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How do i get the fourth Poe's Soul in Arbiter's Grounds?

Alright i start in the room with the four Poe candle torch thingys and use my sences to find the last poe. It leads me to a room where the only place i can go is left down a hall where im stopped by a cage thingy that i can't move no matter what form/items i use. i go back and above the entrace to the room i see a clawshot thingy but once im up there i can't do anything. The scent of the poe is on the second floor but i don't know how to get up there or where to go. HELP!?

Natsuko-sama provided additional details:

Oh im sorry this was suposed to be for the wii

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CryBaby51 answered:

You could start with this: It starts near the beginning of Arbiter's Grounds. But it would get where you are eventually. I don't know how to answer your question otherwise.
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