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I messed up, and I don't know if its fixable. I don't want to start over. HELP?

I'm at the dessert temple thinggy.
I'm basicly at the end of the temple.
I was underground around the time I got the spinny thing.
I used Occocoo or whatever to warp me out of the temple so I could kill some things to get life because I was dying miserably.
What I didn't know is that Occocco would warp you back exactly where you were.
I worked my way back using the spinny thing.
You know that room with the gears in the floor?
Well my spinny went over it.
It said press 'A' so I did.
It moved the walls, to unveil the boss room.
Now I cannot get back underground to get the boss key.
Is there anyway I can fix this?
I do not want to start all over.

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Res5 answered:

Just use ooccoo to warp out then warp back to the desert (there's a spot to warp by that big stone pillar) and walk back to the dungeon and walk through it again and find the boss key.
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Nutation answered:

I can understand why you're posting this here.

Anyways, my guess is to try and redo the dungeon or at least from the point where you first got the spinner and try to start from there. If you're still having trouble, you can still re-post here.
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