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Gameshark codes ?

I'm almost finished this game,and all my digimons at level 40,but when i load my game next day,loading always failed,then i check my memory,i very mad,sad,AAArrrgh,all data LOST..!! So,i must start again from begining.anyone please help me,i need gameshark code to raise all my digimon quickly,to make them in level 40 or to gain more exp(i have code to make them at level 99 but i dont want to use it),to have maximum bits,and no random battles.please..if anyone have the codes,please send mail to me at Can anyone help me??


VladYvhv answered:

There is no "No random battles" code. You could use a program called GCNcrypt to decrypt the Level 99 code and play around with it to make it into a level 40 code...
There are 2 maximum bits codes. 1 to get max bits by buying something. And another for max bits when you view the Status screen. Go to GS Central and do an advanced search in gamecube games for Digimon World 4. If you have a more modern AR, you'll have to buy an older version that lets you input and save new codes.
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