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Poe glitch?

At Death Mountain, there was a poe soul while you lauch yourself south west at the second goron. I killed it as wolf. It just turned morning. It shoed me getting the soul, but it didnt say anything. Next time, I killed it, cause it was there. Did I get an extra poe? What happened?

DragonoidDelta asked for clarification:

Can you explain?

Link959 provided additional details:

What do you mean explain, I killed the poe at the same time it turned morning. It showed a picture of getting the poe, but it didn't say. When I came back, I found the poe again and killed it. Was that an extra poe?

Link959 provided additional details:

srry, Im too lazy to check, deleted my file, andI dont play it anymore ROFLMAO XDDD

Accepted Answer

---Nintendo--- answered:

Well, the only way to know if it counted like an extra Poe is by checking the collection screen, if you remember how many souls you had before the glitch of course, if not, try to get all the Poes and see if you have 60 or 61 at the end.

PD: sorry for taking so long to answer :p
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---Nintendo--- answered:

Well, you should check your collection to see if you have an extra poe soul, but if it appeared again probably the game didn't count it the first time you "got it", so I guess you run into the glitch where you get the soul exactly when the morning starts but nothing happens, then, if you wait in the same area until night starts, you get the scene where you get the soul, but if you left the area I guess that the glitch doesn't happened and the poe just reappear.
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