Unit Strength/Weakness Matrix by KyoraStryker

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/ Guide Information \__________________________________________________________

Battalion Wars
Unit Strength/Weakness Matrix
Written By John Edwards (KyoraStryker) [Contact info provided at bottom]
Version 1.01 [Final]

Original File Date: 13 October 2006
Last Updated: 24 January 2010

/ Introduction \_______________________________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to look at my strength/weakness guide for
Batallion Wars. This is my first guide, so don't kill me if it sucks. But look
at it this way: If it sucked, you wouldn't be looking at it, would you? (Well,
maybe you would, but that's beside the point.)

/ Matrix Abbreviations \_______________________________________________________

Before you take a look at the matrix, here is a description of the
abbreviations you will find in this guide:

RG - Rifle Grunt
AS - Assault Veteran
FL - Flame Veteran
BZ - Bazooka Veteran
MI - Missile Veteran
MO - Mortar Veteran
LT - Light Tank
HT - Heavy Tank
LR - Light Recon
HR - Heavy Recon
AA - Anti-Air Vehicle
AT - Artillery
BS - Battlestation
TC - T-Copter
BM - Bomber
FG - Fighter
GS - Gunship
SD - Strato Destroyer

/ Matrix Notes \_______________________________________________________________

Now, before you say, "But Kyora, you're forgetting some units!" take note of
the following:

* The Minigun units hold the same attributes as an Assault Veteran.
* The Acid Gas units hold the same attributes as a Flame Veteran.
* The Rocket units hold the same attributes as a Bazooka Veteran
* The Ack-Ack units hold the same attributes as a Missile Veteran.
* The Grenade units hold the same attributes as a Mortar Veteran.
* The Watchtower, MG Nest, MG Bunker, and Pillbox units are not included in
the matrix.

/ The Matrix \_________________________________________________________________

Now that we have any confusion clarified, here's the matrix. The attacking
units (Your own units) are displayed in the rows, while the defending units
are displayed in the columns. Each units has one of three strength levels; S
being strong against that unit; A being average against that units; and W being
weak against that unit. Simple, eh?

      D E F E N D I N G   U N I T -------->
A     |R|A|F|B|M|M|L|H|L|H|A|A|B|T|B|F|G|S|
T  ----------------------------------------
T  ----------------------------------------     *Note: This matrix assumes
    AS|S|S|S|S|S|S|A|W|A|A|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|      that each unit is attacking
A  ----------------------------------------      in an appropriate manner.
C  ----------------------------------------      Circumstances may arise
    BZ|W|W|W|W|W|W|S|A|S|S|A|A|W|W|W|W|W|W|      where units may not be used
K  ----------------------------------------      in their intended manner,
    MI|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|S|S|S|S|S|      which renders this matrix
I  ----------------------------------------      useless.
N  ----------------------------------------      This matrix is only accurate
    LT|S|S|S|S|S|S|A|W|S|S|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|      when using units in their
G  ----------------------------------------      intended manner.
U  ----------------------------------------
N  ----------------------------------------
I  ----------------------------------------
T  ----------------------------------------
|  ----------------------------------------
|   BM|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|W|W|W|W|W|
|  ----------------------------------------
|   FG|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|W|S|S|S|S|S|
|  ----------------------------------------
|   GS|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|W|W|W|S|W|
|  ----------------------------------------
|   SD|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|S|
V  ----------------------------------------

/ Contact Information \________________________________________________________

Ah yes, the part where you want to contact me about the guide, ask questions,
give feedback, et cetera. Here's the available options of contacting me:

   Email: kyorastrykerfaqs [at] gmail [dot] com
(Replace the [at] and [dot] portions with their respective symbols, of course.)

Regardless of the method you use to contact me, promptly introduce yourself and
tell me what you're referencing in this guide. As far as emails are concerned,
have this guide name in the subject line so I don't think it's garbage.
Seriously, if it looks like trash, I'm going to treat it as such.

/ Legal Information \__________________________________________________________

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is not only highly frowned upon, it shows very poor character.

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/ Credits \____________________________________________________________________

There aren't too many people who deserve credit, but I'll list the ones who do:

 cJayC for hosting this guide on his badass site.
 Nintendo, and Kuju Entertainment Ltd. for creating an interesting game.
 My girlfriend for having the patience with me and my video game habits.
 My friend Mike for allowing me to temporarily steal his laptop to create this
 And you, for taking the time to look at the first guide I've written. Hope you
enjoyed looking at it and found it helpful.

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