Boss/Tough Enemy FAQ


I.	Version History
II.	About This Guide
III.	Info on Characters
IV.	Boss Fights
V.	Other Difficult Fights
VI.	Miscellaneous Stuff 
VII.	Updates
VIII.	Contacting Me
IX.	Credits
?----Version History----?

Version 0.96
Just finished the first draft

Version 0.97
Just tweaked a few of the strategies to make them more feasible
Corrected a few errors

Version 0.98 (2)
Added the suggestion for alternate Witch King tactics
Updated contributor profiles
Added Boss HP for some bosses

Version 0.99
Added boss HP for all bosses
Added boss AP 
Added boss Immunities, Vulnerabilities and Strengths
Fixed up the Flying Nazgul section
Fixed Character Profiles

Version 1.00
Fixed a few spelling errors
Added The Eye of Sauron guide
Added two more contributors' contributions

Version 1.01
Added another contributor

Version 1.02
Added another contributor 
Fixed up the Character section to add a little note on Morwen, Strength, 
Armor, and HP/AP

Version 1.05
Added two more contributors
Made the "Miscellaneous" Section, for pieces of info other people send me 
that don't fit anywhere else
Corrected a bit of grammar and some spacing errors

Changed "Eye of Sauron" to correct name "The Dark Lord Sauron" and added 
stats and everything for him
Added alternate strategies for The Watcher in the Water, The Witch-King, 
Flying Nazgul in Osgiliath

Ok, now I've stopped getting annoying fix my bug emails the warning section 
can be gotten rid of, so
Added two more contributions in the Miscellaneous Section 
Updated the "About" section

This is my last version of this guide for a while.
I just added some more contributions and fixed some sp, etc. 

This is only my second guide ever, but I hope it is good.  I want to write 
this to all the people out there like me who have bought this game and need 
some reference to a certain boss or difficult fight. I was stuck many times 
on this game myself and I found it frustrating there were no guides like 
one out there.

A lot of people send me emails saying they like my guide. If there are any 
other games you would like a guide written for, just ask. If I get a few 
for a guide, I will write it. Thank you for your support!


Character Type: Human
Weapon Type: Longsword
Specialty: Doing LOTS of damage
Support Ability: Boosting company ability
Damage: Very High
Armor: Medium
HP: High
AP: Low

Berethor is the former captain of the Citadel Guard of Minas Tirith, and a 
great soldier. He is sent by Denethor to find Boromir, but is attacked by 
Ringwraiths in Eregion. Berethor then meets Idrial, who together set out in 
the game.
Berethor can do the most damage in the game because he has the most powerful 
weapons and highest strength-boosting items. His Gondor Rampage skill (Sword 
Craft Tree) is the most damaging move in the game. His Leadership skill is 
useful for anything from boosting company stats, damage or armor to healing. 


Character Type: Elf
Weapon Type: Smaller Elven Blade
Specialty: Healing
Support Ability: Small Amounts of Damage
Damage: Low
Armor: Very High
HP: Medium
AP: Very High

Idrial is a servant of Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien. She rescues Berethor 
from The grip of the Ringwraiths and leads him on her quest to warn the Lady 
about the dangers currently encircling Middle-Earth.
Idrial is the best healer, hands-down. Her move, Aura of the Valar, is a 
candidate for the best move in the game, acting as and auto-cast revival and 
immediate turn upon death. In addition to this she can heal individuals (and 
later, the entire party at once) and can revive dead people that have 
through Aura. Her Elven magic allows her to haste party members, giving them 
more turns, and trade in her turn for theirs. Idrial's weakness, however, is 
her damage: her Sword Craft Tree is pitiful, and her one good damage move 
which is the most powerful until Rohan, roughly 30 percent through the game, 
is never followed up by a better one.


Character Type: Ranger/Bowman
Weapon Type: Bow
Specialty: Damage
Support Ability: Effects
Damage: Medium
Armor: Low
HP: Low
AP: High

Elegost was attacked by goblins one night and had his truest companion torn 
away from him and his most prized possession. He has vowed to get revenge 
agrees to join with Idrial and Berethor to get it.
Elegost is pretty much just direct damage, with a bit else thrown in. His 
final Bow Craft move, which can be obtained quite quickly, is stunning: it 
about 20,000 damage with no heed to armor, and this is an amazing move even 
at the end of the game. The downside is, that's it. All. He doesn't get any 
better. Elegost's slight support skill is the ability to stun, reduce the 
attack rate or damage of, put to sleep or immobilize foes with his moves. 
Arrows of Sleep are particularly potent when upgraded: All foes put to sleep 
for the duration of the battle. Again (Did you guess this is going to be 
bad?) these have a downside. By the time you reach 50 percent through the 
game, most funs are immune to all these status changes. 


Character Type: Dwarf
Weapon Type: Axe
Specialty: Damage
Support Ability: Shielding
Damage: High
Armor: Medium
HP: Very High
AP: Low

Elegost's most loyal companion. He joins up with Elegost just before they 
reach Moria, and helps Elegost, Idrial and Berethor find their way around. 
Throughout Moria he becomes an important figure as he explains the role of 
certain dead Dwarves in Moria's Past.
Hadhod is excellent at dealing lots of damage to many enemies, or 
concentrating his damage around one target with a powerful Axe Craft blow. 
Although his fire spirit attacks are very weak in Moria, since goblins have 
high fire armor, he is excellent later as he learns the massively damaging 
Dragon Calling and the moderate Flames of Ruin. Hadhod's support ability is 
unique, he has two different types of shields: your regular shield, and a 
reflecting shield, which reflects some of the damage back. These shields can 
be researched in two forms, on for one person, and after this has been 
researched, for a significantly larger AP investment, for the whole party.


Character Type: Human
Weapon Type: Double Axes
Specialty: Combo Damage
Support Ability: Stealth
Damage: High
Armor: Very Low
HP: Low
AP: Medium

Morwen was a warrior of Gondor who was thrown out when she did not marry the 
man she was supposed to. She fled to Rohan with her family. Now, Saruman's 
Uruk-Hai have destroyed her village and she joins the others to help look 
her family and warn Theoden of Saruman's intent.
Morwen's best damage comes from her combo attacks, although she does not 
as powerful weapons as the others, and poor armor, she can strike 6 times 
with paired axes. Despite this, with all due respect, let's put it this way: 
Morwen's the last person you want fighting for you. Not only does she so 
incredibly poor armor that never really improves so you get killed in one 
hit, her attacks don't really become good for a while. Her second tree isn't 
much better, stealing skill points, attribute points and items is fun and 
all, but do you really want to do that in the middle of the big Witch-King 
fight? In fact, one of Morwen's last stealth skills is probably the best--
hide (and please never come back). Case Closed.

Note: Some people have complained to me that I am too quick to criticize 
Morwen. I just find that she is too hard to get good by just going through 
the natural course of the game. In short, to make Morwen as good as the 
characters, you'll have to work on her a lot harder.


Character Type: Human
Weapon Type: Spear
Specialty: Damage
Support Ability: Healing
Damage: High
Armor: Low
HP: Medium
AP: High

Eaoden meets up with the group as an outrider of the Rohirrim force and is 
persuaded to go with them to Helm's Deep. 
Eaoden is really the only one who can get near Berethor in terms of damage. 
However, he is still left around 10,000+ damage behind, so near is not 
that close. However, you may opt for him in Berethor's stead because his 
second tree slightly outbids Berethor's, although if you are using Idrial 
there shouldn't be a need for healing. I would strongly suggest going with 
him as a third character to Berethor and Idrial, if fighting at all. His 
healing is OK, anyway. Instead of Idrial's nasty Valar stuff and Gifts, you 
can suck out health, AP and transfer them to a comrade. This is a bit of 
fashioned style of healing, no? If you are going to seriously use Eaoden as 
healer, you need to give him the Elfstone of Pure Light (found later on in 
the game), which allows him to learn Power of the Valar (revival) and Gift 
Galadriel (direct healing).
?------Boss Fights------?

A little note on Bosses: No boss is truly "difficult" but you may find some 
hard and need a good strategy

The Watcher in the Water:

Where: End of Eregion 
Suggested Characters: Elegost, Hadhod, Idrial
Difficulty: ** (out of *****)
HP: 3,112
AP: 242
Vulnerable: Fire
Strong: Water
Immune: Melee Bind, Sleep

Since you can only hit this boss at range, Berethor is of no use to you. 
Instead, go with the above. There are two approaches you can take. One is to 
heal every droplet with Idrial's Gift of Galadriel, but this may take a 
while, as Idrial is the one you really need attacking. In another scenario, 
keep blasting Flaming Fury, Loudwater Fury, and Creature Bane at it. You 
just outlast it. If you have got it, cast Haste of the Elves on yourself 
Idrial, which will greatly speed up your attacks, and you have the most 
powerful attack.

This tactic was suggested by

Use Berethor and cast Company Might. Use Aimed Shot on Elegost's turn. When 
it is Berethor's turn again, switch him for Hadhod and use Flaming Fury. 
repeat a few times and he should die.

The Balrog of Morgoth:

Where: End of East Moria (Right after you fight the troll with the weird 
drums hanging off him)
Suggested Characters: Berethor, Idrial, Hadhod, (Gandalf the Grey)
Difficulty: ***1/2
HP: 72,317
AP: 4335
Vulnerable: Water, Light
Strong: N/A
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind, Slow

Start out by casting Aura of the Valar on everyone (concentrate on Gandalf 
last, since he has more HP) with Idrial and Stone Shield on everyone 
(Mountain Shield if you have it) with Hadhod. Have Gandalf keep using Bolt 
the Valar and Berethor Citadel Rage (or Ecthelion Wrath if you have it). 
main objective is just to keep those two alive to kill him by using Aura of 
the Valar and shields. 

Alternate #1: Just let everyone die except Gandalf and Idrial. Have Idrial 
keep casting Aura of the Valar and Gandalf keep using Bolt of the Valar. If 
Gandalf runs out of AP, have him use Wizard's Drain. This tactic is SIMPLER 
but take LONGER.

This tactic was suggested by

Use Walnut of Anor on Gandalf, giving him infinite AP. At this point you can 
just let all other characters die. Just keep using Bolt of the Valar or 
Kingsfoil when you need to heal. 

This tactic was suggested by

With Idrial cast Loudwater Fury, and use Stone Shield on Gandalf with 
When necessary use Gift of Elrond on him.

Grima Wormtongue:

Location: Edoras Great Hall (Rohan)
Suggested Characters: Elegost/Berethor, Idrial, Any
Difficulty: ***
HP: 14,927
AP: 2003
Vulnerable: Light
Heroic: Shadow
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind, Slow

Start off by casting Aura of the Valar on everyone with Idrial. If your 
character (which should be your best other character) is Hadhod, cast Flames 
of Ruin on his first turn, then Mountain Shield on the party on the second. 
Finally, cast Haste of the Elves on your damage character (there are really 
only two at this point: Elegost and Berethor). If you choose Berethor, use 
Ecthelion Wrath whenever possible on Grima. When using Elegost use Frenzy, 
then True Shot 2x on him. After Hadhod has cast both Mountain Shield and 
Flames of Ruin, use flaming fury to help finish off the other Uruk-Hai. If 
you choose Morwen in this spot, do the same. (Work on finishing off the 
health (get used to it) and requires your full attention, and his multiple 
target Black Speech is annoying.


Sharku, Warg Rider Captain:

Location: Near end of Rohan
Suggested Characters: Idrial, Any, Any
Difficulty: *
HP: 18,696
AP: 627
Vulnerable: Water, Blunt
Strong: Slash
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind, Slow

Sharku is really not that hard of a boss, although he has quite a hefty 
amount of health. You'll know you're about to face him when there is a cut 
scene with Morwen and her dead family. Start off as normal with Idrial, 
casting Aura of the Valar on everyone. Once this has been done, just use 
Valarous Haste to give your turn to the most damaging character in your 
party, as Idrial won't make a real impact otherwise. If you are using 
Berethor, repeat using Ecthelion Wrath. If you are using Hadhod, cast Flames 
of Ruin the first turn and then go to your most powerful Axe Craft skill for 
the duration of the battle. Eventually he will fall and you will be left to 
go to another guide for the endless, difficult Helm's Deep. (No bosses.)

P.S. Prepare for some really crappy romance with clipping issues

Gothmog, Orc Army Commander:

Location: Osgiliath (When you meet Faramir)
Suggested Characters: Berethor, Idrial, Any, (Faramir)
Difficulty: **1/2
HP: 60,589
AP: 60,593
Vulnerable: Fire, Light
Strong: Blunt, Slash, Pierce
Immune: Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind 

The first Gothmog battle is very simple, mainly because he can't get more 
men. Immediately start out with the Idrial routine, using Frenzy (You did 
it, didn't you?) and Aura of the Valar on all, concentrating most on herself 
and Berethor and Faramir last. On your first turn with Faramir, use Volley 
Arrows. Then on your next turn, use it again, and the orcs should be down to 
sufficient health to be killed by anyone (you don't want Berethor bothering 
with them) On Berethor's turn use Double Attack, then Gondor Rampage on 
Gothmog. Keep repeating this until he is dead. Meanwhile, as you are 
finishing off Gothmog, use Faramir's Steward's Armor so everyone takes less 
damage from Barad-Dur Curse, and heave your third character take out the now 
half-health orcs. 


-	What it does: Reduces AP, HP, increases SPIRIT POWER damage. THIS 
-	Since only Hadhod and Idrial have Spirit Powers, equip it on one of 
-	If Idrial is your healer, I wouldn't recommend her, as you'll be 
healing with her most of the time (although Osgiliath's first part is a 
bit of a breather)
-	And, Hadhod has more powerful Spirit Powers to begin with

This was contributed by

The Polished Elfstone of Action Enhancement can be given to Eaoden also. His 
Health Drain jumps to around 15k-22k with this equipped.

Gothmog (Second Battle):

Where: The Bridge (Near Osgilath Plaza save point, you will see him on the 
bridge as you climb the rubble)
Suggested Characters: Idrial, Hadhod (Equipped with Spirit Enhancement 
Elfstone), Berethor, (Faramir)
Difficulty: ****
HP, AP, Vulnerabilities/Weaknesses: See first Gothmog battle

This is the most difficult boss fight yet, and one of the most difficult in 
the game. It should be said here that when two of Gothmog's helper-orcs are 
killed, he uses Black Gate to call more. If one is killed nothing happens 
though. The first character to go (unless it's Idrial) should use Morgul 
Decay item on Gothmog, entirely removing his armor. I will now describe what 
each character should do on his turn (after this). Idrial: Use Frenzy/Aura 
the Valar to cover everyone, then when some die, repeat on them. If you get 
an extra turn, use Valarous Haste to Berethor. Hadhod: On first turn, cast 
Flames of Ruin, this will kill almost all the orcs but the point is to get 
Gothmog to take some lasting damage. After this use Flaming Fury on Gothmog 
or Stone Shield on anyone who is severely injured but not covered by Aura. 
Berethor: Just KEEP AT IT. Use Double Attack then Gondor Rampage twice on 
Gothmog. Faramir: Faramir is the useless one. I would suggest just doing 
whatever you like with him, but maybe using Steward's Armor once, it 
make much difference. Eventually he will go down. Well Done. Be sure to save 
after this.

A note on all bosses with Fear (except Sauron) suggested by

Use Taunt with Berethor. Berethor is immune to fear From a Passive Skill, so 
any time the enemy uses an attack that focuses on person (i.e. Fear) 
will be targeted and should be able to withstand the attack. This is even 
more useful when he has a health-draining weapon combined with Counter 
Attack. If he gets into really bad shape, just heal him with Idrial or by 
some other means.  

The Witch King of Angmar:

Where: Osgiliath Island
Suggested Characters: N/A
Difficulty: * to ***1/2
HP: 70,089
AP: 60,047
Vulnerable: N/A
Strong: N/A
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind, Slow

The difficulty of this battle varies a huge amount depending on how much 
you've worked on the two characters you can use (Idrial and Berethor). As 
first go in to fight the Witch King, just try to spend as little AP as 
possible and let it be his turn as soon as it can be. (No, I'm not mad.) As 
soon as it is his turn, there will be a cut scene involving Berethor pulling 
a knife out from in him. (If it became Berethor's turn, you would have 
noticed that he was immune to Berethor's attacks) and Berethor will now be 
able to fight again. Since Berethor is immune to Fear, try to get 
of the Valar down before TWKA uses Fear on Idrial. After that, you're 
basically invincible if you know how to do it right. Start attacking him 
mad with Berethor's strongest attack (Preferably Gondor Rampage, but you 
might not have learned that if you haven't been using him) At the worst, you 
should have Citadel Rage for this battle, and it takes about 10 times as 
but it's OK. If Idrial gets another turn before fear she gets 'Feared' use 
Frenzy (AP is really no object since you won't have a turn with her soon 
enough until she dies) then Haste of the Elves on Berethor and finally 
Valarous Haste for Berethor. If Idrial is killed first (If you are good 
enough, no-one should die) us Frenzy, recast Aura of the Valar on herself, 
then Valarous Haste if Berethor is not going next, and if he is, use Haste 
the Elves on him if you haven't done so already. Otherwise, you have a free 
move to bust. Keep attacking him with Berethor and eventually (or soon) 

This tactic was suggested by

Use Morgul Decay on the Witch King, using Double Attack and Ecthelion Wrath 
(Gondor Rampage). Also, use Gift of Galadriel on Berethor with Idrial when 
necessary and Aura of the Valar.

The Witch King of Angmar (Second Battle):

Where: Near end of Minas Tirith
Suggested Characters: Idrial, Any, Any (Gandalf the White)
Difficulty: *1/2
HP, AP, Vulnerabilities/Weaknesses: See First Witch King Battle

Really really easy, but still a boss. Immediately with Idrial (Surprise) 
Haste of the Elves on Gandalf. On consecutive turns, cast Aura of the Valar 
on everyone. Just keep attacking with Gandalf for an easy victory with a 
little aid from your other two characters. (Just use Valarous Haste with 
Idrial whenever there is a turn you cannot use)

The Witch-King:

Where: Pelennor Fields, just after you fight the Mumakil
Suggested Characters: Idrial, 2 most damaging characters, (Eowyn)
Difficulty: *****
HP: 300,652
AP: 59,058
Vulnerable: Light, Blunt, Pierce
Strong: N/A
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind

In my opinion the Witch King (For real, now) is the hardest battle you will 
ever fight. Now, off his Fell Beast, he has tons of armor, can counter any 
attack, tons and tons of health, resistance to all effects, and very high 
damage. Start off with your first character (if not Idrial) use Morgul 
removing the Witch King's VERY HIGH armor. If it's Idrial's turn, use 
Aura of the Valar x2. This will be a nonstop job for her throughout the 
battle. In this battle, for starters, you will have to worry about Fear, so 
suggest including Berethor in your party. Note Fear will wear off if your 
character dies or after a few turns. With your two highest damage givers, 
start attacking the Witch King as quickly as possible with the strongest 
attacks and using Frenzy or Double Attack. Eowyn is basically useless until 
you use Morgul Decay, which should be immediately. At the start she can do 
MAX 2k damage, afterwards a minimum of 20k so she can actually make an 
on the battle. Just try to keep everyone covered by Aura and keep attacking 
and eventually he will go down. BTW, if you have any lasting damage attacks 
that are decent (i.e. Flames of Ruin with Elfstone of Spirit Enhancement-
equipped Hadhod) use those on your first turn.

This tactic was suggested by

Just thought I'd comment on that fight with the Witch King in Pelennor 
Fields, you could use Elegost's Crippling Shot over and over again and the 
Witch King can never attack. Therefore, use Berethor's Targeted Strike and 
Idrial's Loudwater Fury over and over, refilling AP when needed using items 
or Lightcraft.

This tactic was suggested by

Use Malar Embers to add Light Spirit to Berethor's sword attacks. Since he 
weak against Light attacks, this will double his damage for every hit. Also 
works on the Eye of Sauron.

This tactic suggested by

Use Morgul Decay with your first character, and with Hadhod cast Mountain 

The Dark Lord Sauron

(Note: Info for this section suggested by

Where: After you fight with Aragorn on Pelennor Fields
Suggested Characters: Idrial, Any, Any
Difficulty: **
HP: 322,347
AP: 65,000
Vulnerable: Light, Pierce
Very Strong: Shadow
Immune: Stun, Root, Sleep, Melee Bind, Ranged Bind, Spirit Bind, Slow

This battle is really a blow. There is nothing really that difficult about 
him. And if you're reading this section, you're probably thinking, this 
ending sucks! On your first turn with your third character, (it should be 
someone who does your second best damage) use Morgul Decay. Then, with just 
cast Frenzy and Aura of the Valar on everyone with Idrial, and keep using 
your strongest combo attacks with everyone else. He will die soon enough. 

This tactic was suggested by

Use Malar Embers to add Light Spirit to Berethor's sword attacks. Since he 
weak against Light attacks, this will double his damage for every hit. Also 
works on the Eye of Sauron.
?---Other Hard Battles---? 

Note on this section: This section will start with some key non-boss 
but WILL RELY MAINLY ON YOUR QUESTIONS. Anyone who needs help with a 
battle can find me at the contact information at the bottom of this guide. I 
will reply directly to you with an answer, then will post the solution to 
that battle on the guide.
Another note: the ratings here are on the same scale as the bosses, so they 
may all look easy but some parts are actually quiet tough.

Goblin Drummer:

Where: East Moria (near the Balrog Altar)
Suggested Characters: Berethor, Idrial, Elegost
Difficulty: *1/2

This fight can give some quiet a bit of trouble, especially since you need 
attack the Drummer from range and he is immune to fire magic. I would 
going about however you want to kill the 3 goblins that initially appear in 
the foreground (you can't attack the Drummer until you've cleared these). 
After they're dead, you've got two attacks to put some damage on him, then 
uses Black Gate, calling up three fresh goblins, and the process repeats. I 
found that if you were still having trouble, try being in Perfect Mode for 
when you first kill the first set of goblins, then use Volley of Arrows. 
Note: for some reason, Volley of Arrows WILL NOT kill the Drummer if he is 
not alone. Otherwise, it is a one-hit kill.

Helm's Deep Battles:

Location: N/A (All Helm's Deep battles)
Suggested Characters: Idrial, 2 most damaging characters, (4th character)
Difficulty: Less then * to ****

There is a very simple formula for all Helm's Deep battles:

Lots of Damage + Aura of the Valar + Patience = Victory

The easiest way to win is just keep casting Aura of the Valar with Idrial, 
and doing lots of damage with your two most damaging characters and the 
Fellowship character (in some battles) combined with patience. The enemies 
keep coming, but eventually fewer come, then fewer, then fewer, etc. until 
they are gone and you win, meaning many of these battles can take up to 30 
minutes, so have a good block of time set out to finish Helm's Deep. In 
addition, some of these grueling battles are continuous, meaning you may 
to be playing for at least 1r hrs at one go. (Is it just me, or can I not 
concentrate after that long?) Not to worry. If you are feeling tired or your 
hands/eyes are hurting, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get up and drink a soda, take 
a brake, go to sleep, do whatever it takes. However, these battles can be 
overcome with the right formula. 

Flying Nazgul:

Where: Osgiliath, Minas Tirith, Pelennor Fields
Suggested Characters: Berethor, 2 other most damaging characters
Difficulty: *1/2 to ****1/2

In Osgiliath:

The difficulty varies here depending on how well you can survive without 
Idrial. (In other words, how good are your other characters). This part is 
REALLY hard if only one of your characters can do above 7 or 8k damage. 
off by using Berethor's Double Attack and Gondor Rampage two times. If you 
are using Hadhod immediately cast Flames of Ruin. If you are using Elegost 
use Frenzy, then True Shot twice. With Eaoden, use Rampage of Helm if you 
have it, or Pierce Armor/Wrath of Edoras. With Morwen use the best attack 
possible. If you execute your damage quickly enough, you should have not 
trouble. Be wary of Fear. 

This tactic was suggested by

Have Berethor learn Haste of the Elves, Gift of Galadriel and Drain Spirit 
from Elfstone of Pure Light. As long as you've used Hadhod and Eaoden at 
least a little, they should be able to survive the first volley. With 
Berethor's first turn, use Shield of Courage to prevent Fear and begin 
attacking with the others. With Eaoden being able to heal, transfer health, 
and transfer spirit, and with Berethor able to cast Haste of the Elves on 
everyone, you should mow through beasts without doing much of anything. Not 
sure if Crippling Smash works on them or not, but given the fact you have 
Overwhelming Axes, it still does a decent amount of damage to try. 

This tactic was suggested by

Use Crippling Smash with Hadhod, and use Crippling Shot with Elegost

This tactic was suggested by

Have Berethor equip the 2nd Age Longsword of the Accursed, found in Helm's 
Deep during Evil Mode. By equipping this item, Berethor should heal all 
damage done to him every time he attacks. Every time you attack just use 
sword to heal/damage him. 

In Minas Tirith/Pelennor Fields:

Really shouldn't be much trouble. You might not even need Idrial against 
at this point. Just get some good damage down and have Idrial use Gift of 
Grey Haven if necessary. 

This section is for bits of information that don't fit anywhere else

Contributed by

Here is a tactic that will kill anything:
1.	You need to have Idrial learn Aura of the Valar, Frenzy, another high 
	damage move, and at least have 300 AP (more is better)
2.	Have everyone die except Idrial, so only Idrial is alive
3.	At the beginning of your turn use Frenzy
4.	As your first move, use Aura of the Valar, then attack
5.	Keep fighting until you die, then (after you are regenerated) repeat

If you do this you will kill anyone, although it may take a while

Contributed by, a way to get good EXP:

When you beat East Emnet Gullies, beat the Plains of Rohan then travel back 
to the previous chapter. Forage around and you should find tow battles with 
three Nazgul. By fighting these you can level up your characters twice on 
each battle.

Contributed by

Learn New Skills, The Quick Way!
Once Elegost has used Arrows of Sleep, use this attack then slay enemies 
over who are still awake (This works best when Elegost has learned Sleep 
Volley and Lingering Sleep). 

Whilst your opponent snoozes, take the time to gain some extra skill points 
without waking the sleeping foe. This works best by repeatedly using the 
following attacks:

Berethor - Leadership - Company Might
Hadhod - Spirit Powers - Stone Shield
Idrial - Spirit Powers - Haste of the Elves or Gift of Elrond
Elegost - Ranger Craft - Kingsfoil Grace
Morwen - Dual Axe Craft - Battle Haste
Eaoden - Spirit Powers - Tap Reserve

Before long you'll have top level attacks in these areas and you'll find it 
much easier to beat tough bosses. If you're training a particular character 
then it helps to retreat the other two. 

It's best to exercise this near a save point so you don't have to use items 
to restore HP/AP. 

Contributed by, a good way to learn Lightcraft, Item 
Craft, or Shadowcraft, etc:

Find an Orc Shadow Captain. They exist in Eregion, East Emnet Gullies, and 
Rohan. Kill off the other enemies, and then use Idrial's Drain Inspiration 
and/or Eaoden's Drain Spirit to take away the entire captain's AP. He can't 
do anything at all without it. The AP never regenerates, either, so you can 
use Dispel from Shadowcrafting, Gift of Galadriel from Lightcrafting, and 
whatever else all you want that doesn't do damage all you want.


This is basically the FINAL version of this guide, so I won't be updating it 
very much in the foreseeable future
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