Arcade Map/Mode FAQ by maestro_malone

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Title - Timesplitters: Future Perfect

Creator - maestro malone

E-Mail -

Version - 1.0

Arcade Mode FAQ


Table of Contents

Pre-Section: Version History

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Maps
#2.1 - Vietnam
#2.2 - Hotel
#2.3 - Venice
#2.4 - Temple
#2.5 - Disco
#2.6 - Subway
#2.7 - Zeppelin
#2.8 - Mars Prison
#2.9 - Siberia
#2.10 - Bunker
#2.11 - VR
#2.12 - Spaceport
#2.13 - Chinese
#2.14 - Mexican Mission
#2.15 - Training Ground

Section 3: Game Modes
#3.1 - Deathmatch
#3.2 - Team Deathmatch
#3.3 - Capture The Bag
#3.4 - Bagtag 
#3.5 - Elimination
#3.6 - Vampire
#3.7 - Shrink
#3.8 - Thief
#3.9 - Zones
#3.10 - Virus
#3.11 - Gladiator
#3.12 - Monkey Assistant

Section 4: Legal stuff

Version History

1.0: Completed both main sections; the map guide and the game mode info.

Section 1: Introduction

Within a few months, the FAQ page for this game will undoubtedly be flooded
with story mode walkthroughs. There will be sufficient information on how to 
beat arcade league and challenge mode. There will be plenty of mapmaker help.
So it occurred to me that what people could benefit from is a guide that tells
them how to get the best out of the arcade mode maps. The purpose of this
guide is exactly that; an in-depth look at the multiplayer maps.

Note: This guide is not aimed at helping one to win in arcade mode, but rather
      just to enjoy it.

Note: This guide does not take into account "assault" mode, since this is more
      of a story mission than a proper arcade game in my view.

Section 2: Arcade Maps

Well, in my view, the design team have done a decent job of the maps with FP.
As always, there is a range of great maps and quite frankly useless maps; but
there is at least some fun to be had with each. Personally, I thought TS1 had
the best range of maps, but that's just a matter of opinion.

2.1: Vietnam

General: The first map on the list is a good setting for just about any game
         mode. It provides a good range of open and closed areas, with evenly
         weapons and pick-ups. The machine guns in the main section can also
         be useful to provide some rapid fire in desperate situations. This 
         is a great map for tactical games. 

What works: Practically every mode works well here. The map is so varied that
            it can adjust to a lot of games. Capture The Bag is excellent on 
            this map, easily one of the best CTBs in the game, because the
            bases are located in such positions which do not grant a distinct
            advantage to either team and there are multiple routes to take.
            Assault also works well here. In fact, this map should mainly be
            used for team games in general; team deathmatch works great and
            even Zones is a good choice here.

What doesn't: Well, not a whole lot really. As mentioned before, this is a
              very good all-around map. Team games are preferable, but free
              for alls work just as well. Bagtag and Virus aren't great, but
              they're nowhere near awful.

Recommended weapons: I find that this map exceeds with excessive machine gun
                     fire. Try to avoid heavy explosives such as rocket 
                     launchers; this map can feel a little too enclosed for
                     that kind of firepower.

How many bots?: This map is medium sized. It's best not to cram it with bots
                but at the same time it can feel too spacey. I'd say 6-8 bots
                is the ideal number; "3 on 3" or "4 on 4" are perfect for CTB.

Overall raiting: 8/10

2.2: Hotel

General: Hotel is a lot like the Nightclub level from TS2; in that it consists
         of a main hall, a yard outside and a lot of small narrow corridors. 
         However, it isn't a particularly small level. There are three floors,
         each with weapon pick-ups. The design of this level means it can work
         a treat with certain games but become a disaster with others. Allow
         me to elaborate,

What works: Well let's face it, there isn't a whole lot of room here and there
            aren't a whole lot of paths to trace around this level. So it isn't
            the best choice for team games. CTB is ok, but far from perfect.
            Virus is actually a very good choice here, since the level is 
            narrow without being impossible to negotiate. Deathmatches with 
            smaller numbers of bots can be good on this level, especially
            Shrink (probably the best game on this map). Bagtag is okay.

What doesn't: Despite the fact that Shrink works exceptionally on this map,
              some other forms of deathmatch do not. Thief and gladiator will
              always require a larger play area (see "games" section). It is
              also best to stay away from vampire or elimination here, since
              you are likely to find yourself dying too often. Team deathmatch
              and Zones are both poor choices, due to the lack of room for

Recommended weapons: This map isn't good for anything too heavy. Rocket
                     launchers, grenades and likes can't be used effectively
                     and can potentially cause suicide. It is also quite
                     easy to be inaccurate with automatic weapons here,
                     since it can be difficult to maneouvre in the narrow
                     corridors. Stick with handguns and shotguns here. Sniping
                     isn't an option here though. Mines will work ok.

How many bots?: Because this level is so narrow, it's best to stick with 5-6
                people to avoid crowding.

Overall raiting: 6/10

2.3: Venice

General: Venice is a rather varied map. It has a few narrow corridors and a few
         open outside sections. However, this doesn't mean it works well with
         everything. The main problem with Venice is that it feels too linear.
         There are barely any multiple routes to take anywhere. This can be a
         problem in a lot of modes.

What works: Well actually, not a whole lot. Vampire can be good in the outside
            sections. Monkey assistant is also a fairly good choice. Virus and
            Bagtag can be quite good fun, due to the varied setting, but other
            than that there really isn't a whole lot to do here.

What doesn't: Team games are not good here. Zones is a very poor choice. CTB
              had potential due to the linear setting, but the placement of 
              the bases does not make for good tactical play. It gives the team
              based inside a distinct advantage. Games such as shrink and thief
              do not work well here either.

Recommended weapons: This level is perfect for shotgun battles. Automatic
                     weapons can work well too.

How many bots?: This level is actually good with very low numbers of bots.
                4-6 people will be enough for a decent game.

Overall raiting: 5/10

2.4: Temple

General: Temple is an excellent map. It consists of a few large rooms with a few
         narrow tunnels for close combat. Yet the open areas themselves aren't
         too bare, unlike some other maps (e.g. Siberia). A lot of game
         variation are excellent to play on temple.

What works: Capture the Bag is brilliant here. It is fairly linear, but at the
            same time quite wide, to avoid too many collisions. Certain 
            deathmatches are also fantastic to play here, team or FFA. Shrink,
            thief and gladiator are all worth the effort. Bagtag isn't too
            shabby, as long as a lot of bots are used. Elimination games can
            be good fun under the right circumstances.

What doesn't: Surprisingly, zones is a poor choice here, since the layout of
              the map isn't ideal for this style of play. Virus is pretty bad
              here too, again due to the layout of the map. Vampire is
              probably the only other poor choice here, since it can be quite
              hard to find opponents.

Recommended weapons: Well for the first time in this guide, I can safely say
                     that this map works with just about all heavy explosives.
                     In fact, I would encourage the use of rocket launchers.
                     Any other weapons work good too, except maybe handguns,
                     since this is a spacey map. Sniping is possible in the
                     outside area, but won't really add a lot to the gameplay.

How many bots?: High numbers of bots are good, It's best not to have too few on
                this level really. Anything over eight is a good number.

Overall raiting: 9/10

2.5: Disco

General: This is by far the smallest map in the game. At first it feels 
         somewhat crowded and useless, but after experimenting with it a bit, 
         you should come to realise that there is a lot of fun to be had here.
         The good thing about the level is that it is very varied, which opens
         up a wide range of possible playing styles.

What works: Elimination and vampire can be great on disco with smaller numbers
            of people. Bagtag and virus are both good choices here, since there
            are next to no dead-ends or linear areas throughout the entire
            level. Shrink, thief and gladiator all work well here too.
            Although you wouldn't think it, two of the best games to play here
            are in fact zones and CTB. Despite the map being so small, the
            positioning of the bases and zones make for some excellent tactical
            team games.

What doesn't: Oddly enough, there is barely anything which is disappointing
              here. Monkey assistant is probably the worst choice, since the 
              monkeys won't have a lot of room for movement and won't be a lot
              of use, but other than that you can't really go wrong at the

Recommended weapons: Disco works quite well with just about anything. Shorter
                     ranged weapons are effective across a lot of the level.
                     Automatic weapons can be just as useful in the larger
                     areas. There are plenty of higher areas for sniping too
                     and grenades/mines can be excellent for preventing
                     enemies from attacking. The only downside here is that 
                     once again, the level is too small for use of heavy
                     explosions; especially heatseekers.

How many bots?: Good as the disco is, it can often feel crowded. It's best to
                keep to around six people; 3 on 3 works just fine in team
                games. This is also a good map for one on one duels.

Overall raiting: 8/10

2.6: Subway

General: In my opinion, subway is the best map in the game. It has everything.
         It consists of tracks, platforms, corridors and small offices. This
         makes for some great shooting between higher and lower areas. The
         corridors are enclosed without being too narrow and as a result, the
         map is extremely easy to navigate. The ability to pull the switch and
         send the trains down the track is a fun extra, without making things
         too easy.

What works: Elimination is a dream to play on the subway. Vampire can be good
            too. Bagtag is great, since there are next to no linear areas to
            the map. Capture the Bag is nigh on perfect, the only flaw being
            that one side has access to the switch whilst the other doesn't.
            Yet this fails to really spoil the game. Gladiator, Thief and 
            Monkey Assistant also work great here, plus there is fun to be had
            with zones.

What doesn't: Sadly, this brilliantly designed map doesn't work so well for
              everything. Shrink can be a problem due to the levelling. Virus
              doesn't work well either on this design. Otherwise, this map is
              spot on.

Recommended weapons: The great thing is about subway, you can use just about
                     anything to great effect. Explosives, mines, handguns,
                     shotguns, machineguns...the lot. Sniper rifles can be
                     very effective from the high areas.

How many bots?: Any number of bots can work very well here. Anything from a
                full ten to a mere one on one duel. That's because this level
                is neither too crammed nor too spacious. It's just right!

Overall raiting: 10/10 (couldn't resist at least one perfect score)

2.7: Zeppelin
General: Zeppelin is another very linear map, yet each area of it is very
         spacious. It uses some innovation in the fans which propel you
         up to higher levels and the layout of the platforms themselves feels
         inventive. This type of level can only work in some games however.

What works: CTB is great to play on Zeppelin. The linear structure works but
            the multiple levelled routes between the bases make it all the more
            interesting. Zones is good here too, since the zones themselves
            are quite spread. Elimination can be ok with large numbers of
            players and not too many lives. The only other tolerable game on
            this map is bagtag and possibly so too is thief.

What doesn't: Well, just about everything else. Deathmatches are not much to
              talk about here. Steer well clear of vampire too. Virus is pretty
              useless on this map, as expected.

Recommended weapons: Zeppelin is one level that really does need you to bust
                     out the rocket launchers. There won't be a lot of chances
                     for sniping here though. I'd say flare guns and shotguns
                     are the only other weapons of use.

How many bots?: Large numbers are needed here to even manage a half-decent game
                so no less than ten. In CTB, you could bring it down to eight.

Overall raiting: 6/10

2.8: Mars Prison

General: Mars Prison is actually a decent map once you get to know it. It's
         medium sized with a decent compound section and a small outside area.
         Not all games will work here, but you'll find quite a lot will. The 
         best thing about this map is that all types of weapons can be good
         here, so a nice varied weapon set is a good idea. The only problem
         with this map is that it feels a little too small to suit it's

What works: Well, CTB is very impressive. There's one team starting inside and
            one out, so the whole game makes a lot of sense. Bagtag is good too
            here, since there will always be plenty of places to run. Zones is
            half-decent and even virus can be ok. Thief and monkey assistant
            work perfectly on this map, whilst Elimination isn't too shabby
            either. The best variation of deathmatch here is probably
            gladiator. Definitely give that a try with a lot of players.

What doesn't: It's best to stay away from Shrink, for the same reason as
              mentioned for Subway - the levelling can cause problems. Vampire
              isn't too good here either, because it isn't a level that 
              encourages rapid fire.

Recommended weapons: Just about anything works well here. There's sufficient
                     room for heavy explosives. Sniping is a strong possibility
                     from the high ledges. Automatic weapons won't be great 
                     here but could be used. This level isn't too well suited
                     to handguns, but they won't exactly ruin the game.

How many bots?: Don't go too low here. Eight is about the right number, so 
                anything around that (give or take).

Overall raiting: 7/10

2.9: Siberia

General: Just when you thought the levels couldn't get any bigger, they went
         and made this. It's somewhat similar to Ice Station from TS2, but more
         than twice the size. However, size doesn't always equal quality. This
         map can feel somewhat too spacey. Of course, this makes it easier to 
         find your enemies, but doesn't really add a lot to the level. There
         are actually very few games which work here, but the ones which do are

What works: Elimination is easily the best game to play on this map. It can
            feel very tense on such a large map, especially when you're down to
            your last few lives. Thief is another great choice here, since
            there is plenty of opportunity for stealing coins. Zones is the
            only other good choice, despite the size of the level. The
            placement of the zones makes for a good yet tiring battle. Monkey
            Assistant can be playable, as can gladiator at times.

What doesn't: Unfortunately, quite a lot. Any form of deathmatch except for
              thief is pretty much useless, since there are just not enough
              kills to warrant a high score. Vampire is pretty much useless
              for the same reason of fewer kills. Playing virus on this map is
              sheer lunacy; for reasons which are fairly self-explanatory.
              Bagtag is bad for the same reasons.

Recommended weapons: Sniper rifles. This level is made for sniping, so going
                     on it without them is a bit of a waste. Heavy explosives
                     make for a decent game too.

How many bots?: Full. Any less and you're looking at a very dull game.

Overall raiting: 5/10

2.10: Bunker

General: This is a pretty disappointing level really. It's far too narrow
         throughout and there are no open areas to speak of. The whole thing
         is very hard to navigate and to an extent, hard to get a kick out of
         too. It just isn't a whole lot of fun. The setting is somewhat
         uninteresting and the design of the level itself is nothing to write
         home about. Don't expect a whole lot of positivity about this one.

What works: Vampire is probably about the only really good game to play here.
            Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot of fun to be had.
What doesn't: Where do I start? Deathmatches are literally very little fun.
              CTB is just about playable, but I wouldn't recommend it. Even
              Virus and Bagtag are bad here, since you can often get stuck in
              corridors facing huge crowds of people. I could go on, but I 
              really don't see the need. By now, you probably get the drift.

Recommended weapons: Handguns. I really wouldn't go beyond that. There is 
                     simply too little for room for any heavier battles.

How many bots?: Tough question. On one hand, it can be impossible to find
                anyone on this level, since it all looks the same. On the
                other hand, it can become awfully crowded. I honestly don't
                know what to recommend. I'd say go with about 6-8.

Overall raiting: 3/10

2.11: VR

General: If you were put off by my slating of the bunker, then I'd advise you
         not to read this one. Not only do I think this is the worst level in
         the game, I think it is the worst in the entire series. It really is
         that bad. It had three main flaws: One - there is nothing memorable
         about the actual design of the level. It is pretty much average in
         that respect. Two - it is the most monotonous setting in any level.
         It's impossible to navigate you're way around a level that looks the
         same wherever you turn. Three - it's set in virtual reality. Now call
         me crazy but, isn't that just a little too divorced from reality? I 
         mean, at least when I was blasting my way through a space station or
         robot factory, I felt like it was vaguely believable. Yet this is one
         stage too far. Others may disagree on the last point, but it's how I 
         feel anyway.

What works: CTB is ok. That really is about it.

What doesn't: To be quite honest, it isn't the design of this map that makes 
              it so useless, it's more the map itself. I find it hard to enjoy
              a game of bagtag on a map this poor. I really do. Virus, zones,
              elimination etc. They just aren't exciting at all on such a dull

Recommended weapons: Nothing is really too awful to use here, since the map
                     itself is quite varied in size and shape. Automatic
                     weapons are probably the best choice.

How many bots?: As little as I care for this map, I have thought about this
                and I would say 8-10.

Overall raiting: 2/10

2.12: Spaceport

General: This is, without doubt, the most complex level in the game. It's got
         a lot of doors which must be opened in order to advance, so it can be
         quite tricky to see an opponent coming. However, the layout itself is
         not particularly interesting or well thought out, despite it's 
         complexity. In fact, this level can feel a lot like Bunker. The only
         real difference is that this level has an one more open area, giving
         it a more free feel.

What works: There are a few passable modes here. Bagtag can be quite good, as
            can virus. Shrink is ok here too, along with regular deathmatches.
            Otherwise, really not much to spark a huge amount of excitement.

What doesn't: Don't go with elimination here, it's pretty much a waste of time.
              CTB and Zones are very poor choices, since this level is far too
              confusing for anything requiring that form of tactical play. The
              likes of thief and gladiator are not good here either, due to 
              the considerable lack of space.

Recommended weapons: Nothing too heavy. A variation of handguns and automatic
                     guns can form a decent set for this map. This is also
                     probably the best level to break out some of the more
                     sci-fi weapons.

How many bots?: This map is similar in size to VR, so around 8-10.

Overall raiting: 4/10

2.13: Chinese

General: After trying to find the good in those past three levels, this is a 
         joy to examine. The first of three returning levels is chinese and its
         definitely the best of the bunch. This always was a great level and is
         now the only one to survive all three instalments. Although I liked
         it before, it is amazing now, since a second route has been added to
         the cellar. To me, this finally adds the finishing touch to a great
         map. Mostly everything can be good fun on Chinese.

What works: A lot of things really. Elimination and vampire are both excellent
            choices; brilliant fun. Most other forms of deathmatch work well 
            too. CTB is good, but sadly altered from the one in TS1 and not
            quite as good. Zones is one of the best modes to play here,
            because the zones themselves are just so evenly spread. Bagtag is
            another great game to play on this brilliantly designed map.

What doesn't: There are a few levels to stay away from. Thief and gladiator are
              not all that, since no areas of this map are quite open enough
              for them. While shrink is ok, it can cause problems. There are
              better maps for playing shrink, put it that way.

Recommended weapons: Anything...and I really mean that. Automatic weapons work
                     great, whilst handguns are also a decent enough choice.
                     Despite being a little crowded, this map is not too small
                     for heavy explosions. There are no distinct locations for
                     sniping, but on a more short range basis there are plenty.

How many bots?: Having ten or so here can be a little frustrating, but the map
                is too big for very small numbers. I'd say 6-8 is the best
                number for a good even game.

Overall raiting: 9/10

2.14: Mexican Mission

General: This was easily the best map in TS2 in my opinion and now it makes its
         rightful return. It's yet another excellent map, with absolutely
         everything going for it. It has the narrow areas, the open areas, the
         high and low areas etc. A very varied map with a lot of options for
         replaying. It just loses out to Subway though, purely on the fact it
         isn't original.

What works: Elimination matches are once again very at home here. CTB, though
            slightly marred in TS2, has been fixed and you can now have a 
            more even game. Bagtag and virus can both be fun too, with smaller
            numbers of people. Shrink is a great choice too. Zones can provide
            some good entertaining matches and monkey assistant is probably at
            its best here. Vampire isn't too bad either.

What doesn't: I wish I could say everything works great on this map, but that
              wouldn't quite be true. Gladiator and thief are quite weak on a
              layout such as this.

Recommended weapons: This is yet another map where everything works well.
                     Sniper rifles are encouraged and all other weapons work
                     out just fine too. Rocket launchers and the others of that
                     type should be used, but not in the more crowded areas.
                     This runs a high risk of suicide.

How many bots?: Eight and below. Any number in that range works just great,
                even duels. I would probably say having no bots is not such a
                good idea though...

Overall raiting: 9/10

2.15: Training Ground

General: So, does the last of the returning maps live up to the reputation of
         the first two? Well sadly, I can't say it does. The main problem with
         this level always was that it was far too linear and therefore wasn't
         good in a lot of game modes. Yet the design team have tampered this
         level by removing it's cameras. This was not a good idea.

What works: Well, let's face it. This level is designed for CTB and at that it
            exceeds. However, due to the lack of cameras, it isn't quite as
            good as it was in TS2. This isn't the only good mode though. Thief
            is good, gladiator is very good and monkey assistant is ok. Vampire
            can also be a bit of fun.

What doesn't: Deathmatches aren't really a lot of fun here. Zones is very
              sub-standard, whilst Bagtag and Virus are beyond. This level is
              far too linear for anything of that description.

Recommended weapons: Handguns won't be much use here. Automatic weapons, sniper
                     rifles and heavy explosive all make for a really good game

How many bots?: This depends. If you're playing CTB, anything from "2 on 2" to
                "5 on 5" matches are really good. In any regular mode, I'd say
                keep under six.

Overall raiting: 7/10

Section 3: Game Modes

Well, you know enough now about each map, but how about the game modes
themselves? It's good to know what types of games suit each mode best, so here
is some insight into the basics of each mode and how it works best:

3.1: Deathmatch

How it works: Deathmatch is easily the simplest game type of the lot.
              Basically, it's a free for all. One point is scored after each
              kill. Whoever has the most points at the end wins. It's a simple
              format and it works great. However, it can prove a little boring
              on some of the more uninteresting levels.

Maps: Being the default mode of play, deathmatches can work quite well
      practically anywhere. They're at their best on medium sized levels, like
      vietnam and chinese. The only time they can prove a little boring is on
      the likes of Siberia and Zeppelin, since scores tend to be low.

Recommendations: - Since deathmatches are somewhat simple, it's best to try and
                   add your own innovations. Make sure power-ups are on.
                 - Deathmatches are based around the killing side of things,
                   so it's best to leave the radar on, especially on larger
                 - I find kills/suicides is the best point scoring system to
                   use really.

3.2: Team Deathmatch

How it works: Again, not too hard to get to grips with. It's a deathmatch, but
              with between two and four teams. The good thing about these is
              that it isn't always necessary to have equal numbers for a good
              match. In some cases, having one team outnumber the other adds
              a lot of fun to the match.

Maps: Just like deathmatches, team deathmatches work best in a mid-sized
      environment. Vietnam is probably the best team map in the game. However,
      team deathmatches aren't generally a lot of fun on the smaller more
      crowded levels. These do not provide a lot of option for more tactical
      assaults and can become quite frantic, leading to friendly fire.

Recommendations: - If you are playing with unequal numbers, it's good to
                   include several automatic weapons for more frantic play.
                 - The one shot kill option is quite useless in this mode, so
                   leave it off.
                 - Adjust friendly fire according to the numbers. If there are
                   six or less players/bots, friendly fire can be a good
                   addition; but if there are many more, friendly fire can
                   become a hazard.

3.3: Capture the Bag

How it works: CTB is the most tactical game of the set. It requires planned
              moves, balanced attacks, solid defence and teamwork all around.
              The idea is to capture the other team's bag from their base,
              whilst at the same time protecting your own. If you can get their
              bag back to your base, it's a point to your team. The catch is,
              you can only score when your bag is safely at home.

Maps: The best maps for CTB are generally those which give an even chance to
      both teams. This can apply to both linear and non-linear maps. The best
      CTB maps include Disco, Temple, Mars Prison, Vietnam and Subway but the
      best two of all are Training Ground and Zeppelin, due to their linear
      structure. Poorer maps for this game type include Spaceport and Venice
      (despite Venice's linear structure, it is very unbalanced).

Recommendations: - CTB works best with equal numbers,
                 - In this mode, it's more fun if the bag carrier can shoot,
                   since they have a set location which they must reach and
                   there is no room for cheap play.
                 - Sniper rifles are a lot of fun in CTB but try to avoid
                   mines (once again to avoid cheap play).
                 - Never use the one shot kill option in CTB. That makes for no
                   fun at all, but only a frustrating game.

3.4: Bagtag

How it works: This is one of the less shooting related games that is more
              associated with avoiding your opponents. The idea is that you
              pick up the bag and try to hold onto it for as long as possible.
              When you are killed, you drop it and it is free to be picked up.
              As good as this game is, it's open to cheap play, so it's best
              to alter your preferences before the game to avoid this from 

Maps: Bagtag levels are the ones with long corridors and multiple routes. These
      include disco, subway, hotel and others. However, it's best not to play
      on levels which are too enclosed; like Bunker for example. Yes, it has
      the corridors but it is far too enclosed. Bagtag will also be completely
      useless on Siberia, since one could quite possibly take the bag and hold
      onto it for ages.

Recommendation: - I think bagtag games are always better when the bag carrier
                  cannot shoot, so make sure you apply this option before
                  starting a game.
                - If playing with smaller numbers, one shot kill can be a good
                - The radar is something to tweak here. I'd say with smaller
                  numbers of players/bots, leave it on. Larger numbers, leave 
                  it off.

3.5: Elimination

General: This will require a little more tactical play than deathmatch will.
         Each player starts off with a fixed number of lives. Each time they
         are killed they lose one, they are out. The last player alive is the
         winner. The number of lives is variable.

Maps: Elimination works best on the more varied maps, like Chinese and Mexican
      Mission. It can also be great on Siberia if handles right. It also works
      well on Vietnam and Disco, but easily the best map in the game for
      elimination matches is subway.

Recommendations: - If using one shot kill, start with a lot of lives, to make
                   for a long and intense battle.
                 - In one on one duels, keep to about five or ten lives.
                 - When playing with a lot of bots, I'd say make it somewhere
                   around thirty lives, for a decent game.
                 - I often find it is best to play with the radar off. It helps
                   to add some tension.
                 - On occasion, it can be fun to use just one life each. This 
                   works best on larger levels.

3.6: Vampire

General: This is a variation of elimination with an added twist. Basically, you
         start with a set number of lives as usual and the game runs as normal.
         However, if you do not kill another player within a certain time you
         lose a life. This is a lot more of a challenge than Elimination since
         it means you must use a more attacking style of play.

Maps: Vampire works better on smaller maps with large numbers of players. 
      Bunker and Venice are probably the best maps for vampire for this reason.
      The thing about vampire is that it doesn't always work well on the same
      stages as elimination. For example, Vampire is quite useless on Siberia,
      since it is far too big and too hard to score kills at regular intervals.

Recommendations: - Vampire always works best with larger numbers.
                 - It is best to stick to medium bloodlust, unless there are
                   special circumstances.
                 - If using one shot kill, make it a high bloodlust.
                 - If you are (for some reason) using fewer bots and/or playing
                   on Siberia, then make it a low bloodlust.
                 - Start with a larger number of lives than you would in
                   elimination, since you will run out a lot quicker.

3.7: Shrink

General: This is a rather clever spin-off of deathmatch. It adds a handicap to
         the game, giving the weaker players an advantage without going over 
         the top. Points are scored in the same way as in deathmatch, but there
         is a difference. Only the leading player is normal size. The rest of
         the players are all smaller; the lower down they are, the smaller they
         are. This makes the weaker players more difficult to hit.

Maps: Shrink doesn't work on all maps. On some of the more complex multi-level
      maps it can be annoying (e.g. Subway and Mars Prison). However, Shrink
      works great on other, more flat maps (Vietnam). Possibly the best map in
      the game for shrink is Hotel - the layout is perfectly designed for this
      game mode.

Recommendations: - It's good to use the kills/losses system here and set a
                   lower score limit and/or time limit. This way, the size
                   factor becomes more involved and the match doesn't take too
                 - One shot kill can be quite good in games of shrink.
                 - I'd say keep the radar off too. This adds a bit of stealth
                   to the size.

3.8: Thief

General: Here is a more abstract take on the deathmatch - Thief. The game
         offers exactly what the name says...the ability to steal the points
         from other people's kills. What happens is, each kill is not converted
         directly into points, but rather into a small gold coin next to the
         corpse. Collecting this is what scores the point.

Maps: Thief works great on larger and more open maps, such as Siberia and
      Temple, but will prove quite useless on anything a lot smaller. Playing
      on more enclosed levels, such as Bunker, offers practically no option
      of stealing points.

Recommendations: - Thief works best with larger numbers. Playing a duel in 
                   this mode is literally pointless.
                 - Leave the radar on, it doesn't need to go off for this.
                 - Don't bother including sniper rifles; they won't be much use
                   here at all.

3.9: Zones

General: Zones is another great team game to rival CTB. There are two teams,
         red and blue, plus a number of bases. Each team must try and turn the
         bases their colour, by simply walking over them, then defend them from
         the enemy. It's simple and works great.

Maps: This doesn't really depend on the size of the map but rather how well 
      the zones are placed within it. Probably the best map for Zones is Disco,
      because the layout allows a lot of tactical play. Zeppelin and Siberia
      are good for this too, but stay well away from the more linear levels 
      like Venice and Training Ground.

Recommendations: - Try to have even teams for a more closely fought game.
                 - Do not use one shot kill but with the radar it doesn't
                   really matter.
                 - Add a lot of automatic weapons and preferably some sniper
                   rifles too. Try to avoid the inclusion of mines.

3.10: Virus

General: The most innovative game of all is actually more like a modified game
         of tag than a gun battle, because effectively, that's what it is.
         One person starts with the virus (and mysteriously emits green gas).
         The others must avoid them, because once they are touched, they will
         have the virus too. The game continues until only one player remains
         without the virus.

Maps: The best virus levels are the enclosed ones, with a few open areas for
      movement - such as Mexican Mission, Spaceport and Hotel. Virus is
      useless on more open levels.

Recommendations: - Trust me, Virus is more fun without weapons.
                 - Always play with a lot of people. Playing with very few is
                   a waste of time.
                 - Taking the radar off makes things a lot more intense.
                 - I'd say don't have pick-ups on this mode, since they aren't
                   really needed. Speed can be of assistance but can also make
                   things far too easy.

3.11: Gladiator

General: This is my personal favourite game mode of the lot. The idea is that
         you can only score points when you are the gladiator. To become the
         gladiator, you must kill the gladiator. So basically, kill the player
         who shines a bright white, since this means they are the current 
         gladiator and while holding this title, they can kill anyone to score

Maps: This is another game that works best on larger more open maps, such as
      Temple and Siberia. But the best map for this mode is Mars Prison; the 
      layout works great for gladiator in general. Once again, like Thief, this
      mode is useless on smaller maps.

Recommendations: - Include some heavy weapons, to give the gladiator a chance
                   of multi-kills.
                 - Keep the radar on, because there will be no stealth in this
                 - This game mode works with any number of people. Even duels
                   can be fun on this mode.

3.12: Monkey Assistant

General: The last of the game modes and easily the most comical. The gimmick
         here is that the player in last is assisted by monkeys in attacking
         the player in first. Very simple and good fun.

Maps: Anything which isn't too enclosed really, so that the monkeys have enough
      room to move. Mexican Mission is probably the best map for MA.

Recommendations: - This game is one of the only ones which works better with
                   smaller numbers of bots. Below six is best.
                 - Set the number of monkeys depending on the map. On larger
                   maps go for five. On ordinary maps go for three. If playing
                   on an enclosed and narrow map, stick with one.
                 - Go for kills/losses here, to add some real value to the work
                   of the monkeys.

Section 4: Legal Stuff

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