AnimationJames Finlay
AnimationDave Houston
Animation ProgrammingJim Brewster
Art DirectorTancred Dyke-Wells
Audio ProgrammingDave Shillito
Bg. BettyPenny Rawlins
Character ArtistRoman Van der Haven
Character ArtistDave Swan
Col. AustinKenny Andrews
Countess IngridSarah Parnell
Empress Lei-qoHaruka Kuroda
Engine ProgrammingAlan Hinton
Engine ProgrammingMike Jacobsen
Engine ProgrammingDominic Penfold
Environment and SceneryMartin Clemie
Environment and SceneryRichard Fornara
Environment and SceneryKees Gajentaan
Environment and SceneryCaroline Green
Environment and SceneryMark Harrison-Ball
Environment and SceneryMark Slater
Environment and SceneryDave Swan
Environment and SceneryJulie Wren
Environment and SceneryChris Young
Environment and SceneryTony Zottola
Executive ProducerMark Washbrook
Front end and HUD DesignMatthew Burton McFaul
Front end and HUD DesignJulia Wren
Frontier GruntsRussel Bentley
Frontier VetsGlenn Wrage
Gen. HermanStefan Ashton Frank
Kaiser VladWolf Kahler
Kommandant UbelSimon Greenall
Lead ArtistCumron Ashtiani
Lead ArtistBen Hebb
Lead Character Artist and AnimatorEtienne Jabbour
Lead DesignTancred Dyke-Wells
Lead Level DesignBenoit Macon
Lead Level DesignAndy Trowers
Lead ProgrammerJon Robinson
Legion GruntsMark Silk
Legion VetsBrian Bowles
Level DesignLouis Ho
Level DesignBob Jones
Level DesignGavin Skinner
Level DesignDavid Soliani
Level DesignStephen Stanyon
Level DesignJim Whitworth
Level DesignToby Wooley
Major NellySarah Parnell
Marshal NovaKerry Shale
Movie SequencesJon Allen
Movie SequencesAdam Coglan
Music and Movie AudioNick Arundel
Music and Movie AudioJustin Schvarona
NarratorKerry Shale
Packaging ArtworkNicklas Jansson
Project ManagerMat Hart
Project ManagerAnthony Redfern
ScriptPaul Mackman
Script SupervisorTancred Dyke-Wells
Solar GruntsDai Tabuchi
Solar VetsDai Tabuchi
Sound FXCiaran Walsh
Special FX ArtistRobin Deitch
Special FX ArtistKees Gajentaan
StoryRichard Boon
StoryPaul Mackman
StoryBoardPascal Degrune
Technical Design CoordinationToby Wooley
Tsar GorgiKerry Shale
Tundran GruntsBrian Bowles
Tundran VetsBrian Bowles
Vehicle TeamMark Davies
Vehicle TeamKevin Duffy
Vehicle TeamRobert Greenwood
Vehicle TeamStephen Hales
Vehicle TeamGavin J. Rothery
Vehicle TeamAndrew Wheater
Voice RecordingPhil Morris
Xylvanian GruntsBrian Bowles
Xylvanian VetsBrian Bowles


Data and credits for this game contributed by not_an_imp, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, oliist, and Henry Beams.

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