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Long jump?

How do i do the gale boomerang long jump?

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sorry I was in a hurry cuz I accidentally asked this 4 wii instead of GC, I meant (its on youtube btw, search gale boomerang long jump) the thing you do by throwing the gale boomerang and jump attacking to jump rly, rly far. I've tried this like 1,000 times, but I still failed... I hope thats enough info 4 u

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GamerzEdge answered:

The Gale Boomerang Long Jump Attack can't be done on the Wii, sorry. It has to do with how the LJA Works. As I understand it, the reason the LJA works is because after you throw the boomerang, the game auto-target-locks on the boomerang itself, even if you draw your sword. Because of that, when the boomerang is over a pit, you can jump over that pit because the game thinks you're targeted on the boomerang and, therefore, the apex of your jump will be wherever the boomerang is so you'll launch way past the boomerang. However, on the Wii version, the only way to 'draw' your sword is by swinging the remote. Doing that, however, not only draws your sword, but also swings it, completely bypassing the 'draw' phase and going right into the 'attack' phase. In doing that, it drops the lock on the boomerang. I don't know, 100% that it is the reason the LJA doesn't work on the Wii because the Wii's camera is programmed differently. Because you always have manual camera control with the Wii-Mote (unless you're Z-Targeting), the camera won't zoom out if it's auto-targeting the boomerang. The camera always stays in the same spot, over Link's shoulder. So I can't really tell if the game is auto-targeting the boomerang when I throw it and, subsequently, if the sword attack is causing the target drop. But that's my best guess. HOWEVER, I have heard that there is a Long Jump you can do on the Wii and I'm currently trying to find any documented instructions on how to do it. The guy who, supposedly, discovered it currently has his account suspended from Youtube so yeah... videos are non-existent. :(
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NintendoGirl12 answered:

If you mean going to diffrent targets at once then just L target the fans or enemys or whatever then let go. You need to give more details for anybody to help you!
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