Question from kingk11

Weapons LIst (Signature and non-signature) List and gun weapons?

Can some one give me a weapons list both signature and non signature weapons or if you can't give me that where can i get more gun based weapons i only have the shot pistol and i want something better please help.


doan56 answered:

If you're a low level digimon, call a friend! If you call another digimon and go to the shop, it will show more gun weapons.
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Flygon1125 answered:

I<Shot Tech>I - Shot Pistol, Beam Magnum, Sword Cannon, Blaster Gun, Sphere Nova, Omega Raptor.I<End>I Also, the description might tell you the bullets look different like with the Beam Magnum, It says "Fires Magnum Bullets" but it doesn't they all look the same. I<Crush Tech>I - Crush Arm, Mighty Talon, Hook Katar, D Slayer (Dragon Slayer), Nova Blade, Drill Bunker I<End>I Wargreymon X's signature weapon is the Kaiser Knuckles, BK Wargreymon X's is the Demon Arm.
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